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Shawn Sterling

Position: Seventh Grade Science Teacher
School: New Prairie Middle School
School District: New Prairie United School Corporation
City, State: New Carlisle , IN

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Shawn Sterling was nominated by three anonymous students. The following profile contains text from each nomination.

Mr. Sterling is not only a fantastic teacher, but a wonderful person to be around. When someone is sad, Mr. Sterling always tries to help them. He always talks to students and makes sure to ask how their day was. He can put you in a better mood with his positive attitude, and he's always willing to jump in if you need help with work.

"One of the best memories I have ever had is when Mr. Sterling let us sit in the front of the class and share our favorite holiday traditions, foods, and experiences," said a student. "He isn’t afraid to express himself to the class, and when he does, it makes it so easy to trust and get to know him....He has changed my life by not only helping me learn more about science, but by showing me what kind of person I should be."

If he makes a mistake, Mr. Sterling never gets mad. He stays calm and apologizes to the class for his mistakes. Mr. Sterling is very intelligent, and when he teaches science, he does it in a fun way. Most of his students get good grades because he always helps out, and if they don’t understand what's being taught, he will go over it again.

Mr. Sterling always picks up his classroom. If there's trash in the hallway, he will pick it up. If someone is bullying another person, he will help them with their situation privately.

"He just wants to help and make our lives better," said a student. "He always says good morning to a lot of people to make them happier!"

Comments (4)

Ava Caldwell Posted over a year ago

Me. Sterling is pretty much the best teacher I've ever had teach me. He taught me world history in 6th grade and I miss him very much. He lets all his students know that he just wants them to succeed and he won't give up. He's one of the most playful and intelligent people to be around. His kind acts effects everyone's mood. He would always make me feel better in those rough days. When he told our 4th period class he was moving, I was shocked. I was feeling so many different emotions and I started crying. He meant so much to me and helped me with so much stuff it was hard to believe that just like that he would be moving. I hope I get to see him again one day, and to whoever has the blessing of having him as a teacher, treat him good. Trust me he will be very good to you and help yous succeed even if it isn't in class.

Victoria Cameron Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sterling is one of the best teachers ive ever had when I was in 6 grade he helped me a lot though the tough times and helped me see the light in things and he also gave me hope with trying to eat food so he's really infuentul he's just an amazing teacher who I think shpuld be 1 teacher

Amy Quinones Posted over a year ago

I worked with Mr. Sterling for two years and we shared many students. Every week he chose a student of the week to celebrate and he was always seen smiling and greeting each student coming in the classroom. Many students expressed to me how much they enjoyed being in his class. His students would invite them to their band performances and after school sports and he would always show up. After he moved schools the students still ask about Mr. Sterling and express how much much they miss him.

Felicity Newton Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Sterling as a guest speaker earlier this semester. I was astounded by how Mr. Sterling could capture the attention of sixty seventh graders just by calmly speaking to them, even when they were getting antsy at the end of the day. Not only that, many of the students I worked with told me that they feel like Mr. Sterling truly cares about them, because he goes to all of their home games and concerts, cheering even the benchwarmers on by name. They told me that they feel like they can actually become scientists or doctors, just because Mr. Sterling said they could. I know that the seventh graders of NPMS are under good direction, and I sincerely hope to see them in my classroom at the collegiate level.