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Sharon Jacobs

Position: Alternative Program Director
School: Barre City Elementary & Middle School
School District: Barre Unified Union School District
City, State: Barre, VT

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Sharon Jacobs was nominated a family member, Renita Marshall.

For over 30 years, Ms. Jacobs has shown her dedication to students who are written off by many other teachers. The students she serves can't thrive in a regular classroom. Her classroom is structured with clear expectations and rewards for excellent outcomes. She takes a personal interest in each student, going as far as knowing their clothing sizes so she can fill voids missing in their home lives. She has even been known to launder a student's clothing to ensure they weren't harassed for having dirty undergarments. Ms. Jacobs works countless overtime hours and spends her own money to give the students all they need and then some. 

Her passion is making a difference in her students' lives. When retirement is mentioned, she acts as though it's the most absurd idea she has ever heard. At times, she has found herself teaching the third generation of students from one family. She is dedicated, hardworking, and loving.

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Sara G Posted over a year ago

She is a saint!