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Lynette Whitley

Position: Teacher Assistant
School: Richfield Elementary School
School District: Stanly County Schools
City, State: Richfield , NC

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Lynette Whitley received two nominations from her colleagues. The following profile contains text from both nominations.

Ms. Whitley has worked as a teacher assistant at Richfield Elementary for 25 years. She has taken on many additional roles at her school, from being the primary caregiver for three diabetic children, to first responder, to bus driver. She pulls small groups, grades papers, runs copies, checks blood sugar, covers classes, and helps with students one on one. These roles require patience, precision, compassion, endurance, and most of all, love. Mrs. Whitley's demeanor is always one that displays a true passion for the students, staff, and community of her school.

"Lynette is one of the most inspirational people I know," said Ginger Burris. "When I think of the time and care she gives to the students and school, I am amazed. She is always available and more than willing to help with any task she is given. She will never know how much she has personally helped me with my class of students, especially this year. We are very blessed to have Mrs. Whitley as a partner in education for our children, school and community."

"Lynette is literally super woman," said an anonymous colleague. "We always joke that she always goes way beyond her 10,000 step goal everyday, but it's the truth. She is a radio call away at all times. As soon as you call, she is on her way. Richfield would not run without her!"

Comments (4)

Ann Miller Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Whitley is a blessing to our staff and students. There is always a kind word and smile when passing a coworker on her way to one of the MANY jobs that she does around our school. Mrs. Whitley gives smiles, hugs, and encouraging words to our students each day! I feel blessed to work with Mrs. Whitley.

Drew Laucher Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Whitley is an unsung hero of our school. She has been a vital part of the soul of this school for the many many years she has served here. I have deliberately chosen the work served over worked-- there is a profound difference and she clearly exemplifies this difference. Her joyful demeanor with children is evident in their appreciation and love for her. In addition to a classroom assistant to three different second grade classrooms, she has served as a diabetic care manager to three of our students. This entails keeping a digital eye on the blood glucose levels of three elementary aged students throughout the entire day. At a moments' notice she will be called to a classroom of one of these students to help with administering care for blood sugar fluctuations. She does it with a smile and a sense of duty that I have not seen in other professionals. This is a huge undertaking and she has taken on this while treating these students with dignity and respect. She is also called throughout the building to cover classroom teaching when a teacher needs necessary coverage, drives a school bus for field trips or when needed for afternoon routes, and provides critical support in the classroom to struggling learners. SHe figuratively wears many hats and a pair of rollerskates as she moves throughout her school day and switches her roles with a calm smile. Her example is life changing for her peers and goal-worthy for our students.

Suzette Walters Posted over a year ago

I can't say enough good things about Lynette Whitley. As a school nurse, I have been blessed to be able to work closely with her for several years. Along with many other responsibilities, Mrs. Whitley is one of the main first responders at the school. She not only assists with all things academic, she drives a bus when needed and she calmly, competently and compassionately helps with medical situations daily. She makes each child feel loved and important, even though she is always very busy. She is a life changer for students, their families, and our staff!

Tiffany Morgan Posted over a year ago

Our lives are forever changed for the better because of Mrs. Whitley!