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Jennifer Cosper

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Fort Sam Houston Elementary School
School District: Fort Sam Houston Independent School District
City, State: San Antonio, TX

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Jennifer Cosper was nominated by Carolina Morales, the parent of a student.

In the beginning, every teacher is motivated and inspired to change someone’s life in their journey of teaching. Some lose that motivation along the way, and for other teachers, it remains intact. Ms. Cosper's dream of teaching and motivating young minds to become someone has remained intact.

"I have no doubt that a lot of those students one day will make FSH proud," said Morales. "Ms. Cosper has been one of the best teachers my daughter has ever had! We are so grateful for her. She goes above and beyond for her kids. She has helped my daughter in every way she possibly can. Ms. Cosper was a LifeChanger for my daughter, and putting my daughter in her class was the best decision."

Comments (23)

Sonrie Pickens Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cosper is a phenomenal teacher! It’s obvious the minute you walk into her classroom and observe there’s a focus on making learning fun and engaging for kids! She challenges her kiddos to reach their potential, not just “meet a standard.” She takes the time and energy to invest in her students and we are so grateful our son is a part of it. We absolutely support her for this recognition!!!

Marcia Jones Posted over a year ago

Simply put Mrs. Cosper is phenomenal and has made such a positive impact in countless lives! Not only does she make learning fun she get incredibly results! Mrs. Cosper is more than deserving of this nomination! She is a game changer!!! Mrs. Cosper is so good I wouldn’t mind going through the third grade again (haha)! We love you Mrs. Cosper!!!! Marcia and Majure :))

Tara Nichols Posted over a year ago

I have known Jennifer for 30 plus years. She is an amazing teacher and deserves all the recognition in the world. Her student’s coming back to see her( year after year) is a testament to her positivity and love for teaching. I am always impressed with her room make-over. I’d want to learn in her cool classroom.

Issac Moody Posted over a year ago

As a parent, I can truly say that I have been extremely impressed by Ms. Cosper’s teaching tactics and the way she challenges my son to learn more! Ms. Cosper has been so instrumental in the forward thinking and technical enhancements as well as the learning process of my son. I was even impressed so much initially I shared my appreciation of her teaching with another parent who’s child wasn’t fairing so well in another class. Upon their change, their child is doin exceptionally! Some teachers just have it, that IT factor!!!

Vanessa Kennedy Posted over a year ago

I am happy for Jennifer. She is deserving of this award because she truly loves every student that she teaches. They always make a point of revisiting her because of the impact that she has left on their lives. She smiles through her job and patiently works with every student that she encounters. She especially enjoys teaching math, which she does in an enthusiastic and memorable way. Her classroom makeover, to match her curriculum themes, have also been memorable for her students.

Noemi Garcia Posted over a year ago

The evidence of a great teacher lies in how each child walks out of a classroom. Students in Ms. Cosper's classroom smile, grow, participate and are amazingly aware of their successes and goals this all due to their teacher. She has touched many children in more ways than one. Seeing a child as a whole instead of in portions is what makes her a unique teacher.

Kiera Smith Posted over a year ago

Ms.Cosper is everything you could want in a teacher for your child. We were blessed with her during our time in Texas and my daughter excelled not only in school development but emotional development as well. Ms.Cosper will forever be her favorite teacher, as there is no comparison to the love she gives everyday in the classroom. We miss her dearly.

Sunita Soldan Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Cosper is an amazing teacher and person because she goes above and beyond for the people in her life. She has truly left a lasting impression on my daughter and our family. Jennifer doesn’t just teach the required material she makes it engaging and exciting for the students. It keeps them excited to go to school and always guessing on what interesting thing they’ll do that day. My daughter was loosing her interest in school, but once she got into Ms. Cosper’s class that change and my daughters math test scores jumped significantly in just 2 weeks of being in Ms. Cosper’s class. The families can also feel how much pride and passion she has for education and her students. She truly loves her job, her students and being that she was a military kid herself she truly understands the children she teaches on a personal level. We love Ms. Cosper and she will always be a special teacher to our family!

Patricia Villarreal Posted over a year ago

I cannot write enough in support of Jennifer Cosper for this award! She was my son’s 3rd grade teacher, and I can honestly say she put the SPARK for education in his heart and mind! He was so excited to learn. And motivates to learn OUTSIDE the classroom by reading books and watching videos. Ms Cosper is reaching kids at their level and with tools and resources that don’t feel like the traditional classroom. What she is able to accomplish is amazing and I know she will be a teacher my son remembers FOREVER. We recently moved to Kansas, and my daughters biggest regret was not being able to have Ms Cosper this year as her 3rd grade teacher! My son misses the school and his 3rd grade class and he is still in contact with Ms Cosper - she had such an impact on him.

Sarah Worden Posted over a year ago

I am the librarian at Ms. Cosper's school. Because I get to see her class almost twice a week, we are able to support each other. I am a witness to the way that she develops relationships with her students and consistently encourages them to achieve a high standard. She makes learning meaningful and enjoyable, and has consistently done so over the course of her teaching career. I am proud to work with her.

Janet Sanchez Posted over a year ago

Excellent and a very dedicated teacher, and mentor. Two of my children were her students. They love her and we did to as parents. She is caring, understanding, and simply amazing.

Becky Ahearne Posted over a year ago

I met Jennifer while I was a substitute teacher at Fort Sam Houston Elementary School. Her enthusiasm about teaching is infectious, and motivates both her peers and students. She goes far above expectations to make learning unique and fun for her students. She fosters an environment where students can be free to be themselves and learn in the ways most productive for them. I happily endorse Jennifer Cosper for this honor. She is fully deserving.

Paloma delallata Posted over a year ago

When we first met Mrs. Jennifer Cosper She was my daughters teacher we loved her she is a true role model she is very dedicated to her job and helping others. She is meant to be a teacher she creates an amazing environment and always makes us and anyone feel welcome. We love you Mrs. Cosper

Mason Nichols Posted over a year ago

I've had the pleasure to pod teach with Ms. Cosper. She is an excellent leader, role model, and teacher. She thinks outside of the box. Engages ALL students and can reach all learners through her lessons. This year she has brought in several class pets. This has allowed students to take ownership in the classroom, learn about caring for others and animal responsibilities. She is flexible in her teaching and excels with leaders within the community. Jennifer cares about each student and it shows as each morning past students always come to visit her. Jennifer is also exemplifies a growth mindset. Many teachers who are older don't want to attend professional development. Jennifer continues to attend conferences including Teach your Heart Out, Zoo School Nature Classroom, PD in PJ's and continues to work on bringing more technology and blended learning to the classroom

Megan Pope Posted over a year ago

When a new school year begins you start hearing the buzz of what teacher did your child get? One person says oh my gosh you are going to love her and you have the best teacher at Fort Sam. I smile and take it with a grain of salt. But then another person and another person and another person all say similar things about how wonderful Ms. Cosper is. Only a few short months into the school year and I knew we have hit a one of kind teacher jackpot! Ms. Cosper cares about our kids and has been amazing with my son!

Deborah McCullough Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of co- teaching with Jennifer for several years at Ft. Sam Houston Elementary School. She makes every one of her students feel like they are a priority and they know she cares about them and their future. She knows how to make learning fun and yet challenging at the same time. Her classroom is an inclusive, safe place to take risks even for students with special needs. She creates a rich, stimulating environment for learning which in turn seems to naturally engage the students in their quest for knowledge. I've personally seen so many of her students return to visit her even after they're in high school. That wouldn't happen if she hadn't made such an effort to not only impact their lives for the year they were in her class, but rather to impact them for a lifetime.

DJ Saunders Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cosper has been a model of consistency, creative thinking, and innovation fueled by genuine motivation to mold and educate young minds. My son who has ADHD was in her class during 3rd. I was at the point of giving up when she stepped in and offered to help. The learning, coping, and response strategies she implemented played a pivotal role in my son successfully passing 3rd grade , and becoming a more balanced student. He is now a thriving 6th Grader at RG Cole Middle School. I can say without a doubt that if it wasnt for her intervention, dedication, and committment to excellence , we would not have enjoyed the success we have today. Ms. Jennifer Cosper, teacher and educator of today's children preparing them and us(parents) for a better tomorrow. We appreciate you Ms. C "Always your Remainder"

Marilyn Hatcher Posted over a year ago

Excellent teacher!! Very dedicated and caring!

Tammie Posted over a year ago

What a beautiful soul. She cares so much for her students. Not just current one, but past students as well. Every activity and lesson plan is well thought out and carried through. She’s amazing.

Stacy Boutieller Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cosper is an amazing teacher! My son was in her classroom last year, and he absolutely adores her. She is great at thinking outside of the box and is always looking for new ways to motivate her students. I have had the privilege of working with her this year and seeing the excitement on her student's faces daily is incredible. She is truly one of a kind!

Brandy Bilbrey Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cosper , is your one in million teacher. She is the kind of teacher who puts her kids first always. Learning is always hands on and the thought process and time she puts forward is amazing. Her room is like learning come to life. They way she shaped and changed my daughter education is something that I will always be Internally grateful for her. This teacher goes above in areas of her teaching. She make a home in her classroom for the students who enter her class. This is so important! As a parent this means so much to us because we are military family. Like I said in the Beginning she’s one in million.

Betsy Parker Menck Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cosper is an out of the box thinker. Her students are always actively involved in their leading in her class. From her outdoor classroom to her treadmills when you walk into her door, you know your going to experience something unique.

Carolina Morales Posted over a year ago

I had to leave a comment as well, What teacher gets to school early to help one of her former students with math ? Only Ms Cosper ?? my daughter is having a little bit of trouble with math now that she is in 4th grade and we reached out to her , she is always willing to help her students / former students with anything that they need. Not only did she got to school early to help my daughter but she also stays late to tutor as well . There are really so many reasons as to why she is A LIFE CHANGER TEACHER . You can text and call or even FaceTime her for help whenever and she will always be there for her students and parents . Thank you for everything ??