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Sherry Spence-Leslie

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Leeds Avenue School
School District: Pleasantville Public Schools
City, State: Pleasantville, NJ

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Sherry Spence-Leslie was nominated by her colleague, Vanessa Jerkins-Little.

"Mrs. Spence-Leslie is a wonderful person. She always go out her way to help other departments throughout schools in the district when needed," said Jerkins-Little. "I remember when I got sick and had to go into the hospital, she stood right by my side like a sister or mother. Mrs. Spence-Leslie stayed with me in the hospital to make sure I was okay. I'll never forget that. She has a great heart!"

Mrs. Spence-Leslie is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. She loves the students at her school. She helps the students like they're her own children, and they look up to her. If they do something wrong, she encourages them to do right.

Comments (30)

Sean Lenahan Posted over a year ago

I have known Sherry for about two years and I would like to echo the comments listed above. She is an incredible person and I am so proud that she has been recognized for her amazing efforts. Congratulations Sherry!

Marilyn Goodman Posted over a year ago

I lift you up in Prayer that our father who sees and knows everything , knows you have the qualifications the children and the community at your best interest You've paid your dues and are so deserving of this position. Claim it in the name of Jesus .Will Always remember the care and quidence you gave my daughter.

Chad Roberts Posted over a year ago

Sherry is a wonderful leader and life changer. As a principal, she is a force in her students lives and she makes an impact that propels any students to be the best they can be. I know Sherry from a doctoral cohort and I can say that she has changed my life by making view the world in a more complete, holistic way. Sherry is the complete definition of a life changer.

Lisa Rozzelle Posted over a year ago

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Sherry most of my adult life and through every hill and valley she has remained a constant source of joy and encouragement. I thank God for ensuring that our paths would continue to cross.

Jennifer Love Posted over a year ago

Sherry has truly been an inspiration in the years I’ve known her. From her dedication to her students, passion for her career, altruistic contributions to her community, and outward positivity- her peers, colleagues, and classmates truly strive to emulate her. Sherry is a life changer for her relentless commitment to leave everywhere better than when she found it.

Tamara Mingo Posted over a year ago

You are truly beautiful inside and out. You ate an excellent daughter, mother, friend, Soror , mentor, etc.. This is so well deserved. So very proud of you?

Nicole Bishop Posted over a year ago

Sherry is most deserving of this award. She is hard working, loving and compassionate person. She loves God first, her family, and all others that cross her path. I've known Sherry since our school days as friends and family and as the principal of Leeds Ave school she has given back to her community where she grew up. Wishing you well as the future Dr. Sherry Spence-Leslie, congrats.

Mark Rizzo Posted over a year ago

I have only known Sherry for a couple years. Her passion and love for her craft as an Assistant Principal shows through at Leeds Avenue School. I attend school with her in a doctoral program and she brings such a wealth of knowledge and perspective to the course. I want to congratulate her for this nomination. I do not think there is a better person for this prestigious award.

Mary Lenahan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Spence-Leslie has been my friend and colleague for many years. Mrs. Spence-Leslie is our assistant principal at Leeds Avenue School. All the children know her and she knows all the children. Sherry is the type of person who goes out of her way to help others. She is always professional, respectful, kind and smiling! I want to congratulate Sherry on this prestigious award. She definitely is a 'life-changer' at Leeds Avenue School and throughout the community!

Tosha Corbitt Posted over a year ago

Sherry is my cousin and represents nothing but grace and integrity. I love my beautiful cousin and she has changed the life of many. I am so proud of my cousin for being nominated for such a prestigious award. Sherry you deserve it because you are a life changer. I love you my big cousin

Dr Juanita J High Posted over a year ago

I have known Sherry-Spence Leslie for many years as she was a member of the Young People's Department of the A.M.E. Church when I was the Atlantic City Area Director. She is also an officer in the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Iota Chapter, an organization of professional educators. She has facilitated workshops for teachers, parents and members of the community. She is the consumate professional as she cares deeply for her students and encourages and respects their parents. She is an excellent role model, who leads by precept and example. She displays a kind, compasionate, even-tempered and calm demeanor; it is a joy to be in her company. In addition to her educational and community service, she is very active in her church. She is the yougest member to serve as Chairman of the Church Board of Trustees, she sings on the choir and she is a valuable advisor to the pastor and other church leaders. I wholeheattedly endorse her nomination to receive the LifeChanger of the year Award.

Alicia Hermo Weaver Posted over a year ago

Sherry...simple put she is grace in motion. She is kind, intuitively connected to people, honest and fiercely devoted to leading by value and integrity. A true soft spoken yet strong leader that personifies all the best qualities to inspire and support those around her!

Darchele Scott Posted over a year ago

Sherry is many things to many people. A devoted wife, mother, daughter, niece, sister, cousin, friend, and a Devastating Diva of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The word "NO" cannot be found in her vocabulary. She supports everyone, and she always gives back to her community. Sherry is a voice of reason who will find something positive in the worse situations. More importantly, she is a GOD fearing woman and lives her life in that manner. I can not think of anyone else who deserves this award more than my cousin Sherry Spence-Leslie. I love you, cousin. Keep shining bright like a DIAMOND!!!

Meghan Rehbein Posted over a year ago

Sherry is a natural community builder, with an innate ability to connect people to resources and to each other. She challenges people to do better, is always respectful, and sees opportunities in every challenge.

Christian Ragland Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!! This is amazing! I wish you much more success in the future!

James Corbitt Posted over a year ago

Sherry Spence-Leslie is my Sister, Without sounding bias. Sherry deserves this award simply based on what the award is called Life changer. That is exactly what Sherry is , does, and about Life changing. As a person in education that is what you are called to do and Sherry goes above and beyond that for her students, coworkers, friends, community and definitely her family. Sherry exemplifies life changing.

Meghan Rehbein Posted over a year ago

Sherry is a wonderful leader, with a positive attitude, a great sense of perspective, and the ability to inspire others to do their best in any situation. She has shown consistently that she is committed to her students and her community, through her work, advocacy, and her focus on the future for Pleasantville schools and children. I cannot think of a more worthy recipient than Sherry.

Dr. Sequetta Sweet Posted over a year ago

I’m one of Sherry’s professors in the Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership program. Sherry is an excellent student in the program. She bring a poise and grace that is unmatched in the classroom and where ever she goes. She is showing herself to be a true leader who is able to be resilient, confident and committed; resilient as she supports her husband and family aaa they traverse the various challenges of life without complaint; confident as she takes on the many and varied challenges and keeps her head up and focused; and committed as she accepts responsibility, remains accountable and keeps her word. All these attributes make her a natural lifechanger.

Zelda Spence Wallace Posted over a year ago

My magnificent cousin, Dr Sherry Spence-Leslie, is a passionate and gifted educator. The Pleasantville scholars and families and staff are blessed to work with such an amazing servant leader. Dr Spence-Leslie gives of herself tirelessly and willingly which purports her excellence. She’s a dedicated change agent who recognizes the “Champion” in all the people she encounters. As such, Sherry shows unwavering commitment to her students, their families, and the Pleasantville community. She inspired me to become an educator and I’ll always be grateful to her for her unbridled mentorship. Congratulations on this well deserved acknowledgement Cousin????!! Go get ‘em beautiful!!

Meghan Rehbein Posted over a year ago

Sherry is a natural community builder, with an innate ability to connect people to resources and to each other. She challenges people to do better, is always respectful, and sees opportunities in every challenge.

Debbie Kepics Posted over a year ago

Sherry is an amazing women who is a positive influence to all. She is a caring, compassionate and supportive to her students, faculty and parents. She is a passionate educator who is knowledgeable and constantly striving for excellence. I have the pleasure of being in a doctoral cohort with her where she has exhibited leadership, courage, compassion and kindness. She has experienced adversity but you would never know it, no matter what she is going through she displays a calm confidence. It is an honor to learn from her and to call her my friend.

Sherri Parmenter Posted over a year ago

I’m so very proud of you and your accomplishments. We need more educators like you in our school districts. You should win this award-hands down because of what you do for the district and how you do for the community.

Ed Cobbs Posted over a year ago

Sherry's profile picture says it all; keep smiling! No matter what issues or problems you are experiencing, Sherry will provide you with guidance and support. She is a caring person who truly "makes a difference" in the lives of many people. Whether you are a student, a parent, peer, or a friend, you can count on Sherry to be a calming voice when facing adversity. She is an excellent role model for the young and old regardless of race, gender, and ethnicity. As a fellow doctoral student, I am fortunate to experience the first hand knowledge of her abilities as a leader. Her leadership, knowledge, and compassion are an asset to our cohort and I know it is beneficial to her school and the Pleasantville School District. As a peer and friend, it's a honor to know such a person whose actions will positively change the lives of many!

Bo Zilovic Posted over a year ago

Sherry has been an inspirational colleague in our doctoral program in Organizational Leadership! I particularly respect her listening abilities. Sherry is amazing.

Shirlene Henry-James Posted over a year ago

Even though I’ve only known Sherry Spence-Leslie for about a year and a half through our ED.d in organizational leadership program we are both in she is a great inspiration to us all. She is always there for anyone who needs her. She is definitely a life changer . Her dedication to her school,bher faculty and students was apparent when the shooting occurred at Pleasantville game. She raced out of our class to find out if she could be assistance . She did not for a second think about herself or the class she would miss. The only important thing was the safety of the students, family and friends at the game . Sherry is an inspiration to us all..

Laurie Griscom Posted over a year ago

My classmate and friend, Sherry is genuine and has the kindest heart! She is a transformative leader who is well-respected by her colleagues and loved by the community. I am so happy that she was nominated for this award to acknowledge her hard work, committment, and compassion. She is a true role model and inspiration!

Greg Jackson Posted over a year ago

What I observe most from Sherry, when she speaks about the children within her school (which is often), is the love she has for them. Sherry is inspirational and an asset that should be cherished and celebrated!

Princess G. Hoagland Posted over a year ago

Sherry Spence-Leslie is a one of the most supportive Cohort 4 members at Stockton University, School of Education, Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership program. Her leadership and wisdom inspires all of us. I know how lucky Ms. Spence-Leslie's school district and community are to have her. She is a true servant-leader.

Edward Morgan Posted over a year ago

As a former student Mrs Spence-Leslie has continued to make me proud. Recently during my last 2yrs of teaching (now retired) she was my VP. Extremely professional yet very caring is how I describe her demeanor. Because of our longtime affiliation I can say she is a true leader but humble. She deserves accolades for the work she has done.

Marionette Todd Posted over a year ago

Sherry Spence-Leslie is my niece & is the most loving,caring, so intelligent beautiful young lady. She deserves this & more. Very soft spoken & kind. She exemplify the Phenomenal Women!