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Steven Loftin

Position: Paraprofessional / Substitute Bus Driver
School: Marion D. Crouse Instructional Center
School District: Genesee Intermediate School District
City, State: Flushing, MI

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Steven Loftin, was nominated by his colleague, Chad Sexton.

Mr. Loftin is the parent of two special needs boys. He doesn't go to work because his job pays the bills, but because it's his passion. Mr. Loftin has been an aide on a special needs school bus, a dispatcher router for special needs transportation, a paraprofessional, and most of all, a loving father. The energy he has for serving students every day is second to none.

One of the ways he positively adds to the development of his school's atmosphere is by training employees in Crisis Prevention Intervention. He has lived with it every day of his life, so if anyone is able to share and teach how to handle student behaviors, it is Mr. Loftin.

Another way Mr. Loftin provides leadership in his school is by collecting different kinds of plastic caps from around the county and recycling them in mass quantities. He goes around the district to different schools and picks up caps at all the locations. Then, he sends the caps to a company that recycles them into a beautiful bench people can use at their school.

Mr. Loftin is certified in First Aid and CPR. He has a CDL for driving a school bus. He is trained in CPI and a number of different areas that serve students. Mr. Loftin drives the bus for his church and other local religious organizations. He volunteers to help youth groups in the church and goes on mission trips.

Every day, he is committed to creating a nurturing atmosphere through the way he acts at school, home, church, and the community in general. He always has a helpful attitude and often hosts a transportation appreciation breakfast at the school where he works. He has high moral and ethical standards and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Comments (61)

Teresa Brassaw Posted over a year ago

Steve has always been my favorite cousin and it’s because of all the qualities that got him nominated. He’s always had such an energetic and positive outlook on life! He’s always loved driving, so it isn’t a surprise that that is part of his professional life too. He gives the very best hugs, and will always be there to help out anyone in need. I’m super proud of you Steve, congratulations on this nomination!

Lynne Morisette Posted over a year ago

“Best of the best”... “Crème de la crème”... “Cream of the crop”.... These are just a few of the phrases that come to mind when I think about Steve Loftin and all of the other wonderful people I get to spend my days with (students, staff, drivers, aides...EVERYONE!) as a frequent fill-in at the MCIC/GISD. This is an incredibly special building, filled with some incredibly special people who create some incredibly special, life changing moments and memories for others- AND Steve is in the mix of it ALL! Hands down, Steve is one of the kindest fellows you could ever want to call a friend. A pleasure to work with, he is a caring, skilled, knowledgeable powerhouse of positive energy, with good taste in music, and an awesome sense of humor to boot :))) Congratulations on your nomination, Steve- I would love to see you take this all the way, for you are, without a doubt: A Life Changer!!!

Jacqueline Pavkovich Posted over a year ago

I have had the great pleasure of working with Steve all day long for over 3 years. He amazes me with his willingness to do whatever it takes for students and staff alike. He has a thirst to serve others and is happy to do so. He has a caring personality and is committed and driven in all areas of his life. Steve is a life changer.

James Taylor Posted over a year ago

You’ve got a Friend! Steve brings a smile to my face. I believe anything that Steve does comes from A Great Spirit within him. He’s the guy for this.

Brenda Hunter Posted over a year ago

Steve is such a ray of sunshine! Whenever my daughter or I are in his presence, you can’t help but smile and be thankful for his influence on those around him. What a blessing he is to the school and to us!

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

Steve is a wonderful person. He always brings in a bright ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. Steve is always finding my students to talk to and engage with, and they truly appreciate when he comes into our room to chat with them. Congratulations Steve!

Sheri Yost Posted over a year ago

I can describe Steve in 3 words....Always Others First. I'm blessed to be his co-worker.

Jill McCarthy Posted over a year ago

Steve does all that he does with true joy in his heart! He walks a walk of faith and his love for God shows through in all that he does. He is a great example to all of his co workers, always willing to go the extra mile for the good of those whose lives he touches. His energy and positive attitude are non stop. Steve is one of the best examples of a true life changer, to his fellow workers, students and to all who have the pleasure of knowing him. Great job Steve!

Nicole Lucy Posted over a year ago

Steve is one person that can turn your worst day into the best! His positivity is contagious, he truly is an inspiration!

Misty Mercier Posted over a year ago

Having a rough day? Need a pick me up? Need A hug? Just need A SMILE? Steve is always there to to do all of those things and SO MUCH MORE! His Love for life brings everyone up around him. Words truly can NOT express the positive energy that Steve has and shares with all who come in contact with him. He has: Compassion, Dedication & LOVE!

Jill Jackson Posted over a year ago

Steve is one of the most upbeat, positive, and genuinely caring people that I've ever met. He's always smiling and goes out of his way to engage our students and help others, staff and students alike.

Wendy Siemen Posted over a year ago

Steve is the type of person one never forgets but for all of the right reasons. He is the picture of optimism. His joy and zest for life radiates, and the passion he brings to the workplace cannot be duplicated. Any obstacle or challenge is met with determination. The GISD is truly a better place, because Steve is a part of it.

Lori Powell Newton Posted over a year ago

Years ago I referred to him as Super Steve. It's still true!! He has tons of energy and would help out any one at any time with any thing.

Teresa McBride Posted over a year ago

Steve you are an amazing man, I am so lucky to work with you and have you as a friend. God truly blessed me when he made our path's cross. You are a superstar!!!!

Shawna Freeman Posted over a year ago

Steve is an excellent employee and all around terrific person! We are very blessed to have him.

Jill Diliberti Posted over a year ago

Steve has a fantastic positive attitude and is devoted to the GISD. I love that he is always smiling and greets everyone with a friendly hello!

Dana Stephens Posted over a year ago

Steve's enthusiasm and passion for what he does is contagious. I love that he is a part of our student's lives and is a role model for us all. He absolutely deserves this nomination. Steve is a rock star!!!

Ronda Bissonnette Posted over a year ago

Steve Loftin is just a all around great guy. He always goes above and beyond to help in anyway he can no matter what is asked. He is a great family man. And always a joy to be around. Just ask him he will tell you.i could not think of a better person for this nomination.i hope you win Steve you rock.

Tiffany Packwood Posted over a year ago

Steve is always smiling and spreading joy to the staff and students of Marion D. Crouse. He is the perfect fit for the Life Changer Award.

Andy Feldhus Posted over a year ago

Steve, I will always be proud to count you as a colleague and partner in the work of making Genesee ISD such a great place.

Anthony Buza Posted over a year ago

Steve is awesome - so glad he is part of the Genesee ISD team!

Maria Schlund Posted over a year ago

I have only know Steve Loftin for a short time, however the word that comes to mind is genuine. What you see is what you get. I don't think I have ever seen him in a bad mood, heard him complaining about irrelevant topics, bad mouthing others, or unkind to anyone. I am sure he has been in a bad mood, as he is human, however he does not bring that into the building around peers and students. If there is an issue he is upset about, he can be seen trying to be a part of the solution. He is consistent, courteous, professional, and caring. Steve also seems to have passion for a lot of things he does. About the students he works with, about helping others out, about singing! He is silly and fun and the students love him. You feel uplifted from being around his genuine, goofy, and caring aura.

Sally Eilersen Posted over a year ago

Steve is one of the kindest, most caring, most positive people I know. He leads with his heart. It's not that he doesn't see the hardships in life. As a father of special needs children, he understands struggles. But he sees the light through them. He is generous with his time and abilities, putting others ahead of himself. He is funny. Creative. His students love him. They know he cares about them and treats them with respect. We, his co-workers, appreciate everything he does and are so proud that he is nominated for this. Steve, you deserve this. Congratulations, my friend.

Kevin Theriac Posted over a year ago

I have known Steve for about seven year, and he has always had a smile and a kind word to say. His love for people truly come from God and it show through his actions everyday day. He always smiling and loving life and always willing to help the people around him. And to see interact with the kids a something that would bless your heart. Steve live life above and beyond! And I am thankful for him. You have the right person for this award!

Julie Salim Posted over a year ago

Steve always has a smile on his face and is so upbeat about everything!! His passion to make this world a better place with his positive energy is contagious. The enthusiasm and love he has for the students at our school is so heartwarming.

Judy M. Nichols Posted over a year ago

Sounds like a most deserving fella! Thank you for your commitment to kids!

Josephine Singleton Posted over a year ago

Steve is a very personable person, and since being with the ISD, he has been my go to person when I needed him. GOOD LUCK STEVE

Carla Harris Posted over a year ago

Steve has an energetic vibrant personality. He is always positive in his demeanor , and will help anyone who needs it. Congratulations Steve on your well deserved recognition!

Patti Dombrowski Posted over a year ago

Steve is always smiling and he lifts up everyone who comes in contact with him. I admire his energy and passion. Congratulations, Steve. You deserve the recognition!

Maryann Posted over a year ago

Steve definitely puts everyone else before himself on a regular basis. He is ALWAYS there to help you out or to lift you up with his positive energy. He sincerely wants what’s best for his friends, family and the world. What a great guy!

Cyndee Marsh Posted over a year ago

Proud to say I graduated high school with Steve. He has always shown compassion, strong work ethics and a very highly contagious cheerful attitude! This doesn't surprise me at all! Way to go Steve!!

Edward Loney Posted over a year ago

Steve is a positive light in a world of grey skies. A great role model for anyone. A hero to many. He deserves this award!

Heide Loney Posted over a year ago

I have had the honor of knowing Mr. Loftin for most of my life. He has held titles such as a friend, co-worker, and neighbor He was a positive influence in the life if my children, and an inspiration to me as a parent. This would be a well deserved honor for him, but the truth is he has been a life changer for years, always in the best ways.

Jonathan Bonk Posted over a year ago

Steve is one of the best men I have ever had the pleasure of calling a friend. Steve has the biggest heart for people I have every seen. He is a kind and patient father, faithful and dedicated husband. He will give the shirt off his back and his last ounce of energy to help somebody in need. He is the example of what it means to be a Christian and to have the love of Christ shine through. This nomination is well deserved but I know Steve and no matter the accolades he will always put others before himself.

Amber Bonk Posted over a year ago

Steve is a stand up guy! He always sees the good in life. He is honorable in every which way possible. It’s not easy always putting your “best face on”, however Steve does, even on difficult days. He is not just an amazing coworker but he has become a great friend as well.

Jennifer Loftin Posted over a year ago

Steven Loftin is truly an amazing husband and father. He is fun, endlessly energetic, supportive, compassionate and always ready to lend a helping hand. After a full day at work, Steve will often come home and help me out around the house or run errands. When does home repairs and yard work he includes our autistic son who enjoys those activities. Our other autistic son looks forward to Steve’s cooking or engaging in sensory play with him. Steve has put many miles on his car helping our daughters move to California and Ohio and back. He is also an excellent cook and will sometimes volunteer his skills for groups. He also drives for various events that are not school related. He is active in church as well. I feel truly blessed to share my life with this man.

Carol Ondo Posted over a year ago

I had the honor of working with Steve when he was just a young man (still is) his loyalty to his friends and family was obvious even then. Once a friend of Steve's always a friend! Positivity is his middle name!

Susan O'Brien Posted over a year ago

Steve has an amazing amount of energy that he shares with all of us everyday! He is positive and encouraging with all of the students who enjoy his instructional support. Students know and trust he will make sure they achieve whatever it is they want to do! He is a bright light in our world and I knew that when I hired him as a para-educator for our school! Go Steve! You deserve the recognition.

Brian Watson Posted over a year ago

Steve has always been a positive influence in helping people with get the most out of there lives. He's always been a great positive influence for young men of all kinds.

D wolfgang Posted over a year ago

Steve is one Awesome man. Never have I seen him without a smile, offering a hug, and offers positive words! He’s just a Happy Man! Steve you deserve this award!

Sondra Posted over a year ago

Steve is alway approach everything positive make the day better for everyone!!!!

David A Pearson Posted over a year ago

Steve has a wonderful attitude about life. While working with him, I fed off of his positive, can do attitude. A pleasure to know him and truly consider him a friend.

Jerry J Loney Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of Steven's friendship since the 80's. He is an inspiration to me. His faith, devotion, and love has had a postive impact on me.

Tasha keenan Posted over a year ago

He wonderful person to work will keep u on your toe and have u laughing all the time. Care so much about the at student.

Holly Martin Posted over a year ago

Steve is a pleasure to be around. He always has a smile on his face. He is a bright spot in my day every time I see him. The smile and positive attitude he shares is infectious.

Lisa luther Posted over a year ago

Steve is always smiling and eager to help you. He is a true blessing . It’s nice that he has been noticed and appreciated . Thank you Steve

Amanda Posted over a year ago

Steve is the most helpful and hard working man I have ever met. So selfless, and always has a smile on his face to bring joy whenever he walks into a room.

Vicki Fletcher Posted over a year ago

I’ve worked with mr Loftin for many years I know that Mr Loftin treats every co worker students and parents like there one big happy family he goes out of his way to make sure everyone is taken care of and usually forgets to take care of himself Steve is one awesome person please help him get this award he deserves it

Sally A Gill Posted over a year ago

Steve is like the energizer bunny, he is always willing to help or assist anyone in need. He is committed to any job he undertakes. Its always good to see his smiling face everyday. We could only wish to have this kind of energy, love and commitment to life.

Charles Richards Posted over a year ago

Steve is a very kind and compassionate person. Each day he demonstrates this to parents, students, and staff. Steve has a perpetual smile and consistently models professional behavior. It's truly a pleasure to work with him. He is very deserving of any and all rewards given to him.

Jennifer Biela Posted over a year ago

Steve is the embodiment of the Lifechanger award because of his ability to effect change in all of the areas he serves. As noted in his profile and by the varied colleagues who have also commented on his page (our superintendent, assistant superintendent, teacher consultant, human resources supervisor, and school social worker) Steve serves in many areas. Not only is he everywhere (he is fast like a lightning bolt), he WANTS to be everywhere. He truly is a people person and is effective in listening and understanding what people need. He goes above and beyond daily, hourly, and by the second (he's always moving). He truly cares about student, staff, and family needs and does everything in his power to help them achieve their goals. As a professional, Steve is a trainer and able to give and take direction which is a rare commodity. He is always either smiling, making someone laugh, or creating a new plan on how to create change and promote growth. I have personally witnessed Steve helping students achieve their goals many, many times (from learning to walk to being able to regulate calmly throughout their day). He truly is a supportive asset to our students, staff, and families and makes a difference every day and wherever he goes.

Rebecca Spens Posted over a year ago

Steve is always upbeat and smiling. You can tell that he truly loves working with the students and staff here within the GISD. He is most deserving of this honor.

Lori Posted over a year ago

Steve always goes the extra mile for students, helping with adaptive equipment needs and providing opportunities for mobility. Thank you Steve for all that you do!

Shari Hawley Posted over a year ago

You are an amazing person Steve and the staff and students are very lucky to have you as part of our team.

Keely Mounger Posted over a year ago

Steve does a remarkable job with the students he serves! He is dedicated, friendly and positive. Steve is appreciated by colleagues, parents and administration. Steve...thank you for making a difference everyday and congratulations!!

Carolyn Vierkorn Posted over a year ago

As others have said, Steve goes above and beyond in serving students. He innovates ways to make school activities more meaningful for students and staff. He always shows up with a smile on his face and positive attitude no matter what else is happening. He shares his generosity by giving of his time, talents and supportive presence. He is truly deserving of recognition.

April McNally Posted over a year ago

Steve is the guy you anyways want to have around. You can never tell if he's having a bad day. If you're having a bad day or if he thinks that you need one you can anyways get a hug from him. He's happy to help out in anyway that he can. I support Steve for this life changer of the year award!

Amy Hoeksema Posted over a year ago

Steve always has a smile on his face, he is genuine, kind, and goes above and beyond in serving students and staff in our District. Steve has a gift in making everyone around him smile! This is well deserved recognition for Steve in making this world a better place :)

Nancy Glady Posted over a year ago

Steve does everything with passion. His service in our building as a paraprofessional is a great asset. He loves his job and does all he can to help our students to become as independent as possible. He is an enthusiastic, kind and patient man. I support Steve as a nomination for the Life Changer of the Year Award.

Cherie Wager Posted over a year ago

Steve is an amazing employee for the Genesee Intermediate School District! He is committed, loyal, and lives our mission every single day. Steve's enthusiastic and positive energy is evident in all that he does. Steve goes above and beyond to serve the students at Marion Crouse Instructional Center. In addition, he assists with transportation as a driver. Steve will spend time outside of the classroom to serve the students and district. It is without hesitation that I support Steve as a nomination for the Life Changer of the Year Award.

Lisa Hagel Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Steve! Well Deserved Honor!!