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Casey Gumm

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Olive Township Elementary School
School District: New Prairie United School Corporation
City, State: New Carlisle, IN

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Casey Gumm was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Ms. Gumm doesn’t make class hard, but it's not easy, either," said the student. "She is a really smart and funny person. She is nice to other teachers, and she could probably be friends with about anyone. I know other students who had her as a teacher say that she was their favorite teacher yet."

"Ms. Gumm made my fourth grade year so much better then I expected and made it wonderful for everyone else," said the student. "She makes class fun and still gets work done. She is also really pretty and smart. There are a lot of books in her classroom. Her class is not boring, and she knows how to make kids behave nicely. She isn't too strict"

"Ms. Gumm makes school a good place to be," said the student. "The way she decorates her classroom is really pretty."