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Linda Tyler

Position: Health Science and Nursing Fundamentals Teacher
School: Hoke County High School
School District: Hoke County Schools
City, State: Raeford, NC

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Linda Tyler was nominated by a student.

Ms. Tyler is the most kind hearted women her nominator has ever met. Even during hard times, she still comes to school and HOSA meetings to support her students. She always donates to those in need, and if you ever need anything, she will always do her best to help you, even if it's finacially.

She always helps with school blood drives and finds ways to get the whole school involved. In the science career cluster, she is one of her students' biggest supporters, and they all look up to her.

Comments (43)

Carrie berry Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tyler. is my daughters teacher so i have a first hand knowledge of his professionalism.sincerity and dedication to her students.She goes beyond the classroom with her compassion for her students well being in class and out of class.She deserves this award for her years of honesty,integrity and professionalism as a nurse and teacher.

Sarah Marshall-Parrish Posted over a year ago

She is a great teacher that has helped me through a lot of obstacles in my life and has been incredibly helpful and willing to catch me up on work that I have missed due to home and family issues. I just love her and her class she is just a fun ball of joy that brightens my day everyday.

yesenia ramirez Posted over a year ago

mrs tyler is a very wonderful teacher, she has influenced me to do better and has made me become a better person. she is always there for her students and goes beyond.

Jaida Walker Posted over a year ago

I've known Ms. Tyler since my sophomore year here at Hoke. I can honestly say that I have learned things from her that will stick with me forever. She is one of the hardest working pepople I know and I am honored to be her student. She has provided guidance for not only me but all of the students she has had and more. Ms. Tyler has many outstanding characteristics that I've never seen before in anyone else.

Natalie Hollingsworth Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is by far my favorite teacher that I have ever had. Not only does she teach to an extraordinary level, but she also connects with the students on a personal level, even if they are not in her class. She is the most understanding, and caring teacher I have ever come into contact with, and she takes the means of her job to an entirely new level. She holds the standard for how teachers should be toward their students. Her hard work and sacrifice should not go unnoticed, which is why I believe she should receive this award.

Bryan Edgerton Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler has been one of the most influential teachers in my life and inspired me to be chase after my dream to become really successful in the medical field in the near future. She changed my veiwpoint on education and life in general and we are all lucky to have her.

Madison Bishop Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tyler is one of the most caring teachers in Hoke county and is always there for her students when it comes to supporting us in what we want to become. I love how passionate she is about teaching us and making sure we are always in the right state of mind to learn.

Brenda Smith Posted over a year ago

Ms Tyler is such an remarkable person ! You can go to her and she always have something positive to say about any situation.

Jenelle Oxendine Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler Is a wonderful person not to mention a teacher she always their for her students. She is a Christian, always puts God first. She doesn't mind trying to help her student to raises money to go on trips and she always their to help them in anyway she can when it comes to school.

Jill Lowery Posted over a year ago

Ms. Linda Tyler is a great person. She's always there to help when people need it. Very kind & gentle. She would go out of the way for you if you truly needed her to.

Sharee Brantley Garner Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tyler is a fighter. Even after the tragedy she faced she did everything in her power to make sure her students education wasn't sacrificed. She searches for volunteers to make sure the practical applications of her course are rigorous and real for her students. She's humble, kind and extremely giving and we at Hoke are lucky to have her apart of our team. One Team One Goal!

Clint Nelson Posted over a year ago

Ms Tyler was a previous health team relations and biomedical technology teacher of mine.I can truly say she is the best teacher at Hoke county high.She wasn’t just one of those teachers that teach straight off of an PowerPoint presentation.She went very thorough in the lessons taught and provided hundreds of ways the students could connect with each other on a healthcare team level and truly outdo any learning level.she is never upset,as she is always in a good mood.By walking into her classroom you see her smile and it made you smile.She goes beyond her duties as a teacher,as she helped us as students get through tough times emotionally,physically,and spiritually.

Tabitha Boahn Posted over a year ago

I could never repay Ms. Tyler for the education and drive to becoming successful in the medical feild that she instilled in my daughter. She has been such a huge influence towards her not only in school but in my daughters personal life as well! Ms. Tyler is a very sweet woman and an outstanding teacher and mentor.

Heather Beres Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is my daughters Health Science teacher. The guidance and encouragement she has shown my daughter is never ending. She reminds her every day to get a degree to support herself and that she can do anything she wants if she sets her mind to it. As a teacher Ms. Tyler deserves this Life Changer award because not only is she impacting my daughters life, but 100’s of other kids in Hoke County.

jennifer tolentino Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tyler is an inspiration to me. She is a hard working woman. She is a helping hand and she also has a heart of gold. She leads her students to many opportunities and makes sure that we are on the right path.

Annyada j. Mcdonald Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is a wonderful woman, she has and still does help me with my career path. When she talks to you it boosts your confidence. She has been an great guide getting me closer to my dream of becoming a nurse. One of the first steps are for me to graduate with my CNA. This leaves me with a starting point before I start college and after I graduate. She continues to push me further down this pathway, helping me with my 5 year plan and onward.

Jenelle Oxendine Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler a wonderful teacher always putting the students first.

Alexa G. Burnett Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler, to this day, has been one of the most influential people in my life. She is much more than just your average teacher. She is a mentor, a mother figure, everyone's biggest motivator, a hard working woman; quite simply she is one of the best people one will meet in their life time. She dedicates everything she has to helping those around her. She does so not only by working as a registered nurse but everyday inside and outside the classroom. She never fails to offer kind guidance whether it is school related or regards one's personal life, she is honest and kind and never hesitates to offer a helping hand even when she has a lot on her own agenda. Ms. Tyler is one of the reason's I chose a career in the health field and affirmed WHY I knew the medical field was the right choice for me. I want to be a Ms. Tyler in one's life; offer guidance, care, and a helping hand. She has made a POSITIVE impact in my life to this day and no one is more deserving of this honor than her.

Malek Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler has been one of the most helpful and sincere teachers I have ever had. I am a recent graduate of Hoke County High School. I am currently a freshman in my first year biology (prmedical) curriculum, and Ms. Tyler is still helping me through my academic endeavors. From being my first health science teacher to encouraging me to achieve all my greatest dreams, she has always been a great support system. I couldn’t imagine getting a full academic scholarship to North Carolina A&T State University without her help. Thank you so much Ms. Tyler.

Hayley Beres Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is the most caring and supportive person I have ever met. She is a god loving women and she shares it with all her students. She has helped me pray through all these difficult times I have came across. She has not only tought me education wise but mentor wise aswell. She is a true life changer.

Amber Boahn Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Tyler since my freshman year of high school and I’m now a second semester freshman in college. She is the sweetest most caring woman I know. The care and compassion she shows for her students is endless. To this day I still get a call from her every so often to check up and offer her assistance in any way she could help. I often refer to her as a second mother. Whenever I was in need of school guidance or guidance in my personal life or future Mrs. Tyler was always there offering a helping hand. I truly appreciate her for that, she is a huge part in my success’s thus far and will continue to be on throughout earning my degree. When I earned my Certification as a Nursing Assistant she is the first one I called to share the news because she was one of the main reasons I was so prepared. Being president of HOSA I spent just as much time during school hours with her as I did for after school activities, also spending time together on the weekends. I learned that she is strong in her beliefs and persistent on every student getting an opportunity to further their education and become successful, often putting students needs above her own. I couldn’t think of a more deserving teacher, mother figure, and strong woman for this award.

Logan Honaker Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is by far the most resolute and caring teacher I’ve had. Throughout my high school career, I spent nearly every semester learning from her and still do to this day, even though I’m now 150 miles away in college. As someone who cares deeply for her student’s wellbeing and performance, be it in the classroom, on the playing fields of varying sports, or at regional and state HOSA competitions, Ms. Tyler fully supports and motivates her students on a daily basis to be the the best and do the most that they can. Without her instruction and support, I do not believe I would be pursuing a career in the highly competitive medical field as I am today.

Jordan Sapp Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is a wonderful teacher and a great person. She helps students properly understand the subject, and helps individual students, making a lovely classroom environment. On top of that, she is active in the community, running blood drives and working alongside school. Ms. Tyler is a wonderful influence, and a terrific teacher. eggs

Santana Oxendine Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler has motivated me and kept me on track my entire 4 years of high school. I am truly blessed to have her in my life, she's amazing.

Charles McQueen Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tyler is a wonderful teacher and is like a mother figure

Corbin Lee Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Tyler since my 10th grade year of high school, I am now a senior. I also have had her two class periods which were biomedical and health science two honors. Not only is she a phenomenal teacher and a motivator but a great person overall. She had given me the tools,knowledge and wisdom whether It be inside the classroom or just life lessons. She has pushed me to to levels of myself I didn’t even know I could achieve ! Thanks to her I’m no longer afraid to follow my dreams and perseve through life’s many obstacles .She has given me so much self confidence and deserves award. She’s more than teacher but a true mentor to not only myself but others. - WE LOVE YOU MS TYLER

Heriberto Corral Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler shows great passion for what she does and her main goal is to prepare all of her students to be valuable members of our society. She goes far and beyond the call of duty to help those who are not even in her class and supervision. Ms. Tylers has positively changed the lives of many students and families who have been blessed with her support. Ms. Tyler is definitely a life changer for many. I am honored to count on her whenever I need her.

Maria Acosta-Saucedo Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tyler is just like another mother to me. She has helped me through thick and thin and i know for a fact she will continue to help me no matter what the need is. She is an outstanding teacher and is always looking at the best in students. I actually have her as a teacher this year and she is honesty such a amazing women. She will never give up on you because she is not only my teacher but she is also my friend and I know i can come to her about anything. The softness in her voice, the warmth in her hugs, just everything about her is amazing and fills my heart with happiness. Everybody needs a Ms.Tyler in their life.

Alexxis Tolbert Posted over a year ago

I have Ms.tyler as a teacher and she was one of the people that has made me realize my potential and what i can be. She is really an amazing woman and more than deserves the award.

Adell Baldwin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tyler is a game changer when it comes to kids.

Anita Grove Posted over a year ago

Linda Tyler is committed to learning and preparing students for life in the 21st Century. She works tirelessly with students at Hoke High, mentoring, advising, and supporting teachers whenever needed. She is goal oriented and collaborates well with others for the benefit of all students. Ms. Tyler participates in multiple school related functions that allow her to work with parents, and business and industry so that our students are career and college ready. She understands diversity and models it in all that she does with respect and cooperation.

Alyssia Adams Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tyler is very nice and loving. Very understanding and actually cares about her students.

Princess S Williams Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler has been an educational mentor for 4 years. She has always pushed me to strive and to be great. She will pull you out of class and tell you to straighten up out of love. The love for us is equivalent to the care and the passion for her job and for us as well. Every step of the way, she has pushed us to be something greater.

Julisa Munoz Ramirez Posted over a year ago

We all appreciate Ms. Tyler. Her sacrifices never go unnoticed. She's made a positive difference in our lives. She sees something in us that we don't see in ourselves. Ms. Tyler is by far, one of the most important people I will have in my life, to whom i often forget to say thank you to. The right teacher can change the course of your life. Thank you, for in inspiring me to be confident. Believing in myself was probably the hardest thing i ever had to do, and it still is, you taught me to do it. Thank you for your integrity of your intentions. You truly wanted things to be better, and i know that now. I'll never forget your humility, clarity, and courage.

Josslyn Branch Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is hands down one of the most supporting and influential teachers I have ever had. She has guided me when needed without hesitation. I know without doubt if I needed anything I could count on her. She pushes her students (including me) to always do their best and strive for the top. No matter the situation Ms.Tyler is the go to person for me and many other students.

Annabelle Borman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is one of the kindest teacher's I have ever met. She is always trying to help her student in anyway she can. She motivates us all to be better people and help those in need as much as we can. She doesn't only teach us about health related things but about life and how to become the best person you can be.

jennifer tolentino Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tyler is one of a kind.

Jaylene Cardona Posted over a year ago

She is the best teacher anyone could ever ask for. She helps with everything and even gives us life advice when we need it . If anyone deserves this award it’s ms.tyler

Annyada Mcdonald Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is one of my favorite teachers because she goes further than she needs to not only with teaching with motivation and she really has a way with making you want to go ahead and do better in your future career, school, and everywhere else.

Aniya Hasty Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is a hard worker and a great leader. She is always trying to find ways to help the community. I'm in her HOSA club and she helps us be leaders and help the community as well. We every we need her she is there to help us.

Jade Posted over a year ago

She's amazing teacher and does everything that she has to do plus more to help her students succeed in the healthcare field. She's gone through rough times and still managed to push through for her students as well as herself .She tries her best to get the school involved in important things, especially her students. Shes one of the most admirable, kind-hearted teachers I have met and I'm very glad I've been taught by her.

Jorihan Rivera Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tyler is a very supportive teacher, always motivating her students and others. I have not had her as a teacher myself, in HOSA I notice how much she supports us and is a very hard worker.

Ms. Tyler Posted over a year ago

I thank you for this so kind and sweet gesture. My heart is truely touched to be nominated. I strive to give to my students and the community the best that I can offer. I know that Hoke is a community with a huge heart and I love to tell people where I am from. I pray that I will continue to be the person that my students can come to when they need anything.