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Christy Sharp

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Singing River Academy
School District: Pascagoula-Gautier School District
City, State: Gautier, MS

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Christy Sharp was nominated by her colleague, Susan Walker.

Ms. Sharp exemplifies what it means to be a LifeChanger.  With her character and personal qualities, she creates a warm and welcoming school atmosphere for all who enter the building.  She has kind and encouraging words for students, teachers, parents, and community members.  She and Singing River Academy's (SRA) principal, Pam Rone, team up to challenge students and teachers to achieve goals and dreams.  Together, they have transformed SRA into a school whose motto includes terms like: compassion, honesty, perseverance, motivation and organization.  There are always opportunities for students and staff to lead, create, and be recognized. 

Ms. Sharp is always seen encouraging a student to be their best self or supporting a teacher or staff member when discouraged.  She can also be seen working with staff to creatively develop individualized strategies for students, no matter the need. She is often seen reassuring a parent that SRA will partner with the parent on behalf of the child. Ms. Sharp reassures everyone around her that no one works alone.  It is often said that it "takes a village" to raise a child.  Ms. Sharp sees SRA as the village surrounding each student, providing the best the education one can offer.

Ms. Sharp provides opportunities for students to gain leadership skills through school "jobs". Students are eager to apply and interview for positions such as Bus Team member,  House Leader, and Morning/Afternoon Announcements Team member.  

Ms. Sharp also teaches strategies in peacemaking and self-soothing. She works tirelessly to improve relationships between students and prevent bullying.  Additionally, she leads up to 50 students in an after school yoga class. The staff are encouraged to participate, as well.

Ms. Sharp has two daughters who embody so much of their mom's character in their intelligence and beauty.  A few years ago, her oldest daughter lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Since then, Ms. Sharp has garnered a unique ability to empathize on a deep level with those who grieve. Through her own healing, she has found strength and resilience. She knows that members of the SRA community may be grieving. In her work with them, she gently nudges them toward healing and resilience.

"Christy seeks to improve and change lives for the better, everyday," said Walker. "She has earned my admiration."

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Rachel Gartman Posted over a year ago

Christy is one of the most selfless people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She does so much for her community. She cares for all children including her own. She represents strength, courage, intelligence, and peace. Christy is an amazing woman. Nominating her as life changer of the year is the least she deserves.