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Aislin Zwierzynski

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Prairie View Elementary School
School District: New Prairie United School Corporation
City, State: Rolling Prairie, IN

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Aislin Zwierzynski was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Mrs. Zwierzynski was my favorite teacher," said her nominator. "She made learning fun, and I learned a lot. She was very nice. If the class was good for the whole day, we would have fun at the end of the day. More than 85% of my days in fourth grade were spent in a well behaved class."

"I honestly didn’t get in trouble once that year, and most kids didn’t," said her nominator. "I had straight A’s through the whole year with a couple other kids, and a lot of kids had A’s and B’s. That was probably the first year I had straight A’s."

"Mrs. Zwierzynski was by far the best teacher I had," said her nominator. "When I had her, she was new to the school and was Miss Jahnke instead of Mrs. Zwierzynski. Even when I was in 5th grade, I asked some 4th graders about how she was and they said she was great. I’m sure there are several kids that think she was the best teacher they’ve ever had. I think she has changed many lives by just teaching fourth grade."