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Marrie Dingle

Position: Bookkeeper / Principal's Secretary
School: Berkeley High School
School District: Berkeley County School District
City, State: Moncks Corner, SC

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Marrie Dingle was nominated by her colleague, Charles Harrison.

"I moved my family to Moncks Corner, SC about 18 years ago to start teaching and coaching at Berkeley High School," said Harrison. "As a head coach, it was important to get to know the school and community members who will assist you with fitting in to the culture. That is where I start with Ms. Dingle."

"At the time, Ms. Dingle was the secretary for an assistant principal, but she is so much more than that," said Harrison. "Every time I went into her office, there were always kids in there talking to her.  It never dawned on me that every student migrated to her for personal, social, and school help. Ms. Dingle grew up in Moncks Corner, so she had a vested interest in all the kids at the school. These are just a few examples from my relationship with her."

"One of the most important aspects in coaching is to have someone you can count on and rely on to make the game go smoothly. Ms. Dingle filmed every game of mine at Berkeley High School during the 16 years I was there, both home and away games," said Harrison. "She ran a concession stand at both football and basketball games to make sure our booster clubs were provided for. She also arranged meals for my teams from local churches and community members who understood how important it was for our kids to be properly nourished."

Unfortunately, there have been a few BHS athletes who passed away over the years. Ms. Dingle arranged and orchestrated each funeral. She helped provide each athlete's family with a proper funeral in the auditorium at BHS.

"I recognized her influence one January evening, when we traveled to an away trip for a basketball game at Beaufort, SC," said Harrison. "Ms. Dingle always traveled on the bus in her usual front seat. One of the girls' basketball players had a untimely complication, and our kids found out on the bus on the way home of her passing.  Ms. Dingle held those kids together in what was a very difficult situation. She arranged for the parents to meet the girls and boys players in Charleston to get them to the hospital."

Outside of sports, Ms. Dingle brought more than one nephew down to her house from out of state to help raise them so they could graduate from High School. She voluteered at the local Presbyterian church and helped with daycare for parents while they were in Church.

"She actually kept my daughter in law there for over 20 years," said Harrison.

Ms. Dingle assists in running the summer camp at Berkeley High School. This camp brings former NFL athletes Bruce and Andre Ellington back to Berkeley High School each summer, along with other NFL players, to hold a youth camp and a health fair for the community.  Over 2000 youth attend each year.

Additionally, Ms. Dingle used her office for kids to come in and study for exams and SAT prep.

"Ms. Dingle is one of the greatest, most giving individuals to a school and her community that I have ever know in my 35 years of education," said Harrison. "It is with pride and honor that I know her as a colleague and friend.

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Stephanie Harris Spann Posted over a year ago

Marrie is genuine and dependable. I have known her for over 20 years and she is the same lovely person that I met when I first came to Moncks Corner. I can so so much more about the beautiful lady but simply to meet her is to love her.

Nicole Whitfield Posted over a year ago

Ms. Dingle has been an important figure in my life. She has taken interest in helping and counseling me while attending BHS during my study hall and after I graduated in 2006. She was also the person who opened up the opportunity for me receive a full scholarship to Allen University. She is always ready to encourage anyone she comes into contact with a helping hand. Ms. Dingle is the glue in the community and is well deserving of the LifeChanger Award. If it wasn’t for Ms. Dingle my path may have been different to what is now. Congratulations!!! You well deserving of this award.

Jadon Denman Posted over a year ago

Marrie Dingle, How do you begin to describe the lady who has had such a huge impact on my life. As the SRO for 8 yrs. at BHS I am the hoping to make an impact on the lives of others but the impact this Lady has made in my life and the lives of others is immeasurable! Marrie is everything that is beautiful about a person and it shows in her life and the lives of her fine son’s who are now great men. Marrie has made me a better man by having the privilege of working with her daily for those 8 years. I love her!!!

Coach Jerry Brown Posted over a year ago

After coaching high school football for 50 years I consider Ms Dingle the GOAT of athletic supporters I’ve know. My AKA for her is “ Captain D” because she has great initiative and is a good leader. She will get done whatever she sets her mind to and you need to get on board! However she always leads by serving and giving. This is lost in our world today. No price is too great if her cause will help her school, community, or young people. She is the glue that holds everything together. Congrats Captain D- we love you.

Alma Rorie Posted over a year ago

Your tireless efforts and compassion for people has really paid off. Congratulations Mary! A well deserving honor. ~Blessings to you

Brenda Stewart Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Merrie Dingle is truly a valuable asset to Berkeley High Schools staff and students. Mrs Dingle’s church and community work is also dear to her heart. Merrie is a very giving person and is very much deserving of this award. CONGRATULATIONS Mrs Dingle! - Brenda Stewart

Erica Green, Ph.D. Posted over a year ago

Ms. Dingle has been very instrumental in my educational goals after graduating from Berkeley High School in 2006. She is the reason why I attended Allen University (AU) on a Full Academic Scholarship. She even took the trip with us to AU to make sure everything was in place! I then went on to attend the University of South Carolina, where I recently obtained my Doctorate and yet again Ms. Dingle was there cheering me on as I went through the journey. She possesses such a nurturing spirit and is deeply concerned for those she comes into contact. Ms. Dingle is most definitely deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award!

Shanara Pou Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dingle has always been the Pride of Berkeley High. Everyone knows Mrs. Dingle. As a student athlete she had her hands in everything, but i have always known her as our video tech person when we would play basketball from 1990's through 2005 after i graduated. She is a kind and humble individual. She always fights the good fight for any injustices whether it is for a wrong call determined by a referee in a game setting or student development within the walls of Berkeley. Mrs. Dingle is a great person who deserves this honor.

Jannie McConnell Posted over a year ago

Ms. Dingle was instrumental in four students being accepted to Allen University to further their educational journey. She is relentless!

Deanie & Family Posted over a year ago

Hello Marrie, I first give honor to God who made it possible to touch someone's heart to Award you for your good works and dedication, may God continue to bless you thru out your career. (Awesome)A Job Well Done...LOVE??Cousin Deanie & Family, (From Fla.)

Chuck McCann Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! I am honored to know you and be able to work with you!

Maurrow Hill Posted over a year ago


Dina Grant (Shuler) Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Marrie! I 100% agree with every word. My kids loved her so much and I know she loved them too! Love, Dina, Hollie, and Joey

Harry & Jestine Mathis Posted over a year ago

Way to go my sister may God. Continue to Bless you as keep blessings others. For it is better to give than to receive. Be not weary in well doing. You shall reap if you faint not. Love you to Life.

Roderick Reid Posted over a year ago

Excellent achievement my dear. Keep doing what cha doing... God bless

Tesha Prioleau Taylor Posted over a year ago

Ms. Dingle, this is well deserving and I thank God, for allowing you to receive this HONOR, YOUR “FLOWERS” while you are living. With lots of Love, from the Taylor Family. We Love You! ????????????

Nita Mitchell Posted over a year ago

I would like to take the to congratulate my cousin for this deserving award. It is my pleasure to be related to such a remarkable and caring person. I cannot think of anyone better who deserve the Lifechanger Award. I am so happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS and keep changing lives....Love you!!

Tyeshia Forbes Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dingle is the true definition of what every woman should aspire to be. I thank her for always being motivational and easy to come to with any and all problems.

Angela Robinson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Dingle is such a giving person; she has such a positive effect on every student and every adult who is fortunate enough to enter her presence. Her influence is never-ending because she is always willing to help others in their time of need. I know this from personal experience. She is inspirational and motivational to all. Mrs. Dingle is well-deserving of this honor.

Bryron Dingle Posted over a year ago

I would like to take this time out to Congratulate my mother, the greatest woman in the world to me, for being nominated for this award. She has always been there for me throughout all my struggles and success and she has also helped many others as well. She is truly a great, strong woman and has overcame many obstacles throughout the years. It doesn't matter how tough the situation or outcome is, she always try to keep her head above water. So I cant think of a more deserving woman to receive this award then my mother Marilyn Yvonne Dingle. Yes mother, I said your whole name. Congratulations mom once again and most of all I Love You!

George Nelson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!Your awesome.

Jannette Whitr Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dingle is such a wonderful person. She is a very caring person and willing to help where there is a need. She definitely makes a difference in the lives of others. Congratulations.

JACQUELINE DAWSON Posted over a year ago

Marrie I give praises to God for allowing this recognition.. Truly this is what our MOTHER instilled in us. I know she is looking down from Heaven with a big smile on her face and saying this is MY BABY. If anyone can say you are committed, I truly can., HELPING OTHERS in all aspect of life and having EDUCATION where you can succeed stand high on our list. Congratulation and may God Bless and Keep you. YOUR ONLY SISTER, JACKIE

Fernando Whitten Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! This is the perfect award for Mrs. Dingle. I can’t think of a more deserving, caring person and thoughtful person. She definitely posses all the attributes to the word Lifechanger!

Henry Harris Posted over a year ago

For many years Mary has been like a sister to my brother and I. She volunteered to assist my mother, Ms Emma Harris for many months prior to her Passing in 2005. My brother and I could depend on Mary to visit, run errands, and take my mother to various appointments. I have noted that Mary volunteers in the church, school, and The community. Additionally, Mary is an excellent Income Tax Preparer. There are many other accolades i can cite. Mary is simply a great, giving person. Henry T Harris

Dollie Thompson Wheeler Posted over a year ago

I have known Marrie for over 30 years, which I consider her as one of my best friend. She is a spiritual, loving and caring person. She is always willing to help others. Never looking for recognition. Because everything she does for you, it is done from the heart. Congratulation Marrie, you deserve it. Blessings Upon You! Dollie

Princess Dunham Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! You are a beautiful person inside and out! God blessed you with special gifts that you are continually to share with the world around you! I am very proud to call you my cousin! May God continue to bless you!??????

William Ellington Posted over a year ago

This is so true pure heart of gold and angel most caring loving woman if I must say she’s my auntie love her but not because of that every word is just the honest spoken define of her she is the greatest to me always have been sweet will help anyone who’s willing to learn and respect people I’m glad she’s being notice of all her hard work and dedication god bless her love u so much

Tiera Ravenell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dingle is a virtuous woman. Words really cannot describe her genuine character. She has taught me life principles and still teaches me as I’m a wife and mother. The wisdom bestowed upon her is such a gift that God has blessed us, the people, with because knowing her is knowing a heavenly angel.

Shunmas Cummings Posted over a year ago

Greetings, I am CPT Cummings, Shunmas an Officer in the US Army from Madison Florida. Marrie is my cousin, who I have had the distinct pleasure to get know and admire over the years. Despite the distance between us, Marrie compassion, and love for family has been far reaching. From afar, Marrie has shown over many years, the willingness to listen, and elicit positive comments during complex times. Marrie, I applaud the significant impact you have had on lives near and far. Congrats on your nomination for LifeChanger of the Year. You are deserving of this and much, much more. Respectfully, Shunmas

Holly Stone Posted over a year ago

I love mrs dingle so much. she is an amazing women. my dad and her worked together for years and I would always hang out with her. I still do to this day. She has watched and cared for me ever since I was born. I LOVE YOU

Cheryl Pyatt Posted over a year ago

Marrie is one in a million!! Congratulations young lady!

Mary Ellington Posted over a year ago

Congrats on your nomination. You have a nurturing and dedicated quality which is evident by all of the posted comments.

Darcenia Montgomery Posted over a year ago

I'm so proud of your accomplishments. To God Be The Glory for the marvelous things he has done. You deserve it, steadfast and unmovable through good times and bad. Big Congrats Marrie. ????????

Tonya Thompson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations - You have served your school, community & students with distinction

Derick Ellington Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Auntie. Well deserved. Love you

Brent Stone Posted over a year ago

Marrie and I have known each other and worked together for years. She is a second Mom to me and god grandmother to my children. The help and love she has given to my family is unprecedented. She has had such a positive impact on my life. I could write 10 pages of positive comments about her. Marrie is truly a saint and an ambassador for Berkeley High School and the town of Moncks Corner. Congratulations Marrie!

Patricia Howell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dingle what can I say about you . I need to give this some thought. This is what I know and like about you, you give or do all that you can for any individual that needs your assistant or help and it is a good things. You are someone that you can rely on to finish whatever you started. You always try to see the good in people. I hope that you will continue to be who you are and never deter to be someone else. It's hard to found those quality in people these days. I congratulate you .

Willie Jones Posted over a year ago

Mrs Dingle, Momma Dingle, Mrs Blue and Gold. Seems like I’ve known her since I can remember remembering. I can hear her calling my name “Bubba” clear as day. She is a hall mark of the Berkeley Stag Brand. From the Rec football and basketball games to the ticket window at the football games. She is very special to me. She recorded all my basketball games my junior and senior years. She helped me organize and run my basketball camp for 8 years. She did my taxes for years. She has been a mentor for me. Mrs Dingle I can go on and on. But congratulations to you.

Rebecca Riley Posted over a year ago

This woman has truly been a life changer for me and even now one for my baby girl such an amazing woman ??

David E Smith Posted over a year ago

WoW!!!! So deserving - As much work and heart as she puts into Berkeley High School - She does this not for her personal gain but for these kids in the Moncks Corner Community. I talk about her on a daily basis because I have never found another like her She has become like a mother to me since I met her in 1998. Golden insides and outsides and she only cooks 1 day out of the year - New Years Day!!!!

Aleta Pride Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! This is definitely a well deserved recognition for your dedication to the students a Berkeley High. I will never forget how you gave me guidance when I was in high school in a tough situation. That was in the 90’s & you are still standing strong and making a difference! Awesome ???? job well done!

Amanda holley Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Dingle. Mrs. Dingle is a great person. I talked to Mrs. Dingle when I attended high school about my problem and I do the same since I work there now. She always know what to say to help out with the problems. Thank you Mrs. Dingle for everything.

Shamika Smalley Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!!! What an honor! Keep up the great work. Your awesome.

Matthew Bradberry Posted over a year ago

Unbelievable woman!! She loves her school and every student who walks thru those doors. She volunteers for just about anything. She videoed basketball games when I coached at Berkeley High School, she arranged transportation for athletic teams, she helped with school academic banquets and she volunteered in concession stands during games. When she finally decides to retire, Berkeley High School and the town of Moncks Corner will greatly miss her.

Josh Posted over a year ago

I'm proud of Mrs. Dingle, fantastic leadership and good qualities of a life changer.

Olympia Posted over a year ago

Mrs Dingle is a go to person, she is always their when you need help with something.

Narisha Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Dingle!

Mildred Smalls Posted over a year ago

Mary is one in a million. Proud of you