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Julienne Fallen

Position: Principal
School: Richfield Elementary School
School District: Stanly County Schools
City, State: Richfield, NC

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Julienne Fallen was nominated by her colleague, Jeff James.

Ms. Fallen believes in kids. She goes the extra mile to ensure all students are included in school and community activities. She works closely with teachers to support classroom needs and advocates for her kids and school site.

Comments (9)

Heather Jones Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fallen is amazing! She is that principal who will not ask you to do anything she won't do. She jumps right in to do the job! Mrs. Fallen is supportive while holding high expectations of her staff. She advocates for her students and her staff. I was blessed to work with her at North Stanly High!

Kim Shaver Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fallen is one of the hardest-working people on the planet. She sees the big picture when it comes to children, and will do whatever it takes to help a child. She’s an amazing leader in education!

Ann Miller Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fallen truly puts the children and what is best for them into every decision she makes each day. There are long exhausting days, but our students always come first! Thanks for all that you do each day!

Angela Almond Posted over a year ago

I am blessed to call Julienne Fallen a friend! However, I first met her as a colleague. She was my teammate my first year teaching. I knew nothing! She guided me through that first year and taught me everything I know. I am positive I am the teacher today because of her! She is always willing to put in the work it takes to help her students and school be successful.

Suzette Walters Posted over a year ago

I have been blessed to work with Mrs. Fallen at a high school and now at an elementary school. She is a dedicated, determined and hard working administrator. She is an advocate for students as she looks at individual situations with the big picture in mind. Her expectations are high and her expectations of herself are even higher. She always goes above and beyond for students, staff and parents. She is a leader and lover of learning. A life changer for many!

Kendall Shuffler Posted over a year ago

Ms. Fallen believes every child can succeed and helps both students and teachers work towards meeting their goals.

Melissa Hebert Posted over a year ago

Julienne is not only my big sister but she is also a friend and mentor. I followed in her footsteps becoming an educator because from the start I saw that her passion is not just a dream but a driving force that allows others around her to succeed. As a teacher her students became her family and she always takes care of family. If it meant Julienne needed to stay after to help a struggling student, find ways to provide them needed supplies (both school and home needs), dressing up for character days, taking the extra phone call to ease a parents mind, or staying up late to prepare lessons that meet the best needs of all of her students while still being true to the curriculum, Julienne did it. She inspired me as she went back to school for her Masters Degree all while still running a classroom, supporting her daughter in her own schooling, and always loving and taking care of her husband who he himself goes above and beyond as a Police Officer. After earning her Master's Degree, Julienne took no time getting into administration. Her first year delivered challenges but her take a ways were even greater. She taught me through her leadership that every child has a voice and every voice needs to be heard. Children do not act out because they want to but rather because they are trying to express themselves and just most often do not know how to. Her advancement to Principal was astounding but not unsuspected. Again, her passion for education lunges her forward as she can be seen leading the way, changing the course, learning from situations, is never afraid to ask for help when help is needed. Julienne does not lead from the front but rather guides from the back. She wants her teachers and students to shine and will give them the tools to do just that. The proof does lie in her data. Her school has continuously shown growth but beyond that, the proof is when you walk into any store and the children who run up to her, I mean run up to the PRINCIPAL, to give her a hug. She knows her students on a first name basis, goes above and beyond to support them both educationally and with social and emotional support. Her dedication is second to none. It is without any hesitation I 100% support Dr. James' nomination as Julienne Fallen for a Life Changer Award. . . I have witnessed how she has changed the lives of so many students, teachers, and families, but she has also changed mine.

Drew Laucher Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fallen is an excellent principal. She thinks about the children in our elementary school with a long view of how educational decisions made now may impact them as a middle and high school student. She has a passion for helping the students who do not have a strong advocate at home. I work closely with her to identify students who have unique needs that do not necessarily fit in any particular "box" yet we work together to identify how to best serve the child in that moment, in the best way possible. She works within the system to provide the best possible support in terms of what is best for that child.

Joy Hathcock Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fallen is an amazing principal. She was vital in helping my son get the services he needed and helped set him on a path for academic success by prompting others to think beyond following current practice and focus on what was best for him.