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Andrew Maez

Position: Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher
School: New Prairie Middle School
School District: New Prairie United School Corporation
City, State: New Carlisle, IN

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Andrew Maez was nominated by three anonymous students. The following profile contains text from each nomination.

Mr. Maez is a LifeChanger for many reasons. He helps students develop a strong work ethic. He knows when a student is not trying their best and pushes them to try harder and do more.

"Mr. Maez has made social studies my favorite subject," said a student. "We do a lot of hands-on activities, and his class made me realize that I can create something amazing and learn a lot from him and his lessons. I still have a lot of my projects from his class last year because I am proud of them."

Mr. Maez creates a positive school atmosphere. Every morning, he stands outside of his classroom and says good morning to each student as they walk in. Students get a sense of comfort when they walk in. He’s always willing to help in any way he can. For example, if students are studying for an upcoming quiz or test, they play games like Around the World and Kahoot.

"When I was struggling to get into Honors classes, Mr. Maez was the only teacher who took the time and effort to write me a long and worthy letter of recommendation," said another student. "He also picked me to represent our class during a Skype interview with a famous news creator. The thing that stands out the most about him is his kindness. He's always kind to his students and his co-workers."

Outside of school, Mr. Maez coaches the New Prairie Soccer League, and he has also coached wrestling.