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Monica Lee-Currie

Position: Math Teacher
School: Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center
School District: NC Division of Juvenile Justice Ed
City, State: Concord, NC

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Dr. Monica Lee-Currie was nominated by a family member, Courtney Currie.

Dr. Lee-Currie was named State Teacher of the Year by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety's Division of Juvenile Education Services for her hard work and dedication. This includes writing grants, implementing programs, and teaching math.

While Dr. Lee-Currie has been employed with Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center for only three years, she has made a remarkable difference throughout the Facility. Yes, Dr. Lee-Currie is a mathematics teacher, but she has also displayed her higher education skills and knowledge through her grant writing skills and male empowerment program, which she implemented while working at the facility. This year, Dr. Lee-Currie received five grant approvals for the male empowerment program, as well as the Arts and Agriculture, English, and Mathematics Departments. The grants will provide the resources each department needs to help build the young men's intelligence and character.

Boys II Men is a ten-week curriculum of self-improvement modules geared towards reducing the risk of the juveniles to become repeat offenders, thus reducing recidivism rates in the correctional system. Since Dr. Lee-Currie has implemented this program, over 100 young men have completed and graduated from the program. Graduates of the Boys II Men program have provided success stories, which include being accepted into college and receiving and maintaining employment.

The Boys II Men Male Empowerment Program is Dr. Lee-Currie’s pride and joy. Her vision when designing this program was for juvenile offenders to succeed academically by providing them with the tools and knowledge.

Dr. Lee-Currie is also the lead math coordinator at the facility for grades 9-12. For the past two years, she has coached students to participate in both the state and regional mathematical competition, which has resulted in honorary mentions and runner up awards.

Dr. Lee-Currie's dedication and commitment to her students extend beyond any monetary value. Watching her students succeed is what motivates her to continue to go above and beyond the traditional duties of an educator. Her compassion, sincerity and dedication  are the primary reasons why she is a LifeChanger.

Comments (16)

Leonard Richardson Posted over a year ago

Dr. Currie has been a rock star among teachers since the first day she arrived. She works with relentless effort to reach every student and to push them to realize their potential. She is always looking for ways to expand upon the programs being offered and finding funding opportunities to make these programs possible.

Regina Means Posted over a year ago

Truly a life changer of so many. Dr Lee-Currie has touched the lives of so many young people. She has made those who didn't believe in themselves reach for goals and aspirations they never thought attainable. That's why she's a Life Changer!

Kelly Korniak Posted over a year ago

Dr. Currie is a true inspiration to many. Her dedication and professionalism is second to none. Dr. Currie is truly educating the "whole child". When she arrived at Stonewall Jackson, she recognized the need for various programs and went after the funding to provide them to our students. Our students have been exposed to colleges, competitions, and programs that would have never been offered if it were not for Dr. Currie.

Tonquishae Belcher Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Monica Lee-Currie for about 15 years. Her dedication as an educator is undeniable and amazing. She goes over and beyond for her students with her ambition and passion. It is important that our youth have great influencers and leaders in their lives; individuals who are able to help them reach their fullest potential. Dr. Monica Lee-Currie is the person I think of as being a great influencer and leader for our youth, she has created so much change already. Her humbleness, selflessness, dedication, leadership, courage, and passion makes her a prolific life changer and especially deserving of this nomination.

Robert Thomas Posted over a year ago

I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Currie daily. She is a truly outstanding teacher in every possible way. The environment in which she works does not tend to expect much out of the students, but she works tirelessly to get the very most out of every student. Under her coaching she has had students receive state wide math awards among other things. Her passion is truly her students however she still has time to help other teachers in applying for grant funding that improves the school for all students and faculty. She was very deservedly the Teacher of the Year for our system in 2019.

Donyele Coad Posted over a year ago

Dr. Currie is committed to the growth and education of the youth she serves. Dr. Currie has been instrumental in obtaining various grants to assist student's educational needs. She is always seeking new ways to aid in the advancement of her students.

Cheryl Hofmann Posted over a year ago

Dr. Lee-Currie is a true professional. She has the best interest of the boys in mind.

Samantha Bowden Posted over a year ago

You definitely deserve it. I salute you for making a positive impact on the males in our society today. It is so much needed. Continue to be about the change. God Bless you my sister.

Elliott Willingham Posted over a year ago

Dr. Currie is an amazing educator who constantly looks for ways in which to inspire her students. She encourages her coworkers to think "outside the box" and find ways to make a difference in their lives. Bravo, no one deserves this award more!

Patsy Howell Posted over a year ago

Here to the perdón Who is a very intelligent and interlectual individual

Azalea M. Howie Posted over a year ago

Dr. Monica, Is a dedicated teacher who inspires youth to keep rising in all they do. Dr. Monica instills respect, morals, characters and values. Dr. Monica also is an effective educator that demand success of all youth. Her motivation is that of eager students willing to learn. Dr. Monica always goes above and beyond for mankind. Dr. Monica is very deserving of this honor as she is a life time learner who continues to give back to her communities. As an educator, I can say with great pride that it has been an educational experience to observe Dr. Monica as she flourished into a very modest and humble educator through out all of her achievements. Continue to change the lives of others on you educational journey. We love you Soror!

Dr. Carla Holt Posted over a year ago

Dr. Lee-Currie's dedication to supporting and educating our youth has been noticed and appreciated. Dr. Lee-Currie's committment includes not only her students at the school but encouraging and enriching other youth from around the county and state. It has been a pleaseure working with Dr. Lee-Currie.

Rev FG Merry Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Dr Currie for a few years. I found her to be a dedicated, honest, and compassionate. She always gave her best, and I am honored to know her and call her friend. Her knowledge of math really impressed me. I know Dr Currie is a life changer

Christian Johnson Posted over a year ago

Dr. Monica Lee Currie is indeed a life changer especially for the Black community. She is a role model and a leader. Her love and dedication towards her students is what makes her a great educator. Her sincerity is what I admire the most because the sacrifices she makes to uplift and encourage the youth she does not do for financial gain. Dr. Currie is more than deserving of this award.

Karen Byers Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege to know Dr. Monica Lee-Currie for over 15 years. Dr, Lee-Currie is probably one of the most effective Educators I have ever known. As a fourth generation Educator myself, I have watched her not just show up but be effective in the classroom...reaching all the students. In the Military it is often said "No man left behind". Dr. Lee-Currie finds a way to reach ALL students with a great deal of success even if it means extra tutoring and longer hours. Her effort to make ALL students successful is the key to our society that seems to be plagued with Teachers who just "show up". I am excited to write this on her behalf, and I pray she wins this award because she is s deserving. Karen L. Byers, M.Ed., M.S., M.Div.

Burnetta Maske Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Soror!