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Amber Thibodeaux

Position: English Teacher
School: D'Iberville High School
School District: Harrison County School District
City, State: D'Iberville, MS

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Amber Thibodeaux was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

It is not easy to put into words the impact Mrs. Thibodeaux has had on the students and staff of D’Iberville High School. She genuinely possesses the gift of “purpose,” the purpose to inspire her students to achieve things they never thought they could achieve, and the purpose to serve her school. Mrs. Thibodeaux has been a teacher for 13 years and has taught English I, English II, English IV and AP English. Her love of English is only surpassed by her love for her school.

Mrs. Thibodeaux makes sure students know they are valued and have worth. She creates an environment where students feel safe, included, warm and loved. She builds confidence in each of her students and encourages them to try beyond their reach. Mrs. Thibodeaux opens their eyes to possibilities they might not have ever dreamed of. Mrs. Thibodeaux greets everyone with a smile. She is intelligent, hardworking, creative and enthusiastic.

Mrs. Thibodeaux was selected DHS Teacher of the Year and the District Teacher of the Year for 2014. She was also chosen to serve as a STAR teacher in 2012. Mrs. Thibodeaux sponsors many clubs like Key Club and the ACT 30+ Club. She tutors after school and initiated a reading program designed to encourage reading across the curriculum. She mentors and gives selflessly. It is not uncommon to see Mrs. Thibodeaux at extra-curricular activities and games.

"Mrs. Thibodeaux said she always knew she would be a teacher," said her nominator. "Mrs. Thibodeaux is also a LifeChanger."

Comments (71)

Donna Brightman Posted over a year ago

Wtg amber proud of you

McKenzie Posted over a year ago

Amber “Mrs. Thib” embodies what it means to be a teacher. As one of her former students, I can attest to her constant dedication and support inside and outside the classroom. Mrs. Thib not only taught us how to master a college paper early on, but she also taught us how important it is to share our blessings by giving back to the community. In her classroom, we all became family, and no student ever got left behind. Even troubled students or students who struggled, me being one of them, felt at home. She helped us see our fullest potential and break out of the stereotypes we had been labeled with so often before. Mrs. Thib has always gone above and beyond for her students to ensure our success and development as young men and women . There are many teachers who teach, but there are very few who touch lives and make lasting impacts. Mrs. Thib is one of those rare teachers that truly make a difference. If it wasn’t for her, I would have never gone to college. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be the strong and successful young woman I am today. I greatly hope you will consider Mrs. Thib for the Life Changer of the Year Award. She changed my life forever, and I know she will continue to shape the life of every student who walks through her classroom doors.

Roxanne S. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeux was my very first English teacher as a High School Student. During her lessons and class she always made it fun, decorated the class to fit the settings of whatever book we were covering, made us feel welcomed and loved. I know we all had a great time in her class, I've since moved from DHS but if it wasn't for Mrs. Thibodeux, I know I wouldn't be the senior I am today.

Cheryl Robinson Posted over a year ago

This young lady has always been the type of person that is helping. I have not known Amber as a teacher because she is the same age as my children but I can tell you, she is a wonderful person and lady. When I do see her with her boys it is amazing how she interacts with them. She has patience, kindness and so much knowledge. When you have love and faith in your life only the good and greatness came come out and across to the students. It has been a wonderful thing to watch this young lady blossom from a young child to a grown woman with family of her own. I am sure she treats her students just like she treats her family, with love, compassion and understanding. That is what it is all about.

Clarissa Ratliff Posted over a year ago

It is hard to describe the type of person Mrs. Thibodeaux is with mere words. She taught both my children, but became such a vital part of my son's high school success. She noticed the person, not just the student. She may have only taught him freshman english, but she kept track of him throughout his time at her school. He called her room a safe haven, free from stress, judgement, and hurt. She noticed and contacted me about mental changes his junior year. Her noticing probably saved his life. My son is now 22 and still speaks so highly of her. She truly changed his life!

Donna Brightman Posted over a year ago

Amber has always thought of other first She was raised by wonderful parents who taught her responsibilities manners and hard work pays off She has raised her own family that way She always has concerns for those in need goes over and beyond what is expected of teachers loves teaching has so much love for her fellow teachers and students there to help in any way She really like to help with advice when asked guidance and gives over 100% to help others

MK Jones Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux changed my life forever. Not only is she an amazing teacher but an outstanding person. She pushes you in school and as a person farther than you ever thought possible. I remember the first day in her class, I thought “Oh gosh. I’m going to have to get out of here. This is going to be way too hard.” And boy, was it hard. I have always worked hard for A’s and her class was the first class I was genuinely excited about getting a B. That’s how hard it was. Mrs. T challenged me to accept the fact that a grade does not define who I am. I am intelligent and hard working and a grade cannot tell me otherwise. Because of her, I am more confident. I am more outgoing. I am more accepting. I am more hardworking, and most importantly, I push myself harder because she has shown me the lengths that I can go to and surpass.

Lily Nguyen Posted over a year ago

Let me the first to tell you that I'm sure that I'm not the only student of hers that shares the following thoughts/feelings & I am certainly not the last. Mrs. Thibodeaux has always been a force of nature, seeing the best in her students and in others and always showing the best side of herself, despite the circumstances. To me, Mrs. Thib has always been more than a teacher. She's one of the biggest role models and inspirations in my life, if not the biggest. She always pushed me to do and be the best I could as a student and represents pure energy, determination, and resilience. She was able to show me the amount of potential I had and helped me grow not only as a student but also as a human being. Alongside her unparalleled teaching ability, she adds a sense of humanity to the lessons she teaches, acknowledging that there is no such thing as perfect and that we all have our own perspectives to offer the world. She offers a level of vulnerability to students that is so incredibly hard to achieve and offers no judgment. She never fails to give her all. To this day, as a college senior, Mrs. Thib continues to inspire me with lessons she taught me in that 10th grade classroom. To sum it up, I'm sure I would not be the woman that I am now without having her in my life. Amber Thibodeaux should, without a doubt, be the one person to receive this award. I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Richard Higginbotham Posted over a year ago


Taylor Lewis Posted over a year ago

I struggled in school my tenth grade year, because it was my first year at DHS (a completely new school to me). Mrs. Thibodeaux was the highlight of my tenth grade year. She was so motivating and had such an uplifting spirit. The main memory that stands out to me about the lovely Mrs. T is back when we were cramming, studying for the writing test - she did after school tutoring for three days. I was the only student that came all three of those days and she still stayed just for me. I ended up being the only one in my class to scores 4 on my writing test. I owe it all to Mrs. Thibodeaux. I am now a hairdresser and still talk about her to this day and how she was the best teacher I ever had. Congratulations to this wonderful lady! She deserves every bit of happiness and any good this to possibly come her way. Love you, Mrs. T!! -Taylor Lewis, c/o 2013

Gracie Ferguson Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Thibodeaux is the absolute best teacher I have ever had. She was kind, positive, hardworking, and so much more. You could tell the countless hours she would put into our class. The fact that she would take time away from her own children to grade our journals and read our essays shows how committed she is to her students. She changed my life by testing my limits and being there for me when she didn’t have to be. There were days I would come to class down and I’ll never forget the notes of encouragement she would write me. If anyone deserves this award, it’s her!

Olyvia Posted over a year ago

Mrs.t you are amazing and I love and thank you for all that you do you deserve this.

Mamie Posted over a year ago

I'm so happy , Mrs T really deserved this . Such a kind caring lovable teacher !!

erin lang Posted over a year ago

Mrs.T is one of the greatest teachers i ever had! She taught me to always be myself and never to be afraid to ask questions. When i had her she brought me out of my shell and made me the person i am today. She pushed me to be the best me i can be. i’m very thankful that I was able to have such an amazing role model as I did. I believe Mrs.Thibodeaux deserves this because she truly charged my life and other at Diberville High!

Christopher Kendrick Posted over a year ago

I love Mrs.t so much, she impacts so many lives in such a positive way! Helping students grow in ways they never thought they would! We are so thankful for everything she does and will do for everyone

Samone Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher with a kind heart and a love for knowledge, she pushed and encountered me more than any teacher ever has !

Tammy Rouse Posted over a year ago

ber Thibodeaux is so much more than a teacher! She is unbelievably passionate about her role in these students’ lives and loves all of them dearly. It’s evident not by test scores or grades but by the impact she’s had on so many students’ lives. They love Mrs. T! Please help her out and comment! She’s truly THE BEST! ?????? #WarriorStrong #OnceAWarriorAlwaysAWarrior

Tammy Solmon Posted over a year ago

Most great teachers are able to reach either gifted or advanced students. Rarely is a teacher able to equally inspire both ends of the spectrum with equal vigor. These students have very different needs and requirements to be successful. Amber has a way of inspiring low achieving students to believe they are just as capable as high achieving students. Likewise, those students who excel and stress over a perfect score are challenged and encouraged to grow and strengthen under her kind and caring encouragement. Being able to reach students at one end of this spectrum is amazing but to be able to switch gears and inspire all students to reach a higher plateau in their learning takes a truly gifted teacher. This is just one reason Amber is a life changer this year and every year she teaches.

Charles Posted over a year ago

Amber is an amazing teacher, everytime I run into a student from diberville I ask them "do you know Mrs. T" and the response is always the same. "Yes i know here she is the best"

Patricia Creel Posted over a year ago

I’m so proud to call Amber a co-worker, but more importantly she is a friend. She puts everyone else ahead of herself and her own family. Her students are truly blessed to have her. Thanks for all you do.

Destiny Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux really deserve this!!!!!

Kayla Caillavet Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux was one of the best teachers I had last year, and throughout all of school. She helped me grow not only in education, but as person. She is a very motivational person, she changes lives with sometimes even just little things. With everything she is in charge of she makes sure she makes time for not only her children, but “children” here. She stays in students lives for years. She helps struggling educationally and or with personal things. Students from years ago have come to visit her and tell her how amazing she is and how they have been succeeding thanks to her. She isn’t just a regular teacher that teaches school materials bell to bell, she will teach life lessons while teaching to make sure we are prepared for the life to come after school. I personally experienced the great work she does and I can say it was definitely a big honor. Mrs. Thibodeaux should be considered for this award because she has an amazing heart that truly deserves it. She truly is a life changer.

Donna H Brightman Posted over a year ago

Have known Amber for many many year always the person who puts others first Teaching is her passion Family Faith and teaching is the way she rolls A well deserved nomination

Conrad Stockstill Posted over a year ago

Selfless, generous, tenacious. Three qualities that describe Mrs. Thibodeaux and her teaching career. I have had a handful of educators in my life that have made a lasting impact on my life and academic career over the course of years in school, and I can happily say that Mrs. Thibodeaux is easily at the top of that list. I can tell you from my experience with Mrs. Thibodeaux as a teacher that she selflessly gave of her time and resources (financial and otherwise) to make sure every student that entered her room felt heard, felt engaged, and felt cared for. She was generous with her students, often staying late after school to ensure key concepts from the days lessons were properly grasped or helping proof read essays and book reports. She was tenacious in her efforts to care for her students, both in and out of the classroom. She fought for us, making sure we were taken care of not just academically, but emotionally. She would laugh with you on your good days, cry with you on the bad ones, and made sure you knew someone cared when it felt like no one did. I cannot speak highly enough of Amber Thibodeaux. I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to have her as my AP English III teacher and proud that I was able to have her as my STAR teacher in 2012. No one deserves the Life Changer of the Year Award more than her. Once you’re her student, you are always her student.

Trisha Byrd Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux is awesome! She is not only an outstanding teacher but she has also gone above and beyond to welcome my daughter and support her outside of the classroom as well. She definitely deserves this award!!!!

Antionnie Covington Posted over a year ago

What can I not say about Mrs. Thibodeaux, she is one of the most selfless, humble, kind, and loving teachers ever. She will instantly bond with her students to make them feel comfortable with learning. Like she has always said, “Learning is forever,” she meant that. I will always cherish the moments we had in 2009 when she came to D’Iberville High School. She taught me not only is it imperative to get my education, but it’s something that can never be taken away from me. As long as I have it, it’s mine. Mrs. Thibodeaux your a teacher who ROCKS. Never forget that.

Lori Forsythe Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux is my son’s English teacher this year. She has been a blessing. He loves her and her class. She is not only a wonderful teacher; she prepares our kids for college. She expects a lot from them, but she is always there to support them. She is their biggest fan. We are so blessed to have her at D’iberville High School.

Jodi Bennett Posted over a year ago

I, personally, did not have Mrs. Thib as a teacher, but I always felt like I did. I visited her frequently because I knew that I was always welcome in her classroom. I borrowed so, so many books from her; books I wanted to read but couldn’t afford to purchase on my own. She was always so kind to me and everyone else she came across. She remains one of my favorite teachers ever, even though, like I have stated previously, I never had her. I love her very much.

Holly Posted over a year ago

Amber’s love and dedication for her students is unmatched. She pours her heart and soul into every student, every day. With endless encouragement, Mrs. Thibodeaux helps each student to see their own potential and rise to successfully meet their goals.

Joannaly Butler Posted over a year ago

Mrs Amber Thibodeaux is an amazing teacher who not only helps all of her students strive to succeed in her classroom but also outside her classroom. She is very involved in her students lives and always makes them feel they matter.

Melanie French Posted over a year ago

Amber will do anything for her students, as well as all the other students. She is the first to school and last to leave. She takes time out of her busy schedule to send a message giving my child advice for his ACT. Now she is giving us advice and offering to help my son with getting better schools. DHS is very lucky to have such an awesome teacher.

Jody Posted over a year ago

Amber is kind, caring, humble, family oriented (which is not just immediate family) person I have had the privilege of growing up with! Teaching is not a job for her; I can tell it’s a calling! Thank God kiss have someone like her to inspire and care for them!

Emily Applegate Posted over a year ago

MRS THIB!!!! I couldn’t think of a more perfect person to fill this role. The title says it all. She is a LIFE CHANGER. Every single student she teaches, she makes an impact in there lives. Including myself. She has a heart of gold.

Justin cook Posted over a year ago

Best, most kind teacher ever!! ?

Veronica Adams Posted over a year ago

She is an awesome teacher! My daughter always raved about how much she learned in her class. As a parent, I was always worried about my daughters ability to write a strong essay. Well I no longer have those concerns thanks to Mrs Thib, as Alora would say! Thanks you Mrs Thib from the bottom of my heart! You deserve this award and more.

Dorthy Posted over a year ago

She is a Great teacher!! She was mine 7+ years ago, an she is very helpful,kind, an very inspirational!! I’m glad I got the chance to have her a my teacher! Thank you for all you have taught me!! Sincerely an old student.

Morgan Howe Posted over a year ago

I work with Ambers husband Chris. I always here how much time and effort she puts into her students!

Justin Posted over a year ago

Your dedication is truly unmatched. If half of the teachers in MS were half as dedicated as you our state would be second to none.

Cameron Luke Posted over a year ago

You deserve this!! You are the most amazing teacher. You care so much for your students. You are my family??!! Congratulations.. you most definitely are a life changer

Jaime Denmark Posted over a year ago

Good luck ??

Logan Spayde Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thib is one of the most influential teachers I have ever had. She hold high expectations for her students and guides them with love. Because of her, I am a better person. She leads by example, a person who genuinely practices what she teaches. I have never enjoyed English as a school subject, but I absolutely looked forward to sitting in her class every single day to hear her comforting voice say “hey baby, how are you doing today”, see her bright smile, and witness her live out her passion. Mrs. Thib is absolutely the most deserving of this award because she doesn’t just teach English, she loves, she teaches students how to be genuinely good people by how she treats them, she holds high expectations, and she teaches through her actions.

Leah Posted over a year ago

Mrs Amber is one of most supportive teachers I know. She is devoted to her students, school and let's not forget her family. my child was blessed to have her and she helped him in any area he needed help in. Amber does this for all of students. She values all of the students and people she interacts with on a daily basis. She gives 200 percent toward anything she does and expects the same of her students. Her students love her and she loves her students. Amber deserves this award for everything she has done for students yesterday, today and tomorrow. She is usually at the school early and one of the last to leave. I think she is the most deserving teacher for this award. Thank you

Jared Hokamp Posted over a year ago

This woman right here was my most absolute loved teacher. She cares so much about her students and takes the time to keep up with them after graduation. I was going through a lot of changes in my life but she was always their. She definitely deserves to be put on a spot light for her determination as a amazing teacher.

Sahara Posted over a year ago

She’s by far the best teacher I’ve ever had , if anyone deserves this it’s her ??. Truly an inspiration.

Matt Compton Posted over a year ago

I’m so proud of you.

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

The world would be a better place if just a fraction of teachers had the heart this lady does. She is 200% commited to her students (in and out of classroom) and strives to make them all better. We love you amber T!

Joy Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux is a phenomenal teacher! Amber cares about her students and loves teaching. She impacts others with her zeal for life!

Lexus richey Posted over a year ago

She’s the best teacher I have ever had! I never would have thought college was possible without her she definitely deserves this award and so much more??

Lori Posted over a year ago

Amber is an amazing role model. She love her children at school , off campus and whenever they may need her guidance. She is truly an outstanding teacher that really loves everything she does. God bless

Daniel Rose Posted over a year ago

I’m very proud of you Amber. It goes without saying, your students are lucky to have educators like you. Congratulations

Ashley Seymour Posted over a year ago

She is an amazing person and is well deserved of this nomination. So proud of her and thankful she is a part of the Warrior family.

Katie Gray Parker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux truly embodies what it means to be a LifeChanger. She cares about each and every student as if they were her own. She's never short on life advice and is always there to simply listen and support when students are in need. Dedicated, selfless, giving, hardworking, inspiring - there are too many adjectives to describe just how wonderful of a teacher, and person, Amber Thibodeaux truly is.

Aimee Raymond Posted over a year ago

I say this often... Mrs. Thibodeaux changed my son’s whole perspective about school. When he reached her his Sophomore year, it’s like a lightbulb went off for him. He LOVES reading and writing and she helped him to flourish in these areas. This carried over to all areas of his life, and he graduated with honors. Strong, passionate teacher... much respect here.

Dajah Collins Posted over a year ago

I had Mrs. T my tenth grade year . I’m a freshman in college now . She is the best teacher to get advice from .If you struggling with something, she love to give encouraging words overall. I just love her as a person too, not just as a teacher. She deserves this soooo much !

Sam page Posted over a year ago

She is the greatest!!! Our children are very blessed to have Amber as a teacher , but she is way more than that!! She and her family are lights in our community.

Ashlei Lewis Posted over a year ago

She’s truly a life changer! Her patience and sweet spirit and her love for knowledge and learning has impacted so many lives. So glad to have had her as one of my mentors while traveling on my life’s journey. Go Mrs.T! ??

TinA Gonsoulin Posted over a year ago

What an amazing caring teacher. She makes her students feel so important in a world that has lost so many of its murals in standards. She is an amazing Role model for our babies. Personal story… My son did not do so well on the test. She could tell he was bothered by this She quietly walked by his desk and put a little inspirational note on a sticky and stuck it to his desk as she passed. Keep in mind this is the same day class favorite was the baby born. My son was honored to be votes class favorite for his class. Needless to say he came home that day and told me about The note Miss Thibodeau had given him. Never mentioned he had the honors of being voted class favorite. That sweet/caring little note meant that much to him. She is amazing and Is very deserves of this award. DHS is blessed to have her.

Anthony Frontiero Posted over a year ago

Very deserving of this honor, awesome person, teacher and family!

Chris Thibodeaux Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of you, your love for teaching and for all of your students is awe inspiring. There is certainly no one more deserving.

Willie hall Posted over a year ago

Mrs Thibodeaux is one of a kind and we are very blessed to have her at DHS!

Millicent smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux was my 7th and 8th grade tutor she also tutored my brother. She was always kind and never made me feel less than for needing extra help. She made a big impact in my life and I admire her very much I was alone in a pact of wolves and she was a gentle kindled spirit. Thank you for your hard work a dedication!

Tammy Page Posted over a year ago

Amber truly puts her heart and soul into her work. She has an enormous amount of passion for her students and her commitment level exceeds well beyond her classroom!

Sara Crosby Posted over a year ago

As one of Mrs. T’s former, students I could not agree more with this nomination. She was the single most impactful teacher I had in high school, and I genuinely have kept her lessons and insight with me even though it’s almost been a decade since I was her student. I was excited when she was nominated as teacher of the year/district, but I am ecstatic with her nomination as a Life Changer because she has certainly, without a doubt, changed my life. Congratulations on the nomination, Mrs. T!

Kaitlin Billeaud Posted over a year ago

I don’t normally do these things, but when I saw it about Mrs. Thibodeaux I knew I had to support her. She was my high school AP English teacher and she changed everyone’s lives. I didn’t think I was good enough for AP English and didn’t have any confidence in myself, until I took her class. She believes in all of her students and it’s contagious. All the students start believe in themselves because of her. I haven’t met a single student who doesn’t like Mrs. Thibodeaux. She has a way of making everyone feel welcome and supported. When I look back at high school she is one of the first teachers I think about.

Lorna Schilling Posted over a year ago

Amber is an effective educator because of her empathy and compassion. Her own life has been far from easy and she is truly a pull yourself up by the boot strap person. My favorite moment is watching Amber track down a former student in a store and ask his mother about his grades! She cares for her students well beyond her classroom. She is deserving of this award.

Hannah Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux is so deserving of this award. I always knew I could come to her if I needed someone to talk to. She truly cares about her students, not just the grades they make. I’m so thankful I had her in my life when I did!

Cabrina Posted over a year ago

You got this!! So proud to call you classmate/lifetime friend. Congratulations to you.

Alena Hosli Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Amber all my life. We played softball together when we were young girls. Amber is such a sweet and caring person. She has my daughter interested in reading this year (10grade). If anyone deserves this award it would be Amber Thibodeaux. She is a special lady. We appreciate everything she does for the kids.

Ruby Drieling Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thibodeaux gives so much to her students and colleagues that goes unnoticed everyday. As the parent of a child with ADD that struggled his whole life in school and especially English, Mrs. Thibodeaux went above and beyond to make sure my child passed her class and other classes and to prepare him for the high school exams in order to graduate. She reaches out to parents to make sure we are aware of issues and helps to resolve all issues before it is too late and the student ends up failing the class. This is an award very well deserved for such an amazing teacher.

Casey Lott Posted over a year ago

We think Amber is a excellent choice for life changer of the year because she truly cares about each and every one of her students. She definitely deserves all the accolades she gets!!! Good luck Amber you have our vote!!!

Macy Posted over a year ago

I don’t know of anyone that is more deserving of this award. Mrs. Thibodeaux is one of those that has that special touch to reach all students. She makes you want to be the best person you can be. As a future educator, she has been a role model to me since I was her student in high school. I aspire to impact students like Mrs. T has impacted my life.