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Candy McAdams

Position: Pre-K Teacher
School: Buchanan Primary School
School District: Haralson County Schools
City, State: Buchanan, GA

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Comments (29)

Karol Lei Hanson Posted over a year ago

Hey Candy, I am so proud of you!!! This is an awesome honor!!! Way to go!!!

Victoria Stephens Posted over a year ago

My mom has worked with candy for a few years now. She is such a hardworking person no matter what the situation is. She takes care of kids all day just to go home to take care of more kids. She is such a role model for so many people and is so deserving of thus award!

Regina Golden Posted over a year ago

Candy is great with the children placed in her care daily. It truly takes a special person to care for special children and Candy takes all her responsibilities to heart and to the Lord.Thank you Candy for all you do everyday.

Jaide Bowman Posted over a year ago

Very deserving. ??

Angela Hill Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Candy is an awesome loving and caring Christian woman. She is the tyoe of woman I would most like to be like.

Diane Clayton Posted over a year ago

Candy is a wonderful mother, teacher, pastor’s wife, friend and so much more. She fills many roles and does it beautifully with competence, enthusiasm and grace!!

Cindy Smith Posted over a year ago

Candy is such an amazing person and so deserving of this title! She's always willing to lend an ear, shoulder, or advise. Her love for children is so apparent in all she does. She is a phenomenal woman!

Amy Pate Posted over a year ago

Has always been one of the sweetest most empathetic people you could ever hope to meet. Candy deserves this honor for all the wonderful this she does in the lives of others.

Genia Kingston Posted over a year ago

Candy has always demonstrated a humble, giving Christian lady . She selflessly gives of her entire being to make someone else’s life better . She is a life- changer for many ! ??

Valerie Finley Posted over a year ago

Candy, is truly one of a kind. Her love for children is so genuine. Her faith in God shines so bright for others to see. She works and does many task to help provide for her household of many. She has a way to uplift and bring out the best in everyone she meets and cross paths with. Shes very compassionate and has a heart for helping children and showing much love to them. Candy McAdams does so much for others, she truly deserves this nomination.

Anna wade Posted over a year ago

She is a sweet kind loving lady And will go out of her way to help anyone she is a great teacher mother wife and a child of God

Brenda Benefield Posted over a year ago

Candy is a very giving person. The time my son was sick and passed away she was just a phone call away. She is there to give a helping hand when needed. A very good teacher.

Autumn Coffman Posted over a year ago

She is a great teacher. She always puts her kids first and treats them as her own. She has a heart of gold and makes an impact on every child she comes in contact with. She is very deserving. She puts others before herself and lights up every room she is in. She has a heart of gold and is truly a gift from God.

Nancy Allen Posted over a year ago

Candy should wear a cape, she is amazing. Teacher, pastor's wife, mother of the most well behaved children, friend and so much more. She always has time for a hug, kind word and encouragement. Very special lady. ??

Sabrina Smith Posted over a year ago

To know her is to love her! Her hearts as BIG as Texas, she Loves everyone and her Faith is phenomenal! Words really can’t explain the person Mrs Mac is! She is a true inspiration! She is the true definition of a Hero to so many, she has touched more lives than she could ever know including my own, her love and compassion are felt by all who she’s around, she sacrifices so much to make childrens lives so much better not only in the classroom but at home and church also! I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than her!

April Posted over a year ago

Candy is great with all students

Grayson Bragg Posted over a year ago

She is a great teacher. She is loving and sweet. No wonder why her name is Candy.

Sue Martin Posted over a year ago

Very deserving,

Tammy Keaton Posted over a year ago

This is the most beautiful lady ever!! She’s a friend,teacher,mother,wife, and does it all like no one else!! Her light shines for many to see and she has the Lord all over her.. you totally deserve this and a lot more.. our family loves you so much ????????

Jessica hart Posted over a year ago

She is my pastors wife and has become one of my best friends. She does so much. With 8 children of her own and now 2 grandchildren she not only teaches but spends every other second of her free time being a pastors wife which means visiting the sick. Attending every single event and funeral. She’s never missed a thing. We love her dearly.

Lynne Gramling Posted over a year ago

She's the BEST teacher for your little ones starting out in this big old world. It takes a village and I'm so thankful she's a part of my village

bailey mcadams Posted over a year ago

candy always puts others before self. everything she does she doesn’t do for recognition. sure does all simply out of the kindness of her heart

Theresa Pearson Posted over a year ago

Taught 3 of my grandchildren and got them off to a fantastic start in school! Good luck, you definitely deserve this!

Charlsie Heath Posted over a year ago

Very deserving, always putting everyone’s needs before herself. Like someone said, she is a Champion of Children! Their home is always open to foster children. She strives to made a difference in each life.

Judi Posted over a year ago

CANDY IS THE BEST LADY I KNOW I COACHED 10U Soccer and she was always leaning a helping hand...She has also been a foster parent to over 10 children and a wonderful loving per-k teacher my kids love her ...

Tammy McSwain Posted over a year ago

I have known Candy for over 12 years. Her husband served as my pastor, and she became my best friend in no time. Candy has more faith than anyone I know, and she truly has the gift of hospitality. She welcomes everyone into her home, and once there, they are a part of her family. I will never forget the day I was sitting in a workshop in Rome when I got the text, "You're going to think I'm crazy, but God told me I was supposed to have Tim". Thus began her true foster and adoption journey. She and her husband have adopted 2 family members and 5 young men who are not related to her. They also have 2 children of their own. They have had several children as temporary placements, and she would keep them all if she could. (She also has 4 cats and 3 dogs, so she welcomes all strays!) Candy has always made me feel like one of her family, and there are many others who feel that way. She handles a room full of 4 year olds daily, and many of those are special needs. If she cannot reach the child, the child probably cannot be beaten. No one deserves this honor more than my best friend, and I am blessed to have her as my best friend!

Kevin McAdams Posted over a year ago

Candy McAdams has to be the most selfless individual I know. She always has others best interest at heart, especially children.the kids that other people give up on, she embraces. She goes above and beyond and never leaves her job at the school house, but brings the thought of every child home with her. If anyone deserves this it's candy McAdams.

Ashley Padgett Posted over a year ago

All three of my boys have had Mrs. McAdams as their teacher! I also know her children and she definitely deserves this more than any teacher that I know!

Karen Stephens Posted over a year ago

My child was in Mrs. Mcadams room 7 years ago. She is an awesome Teacher, she will go above and beyond for anyone. I have also worked as her parapro for 4 years. She has a heart bigger than anyone I know. She is awesome with the kids and they each have a special place in her heart. After she leaves work, she goes home to 8 children, most of them has been adopted.