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Mary Connors

Position: English Language Arts Professor
School: Educational Alternative Outreach Program
School District: Miami-Dade County Public Schools
City, State: Miami, FL

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Mary Connors was nominated by her colleague, Michaelle Soucy.

Dr. Connors exemplifies the pinnacle of the educated woman in the classical Anglo-Literary style. She is the quintessential American professor with an extraordinary gift for writing. Dr. Connors has obtained advanced degrees in the U.S. and in Scotland. She has taught at numerous universities in Florida as well as institutions with at risk students such as the DJJ (Department of Juvenile Justice) and Here's Help North . Dr. Connors has the qualities of an era gone by. She has a sense of adroitness that spreads joy, calm and understanding to all. It is rare to come upon such an accomplished person.

"Elle est la doyenne du chateaux," said Soucy.