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Kristee Bernd

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Kennedy Elementary School
School District: USD 353 - Wellington Public Schools
City, State: Wellington, KS

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Kristee Bernd was nominated by an anonymous friend.

Ms. Bernd is always smiling and always positive. She loves her students and calls them her babies. She protects them like they are her own kids. Her class is a life-changing experience for any child. She makes it that way.

She is involved with PTA, and she also coordinates an event called Glow Run that raises money for the school. Ms. Bernd is involved in Tech Task Force, Reading Task Force, and the building leadership team. She is an excellent role model for young women. She has strong character. Ms. Bernd says what she means and means what she says, and she is always ready to help. She works very hard.

Comments (19)

Traci Ross Posted over a year ago

Kristee is amazing! When I first came to Kennedy she made feel at home! She is so welcoming and friendly. She has helped me so much as a first-year teacher. She has answered so many how and why questions for me. She is so much fun to be around and I am so glad that lets me bounce ideas off of her. Kristee is just the best!

Chelsi Sturm Posted over a year ago

Very deserving! Great teacher & friend. Super with the kiddos & cares so much.

Laura Carter Posted over a year ago

Not sure where to start. She runs her classroom like a family. My child can be very hard to handle and needs extra time and love some days. She goes above and beyond her job title for my daughter, and all her kids. I am very lucky to have her and I know without a doubt she cares, she picked the perfect career, she does her job with such love and grace! Not sure what we’d do without her!!

Lisa Frazier Posted over a year ago

There are not enough words in the English language to say how wonderful she is. She has completely changed my Granddaughter Scarlett’s life. She has clearly believed that Scarlett can do anything and learn anything. We as a community are blessed to have her here.

Jessica Burke Posted over a year ago

Kristee is the best thing that ever happened to Wellington and the school district. Her drive and heart are forever intertwined with the children she has come into contact with. Every child is treated as her own, every child has a place in her heart and every child knows that Mrs. Bernd will forever be cheering them on in life.

Paula Edwards Posted over a year ago

I have know Kristee for most of my life. She is not only a terrific friend and colleague, but she is a wonderful teacher as well. Mrs. Bernd loves her kiddos and her school. She works very hard and always has a smile on her face! It is a privilege to work with her.

Gillian Macias Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bernd is an instrumental part of our Kennedy team. She is a Kdg teacher who is truly meant to be a Kdg teacher! Mrs. Bernd has a huge heart for her students, exhibits extreme patience, and loves every one of her students as if they were her own child. Mrs. Bernd does an exceptional job transitioning these young minds from students who have had very little formal educational structure to students who are excited to come to school each and every day to learn. Mrs. Bernd believes in project-based learning, and incorporates this fun atmosphere into her classroom as often as possible. Mrs. Bernd is part of our Building Leadership Team (BLT), collaborating with the team and with staff to help assess and make needed changes to our school to continuously improve our building culture. Mrs. Bernd is also very active with our building Parent Teacher Association (PTA), including being the primary person to organize our annual PTA fundraiser, the Kennedy Glow Run. Mrs. Bernd plays a vital role at Kennedy, ensuring our school is constantly looking up and moving forward.

Amanda Posted over a year ago

Kristee always has a smile and a hug for all her kids. It doesn't matter how old her "kids" get they always have a special place in her heart. She's an advocate for her students and their families. No matter what life throws at her, she gives her students her all.

Rebecca Robbins Posted over a year ago

Best teacher ever!

Briawna Posted over a year ago

Where do I even begin with this super woman... Mrs. Bernd is an awesome woman, teacher, wife, mom, friend & so much more to so many people. Im not sure how she does all that she does, but she does it all with a smile & positive attitued. I have had the pleasure of having her in my life since my first child had her for kindergarten (now in 8th gr.) & then for my next 2 children. She always strives to help the kids in her class as well as anyone she come in contact with. she does not 'just do her job' she is ALWAYS going extra miles to help, just to make things go better for the children, or help them to adjust, or anything that she can do. She is always a warm hug to the kids & support for those parents that need it. Rarely did she leave the building when she was "off" work. Always staying late or on the weekends to have things ready for the next day or doing different activities to make learning fun & creative , in ways the children can catch on better, even if it means dipping into her own pocket. Mrs. Bernd also does the afterschool program, pta, glow run, and so much more for the children & school. This is all done on top of being a mother where her children are active in sports & activities, & she does not just send her kids to those things & drop off, shes the person helping coordinate it all & actively there all the time too. All my children have always been close with her since coming in their life & are always excited to see her. She has & continues to impact so many peoples lives with her generous caring heart and positive upbeat personality that makes everyones day brighter.

Georgetta Ferguson Posted over a year ago

She not only gives good values in the classroom but also in her every day life. She shows so much support to her family and friends. She is such a loving and beautiful person

Kendra Posted over a year ago

Kristee is one of the best teachers my kids have had! Kennedy is extremely lucky to have someone as devoted to her job and helping shape little kids minds as Mrs. Bernd!

keeli Posted over a year ago

she left such an impact on my 3 brothers and i. she gave us plenty of life advice and watched us grow. she allowed my brother to go help in her classroom for good behavior. she’s amazing with kids and such a great person!

Megan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bernd has been in my life as a friend since high school. She has taken an active interest in everyone of my children since before they were even her students. As their educator she not only taught them but nurtured them both inside school and as a family support outside of school. My children now return to her classroom on their free days from middle school to help and show the same interest in her students that she does. She teaches them to read and write and to give of themselves. She goes above and beyond.

Cory Lira Posted over a year ago

What an amazing woman with an even more amazing soul.

Emilee Forslund Posted over a year ago

She is super caring and loves all of her students, she teaches them super well and uses fun techniques ?

Kallee Posted over a year ago

One time i went and sat in the classroom with her. and seeing the way she is with the kids really would warm anyone’s heart!!

Samantha Norland Posted over a year ago

My aunt is amazing! I know she helped me out a lot when I was younger and continues to help me today! ????

Laura Posted over a year ago

just an example of the impression shes made on a few kids that were here at Kennedy Elem.i think they had their first year at the middle school.The kids that didnt get their card signed for misbehaving got out early....guess where some of them spent the day?In Mrs.Bernds class helping with our Christmas around the world.Obviously she has made an impression in their lives.