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Kelly Renn

Position: Algebra Teacher
School: Pascagoula High School
School District: Pascagoula-Gautier School District
City, State: Pascagoula, MS

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Kelly Renn was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

"Mrs. Renn is definitely a LifeChanger," said the nominator. "She has been the best math teacher my son has had in his upper grades. He has struggled with math until this year. Mrs. Renn goes above and beyond teaching. She teaches, then re-mediates when her students do not understand the skill. She helps my son after school, as well as when I text or email her.  My son was sick, and she went out of her way twice to bring him what he missed in class."

"Mrs. Renn helped with a math bootcamp before state testing. She took my son and brought him home afterwards so that he was able to attend and learn on a Saturday morning," said the nominator. "She is committed to her students and her love of educating them."

"From a parent's point of view, Mrs. Renn is a breath of fresh air because she wants parents to be involved with their children's education," said the nominator. "She makes sure we know what is going on in the classroom, as far as what our son is learning and how his grades are.  If he is struggling with something, I am informed so that I am able to help him as much as I can."

"Every afternoon, my son comes home and tells me he has had a great day in math," said the nominator. "This is what I want to hear as a parent, especially the parent of someone who has struggled with math their entire life.  Instead of dreading to go to class, he wants to go because he knows that Mrs. Renn is going to teach and help him if he does not understand. She has been a LifeChanger in my son's life!"

Comments (10)

Pamela Jones Posted over a year ago

Kelly use to teach my stepdaughter. She not only cared about her as a student, but also as a person. When things got hard at home, Kelly was always there for my daughter watching over her at school. Kelly deserves this award because she cares so much about her students and their future.

Janet Holmes Posted over a year ago

i have worked next to Kelly for several years and the dedicaton she shows to her students is amazing. Her students know if they have a problem in the subject, personally or socially they can come to her and she will give her honest opinion and let them know the expectations of the school setting and how this applies to the world outside of the classroom. Academically she is the expert in her field and doesn't give up on her students no matter what challenge they bring to the classroom. She is a life changer!!!

Wendy Nations Posted over a year ago

I worked beside Kelly during my first year as an educator. She was a wonderful mentor. She is an excellent teacher and deserves every bit of the recognition she’s receiving for her dedication to her students.

Leandra Ruiz Posted over a year ago

I think Mrs. Renn is a life changer. She is agreat teacher. Most kids don't like math. But Mrs. Renn finds ways for us to like it. She is an amazing teacher and Ithink she should win.

Sariah Nettles Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Renn always go the extra mile to make sure we understand everything she's teaching, she cares about us and only our education, and she's a great human. Thanks Mrs.Renn !

Bella Reynolds Posted over a year ago

This teacher right here is amazing! always going the extra mile and not even thinking anything of it! i love her so much and is such a wonderful human!

Amy Dickerson Posted over a year ago

I have known Kelly since she was a student teacher and she gives 100% to her kids. She will do without to make sure her kids have. She is definitely a LIFE changer!!!!!

Lacey Smith Posted over a year ago

I can’t express how proud I am of my amazing mom, Kelly Renn. She is the most selfless and loving person I know and I am so proud I get to call her mom. I had the privilege to watch her grow into the amazing teacher she is today, through being a single parent, night school and long hours she never gave up on her dream to become a teacher. It truly touches my heart that a parent nominated her for this award. She is not only an amazing teacher but friend, mother, and grandmother. Love you mom and we are so proud of you!

ty'querria Posted over a year ago

yell should pick ms.renn she is the best teacher ever she help me a lot i love her with all my heart

Connor Fowler Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Renn is the best math teacher any student could ask for. These past years it was difficult for many of us students to understand math but this year has by far been the best and easiest year for us. Mrs. Renn is not just a good teacher but a good friend. She is there for you no matter what. She has relived so much stress off of my shoulders and my mothers. Mrs. Renn is just a great person and she really is a life changer.