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Jeffery Grossman

Position: Welding Instructor
School: Wilson Talent Center
School District: Ingham Intermediate School District
City, State: Mason, MI

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Comments (13)

Pren Woods Posted over a year ago

Jeff, I am so impressed with your commitment to your students and craft. Mad admiration and respect for you. I am rooting for you!

Rick Castaneda Posted over a year ago

I have known and had the privilege of working with Jeff for eight years. Jeff is a dedicated educator and a role model for all. I have been with Jeff at events where past students have approached him and expressed how being in his program has changed their lives. Those students now have careers and families that are sustained because of what Jeff taught them, amazingly, Jeff remembers those students by name. Jeff takes a personal interest in everything that he does and has an influence on everyone he meets. I hope someday I can be a great instructor just like him.

Sandi Carter Posted over a year ago

I'm happy to be able to support Jeff's nomination because Life Changer is a fitting description for him. I've known Jeff for all of those 46 years, and had the pleasure of working with him for 40 of those years. No one is more dedicated to and popular with his students. Or more passionate about and talented in his craft.

Connie Brevard Posted over a year ago

I had the good fortune to work with Jeff Grossman for over 35 years and have seen how many lives he has changed over that time. Jeff inspires his students through his incredible work ethic, demonstrating not only technical skills but caring, compassion and humor, and helps them understand and learn self-responsibility. As so many here have commented, Jeff's students come back to visit him many times for many years. Jeff also inspires his co-workers with his enthusiasm and joy in teaching and touching young lives, and is an asset that cannot be replaced. He deserves this honor! #LCOY Jeff Grossman!

Linda Sue Posted over a year ago

Jeffie, I enjoyed my 40 years working for you & with you. You were always so caring & dedicated to all your students that so many of your former students came back to see you. Can't blame are truly unforgettable & so easy to luv. We all know that yourlife mission is teaching & you can be so proud of yourself for all the welders you helped create! You are the only teacher I know who remembers all his students by name..... you are amazing! I have over 40 years of memories of all the great things you've done for so many, going the extra miles when needed. You will always have a special place in my heart. You truly deserve this honor! Luv you, my ole buddie!!

Joe Wenzel Posted over a year ago

An award titled “life changer of the year” for Jeff Grossman would be extremely fitting. However, an even more fitting title for Jeff would be “Lifetime Life Changer Award.” He has been changing lives for 46 years as a welding instructor in our district but he is the type of person who changes lives for the better regardless of what he is doing or where he is doing it. He has a genuine interest in helping any student or individual he comes across. I’ve been lucky enough to know Jeff for nearly my entire life and each and every time I speak with him I come away feeling more positive and inspired to help others. In that way, he not only changes the lives of people he directly touches but also changes the lives of people he never even meets. His natural ability to see the best in everyone, help them reach their full potential and inspire others to help has a tremendous impact on our entire community.

Ryan Carter Posted over a year ago

By the looks of things, there are a lot of great people nominated for this award. BUT I must admit my bias. I am struggling to find anyone I would like to support more than Jeff Grossman. Our Country is looking at a national SHORTAGE of 400,000 welders in the next 4 years, and despite that, we've put a continued (and incorrect) emphasis on students getting useless 4 year degrees and racking up loads of debt to find no careers at the end of the tunnel. Here is a man that fighting that fight, on the front lines, and is doing so way past a standard retirement age while having the biggest smile on his face. We live in a time when people are counting the days until they don't have to work, and then we have Mr. Grossman. The school couldn't keep him away from work even if they chained up the building. Not only does he help his students (many of whom have posts on here) but his work is integral to our countries infrastructure and economy on a far different level than your average nominee. Mr. Grossman, on behalf of your colleagues, students, community and anyone else in America that is in desperate need of the students you are leading everyday, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Parker Walters Posted over a year ago

Jeff, you are one of the biggest mentors I have had in my life. These past two years of having you as a teacher and mentor you have been almost like a father figure to me and I’m sure most of my classmates would agree with me, you have changed so many of our lives in so many ways and I can not even begin to thank you enough for that

Rae Conrad Posted over a year ago

I feel blessed every day to work with someone with such a passion for teaching and affecting young lives. My heart soars when former students stop by to introduce their new spouse and/or child. Former students, now service men and women, stop by to see their former teacher and bring the United States flag. So incredibly heartwarming!

Randall Posted over a year ago

Not only have you influenced students to excel but staff as well. It is a great pleasure and honor to work with you. Your friend and Colleague Randall

Tami A Shaw Posted over a year ago

Jeff Grossman was my welding instructor in 1976-1977. He made an impact on my life and my work ethic. Years later I joined the school staff and worked with Jeff in the T & I shop area at the Capital Area Career Center for 18 years. I saw again Jeff's impact on students life and the skills they need to be successful in their future. He forms a bond of trust with his students. He supports and makes leaders of students, gives them the courage to enter the work force with the skills they need to be successful. He's that teacher that students reminder as touching their lives, many come back, years after graduation to see and tell him how their life has turned out. Where their working and how their family is doing. Jeff is that teacher you always appreciate that you had in your life. Jeff is a life changer and has been a life changer for many students, for many years.

Deb Stump Posted over a year ago

Jeff, I have watched you change students lives for 22 years now! Your love for the students and your love for welding is so obvious when I watch you in class. You have helped students realize their worth and realize how much they can do. You help them grow into young adults by taking them down that wonderful river of yours. You have not only helped students grow but you help the staff grow. I know that I would not be who I am today if I didn't have you in my life! Thank you for everything! Deb Stump

Stacy Adado Posted over a year ago

Jeff has been with our district now for 46 years, teaching high school juniors and seniors the skill of welding. His passion for his students and what he is teaching them is as strong today as I'm sure it was 40 some years ago.His students respect him and he continues to mentor them years after they leave our school. He is a truly special person who is not in it for the money or fame, but for his love of the industry and his passion for teaching students a skill that will provide them with a secure future. #LCOY @LifeChangerofTheYear