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Peggy Davison

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Whittier Primary School
School District: Peoria Public Schools
City, State: Peoria, IL

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Peggy Davison's nominator would like to remain anonymous.

Mrs. Davison has been a Kindergarten teacher at Whittier for a few years!  She continues to hold her love for students and the Whittier and Peoria communities dearly.  Her support for student and family achievement is evident through her time in planning, meeting with families, spearheading clubs and events, and driving the success of Whittier's students and staff. 

Mrs. Davison tutors students before and after school.  She understands the learning process and is able to take students through every step to success.  Mrs. Davison also has a deep understanding of students' social-emotional needs. She is patient, yet unyielding in her work with student achievement.  She is clear with directions and calm with redirections.

Mrs. Davison helps adults on staff, parents, and neighbors through ups and downs.  She is often bringing families meals or sending cards or flowers to brighten a day.

Comments (17)

Aléja Bates Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Peg, you are one of the best teachers that I have ever had! I want to thank you so much for believing in me and continuously challenging me to ensure that I achieve academic success. You have made a great impact on my life and I will forever cherish our time spent together as well as all the lessons and knowledge learned. You are so amazing and you are more than deserving of this nomination. Thank you for your continued support and willingness to lead students to success!

Tonja Misigaro Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Davison, You are one of the greatest teachers I have met to date! Thank you so much for seeing the potential and strengths of our Eden and for calling them out! She is a more confident and loved little girl because of you! I very much appreciate your personal connections to your students and families! It meant the world to us when you continued to reach out and check in Eden when she was having health issues. We think you are a rockstar and that you more than deserve this nomination! Congratulations!

Sharonda Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Peg, thanks so much for providing a great learning experience for Aleja!! You wanted all of your students to be well prepared as they entered Kindergarten. I can wholeheartedly say that my daughter was well prepared. It's teachers like you who set the foundation for students to develop a lifelong love of learning. I also appreciate the fact that you frequently offered opportunities for parents to participate in various classroom and community events with our children. What a great way to promote parental involvement! I consistently saw growth (academic and personal) in my daughter while in your Pre-K program. You recognized her strengths and encouraged her to always do her best- she did us proud. As a parent, I felt at ease leaving her in your care, knowing that she would be well taken care of and would seek to learn as much as she could. Thanks for your dedication to teaching and loving what you do. You are AWESOME!!

Amanda Posted over a year ago

My son is currently in Mrs.Davisons class. We switched schools a few months into the school year after a tough start to kindergarten at another school. Mrs.Davison quickly transformed my son into a child who is actually rushing and anxious to get to school everyday! This was never the case before. You see my son is non verbal autistic with some behaviors as well. After coming to Mrs.Davisons world he is a new child. His scores have almost doubled. He is no longer considered nonverbal and weekly we are saying wow his vocabulary! She has gotten him out of his shell. Everyday he has to hug her goodbye. Even when we are almost to the car and he forgets he will say "Mom! I forgot to hug Mrs.Davison!" So we go back for a quick hug. She is an absolute life changer.

Janet Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Davison is currently my son’s kindergarten teacher. Not only does Mrs. Davison work hard for her students to make them feel special each day, she is also an integral member of the Whittier community. I see everyday the impact she has on my son’s confidence and eagerness to learn. We are so grateful to have Mrs. Davison at Whittier.

Megan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Davison taught my son and I can't think of anyone more deserving for such an award. She is an amazing teacher and person.

Gabbi Giron Posted over a year ago

Very well deserved! Congratulations, Mrs. Davison! Kyle was so nervous being the new kid and you have been so wonderful to her! You make her feel confident, loved, and cared for! We both are so incredibly grateful for your compassion and dedication to your students!

Sophia Bickel Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Davison hands down was my daughter (Lillyana) favorite teacher this far at Whittier! My daughter was a little behind in some learning programs compared to the other kids when she was in kindergarten. And mrs.davison took every precautionary steps to make sure she succeeded and felt confident in the work she was doing. Gave her learning books and online dvds, she has the biggest heart and loves each and every one of her students. She always remains calm and is there to help any way she can! Thanks so much for everything???

Linda Slater Posted over a year ago

I'm so glad Mrs. Davison has been two of my grandchildren's teacher. She has great patience with the children and brings fun to their learning. I think she's awesome, and I know Bradley and Joshua feel the same way.

Angie Posted over a year ago

My son, Mason, had Mrs. Davison for Kindergarten 10 years ago. Mason was so excited to start school, but once he started going he had extreme anxiety about being gone all day. He would cry most mornings and refused to eat breakfast or lunch. Mrs. Davison was the most comforting and understanding person to this stressed out mom. She would call me everyday on her lunch break to let me know how he was doing and gave us suggestions on what we could do to help calm his nerves. She finally came up with an idea to task Mason with caring for a Pre-K student and helping him to the lunchroom and making sure he got back to class. She went above and beyond to help Mason and this worried mama. I now have the pleasure in working in the same school with Mrs. Davison. She still amazes me everyday with her love for all students and staff, passion to teach and her beautiful handwritten thank you notes. Thank you, Mrs. Davison, for all you have done for the students, staff, and parents at Whittier Primary!!!

Lisa O’Malley Posted over a year ago

Peg Davison is most deserving of the title Life Changer of the Year as that is what she does each and every day. Peg is a mentor to her colleagues and is also always ready to learn something new to better herself or her teaching. She always sends a notes or cards to support and encourage students, school families, and colleagues. She has a passion of bringing a meal to others when she sees a need and she expects nothing in return. When I was asked to change grade levels this school year, I said as long as Peg continued in kindergarten and I could count on her guidance and support that I would do it. It’s been a big change from third grade but one that I couldn’t have done without Peg. Her positivity is contagious and love for children (and people in general) is obvious. Peg is an asset to so many.

Kara Harris Posted over a year ago

All three children had Mrs Davison at Whittier. She is a remarkable teacher! So thankful to have her within Peoria Public Schools and in our community! Our family is blessed to call her a former teacher!

Mary Schmitt Posted over a year ago

She is the BEST! I worked with her for 9 years and don't know of a better teacher!

Amy Kellerstrass Posted over a year ago

Ms. Davison was a very caring and supportive teacher to me and my son as a kindergartner. He is now a sophomore in high school and excels from her efforts!

Suzanne Linsley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Davison is THE BEST teacher we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She is wonderful with not only her students, but all of the students in our school! WE LOVE MRS. DAVISON and I am truly blessed and grateful that both of my boys had her as their Kindergarten teacher??????

Marie Berlinger Posted over a year ago

I was just one of the many student teachers Mrs Davison helped to mold and turn into a lifelong learner / early childhood educator. She has taught me to start everyday with a smile ... always dress your best because you are proving to your students that they are worth your best ... never put off until tomorrow what you can do today ... always go above and beyond when it comes to your students and parents... and remember to be kind to yourself, especially in this beautiful/heartbreaking career, because you are worth it. I have heard other teacher say, and now I know it to be true, that children who entered Mrs Davison's class were changed forever for the better! I believe this was done to her love, commitment and passion for her work. We love you Mrs. Davison and thank you!

Mary Jane Burtsfield Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure to work and get to know Peggy! Peggy is a very hard working, loving teacher!! She is just a good person in general and just cares about people especially her students!! Peggy goes above and beyond to help her students learn the lessons being taught and help her students succeed in many ways! If anyone deserves a life changing award Peggy definitely is one!! Thank you Peggy for all you do for the future of the kids!!