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Ali Bauer

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Hornung Elementary School
School District: Brighton Area Schools
City, State: Brighton, MI

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Ali Bauer was nominated by Kelly Tillman, the parent of a student.

"Ms. Bauer gives her whole heart towards her profession," said Tillman. "My son, Ethan, entered her class last year as a student who was terrified to go to school. He would cry and beg to stay home, cling to his dad at drop off, and clamor in my arms at pick up. Ms. Bauer took Ethan into her arms and would calm him and help him get to class. She gave him confidence, not only in himself as a person, but also as a student. She was able to mold my son from a struggling reader at the beginning of to a student who is devouring books, begging to go to school, and yearning for library day."

"Ms. Bauer has not only been a LifeChanger to my son, but she has also transformed the lives of many other students in the building. I have spoken with multiple parents from her class who have had similar experiences with her magic as a teacher. Ms. Bauer has proven time and again that she makes a beneficial difference in many children’s lives and adds positively to her school’s atmosphere."