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Melody Hall

Position: Librarian
School: Reverend Benjamin Parker Elementary School
School District: Hawaii Public Schools
City, State: Kaneohe, HI

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Comments (13)

Crystal Doi Posted over a year ago

Librarians are truly special! Thank you for supporting literacy and getting our future generation to enjoy reading!

Jan Kamano Posted over a year ago

Melody Hall is like a ray of sunshine on a dark and gloomy day. She looks for the good in all of us and takes the time to help others in the most sincere and unconditional way. She promotes health and healing, physically and emotionally which is a blessing at our school. The ray of sunshine that creates the rainbow...that is Melody.

Ethan Spencer Posted over a year ago

Melody is one of the most loving and caring person and teacher that I know. She always puts others before herself and expects nothing in return. The students at our school love the library because of the environment she creates for them. Melody is truly a life changer.

Shelby Furtado Posted over a year ago

Melody is truly one of the most helpful and positive teacher at our school!

Leah chang Posted over a year ago

Ms hall has made an enormous impact on my sons love for reading. She helps students pick interesting books. My son has been "under the sea", "where the wild things are" and so many more adventures. She has encouraged him to try more challenging books and even audio books. She also helps with a great deal of school events, is active in the school P.T.O and speech festival. This woman always has a smile on her face and is such a genuinely beautiful person. She deserves this award and so much more

Sheri Dano Posted over a year ago

Melody is one if the most AMAZING educators I've ever met! Her kind heart, passion for learning, and thoughtfulness is infectious! She loves what she's doing and it shows! She has a GOLDEN heart....she is definitely changing lives EVERYDAY with her sweet smile, gentle words, and genuine caring! She loves everyone and EVERYONE loves Mrs. Hall!!!

Cameron Posted over a year ago

I would like melody to be lifechangeroftheyear because she is a hard worker and many more reasons. thats all ??

Corrie H. Posted over a year ago

Ms. Hall has been a blessing in my kids life, as well as myself and my husband's. She's always so excited to see each child that enters the library. She assist each child in picking out books, she encourages the students to read, learn, and thrive. MS. Hall has a nurturing nature. She also assist during morning drop-off. She deserves this award. We are all blessed to have MS. Hall at Ben Parker. Thank you for all you do, we appreciate you. Love; Noah, Malia, Kenny, and Corrie

Laine Hamamura Posted over a year ago

The first time I met Melody, it was obvious that she truly loves her job and the children she serves at her school. It was also very clear that the children loved her too. I witnessed her calling the students by name and looking them right in the eyes as she spoke straight to their hearts. I turned to my 4 year old son and he started gushing about how she is the librarian and she is so nice. It’s like this woman has a light exuding from her soul! I truly hope she is formally recognized for all she does to pour into the school, community and families around her.

Kammi Abe Posted over a year ago

Melody has a zest for life and truly loves teaching children of all ages. She shows compassion and a willingness to learn and grow as an educator.

R. Fung Posted over a year ago

I appreciate all that Melody has done to make our library visits fun and enjoyable. Thank you for being kind, patient, understanding and supportive to our pre-school children and their teachers.

Katie Robinson Posted over a year ago

Melody is an amazing librarian and goes above and beyond to make sure her students are cared for! She supports their academic growth, mental health, and physical well-being. Her students love to learn coding using ozo-bots and are always excited to see her. She supports teachers and staff by providing after school stretching and breathing, pop-up PD's for teachers, and is always a friendly face to talk to!

Emily Moore Posted over a year ago

She is truly the best! Inspires everyone to be their very best!