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Chantil McCormick

Position: First Grade Teacher
School: Confidence Elementary School
School District: Putnam County Schools
City, State: Liberty, WV

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Chantil McCormick was nominated by her principal, Colleen Huston.

"Chantil is an extraordinary teacher who always puts forth a wholehearted effort," said Huston. "During the twelve years I have worked with her at Confidence Elementary School, it has been my observation that she is a true professional, performing her duties with the utmost efficiency, love, and ability.  Chantil is responsible, dependable, and caring. Above all, she is passionate about education, the learning process, and what is best for kids."

Ms. McCormick makes a beneficial difference in the lives of students.  She lives in the school neighborhood and teaches dance lessons in the community.  Her children attended Confidence Elementary. This is her home, and it's obvious that this is where her heart is. Her students love her and enjoy the many hands-on activities and creative lessons she prepares.

Ms. McCormick gives special attention to each student in her class, frequently working on a one-to-one basis with them. She never seems to run out of good ideas. With the many opportunities available, every student finds challenging, rewarding, and often personalized enrichment activities. Ms. McCormick interacts with each student.  She listens when they talk to her. They know she cares. She takes the extra time and effort to send individualized, detailed, informative mid-term progress reports home with every student.  She has been recognized at the county level for these reports and has shared them with other Putnam County teachers. Ms. McCormick is generous with her time and willingly meets with parents at their convenience.  She has regular and effective communication with students, co-workers, and parents.  She makes everyone around her feel important and special.  That's just one of her many gifts.

Ms. McCormick is the spark in her school's atmosphere.  She presents monthly Leader In Me sessions with the Confidence staff.  She is an inspiration to everyone. Ms. McCormick teaches and models the Seven Habits daily.  She has a close relationship with each student in her class, as well as each staff member.  She walks the talk as she follows the Confidence Kindness Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Ms. McCormick is an active member in a local church. She is an excellent role model with a pure and loving heart.

Ms. McCormick is a leader in every area.  It's who she is. She's currently working towards National Board Certification. She attends many training sessions and educational conferences to stay current in her field. Ms. McCormick is a presenter for the West Virginia Department of Education, Putnam County Schools, and Confidence Elementary School.  She volunteers for school and county committees and is active in the Faculty Senate. She is active in Professional Learning Communities. Ms. McCormick represents Confidence at county curriculum meetings, She is a leader when piloting new programs. She has a perfect record of excellent performance at the professional level. Ms. McCormick sets and meets a yearly academic goal and a professional goal.  She consistently reaches the level of Excellence in her performance. She mentors new teachers and local university education majors. Ms. McCormick is a shining star!

Comments (73)

Karen Carr Posted over a year ago

Ms.McCormick has a knack for hearing more than the spoken words from her students...knows how to inspire and encourage not just her students, but everyone around her. She is a first grade teacher than teaches to everyone in our community. That is what makes her a LIFE CHANGER.

Sandra Barto Posted over a year ago

Chantil is a very hard working woman who puts her zest and passion into everything she does. I have worked with her for five years and know her to be a leader. She strives to keep up with the latest innovations in education and is always willing to apply new ideas in her classroom. She has a wonderful rapport with her students and they know that she cares for them individually. She is active in the community through her church, her dance studio, and her involvement with her children's school, sports and activities. Chantil is full of energy and love. She has definitely touched the lives of many people in this community and is deserving of this recognition for her service.

Debbie King Posted over a year ago

I have known Chantel since she was a young child. I actually babysat her when I was a teenager. She was always a very loving and giving child who has grown into this amazing loving and giving woman. She gives selflessly of her time and heart in everything she does. I have never seen her without a smile on her face or in her heart. She is a wonderful teacher, mother, daughter, sister , wife and friend. She is a blessing to anyone who meets her. She is so deserving of this award and honor!

April N O'Neal Posted over a year ago

Such an amazing teacher! My son has never lived school so much.

Angie Posted over a year ago

I have known Chantil for more than twenty years as a neighbor, dance teacher of both my daughters, school teacher to one, and recently my coworker. A few of the things I know about Chantil: She became a coach when there wasn’t anyone else so that the kids could have a cross county team at the middle school. She has been very involved in church most of her life. She has a big heart for her students. She loves her boys. Chantil is very energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, inspirational and caring. Chantil goes above and beyond in everything she does and is a perfect candidate for this award!

Josie Moore Posted over a year ago

Chantil is a very dedicated and selfless person who goes above and beyond for everyone. Chantil has been my dance teacher for over 5 years and I aspire to be like her in every way. She teaches more than just dance routines to us girls. She teaches us how to be the best we can, to always look at the bright side, and how to be confident and bright ladies. Chantil is an amazing woman who is an excellent leader to all.

Violet Cohenour Posted over a year ago

Chantil serves many roles in our community from the classroom to the dance floor she promotes positive thinking, healthy lifestyles, positive body image and growth mindset in children of different ages and levels. In my daughter’s case Chantil provides the opportunity for dance training in an affordable, accessible, and positive atmosphere. Without her, many of us would not be able to access performing arts in our rural community. This is an invaluable service and promotes our family’s values. My daughter has found her spark again!

Samantha Craigo Posted over a year ago

Chantil has been in my life for over 20 years. She has been a dancer teacher turned mentor in more aspects of life than just dance. She demonstrates selflessness even in difficult situations. She is truly “all about the kids” and cares about what is best for them. She instills confidence and a spark of faith in everyone she works with. She cares about continuing tradition within her community and inviting others to learn and join in. She encourages her dancers to become student teachers to develop teaching and leadership skills. She is and has been a lifechanger for many children!

Kathy Kersey Posted over a year ago

Chantal is a wonderful person with many talents She is a teacher of dance, school teacher, coach.

Kayla Posted over a year ago

Chantil has been involved in my life for almost as long as I can remember. She was my dance teacher starting at 4 years old and all the way up to college. She has been a shining light and a true example of treating others the way you want to be treated. She has given me so many opportunities in my life and I could NEVER thank her for everything she has done for me. From being my dance teacher to helping me more than I could ever explain in my first years as a teacher. She has taught me so much in so many areas of my life like trying to be confident in myself, putting the child’s heart first, and being positive even when no one else is. There’s no question that Chantil is one of the most influential women in my life. Because I spent time as an overage teacher in her room, I have first-hand experience with what an amazing teacher Chantil is. She has the biggest heart and best intentions, ALWAYS. She never jumps to conclusions about a child and tries to connect with each student on a personal level. She is the queen of differentiation and helps each child be successful in their own way.

Jessica Musick-Thomas Posted over a year ago

Chantil is an incredible teacher, community member, mother, wife, and friend. I’ve known Chantil for 25 years and have always known her to be compassionate, loving, and kind to everyone she meets. I had the privilege of working with Chantil at Confidence Elementary School for several years and am now enjoying watching her teach my toddler daughter how to dance. We love Mrs. Chantil!

Chris Higgins Posted over a year ago

I have come to know Chantil from organizing a Charleston Festival called Celtic Calling. Chantil brings her dancers from K-College students who have danced with her probably from childhood. Chantil is always a pleasure to work with and accommodating and adaptable to different performance situations. She is encouraging of her youngest dancers, and I can see the admiration and respect from her mature students. Chantil always brings a great attitude, humor and enthusiasm to the event. I have also met her in the past when she acted as a cross country coach. I think she would be very deserving of the award.

Adison Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Chantil has been my teacher for over 10 years now and has given me many opportunities by allowing me to student teach, and teach at many outside performances.

Brandy Cox Posted over a year ago

I could leave comments from so many areas of my life that Chantil has touched (family, fellow mom of a teen, active church member, friend), but today I’ll write as a fellow educator. Chantil always chooses a smile, because she know that’s where the base of education begins. She builds a true relationship with her students and that’s why she sees so much success in her classroom. Students know they have a safe, predictable adult they can rely on in her, and in the end, that’s what a REAL educator is! Chantil is a perfect nominee of this reward because she is motivated, fun, positive, and reliable! Congrats and good luck Chantil!

Leonard Varner Posted over a year ago

I teach Chantil’s children, and it should be noted that, in addition to her excellence as an educator, she is very active in her childrens’ education. She is a fantastic support for us at Poca High and with the show choir. Chantil is also a wonderful, kind-hearted person. She is very deserving of this honor.

Emily Wallace Posted over a year ago

Chantil McCormick is an all around wonderful woman. I first met Chantil when I was 4 years old and in her first dance class. Not only have had the privilege to take and teach dance from her, but I have also been able to teach and learn in her 1st grade classroom at Confidence as a student teacher. I still use many actions, phrases, and advice that Chantil has taught me over the years today in my own 4th grade classroom. Chantil’s influence in my life has been unforgettable, and I couldn’t think of a person who is more deserving of this award than her.

Beverly Thornton Posted over a year ago

Chantil shares her talents and time with her family, students and community! She leads by example and is an encourager to all ages. She has an unending supply of fairness, honesty, energy and caring for her students ( public school and dance studio) family and her church! We appreciate her gifts and her desire to share with everyone around her!??

Tara Amick Posted over a year ago

Chantil is an excellent teacher. She is concerned with teaching much more than the standards. She’s educating the whole child in character development and relationship building. She’s an involved community member and a parent.

Becky Donahue Posted over a year ago

Known Chantil for a long time she is an amazing woman of faith with a heartf for others. Congratulations Chantil well deserved??

emmalee boggs Posted over a year ago

I’ve known chantil for years, she’s been an excellent dance teacher and taught me to dance for 10 years. she’s one of the best people to be around and always up lifting. she loves to make younger students feel good about them self and always challenges us for the better!

Lori Rogers Posted over a year ago

Chantil is a wonderful person both inside and outside of the classroom. She inspires all our children to be the absolute best person they can be. Both of my daughters have taken dance lessons for years and the benefits from having Chantil’s influence and positivity as they have grown into young women has been astounding.??

Jeanette Posted over a year ago

Chantil has been a friend and co-worker for many years. She was my daughters dance teacher/friend for 13 years. She goes above and beyond any job description could hand to her. She loves, cares for, teaches and leads her students to become the best they can be in their lives. I can only say she is wonderful in everything she sets her mind to do.

Kara Mahone Posted over a year ago

Chantil has been my mentor my entire life and remains one of my biggest influences. She has done more for me than I can write here in one comment, but I can sum up her impact that she has made in her community just by stating that Chantil cares about teaching and loving children more than anyone I know. She cares about teaching kids on an individual basis, which is what so many kids desperately need. She gives of her time graciously and wants each child she comes in contact with to feel special and loved. She has a beautiful heart and spirit, and that is wonderfully matched with her never ending energy and contagious enthusiasm. She is definitely a life changer in her family and entire community!

Betsy Raynes Posted over a year ago

Chantil is a self esteem builder for young girls and old gals alike! She devotes such positive energy into encouraging others to be their best!

Baylee Rogers Posted over a year ago

Chantil was my dance teacher for seven years. Within those seven years she had such a positive impact. She ALWAYS puts others before herself. Chantil is kind, sweet, loving, and dedicated. Her light truly shines. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award than Chantil.

Amanda Taylor Posted over a year ago

Chantil is so much, for so many! Not enough words to describe all she does for her community!

Keisha Runion Thompson Posted over a year ago

Chantil is a consummate educator. She is always working to improve herself to be better for her students. Putnam County is lucky to have her.

Pam Tinney Posted over a year ago

Chantil coaches my son in Cross Country while in middle school, she had so much love and commitment for her students/athletes she always went above and beyond what a coach should do. She always had words of encouragement never discourage then even when the did not win always pushed them to improve baby steps at a time, we are blessed to know her

Amber Wagner Posted over a year ago

My daughter has danced with Chantil for 3 years now! She is also my daughters 1st grade teacher this year. She is a amazing teacher. This award would be well deserved...

Sarah Posted over a year ago

Chantil is such a kind person! My daughter danced for her for 2 years and we just loved her. She’s always so loving and sweet with the kids. This award is very well deserved!!

Whitney Cox Posted over a year ago

Chantil truly is a shining star. I have attended trainings with her, worked with her through her National Board Certification, and served with her in a women’s group at church. She is also my daughter’s dance teacher. She is insightful, knowledgeable, compassionate, and hard working. She spends countless hours of her life investing in the lives of other’s and working to make a positive impact in her community. I can’t think of someone who would deserve this award more than Chantil.

Andrea Houston Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of working with Chantil during her time at Poca High School. Her energy and spirit were both inspiring and contagious. She is a valuable member of the Putnam County community where she positively impacts the youth in our area. In addition, she is an involved mother of two great sons who I have had the honor to teach. Chantil IS a life changer!

Rosalee Posted over a year ago

Two years ago, I received a foster child woefully behind in everything, particularly reading, due to his unfortunate situation. Chantil tested him, pin pointed his reading deficiencies, worked with him one on one and instead of him having to be held back, he moved on to second grade. She did not give up on him although it was very, very ,very difficult. This child, like a lot of the babies coming to us from the foster system had behavioral, problems as well as learning deficiencies. She was a miracle worker.

Heather Posted over a year ago

She is a great teacher and person. Very deserving of this award.

Jay Thompson Posted over a year ago

Very helpful and cares about teaching children!

Jennifer Nunley Posted over a year ago

My 3 children attend Confidence and all admire Mrs McCormick. My daughters have also had her for dance. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she has a heart of gold! I feel she tries to help pull the best out of every student/dancer!

Trippe McKeny Posted over a year ago

Chantil has a kind heart and loves to help children grow and learn inside and outside of the school setting. Chantil is the most intelligent dedicated teacher that I know. She patterned her career after her Mother, who served as a Teacher and has dedicated her life to the Teaching Profession. Chantil teaches dance outside of school as well as teaching at school in the classroom. I know that Chantil is sincere and has always cared deeply for those around her, always trying to find a way to help in every situation. I can attest to her lifelong love of learning and teaching Chantil is my Sister. Chantil McCormick is a life changer and a game changer in the education profession.

Cassandra Richmond Posted over a year ago

Chantal is a genuinely kind soul who sees the best in everybody that she encounters. I met her about four years ago when I had her oldest son in my classroom. She has raised two wonderful young men. She started the cross country team at our school and the students loved her. It is wonderful to see her being recognized for all that she does and the impact she has on her community.

Sharlene Wiseman Posted over a year ago

I have known Chantil for several years. She had my sons in school and I have also worked at the same school with her. She is a very caring teacher, always encouraging her students to be the best they can be. She is a great mother and wife putting her family first. She is deserving of this award.

Cheryl Carter Posted over a year ago

Chantil McCormick Is an outstanding person she goes above and beyond in her school and in her community.

Beth Middleton Posted over a year ago

Chantil is a true role model & inspiration on what a mother & friend should be. She takes on the role of raising the village with pride & I'm so blessed to be apart of her life through our children & call her a friend.

Heather Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher, motivator and friend. She instills confidence and pride in her students froM the classroom to the dance floor. She is most deserving!

Meagan Kearns Posted over a year ago

I have been a student of Chantil’s since I was 4 years old, both in the classroom and in dance class. She has made me into the person I am today and taught me many valuable life skills. Through our weekly dance classes she brings so much joy into each of our lives, she is always filled with love and positivity! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.

Elizabeth McCormick Posted over a year ago

I have been one of Chantil Mccormick’s dance students since I was 5 years old. She has changed my life and taught me many things over the last 12 years. She has taught me how to ignore the negative people in your life and focus only on the people who make your life better. Chantil has also taught me how to be a leader by giving me the opportunity to be a student teacher. If it wasn’t for Chantil I wouldn’t have the confidence in myself to do many of the things I do now. I know that if I wouldn’t have started taking dance classes from Chantil I would be a completely different person and I’m glad that she has had the opportunity to change other people’s lives like she has mine.

Kathy Posted over a year ago

My daughter has danced for Chantil for almost 10 years. The love that she shares and confidence she instills is amazing. A wonderful teacher and woman. This award would be well deserved!

Michelle Kosa Posted over a year ago

Chantil McCormick is a blessing to those she teaches. My daughter has taken dance from her for the last 9 years! Her enthusiasm and drive to teach shines in her bright smile! She is deserving of this award for her dedication to making a difference in the lives of others!

Chelsea Young Posted over a year ago

Chantil has been an important role model in my life since I was a young girl. To begin with, she was my dance teacher growing up. As a dance teacher, she was always a positive and an influential teacher and coach. She helped instill confidence in so many young girls, including myself. She was encouraging, strong, and compassionate. Throughout the years, I have came to work with her more frequently. She was gracious enough to allow me to do my first college observations in her classroom during my classes of becoming an elementary educator. She was always helpful in every way. She gave great advice and encouraged me to continue to pursue becoming an educator. After I graduated college, I was able to work with her during a long term sub position. As a teacher and colleague, she displays great professionalism. She helped me in every aspect that I needed. She goes above and beyond for her students. She does everything she can for them. She makes sure her students are not only learning, but are loved. She is an outstanding teacher, and I aspire to be as wonderful as a teacher as she is. I know that she has made a positive impact in so many lives.

Dr. Carla Warren Posted over a year ago

Chantil contracted with the WV Center for Professional Development to provide professional development to beginning teachers in the area of classroom management and differentiated instruction. She was always prompt, professional, prepared and inspiring to those who participated in her sessions. I have no doubt that Chantil positively influenced the novice teachers she instructed during these professional learning opportunities.

Kristi Barker Posted over a year ago

I am so excited to see that Chantil McCormick has been nominated for this honor. I have known Chantil for 20 years, and graduated from college with her. As a former colleague, I have witnessed Chantil’s dedication to her students first-hand. She goes above and beyond to tailor her instruction to the specific needs of her students. She is a true diagnostic and prescriptive educator. Chantil is particularly gifted at teaching reading. She believes in empowering students and brings out the leadership in each child by entrusting them with jobs and routines in her classroom. She frequently uses small group instruction and is always up from her desk monitoring, encouraging, and assessing students as they work. She goes out of her way to plan engaging activities that allow students to have fun while learning. Chantil taught me so many things about teaching, and teaching and in my current role as a school principal, I often refer to lessons and ideas from her when working with new teachers. You could not find someone more dedicated or deserving of this honor. Kristi Barker, National Board Certified Teacher/Principal

Lindsey Triplett Posted over a year ago

I have seen and experienced first hand how inspiring and impactful Chantil can be. She was my dance teacher for over 10 years, in which she modeled the importance of kindness and respect, she was my 2nd grade teacher, and more recently, she has welcomed me back into her classroom as a Marshall student. After experiencing her contagious energy both as her student and as an observer, it is clear she radiates positivity and is very deserving of this award.

Betsy Raynes Posted over a year ago

The confidence this amazing lady instills in my daughter cannot be overlooked. She is such a wonderful lady and we adore her!

Crystal Posted over a year ago

No one is more deserving of this award than Chantil. My son is a senior in high school and my daughter is a 7th grader. They both had her in elementary school and she was their favorite teacher. My daughter has taken dance classes from her as well since she was 3. Chantil is truly a gift from God. He has blessed her with so many talents and she shares them with her students.

Daly Susie Posted over a year ago

No one deserves this award more! Chantil is full of energy and has the gift of making everyone feel special. Her positivity wears off on others ! She’s definitely changes lives and makes a difference everyday! :)

Mindy Posted over a year ago

An amazing person!!!

Jodi Hackett Posted over a year ago

My son has not had her yet but will next year. I have seen her while being at the school and I’ve always loved her energy, enthusiasm, and the way she interacts with her students. I believe she is very deserving of this award and are so many others! Love our teachers and school!

Susan Huggins Posted over a year ago

I work with a Chantil as a facilitator for the WVDE. Chantil is always prepared and knowledgeable, and she brings such an enthusiastic and caring presence to our trainings that the participants are highly engaged. Her many anecdotes of her teaching career express her love and concern for her students and her ability to meet their needs. Chantil is creative and hard-working, cheerful and committed to excellence. I would highly recommend Chantil for the Life Changer Award.

April Posted over a year ago

She is an amazing teacher and person. She deserves this award.

Whitney Conley Posted over a year ago

Chantil is a wondering caring teacher and person! She works countless hours teaching dance to the community along with her full time job. She pours her heart and soul into young lives. She is so worthy of this nomination!

Natalie Wright Posted over a year ago

She was a fantastic dance teacher for my active little one. Very patient, kind, and loving to all the little girls she taught.

Amanda Germann Posted over a year ago

Chantil deserves this award!

Brooke Green Posted over a year ago

My personal opinion of Ms. McCormick is that she is a wonderful teacher and a truly influential person. From all the work that she does for the community to the outpouring of love that she provides her students - she is much deserving of this award!

Christina Hart Posted over a year ago

Chantil McCormick is an amazing teacher and person! She is an inspiration to the kids that she works with and I’m so glad to have her as one of my daughters teachers!

Hunter Sheldon Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of meeting Chantil McCormick, when she volunteered at River Ridge Church with the middle school youth group. The way she helped those students was amazing to watch. She really got through to them by getting on their level and just being herself around them. Chantil was always available and willing to do anything for the students. She even helped start a carpool, and it got kids from Poca, WV to Hurricane, WV every Wednesday night just so they could go to church. Chantil will always go the extra mile for students and she showed that every Sunday and Wednesday at church. Chantil truly did change many middle schoolers life’s.

Madyson Rogers Posted over a year ago

Chantil McCormick is a FANTASTIC teacher in dance and in school. She has taught me for 10 years and I have continued to grow to be the dancer I am today. She has given me multiple opportunities to be a leader and to learn more and more about my passions. Without her, I would be missing a positive influence in my life. She is the perfect person for this nomination!

Amy Blackwell Posted over a year ago

I worked with Chantil for ten years at Confidence Elementary. Most of these years were spent with both of us teaching first grade. She is a fantastic teacher. She goes over and above to reach every child in her class at their level. She is so energetic and engaging in her classroom every day. The students at Confidence Elementary are very lucky to have her as a teacher.

Jeneva Crum Posted over a year ago

Chantil McCormick is an amazing mentor. She went above and beyond in guiding me. She was willing to answer any of my questions morning, noon, or night. She provided excellent feedback on my lessons. Chantil brings a positive up-beat attitude to anything she is a part of. I have had many interactions with her from co-worker, mentor, to my daughters dance instructor. She puts her heart and soul in everything she does.

Donna Chumbley Posted over a year ago

When I came to Confidence Elementary,Mrs.McCormick mentor me. While taking my continue education classes, she she once again took the time and shared her wealth of knowledge. She is always willing to go out of her way to help anyone out. Mrs. McCormick is in charge of Leader In Me training at our school. She models the seven habits in her daily life. Mrs. McCormick puts her students first and she truly cares for her students and they know she does.

Sonya Shue Posted over a year ago

Chantil McCormick is a phenomenal teacher. As the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, I have had multiple opportunities to visit Ms. McCormick's classroom. I am always just enthralled by the level of engagement and excitement that she brings to every lesson. Her enthusiasm and ability to capture all of the teachable moments are amazing. Mrs. McCormick is a teacher leader in our county. When selecting a teacher representative to send to trainings, she is always one of the first teachers we think of to send. We know that Chantil will absorb all of the information and share it with zeal to all other teachers. Chantil's love for learning and her craft to motivate students is to be commended.

Tina Davis Posted over a year ago

Ms. McCormick is a great teacher to work with. She sets goals for her students and goes to great lengths to ensure they accomplish them. When they leave first grade they are prepared to start second grade with confidence of success. It has been good to be a part of this chapter in our students lives and have the privilege to work with them.

Margaret Logan Posted over a year ago

Chantil is a wonderful coworker. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Our school and community is greatly enriched because of her.

Justin Bowe Posted over a year ago

Mrs. McCormick is an excellent teacher. In addition to what is written above, I can say from experience that she works closely with the related arts teachers in helping her students maximize their achievement and personal growth. She is an encouraging presence at Confidence Elementary, and students and teachers alike know that she would do anything to help them. I believe she absolutely deserves to be recognized for this award!

Christina Davis Posted over a year ago

Chantil is a wonderful educator, co-worker, coach, and community member. Mrs. McCormick goes out of her way to find fun creative ways to engage the students in her classroom, and she shares her expertise with her co-workers. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help her fellow educators. Chantil is also an amazing coach- she worked hard to get a cross-country team implemented at the middle school and helped students learn, grow, and exercise with her program. Finally, Chantil is an asset to our community, she volunteers her time at various sporting and dance events, teaches dance classes to others, and is always willing to lend a hand. She is a perfect example of a life changer!

Danielle Grant Posted over a year ago

Miss Chantil is a wonderful servant to our community. My daughter has taken dance with her for the past four years. I am in awe at Miss Chantil's ability to balance her family life, school responsibilities, and serve her community. She puts so much love and effort into every class. Her classes are very low cost compared to any other dance studio, because she wants to ensure every students has the opportunity to dance regardless of their family's financial status. I am also a teacher in Putnam County, so I am well aware of the home lives many of our students experience. If Miss Chantil puts half the effort into her classroom that she puts into her dance classes, I am confident her students are incredibly lucky; and since I am sure she gives all of her effort to her class, I am sure her students are getting an amazing classroom experience. Miss Chantil is incredibly deserving of this award.