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Michelle Atter

Position: Elementary Principal
School: Memorial Elementary School
School District: Winchendon Public Schools
City, State: Winchendon, MA

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Michelle Atter was nominated by a colleague, Brenda Keney.

Keney has worked with Miss Atter for the past 15 years and could not imagine how the school would function without her.

"On a daily basis, Miss Atter strives to make a difference in the lives of our students," said Keney. "She not only has excelled in her job as principal, but is also an advocate for every child that comes through our doors. She gets involved in every aspect of a child's life to help them become life long learners and to persevere and succeed in school," Keney said.

Miss Atter's ability to positively add to the development of her school's atmosphere is remarkable! She goes above and beyond to show the students how proud she is of them on a daily basis. She has also implemented the positive behavior incentive system in her school, where students earn good behavior tickets throughout the day.

Miss Atter definitely shows leadership abilities all day long.  She not only takes care of her students, but she listens to all of her staff members whenever necessary. She continuously gives them positive feedback on days that can be very difficult to endure. Even when she is going through personal challenges, she still finds the time at home to send out a positive message to everyone. Miss Atter is always a professional at her job, and she expects the same from her staff.  

"I believe Michelle Atter is a perfect example of adhering to high moral and ethical standards.   Every student and faculty member receives what they need, at the time that they need it," Keney said. "I don't know what our community would have done without her all these years!"