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Sarah Binder

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Prairie View Elementary School
School District: New Prairie United School Corporation
City, State: Rolling Prairie, IN

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Sarah Binder was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Ms. Binder helped me get ready for sixth grade. She was the best teacher I've ever had," said her nominator. "A memory from her class that means a lot to me is the books we read and the podcast we listened to. I got a lot of help with writing crazy books like that."

"One of the best parts of fifth grade was when I got up in front of the class and told people about myself," said her nominator. "We got to go and tell people that we are trying something new, like riding a dirt bike or a plane. I had a lot more to say, but I couldn't say it because the year ended so fast. People told the best stories."

"Another thing I liked about fifth grade was doing math boxes," said her nominator. "We would go out into a group and talk about them. It was also a good way of learning fast and efficiently."

"Finally, I loved the end of the day," said her nominator. "I got to go home and do fun things like watch CNN 10 and play Four Corners. I loved it because I got to relax and take a break from learning. I got to have fun and play around with friends."