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Karrie Andersch

Position: English Teacher
School: Hoke County High School
School District: Hoke County Schools
City, State: Raeford, NC

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Karrie Andersch was nominated by her colleague Ruth Herbert, and her student Makayla Nelson.

Raeford, NC is a small town that sits on the edge of Fort Bragg with a high rate of poverty. Currently, 77% of the high school population is on free or reduced lunch benefits, and many rely on SNAP to feed their families. 

"Mrs. Andersch is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had," Nelson said. "She takes time out of her busy day to teach ,and is willing to spend one-on-one time with students that need help. She’s caring and thoughtful and one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met."

Ms. Andersch created a program that was implemented at Hoke County High School during the 2016-17 school year. The program consisted of teaching and practicing soft skills, as well as researching careers and professional internships for school seniors.

"Our senior class received $9.4 million in scholarships, which was a tremendous jump from the $5.1 million received the previous year," Herbert said. "We had approximately 60 students enlist into the military, and around 20 students receive job opportunities through their internships. Our graduation rate went from 360 to 440 last year, and discipline issues in the senior class were lower." 

This program was designed to break the cycle of poverty and help the people of Raeford afford better lives. Having the job skills to close the unemployment gap is essential to the community’s health, wealth and overall being, and Ms. Andersch is helping to make it happen.

"She’s changing students lives one by one, and making them into a better person," Nelson said.

Comments (29)

Heriberto Corral Posted over a year ago

A true life changer she is. Her commitment to all students that come across her classroom and to those who ask for a little help...she is always there for them. She has positively impacted the life of so many since she arrived to Hoke County High School, that it can only be measured by the successes they all have had in college, in their careers, and most importantly in their lives. A great pleasure to work with Mr. Andersch

Brenda Kim Posted over a year ago

Karrie Andersch is such an amazing woman! I am so happy to see her nominated for this award. Not only is she willing to help the students at her school, but she is willing to help students she has not even met. She offered to help find scholarships for myself and one of my friends without batting an eye. I recently got to spend an afternoon with Karrie. She has so much love for her students. It was a joy to hear a teacher speak of her students with so much love and respect for the work they are putting forth. I wish I had a teacher like her when I was in school!! When she spoke to me about this award, she talked about the focus it would bring to the school and she spoke of the other teacher who works with her, not wanting the like to shine on her, but rather back on the school and her co workers. I do not think you could find anyone better to fully encompass being a Life Changer. She is trying to show her students that with hard work and a helping hand they can be the one to bring their family a change.

Jeremy Hollingsworth Posted over a year ago

Karrie Andersch is a great teacher and mentor to the student body at large of Hoke County High School. She works tirelessly with the entire staff to ensure the very best opportunities for our students. She loves her discipline and then she reaches out to other disciplines to help aid the entire school. I believe she is well deserving of this lifechanger award.

Samuel Grooms Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Andersch works tirelessly to support students by instilling hope and by making opportunities for their future. She is making a difference and helping students to beat the odds for many adolescents who are at risk. We appreciate her hard work and know that is a deserving candidate for the lifechanger award.

Stephanie Kelly Posted over a year ago

Karrie is a passionate and enthusiastic lifechanger. She pours her heart into every lesson. I have seen how Karrie patiently supports our students through their senior year--a major transition period of their lives. Our students leave high school with a PLAN for their lives--future careers, college, military service--whatever their goals; Karrie supports them and helps them through the process: completing FAFSA, studying for the ASVAB, applying to colleges. The list goes on and on! Karrie comes to work early and stays late almost every day. She puts in long hours to our help students and their families. Many of our students live in abject poverty and have no clue that college is even an option; but Karrie shows all of her students how to reach for the stars and how to soar.

Dr. Heriberto Corral Posted over a year ago

Ms. Andersch is completely dedicated to her students and they are all her children. She treats them with all the love, respect, and above the mama bear that she is. She demands the best of all of them because she always gives them the best of her. It is an honor to have Ms. Andersch with our Hoke County Family. Well Done!!!

Medina Demeter Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Andersch tirelessly works to make sure that each student is successful and is able to make the most of their high school experience.

Russell Duncan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Karrie Andersch is one of the best - teaching English IV - working 12 hour days - helping students with Senior Projects - SAT Preparation - College Admission - Jobs - Ms. Andersch has a helpful and uplifting demeanor - she reflects the love she has for teaching everyday - she builds confidence in her students and validates their strong capabilities, thus positioning them for success in all of their endeavors. Ms. Karrie Andersch made a professional presentation at the High Schools That Work Conference this past summer, sharing her effective teaching methods with teacher across the nation. Ms. Andersch is deserving of the highest recognition for the positive impact she has had on the development of her students and colleagues.

Debra Garrison Posted over a year ago

Ms Andersh has made a difference in the life on many of our students to include our special needs students. It is obvious by her demeanor that she cares deeply about our students and their ability to achieve. Even the way she presents her classroom says to the observer “You are welcome to come in and learn.” Her uncanny ability to reach our Special Needs students has made a major positive impact on our student population. She works with staff like a team member who is willing to assist and contribute to activities and issues that are of concern to students, staff, and administrators. She is well learned in her subject area (English) and able to entice and capture the interest of her students. Thank you Ms. Andrews.

Laura McNeice Posted over a year ago

She is a wonderful teacher who works hard to create a learning environment where students are engaged, learning, and accepted. Wonderful teacher!

Jumie Robinson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Andersch is a true life changer to multitudes of people to whom are in her grace. So dedicated to impacting students learning, Mrs. Andersch created a program for her Senior class, to help them obtain a career plan; successfully giving students a start at life.

Vannessa Lowery Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Andersch is an amazing teacher because she is always willing to take time with individual students in order to help them with their issue. She also makes sure that her students understand the expectations for her classroom as well as for National Honor Society. She is an excellent adviser and mentor because she has helped me out so much since my junior year.

Zayda Chavis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. A has highly impacted a lot of her students life’s. If it wasn’t for her hard work and dedication our English IV program wouldn’t be helpful or successful as it has become the past year. I had Mrs.A since my sophomore year and I love the person that she is. Hearing her different speeches just makes students want to strive for the best. She deserves this more than anything.

Kiara T Posted over a year ago

Mrs. A is an awesome teacher! She cares for her students as well as her staff. I enjoy her help, and constant reminders that we are seniors and we have to get things done. She convinces me that I can do better if I put my mind to it.

Marcia Long Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Andersch works tirelessly to support students by instilling hope and by making opportunities for their future tangible. She is making a difference and helping to beat the odds for many adolescents who are at risk. We appreciate her hard work and know that is a deserving candidate for the lifechanger award.

Alexxis Tolbert Posted over a year ago

I nominate Mrs.Andersch because she's a good person and has help me to push myself to be a better person and want to take my intelligence to the next level.

isabel santibanez Posted over a year ago

She has a big heart to help everyone at the school figure out their future, so many people are lost to to find what their pathway is in life and she helps clarify their life. Finding what they were meant to do with their life, and she explains the military to everyone for a plan B. She is an amazing person inside and out.

Kiana Ortiz Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Andersch has impacted my future in ways no other teacher has, she makes me want to strive to become a better student and hopefully a better person in my work path. She pushes her students to work their hardest and pick the career path that fits them perfectly. She works with us to understand the purpose of our defining moment, anything from college to the military. Me as a student, I am really glad she is one of my senior English teachers.

Haley Howard Posted over a year ago

I took the ASVAB for free at Hoke County High School and it really helped me get more credit to get enlisted in the National Guard which is my dream.

styles tillman Posted over a year ago

awesome teacher and a great program to help students with their future.

Austin James DuPont Posted over a year ago

She helped me understand what i need to do to be what i dream to be. she's very courageous and motivating.

Adrian Dominguez Posted over a year ago

Karrie Andersch is a very hard worker who wants students to be able to become someone in life

Shania Mckoy Posted over a year ago

Ms. Andersch is an amazing teacher. I might have just move to this school, but she helped adjust and helped me keep my grades up. She is a really devoted and caring person not just to high school students but also to the ones that have already graduated. She helps you learn more about your career and she honestly doesn't want to see us fail under any circumstances.

Lasha Washington Posted over a year ago

Ms.Andersch really cares about all her students and wants to see them be successful. She wants to make sure we have a plan after high school and not be stuck here in Hoke County when we dont need to be.

Hector Castillo Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Andersch is personally one of my favorite teachers since my sophomore year and when I had her for English II, I now have her for English IV as a senior and she has pushed and helped everyone with their defining moment papers, 21st Century project papers, but most of all she has gone beyond and is helping everyone look for what fits them best when it comes to after high school. From going to college and even the options of the military she has brought in recruiters and college representatives to help us decide on our futures after high school.

Pedro Bello Posted over a year ago

Ms. Andersch is a teacher like no other teacher shes the type of teacher that will push you on and make sure that your reach your potential. She wont let you down and will help you keep moving forward.

BrYcE Posted over a year ago

shes cool

Natalie Hollingsworth Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Andersch is a wonderful teacher, she truly makes our class fun. As for seniors, she is constantly finding new scholarships and ways to pay for college. She is also our school's NHS Coordinator. She puts a tremendous amount of effort into caring for those students, and making us shine as students.

Roger Edwards Posted over a year ago

Karrie Andersch is a great teacher and mentor to Hoke County High School students. She works tirelessly and collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure the very best opportunities for our students. The senior English team continues to leverage support from college and military recruiters along with area businesses and community support system to create real life post-secondary career options for graduates,