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Adriana Huezo

Position: Higher Education Coordinator
School: Segerstrom High School
School District: Santa Ana Unified School District
City, State: Santa Ana, CA

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Adriana Huezo was nominated by her colleague, Marta Sanchez.

"I have had the privilege of working with Adriana in different capacities. She has been my inspiration and has helped myself and others develop a passion for higher education," said Sanchez. "The goal of higher education in Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) is closing the achievement gap for underrepresented students. Adriana Huezo comes from very humble beginnings, and she can identify with many of our students due to her family history."

Mrs. Huezo is a first generation college student. Her parents did not attend college and had no formal education, but they fostered a strong work ethic and the importance of collaboration. In 1995, Mrs. Huezo started working at the University of California Irvine. During this time, the Achieving College Network was started. This was a partnership between SAUSD, Santa Ana College, UC Irvine and CSU Fullerton. The goal was to help close the achievement gap. The program has earned funding to support students and parents.

Mrs. Huezo was closely connected with the leads of the program and participated in the beginning stages. Achieving College has been a unique partnership for over 25 years and has received many recognitions throughout the years. This network was the first to develop a system of support for a high school campus. They started by implementing the higher education center in Santa Ana Unified School District.  

In 2002, Ms. Huezo was offered a position as the higher education coordinator at Century High School in SAUSD. She was the original higher education coordinator.

SAUSD is composed of over 30,000 students. At Century High School, over 90% of the students qualify for free lunch, and they are first generation college students. Students were not attending four year colleges, not because they were not capable, but because of the lack of knowledge or resources. Mrs. Huezo was there to change the trajectory and ensure students felt supported and learned about their options. She was ready for the challenge, and she wanted to ensure the Higher Education Center became a resource center for Century students.

Mrs. Huezo continued to build strong relationships with higher education institutions such as University of California Irvine, Santa Ana College, and California State University Fullerton.  She also collaborated with high school counselors to ensure all of their efforts were supported. She implemented school-wide events such as Senior and Junior Conference to ensure students learn about college and career options after high school. Over 1,000 students were impacted by Mrs. Huezo in achieving higher education at Century High School

Mrs. Huezo continued to make an impact at Segerstrom Fundamental in 2005.  She accepted an offer to transfer and support the first graduating class in 2006. She began to use social media to stay connected with her students. Many of them come back to get support with financial aid and get their higher education questions answered.  She was the first higher education coordinator to ensure connections between SAUSD and its alumni weren't lost. She used social media to ensure there was a strong line of communication, even after graduation. Mrs. Huezo impacted over 8,000 students with different higher education needs.  

“I remember the Higher Education Center at Segerstrom High School very fondly," said Ramiro Ochoa, a class of 2010 alum. "Mrs. Huezo’s passion for higher education penetrated Segerstrom’s atmosphere. She was a very devoted, knowledgeable education professional, and it was well known throughout the student body that we were lucky to have her as a counselor.  She was an energetic individual who was zealous about getting teenage kids from Santa Ana to set goals for higher education. I was one of those kids… Her charisma and maternal character allows you to feel confident to ask some of the most daunting questions in your life.  She made things clear and nonjudgmental...I continue to work with Mrs. Huezo to help students, just like she helped me."

“I owe my admission into the NYU Honors Program, in part, to the incredible opportunities Mrs. Huezo provided," said Anum Ahmed, another class of 2010 alum. "Her positive reinforcement was integral in shaping my confidence today..”  

Below are additional examples from Segerstrom alumni who are grateful for Mrs. Huezo's unconditional support:

  • Juan Calzada attended the University of California Santa Cruz due to Mrs. Huezo's guidance and support. He had left his family to feel safe, and he found a home full of support at Segerstrom. Today, he is a student services specialist through Santa Ana College assisting students at Century High School.
  • Noemi Cardenas '12 also stated that Mrs. Huezo helped her accept opportunities presented to her. She graduated from Chapman University and is now a family and community engagement worker to support families and students in SAUSD.
  • Noemmi Gonzalez currently works in the Higher Education Center under Mrs. Huezo, and she sees "how Mrs. Huezo gives so much of herself to her students and fellow staff each and every day.”

In addition to supporting students, Mrs. Huezo mentors staff members to ensure they reach their full potential.

"I met Adriana when I was working as the secretary for the Century HS counseling department, and she was newly hired as the higher education coordinator," said Andrea Rojas, a colleague. "I had shared my story about being a single mom raising my daughter alone.  One day, after about a year, I spoke with Adriana about having some free time. Without missing a beat, Adriana said, 'Now, you can get your degree.' She helped me with finding a university, financial assistance and career direction."

Finally, Mrs. Huezo takes the lead in many programs without looking for recognition. In 2019, there is a higher education coordinator at every school in SAUSD. The position became an FTE position and is unique to SAUSD. Mrs. Huezo ensured all of the higher education coordinators met to collect data in a similar way. She also wanted to ensure resources were provided equally among all five comprehensive and one fundamental high schools.

In 2019, SAUSD was able to secure funds to ensure three day college trips were accessible to all of the high schools. Mrs. Huezo always had a vision, but did not have the funding. Once funding was available, she took the lead on ensuring all of the higher education coordinators recruited at each high school site. To date, there have been three different college trips with over 120 students per season.  All of the students stated they have learned so much about universities outside of their comfort zone. This program would not have been possible without the Mrs. Huezo's leadership.

Mrs. Huezo has earned many recognitions from outside agencies due to her partnership and support.  In 2004, she earned the Future Leaders of America “Inspirational Leader” Award. She has also earned awards from community agencies such as LULAC, UCI, California League of High Schools and ACE. In 2019, she earned the Santa Ana Unified School District Exceptional Leadership Award.

"Adriana has ensured the higher education coordinator position continues to exist and has been instrumental in developing tools to support and understand how our SAUSD students are doing after high school," said Sanchez. "She is truly a LifeChanger."

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Pren Woods Posted over a year ago

Congrats—and thanks for your work which helps to address the investment gap that many students face. Pren

Ismael Coronel Posted over a year ago

As a college of Adriana, I can't count the number of times a student had a question about colleges, financial aid, or scholarships, and I've responded with, "I'm not sure; go ask Mrs. Huezo." She's dependable, knowledgable, and a big part of why our students do so well after graduating. She does this all with great knowledge and passion for our students' well being. She's truly a pillar at Segerstrom High School.

Beau and Debbie Menchaca Posted over a year ago

We have known Adriana for almost 23; years. We knew her as a Director of the UCI Math Academy..She is the first Higher Education Coordinator for our District..She is the examplarary Higher Ed Coordinator that all other HEC's strive to be like. Ms Huezo is the HEC at our daughter's school. My daughter is always is telling what great rapport she has with students and staff. She is an outstanding educator, a mentor for higher ed coordinators and school counselors. She was a great help to me (Beau) when I became a HEC. Ms Huezo is a true Life Changer for the students of our community and her mentees.I strongly recommend her for this recognition.

Karen Cortez Posted over a year ago

Similar to many others who have shared the impact Mrs. Huezo has had on their professional careers and overall lives, I can also attribute my success to the guidance and support Mrs. Huezo offered me during my time at Segerstrom High School. I have personally felt and many times seen the dedication Mrs. Huezo has placed towards seeing our community progress and attain education levels that many of us might not have previously known or understood. Many of the students Mrs. Huezo works with are first-generation college students who are put in a unique position where the opportunity to go to college is real but the information and guidance traditionally needed isn't available; Mrs. Huezo goes above and beyond in closing that knowledge gap. Mrs. Huezo has dedicated herself to empowering the students at Segerstrom, and as a result has uplifted the Santa Ana community as a whole. Mrs. Huezo has impacted so many of our lives for the better and because of that, there is no person better suited to receive the Life Changer of the Year award than her. Thank you, Mrs. Huezo for everything you do. You are a life changer!

Diana Espinoza Posted over a year ago

When I was in high school there were a lot of things to do to apply to college. A friendly face that I would always see was Mrs. Huezo. She was always friendly to me even if I did not know her well. She knew of me and how well I was doing. She got to help me out with a scholarship and that brought me closer to her. She would always ask how I was doing even if she was busy. Last year I saw her and she remembered who I was. It showed me how much of a loving and caring person she is even with all the students she has helped out. She deserves all the recognition as she is always helping the students by being super caring and loving. She also pushes them to their fullest potential knowing that they can do more than they think. She always changes people's lives and I am proud to hear about her accomplishments. Class of 2012.

Mireya Vazquez Posted over a year ago

It is an honor to have this opportunity to share with you what an amazing educator, human being and true life changer we have at SAUSD in Adriana Huezo. She is a leader to her peers and an advocate and supporter of ANY student. She is one of the most knowledgeable and hardest working educators I have ever met. Her understanding of higher education, the community she serves and her unwavering desire to make a difference in the lives of our families through her work make her a true hero. I cannot think of a more deserving person for this recognition. Congratulations, Adriana!

Andres Guillen Posted over a year ago

I met Ms. Adriana Huezo back in 2013. I was working for the Boys & Girls Club at the time. I lead a program that was geared towards helping youth reach higher education, very similar to what she did in her position as a higher education coordinator. Part of my job was to recruit students to this new program. I figured that the best way to recruit high school students was to be at their school campus and recruit them there. I approached her about wanting to recruit students at Segerstrom and she was more than happy to support and assist. She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and had what I needed meet my goals of recruitment. Furthermore, she was kind enough to allow me to be a part of their 8th grade visit that year. Something that she didn't have to invite me to but she took it upon herself to do so. Now, I'm a colleague of hers working in the same district. She allowed me to have my first interactions with high school students from Santa Ana Unified, which made an impact on what grade level I wanted to work with. She opened her doors to me and gave me an opportunity. I will always be grateful for how kind, supportive and respectful she was to me even when she didn't know who I was.

Julie Valdez Posted over a year ago

So happy and proud for Adriana - and all that she has accomplished in mentoring, guiding, inspiring and being present in every way with our SAUSD high school students as they embark onto their future college and career aspirations! Way to go, Adriana!! It was someone like Adriana - approachable, warm and who spent many hours with me - who encouraged me as a high school student to attend a private university further from my home - which in turn, inspired me to study abroad and mature in ways that would not have happened had I stayed close to home. Now, as a middle school counselor in SAUSD, and as my students transition into high school, I know they, too, are in good hands. Thank you for all you do! May you continue to have the success and fortitude in inspiring every student who comes your way! :)

Marcella Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

I am thrilled to be able to help contribute to the recognition of Adriana Huezo in her role as a life changing educator. I met Adriana when I was attending UC Irvine and working for the Center for Educational Partnerships as an outreach student at Segerstrom. Coming form the same community, Adriana and I immediately connected, She quickly became a mentor and friend. She ultimately inspired me to go into counseling as a career. Under her leadership, I was able to work in the Higher Educational Center as both an outreach liaison and school district employee. Upon graduating from UC Irvine, I attended Azusa Pacific University and worked on my Masters in Educational Counseling, while continuing to work with Adriana at Segerstrom. She helped me immediately put into practice the theories I was learning in the class room. Her impact on my ability to be the first in my woman in my family to graduate with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree cannot be over stated. She continued to push and inspire me in my personal life and in my career. I have known Adriana over 13 years and I continue to seek her support and guidance and it because of her, I am continuing to inspire students and provide opportunities for first generation college student in Los Angeles through my work. Thank you Adriana!

Kelly Vo Posted over a year ago

She is one of the people in my life who made college a possiblity for me as a first generation and single parent household student. Mrs. Huezo is supportive and goes above and beyond her role as a Higher Education Coordinator. I remember going to her for support about college applications and FASFA when I was in high school. Through her I found many opportunities such as Simon Scholars, Project SELF, and now I have graduated from CSUF with a B.A. in Business Adminstration and a B.S. in Child and Adolescent Development. Mrs. Huezo such an incredible educator and truly embodies such being a life changer of the year. I appreciate her more than she knows. Segerstrom High School Alumni, Class of 2012

Gaby Campos Posted over a year ago

I first met Mrs. Huezo while working at the after school program at Segerstrom High School. She was always extremely helpful to the students and others around her. She has so much knowledge and has done so much to establish and provide resources to students as well as being a resource herself. Mrs. Huezo is definitely a go to person for many people and someone that students as well as others look up to, including myself.

Elizabeth Diaz Posted over a year ago

I had the great honor and privilege to connect with Mrs. Huezo while I was attending Segerstrom High School. Mrs. Huezo provided me with guidance and encouragement to pursue higher education. Mrs. Huezo believed in me, supported me, and empowered me to become the first person in my family to attend college.Its been about 10 years since I graduated from high school, but I remember Mrs. Huezo as being so self-less and genuinely passionate about seeing students make it despite the obstacles that students face on daily basis. She saw greatness in me, and as a result I have been able to achieve greatness, because someone like Mrs. Huezo poured her heart into seeing me succeed. Thanks to Mrs. Huezo, I have obtained my BA and recently graduated with my Masters. My life has changed because this amazing woman ensured that I have the tools to excel beyond my high school career. Not only has Segerstrom High School been positively impacted by Mrs. Huezo but the whole city of Santa Ana is better because Mrs. Huezo exists to empower students achieve greatness and accomplish their life goals. Thank you Mrs. Huezo, for everything. My life is truly better because you were in it and I am forever grateful for all that you have done not just for me but all the students that you have served.

Magen Shahid Posted over a year ago

As a first generation student, I remember being very lost and confused as I tried navigating my way through the last few years of high school. Whether I was overwhelmed with the amount of college apps I had to submit or the SATs or just needed advice, Ms. Huezo never shied away from offering me the help I needed. Through everything, Ms. Huezo was a huge factor in my success of making it to college. I had no idea what I was doing, and being first generation meant I had very few people in my life I could go to for help with higher education. But thanks to Ms. Huezo, I am now a senior at UCR and I will be graduating in June. If it weren’t for the countless times Ms. Huezo offered to help me fill out forms or remind me of the never ending deadlines, I would not be where I am today. And it brings me great joy to know that the work she puts in for her students is being recognized. She is truly deserving of this award, for the hard work and countless hours she gives to her students.

David Diaz Posted over a year ago

I am truly grateful to Mrs. Huezo as she is a solid pillar to trust and lean on, as thousands of students, as myself, consistently ask for her support and guidance throughout our educational and professional years. As a current school counselor in Santa Ana, I can assure you that Mrs. Huezo has not only positively impact my life during my high school experience where she was the Higher Ed Coordinator, but has influenced my approach to leadership as a school counselor. Ms. Huezo has always believed in my ability to attend college and beyond, all while helping me step by step to take action for a brighter educational future ahead. As a former counselor intern at Segerstrom H.S, she took the time to sharpen my understanding of what it truly means, behind the scenes, to genuinely serve students and parents through the various roles we all take part of. As a professional school counselor, I have been inspired by Ms. Huezo's philosophy to heart. Paying it forward to students and parents that I serve in my school community, is a chance to continue the legacy that Ms. Huezo first bestowed to us years ago.

Idalmis López Posted over a year ago

No question is ever brushed off, no amount of work too laborious, no aspiration too daunting. Ms. Huezo is the kind of person to know your name before you ever even set foot in her office, pacify your worries, remind you to fervently believe in yourself just as she does in you, and encourage you to pursue the goals you rarely allow yourself to dream of. The amount of dedication and genuine care she extends to each and every one of the students she supports at Segerstrom High School is unparalleled. She is an exemplary role model to young adults and an ever-present testament to what it is that perseverance, zeal, and perhaps most true to her nature, what it is that community can achieve. Ms. Huezo is a paragon of what it truly means to be committed to equal access to higher education for all. It is with great confidence that I can attest for not only myself, but for hundreds of SAUSD peers and graduates, that we are seriously indebted to Ms. Huezo for the years of generous support and incredible opportunity she has shared with us all; we would be fortunate to be able to return to Santa Ana and accomplish half the amount of invaluable work Ms. Huezo has poured into the community.

Sabrina Olea Posted over a year ago

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Mrs. Huezo through UCI’s Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP). I have seen first hand how she caters to the needs of her students while balancing an immense amount of work. Not only is she genuine and honest with her students, she also encourages them to #ReachHigher. Mrs. Huezo sees the potential her students have and helps them see it for themselves. She cares for everyone she works with and helps them create a plan no matter what they decide to do. Whether it be attending a university, enlisting in the military, or joining the workforce, she makes her students feel like they can achieve anything. This in turn has allowed her to create a number of meaningful relationships with not only her students, but staff and parents as well. She focuses a lot on helping her students be well rounded so that their transition from high school is manageable. Mrs. Huezo is truly inspiring and a valuable asset to the field of education.

Brenda Loh Posted over a year ago

Ms. Huezo is a godsend to all the students at Segerstrom High School. She is the go to person for every student who has questions regarding his/her college application and decisions. She is very encouraging and helpful to all students, and works with each of them to ensure success in the college of their choice. She assures every student that higher education beyond high school is achievable, regardless of race or socio economic status.

Noemmi Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

I cannot even begin to describe how amazing Ms. Huezo is as a person and as an educator. When I was a student at Segerstrom High School I knew I wanted to go to college but like many students I was unaware of where to start. Thankfully, I had a wonderful Higher Ed Coordinator to guide me. Ms. Huezo makes Higher Education attainable and makes sure her students are confident going into the next chapter of their lives. I had many tough choices to make during my time as a student and Ms. Huezo was there with me throughout every decision, always supporting and never judging. She doesn't just help with the logistics of getting into college, she helps well after you've received your acceptances and even when you are an actual college student. Ms. Huezo caters to all students with all different goals whether it be University, military, work, or certificate training. She makes sure all students have a mentor and a plan. I have seen countless alumni come back and visit her years after they graduated. She has the ability to cultivate such meaningful relationships that last much longer than 4 years of high school. Ms. Huezo is not only on a mission to educate students but also families, she is committed to expanding knowledge about higher education beyond her school. She has provided opportunities for students to meet working professionals to expand their network and learn about potential careers. She constantly finds and informs students of extracurricular opportunities and summer programs. She does the most to make her students prepare for college applications well before their senior year. She is constantly coming up with innovative ways to spread information and educate students, staff, and parents. No matter how much work she already has she will take on more if it means benefiting her students. Ms. Huezo is extremely dedicated to her craft and genuinely loves comes into work ready for the day and whatever it may bring. As a supervisor she makes me so happy to do what I do and help our students. I can honestly say Ms. Huezo continues to change my life and the lives of those around her.

Leslie Estrada Posted over a year ago

When I received the email informing me that Mrs. Huezo was nominated for the life-changer award, I had a smile from ear to ear! I thought, "how was she not nominated sooner?" I'm a Segerstrom HS alum, Class of 2015, and Mrs. Huezo was a great help during my time there. I was not even sure if I could go to college! Being a first-generation Mexican American, it's hard even to fathom the idea of going to college. It was her guidance and support that allowed me to pave a path that had not been there before. I got my BA, and I'm on my way towards getting a Master's! I'm one of the hundreds of students she has helped, and I'm not sure if she's aware of the difference it makes to have someone like her on your corner.

Jessenia Sanchez Posted over a year ago

I've been working with Mrs. Huezo for almost 2 years now and I see the HUGE impact she has on the students she works with. Mrs. Huezo puts in countless extra hours of her time to ensure her student's success. I've personally have seen the impact she has had on her students. She has been working as an educator for over 20 years and is extremely deserving of this award.

Jonathan Espinoza Posted over a year ago

Many of the opportunities that have allowed me to be where I am today are because of the hard work, dedication, and commitment of Mrs. Huezo. Mrs. Huezo was my biggest cheerleader, the one person I could go to and talk to about anything, who I could cry with, and who always helped push me forward. Mrs. Huezo was the reason I found out about the Simon Scholarship, the reason I attended Boys' State, the reason I learned about Georgetown and pulled the trigger on moving to a new place I had never known. I had never heard of Georgetown University, but the day the application was due Mrs. Huezo frantically helped me fill out the correct paperwork, provided me with the documents and transcripts I needed to submit, and helped me send in the application. She helped me mail in the documents so they would arrive on time and did everything in her power to ensure I had a shot at a dream school. Mrs. Huezo consistently stayed late to ensure that I had the resources and guidance necessary to succeed. In 2009 when I was applying to the Simon Scholarship, Mrs. Huezo again went above and beyond to ensure I had an opportunity. She worked with the staff, on her own time took the documents to the post office in order to rush them, and worked with my mother to ensure I had the proper documentation. Mrs. Huezo always went above and beyond to ensure that all of at Segerstrom had a chance at every opportunity. Mrs. Huezo was a mother, an ever loving and caring human being who had more than enough love to go around for everyone. Mrs. Huezo was the person in your life who did not need to get upset at you, she simply had to say she was disappointed in you -- and your world would come crushing down. Mrs. Huezo will and always fights for all of her students.

Brenda Trujillo Sanchez Posted over a year ago

I first met Mrs. Huezo in 2017 through my position with Reality Changers. Reality Changers is a nonprofit organization based in San Diego that recently expanded to Orange County in 2016. In Orange County, Reality Changers partners with high schools and other community based organizations to provide our College Apps Academy, a program that supports first-generation students from low-income backgrounds through the entire college application process during their senior year. Segerstrom High School is one of Reality Changers partners and I've had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Huezo these past three years. As the Higher Education Coordinator, Mrs. Huezo's commitment to the students and their families is evident; she goes above and beyond to provide the students with the resources necessary to help them become college and career ready. She plans events throughout the year for the students and in particular, I have witness her keep the doors of the Higher Education Center open after hours to help seniors during the college application process. The students I work with every year always talk about how much they appreciate Mrs. Huezo and the support she gives them. Furthermore, she has become one of my mentors. In 2017, I had recently finished my undergraduate education at UCI. I was and am still very lucky work alongside Mrs. Huezo; I appreciate her vast knowledge in higher education, the college application process and her willingness to share what she knows. I have grown as an educator these past three years and I can confidently say that Mrs. Huezo helped with this growth. I recently shared my desire to pursue my masters and Mrs. Huezo was quick to give me advice and support this goal of mine. Mrs. Huezo has changed the lives of her students and many other people, including mine.

Betsy Pena Posted over a year ago

It has been an absolute honor to collaborate and work with Mrs. Huezo. Her passion and endless care for her students is truly unmatched. She pours her energy in helping all of her students find their own path and direction, no matter the starting point. From working with her on different outreach workshops, it is evident that she searches high and low for any and all opportunities that will promote the growth of her students. Her drive and commitment is an inspiration to all those she interacts with - students, educators, and community partners. Mrs. Huezo is more than deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Dorilyn Toledo Posted over a year ago

It is an honor and a privilege to have been a student under Mrs. Huezo. Her Higher Education Center was a resource that enabled an average high schooler to become a top student. The constant motivation and ample amount of resources put college in my path. She constantly made sure every student knew college is a viable option and colleges want us through the various extracurricular opportunities she informed us about. I’m honestly surprised she remembered me and developed a rapport with me, given the amount of people she serves. She helped me through my first application, first interview and job, congratulated me on my awards, and checked on my mental health and family. And I’m only one person. I cannot imagine the amount of people she has supported. Her compassion inspires me. She’s highly respected and someone to look up to. Through UCI’s Center for Educational Partnerships, I returned as a student assistant for the HEC to give back to the people and programs that gave so much to me. Now I get to add a job to that list. I am in constant awe in the way she takes on her heavy workload with grace and joy. She is incredibly talented yet she dedicates her time to help students. Her humility only proves to me how much she deserves the world. To put it simply, Mrs. Huezo changed my life and several others.

Laurie Blois Posted over a year ago

I have had the honor of working with Adriana at Segerstrom High School for five years and have always been impressed by her professionalism and dedication. Everything she does for our school is done well; it is clear that she puts time and effort into every undertaking, and the students and staff all benefit from her work. She is committed to helping students succeed beyond high school and ensuring they have the information, access, and opportunity to pursue college. From the moment students begin their freshman year, she is organizing meetings and events that enable our students to plan and dream. Students learn about their own interests, available majors and colleges, the application process, and financial aid. Her work provides much needed opportunity and access for our students, and the countless hours she puts into making the college planning and application process easy for them has made such a difference on our campus and in the lives of our students. Adriana is an inspiration to us all, and I can confidently say she has changed many lives on our campus for the better!

Martha Rivera Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing and working with Ms. Huezo for the last seven years. Starting in my career with a focus in college access, I found my interactions with Adriana to set the tone for my goal in partnership and collaboration with a school site: one of relationships and collaboration. Adriana's belief and practice that it takes a village results in collaboration within the school, district and community partners in benefit of students. I thank her for the opportunity to learn from her in my continued practice of college access and I look up to her as a mentor and leader. In Adriana you will find an individual with an unwavering belief in students, strong work ethic, but, I think very importantly, an individual with a community mindset. Adriana Huezo is a life changer, not only for students, but for everyone around her because she impacts everyone with her warmth, vision and inspiration. While I transitioned out of my role in college access, I now have the continued opportunity to collaborate and work with her as a colleague and I knew that upon starting in my role, her door would be one of the first ones that I would knock. It is my humble belief that Adriana is not only deserving of this award, but, of many more for the community transformation that she so passionately continues to develop with her school, families and community.

Ivan Miranda Posted over a year ago

Adriana has been a shining light of empowerment to all our students in my 12 years here are Segerstrom High school. Since I have mostly taught seniors, I am well aware of her work creating opportunities for our students to learn about the college entrance requirements and challenges. She find creative ways to engage students into putting in the required time and effort to look forward and plan their next steps. She has college representatives at our school lunch seemingly all year long. She organizes workshops, as well as college tours which greatly benefit out students. Kudo's on this well deserved accolade Adri!!!

Marcy Maldonado Posted over a year ago

I first met Adriana in Spring 2018 when we began a partnership with Segerstrom High School and Irvine Valley College. As a college counselor, I have seen how passionate Adriana is about helping students pursue successful careers and higher education. Adriana is constantly on the 'run' making sure that something is going on in the Higher Education Center at SHS. From workshops, to college and career fairs, to information college sessions, application workshops, financial aid workshops, family nights and more, Adriana make sure that students are getting the resources they need to be thriving and successful adults once they cross the graduation line. Adriana has a beautiful welcoming personality and will always greet you with a big hug. She is so passionate about helping her students and genuinely cares about their personal and professional lives. Adriana is very deserving of this renegotiation as Lifechanger of the Year!

Sean Decker Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Huezo at Segerstrom High School for many years. Her passion, knowledge, commitment and dedication to our students is truly world class. Ms. Huezo’s experience and her ability to connect with and help our students navigate into the world of higher education make her one of the most effective educators I know. She is a joy to work with, both the students and staff at our school are fortunate to have her as an educational leader at Segerstrom!

Rosa Diaz Posted over a year ago

I first met Adriana when I was a student at Santa Ana High School and I received the opportunity to do an overnight stay at a local university. Adriana was one our counselors and mentors on the trip. As a student, it was wonderful to meet someone who was so caring, knowledgeable, supportive, and someone who understood my cultural perspective. She was an example of what a female Latina could become if you worked hard and believed in yourself. Since that initial meeting, I have reconnected with Adriana after I became a professional working in the area of college access through community based organizations. Although I hadn't seen her in years, she immediately remembered me and gave me the warmest of hugs. As a colleague, I have witnessed Adriana's willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to help her students. Whether she wakes up extra early to meet her students before the bell rings or whether she takes a "vacation day" to go visit her past students at their colleges, Adriana does it all with a smile. She is always thinking of ways improve her outreach, both to students and parents in our community. She has worked hard by identifying community partners and creating programming in which the community and school administration come together to provide services to students and parents from her community. I am humbled by her drive and work ethic and hope that one day, I can be half as good as she is at her job. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that that there aren't enough ways to capture Adriana's impact in our students and our community, we just know that it is a simple truth. Adriana is deserving of this recognition and many more!

Patricia Ortega Posted over a year ago

Adriana is the Higher Education Coordinator for Segerstrom, one of our high school partners. We are community college program that is designed for underrepresented and first generation students interested in transfer, and we coordinate with Adriana to recruit students interested in the community college route. I cannot express enough how Adriana's passion for her work and unique skill set play a role in student success both at Segerstrom, and once they arrive at Orange Coast College (OCC). I have come to learn about her ability to bring programs to fruition at a higher level while still remaining incredibly accessible to students, using high touch methods whenever possible. As soon as I saw the email for her nomination, I knew it was well deserved. Just one recent example of her passion to help students was this week. We have an event to assist students in their next step towards fall enrollment, and had emailed and called every student to sign up for the event. With school and other responsibilities, students may not have received or understood the importance of the communications, and we had about half the workshops filled. Adriana, however, truly understands what it's like to be a high school student, and made significant efforts over the last two days to coordinate with us, meet with students in person, and have them sign up for the workshop. We now are nearing capacity, and this is a win win for Segerstrom, OCC, and most importantly, each individual student involved. Adriana is an amazing counselor and high school partner, and I am in full agreement - we are all blessed to work with her! Congratulations Adriana!

Cristina Flores Posted over a year ago

Through my position with UC Irvine Early Academic Outreach program, I've had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Huezo for nine years. As the Higher Education Counselor for Segerstrom High School, she leads the schools efforts is creating a college going culture. Through the years she has cultivated a strong sense of scholar identity in her students. Beyond providing substantial support to her students, she has also become a mentor to other college access professionals. I always look forward to collaborating with her because I know it will be a learning experience. While providing support and encouraging growth, she sets high standards for self and her department. As a colleague, I am grateful for her support and inspiration.

Patrick D. "Mr. Patrick" Yrarrázaval-Correa Posted over a year ago

Adriana Huezo has been a life changer since I met her in the late 1990s. Her passion for helping youth reach their fullest potential has no limits. Part of that passion is rooted in her own personal story, and the excellent choices that she has made in her life. Part of that passion is rooted in her incredible receptiveness to trust in her mentors, of which there have been many. This unique combination of nature and nurture place Ms. Huezo in a unique position to serve as a powerful role model for students and colleagues alike. Countless lives have been improved through the support of Ms. Huezo, and she continues to touch the lives of youth day after day, year after year. She is one of my personal heroes, and I am proud to consider her a friend and a colleague.

Jeanett Castellanos Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Adriana for over 20 years. Her work is exceptional - community centered and driven with passion and unflappable dedication. Her reach in education is at multiple levels facilitating an impact that make is not commonly witnessed. A visionary and well-rounded leader, she understands the importance of connecting with families, students, the community, and the various educational systems. Widely connected across the state, she has key contacts that enhances a smooth pipeline for our youth while fostering rich partnerships with higher education institutions. Further, she has a deep understanding of the role of culture in college decisions and understands the various factors that contribute to families' college processes. In a time where the state of California continues to see a changing canvas, Adriana is leading the way with her exemplary efforts and partnerships that maximize resources, networks, and outcomes. A mentor, role model, leader, and invested community advocate, she is an excellent fit for this honorable recognition.

Denisse Jover Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Huezo is a role model for counselors and school staff everywhere. She exemplifies what it means to be a caring educator and passionate member of her community. From the moment I met her, I knew she was a genuine and kind soul that was always contemplating ways to bring change and information to her students. Her collaboration working with community based organizations is evident as she continues to build relationships that will help her students put their best foot forward. What I also truly admire about her is her collaborative spirit and willingness to share her wealth of knowledge to teachers, counselors, and community members to support all students. Adriana Huezo has the love of her students, colleagues and the community and recognizing her as a LifeChanger of the Year would be highlighting all of the people she has impacted throughout her life. She deserve this and more!

Neil Stevenson Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Adriana for 15 years and have never seen anyone more dedicated to their craft. I feel a few people in this world deserve accolades such as this and Adriana definitely is a person who deserves this and more. She exhaustively works countless hours with amazing enthusiasm and vigor. One can tell she both takes pride in her work and has and insatiable love for helping young people succeed. I’m proud to work with her and know the students at our school have the best chance for their future. Way to go Adriana and good luck. You deserve the recognition

Lillian Altamirano Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Ms. Huezo for the last 12 years. Deeming her an asset to both our school and community only downplays the role she plays in the success of our students. She works hard before the school year starts and well after the school year ends to ensure the success of our Santa Ana student population. She connects our students with both college and career options that not only connect students to their strengths, but also their academic and career related passions. One of her most powerful qualities is that she is a lifelong learner. Each year she comes with fresh, new ideas to guide our students even further into their post secondary success. In addition to all she does to prepare our students for life after high school, she also works with our parents, ensuring that they are not only comfortable in the post secondary decisions of their students after high school, but that they navigate life after high school with confidence. She is a mentor to both our student population and also our parent population. She is well deserving of this honor and achievement.

Margaret Segalla Posted over a year ago

It is an honor and a privilege to work with Ms. Huezo, the consummate professional whose commitment to students makes us all want to be better and work harder. Her warmth and kindness is the only thing she possesses in more abundance than her professionalism.

Thomas M.Pfeifer Posted over a year ago

Few people on the planet actually transform young people into outstanding members of our community.Few people have the energy, drive ,or passion to endure the long term commitment necessary to undergo such a monumental challenge.Adriana Huezo is not only an asset to Segerstrom High School,to the city of Santa Ana, or to the County of Orange.Adriana Huezo is an American Hero.She has touched thousands of students from Segerstrom High School by making a college education an academic and financial reality.

Sunny Tamaoki (Math Teacher) Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Huezo as a colleague since the opening of Segerstrom High School. She provides an amazing level of support for our students in preparing them for college and career. She works tirelessly to help our students and is always available to anyone who walks into the Higher Education Center that she maintains and runs. I have personally seen her working on weekends and after hours spending her personal time to help create and maintain many innovative programs and events for our students. One such program/event is the Junior Push day during which all Juniors (11th graders) spend the day rotating through various seminars/booths to learn about various college opportunities (from community college to UC, private), financial aid and leaning to be prepared for the college application process. This is only one of many programs/events that she has created, managed and run in addition to counseling the students on various college and career matters. She is absolutely amazing!

Joseph Tagaloa Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Huezo has done a tremendous job as the Higher Education Coordinator at Segerstrom High School. She works diligently to provide support for all students pursuing a higher level education. The time and commitment that Mrs. Huezo puts into her work allow all the Segerstrom students to have opportunities for scholarships, summer programs, internships, workshops, and college admittance. There is no doubt in my mind that Mrs. Huezo's contribution to Segerstrom's students as the Higher Education Coordinator is the reason that Segerstrom High School gets so many motivated students looking to better their future through education.

Edith Cruz Posted over a year ago

I am a alumni from SAUSD and now a proud employee of SAUSD. I started working with the Higher Ed. team last year and it has been a wonderful experience. Each of the Higher Education Coordinators bring their own strengths, especially Adriana. Adriana being the first Higher Ed. Coordinator in the district brings alot of experience and wisdom. This last year and currently I find myself turning to her for guidance and support. I am also amazed at her ability to continue to build and develop programs for our students. At her campus she implemented Career Sessions for her students. This activity revolves around a speaker in a specific field for students to come discuss this as an option for their future. In addition to this program Adriana was instrumental in bringing our first College Summer Bootcamp for our rising 11th grade students this last summer. This Summer Bootcamp was a program that students from all high schools could participate in. The team received great feedback from the students on this three day event filled with financial aid workshops, UCI & Chapman University field trips and college workshops. I am truly honored to work along her side, she is a great colleague and role model for me. She is a true life changer as she continues to impact the lives of everyone around her whether student or colleague.

Noemi Cardenas Posted over a year ago

Adriana Huezo is one of the most incredible educators I have had the pleasure of knowing. The passion, dedication and compassion that she brings to her work is evident in every single interaction she has with students, families, community members, colleagues and beyond. I, like many others throughout Santa Ana, was always very impressed by the significant connections she makes with everyone around her and the incredible memory she has for all of her students. She is a friend, mentor and teacher to anyone that walks through her door and a perfect example of serving our community by continuously inspiring young people to work towards their dreams. I have had the great pleasure of knowing her over the years as a Counselor, Higher Ed Coordinator, Mentor, boss and friend. As a supervisor, Adriana was continuously encouraging me to increase my professional capacity to better serve our students and allow me the opportunity to find my passion. Many of those skills I have continued to hone in the different positions I have held, but I would not have the confidence to tackle community relations if it was not for the giant professional pushes Adriana provided during my employment and my time as her student. It is evident in her work that Adriana loves what she does and that has provided me the motivation to continue working in direct human service: the knowledge of the impact that one person can make. Adriana is without a doubt a life changer and the most deserving professional of this honor!

Cristina Cardenas Posted over a year ago

Adriana Huezo is literally an Angel! She is the Beyonce of SAUSD! She has dedicated her life to mentoring, guiding, inspiring and building up students, their families and entire communities. She is an example of how passionate and caring individuals can transform lives. Personally, she was my counselor and guided me through the application process, then she became my boss as I completed my undergrad degree. She was my first role model in a professional setting and to this day she is the standard that I aim to follow. I consider myself blessed to have her in my life. She is deserving of this recognition for her genuine dedication to her students and for being the best human being.

Brenda Manra Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Huezo is truly a life changer and has made a tremendous impact on my life. It was because of Mrs. Huezo that I was able to attend Cornell University for my Bachelor's degree. As immigrants, my parents did not know English and even less about the higher education system. Mrs. Huezo was there with me every step of the way. It was also because of Mrs. Huezo that I realized I wanted to work with students. She gave me the opportunity to work with her in the Higher Ed Center at Segerstrom High School where I grew my passion for Higher Education. I now work as the Director of an EOP program and Mrs. Huezo still has a huge impact on what I do every day. I often find myself asking "What would Mrs. Huezo do? How would she organize this?" Mrs. Huezo is not only a mentor but is a woman that I truly admire for her passion, dedication, and impact she has on her students.

Natalie Yvette Ayala Posted over a year ago

I would like to celebrate and recognize Adriana for making a significant impact in my life. I attended private school from 2nd grade to 8th grade and I struggled with school to the point of almost being held back several times. Adriana introduced me to the Kids Investigating & Discovering Science (KIDS) program at UCI. After attending several of these programs it sparked my interest in the science field and boosted my self esteem. In 8th grade I was able to make a significant improvement on my GPA and as a result I received a presidential award for most improved student (signed by president Bush). In High School I performed well in my academics and was accepted into UCR. I graduated from UCR with a B.S. in Biology. I currently work in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the U.S. thanks to Adriana for her positive influence and leadership she has demonstrated to me. In 2018 I was even invited by Adriana to speak about my career as a clinical research coordinator to students at Segerstrom High School. This was so that students are able to see what careers are available in science other than pre-med. This event has left an impact on me and now I am driven to help others succeed in their career and education. Just like how it’s impossible to walk on the beach without making an imprint on the sand, the same can be said about Adriana. She leaves an imprint wherever she goes and the impact lasts a lifetime.

Kathy Mooneyham Posted over a year ago

When you look up the definition hero Ms. Huezo picture comes up. She truly is someone who has passion for our youth especially those living in difficult situations. She is genuine, caring, loving, passionate but most importantly she’s a servant leader. Those who have the opportunity to meet her are blessed. She establishes rapport with students and leaves a life time impression on anyone who crosses her path. She is truly the most deserving of this award, her hard work is evident. She’s constantly goes above and beyond for students. She’s been helping all students especially those first generation students for over 18 years; making an impact on their lives but most importantly is making generational change by exposing and motivating students to pursue a Higher Education.

Melissa Urena Posted over a year ago

Adriana Huezo was a college counselor in my middle school and high school in Compton, CA. She is the reason I first step onto college campuses and saw a world beyond where I was to where I could be. Not only was she instrumental for access to college applications, SAT registration, filling out financial aid forms, but she was also an absolute heroine at the critical finish line when I almost didn't apply to college for fear of not being accepted. Ms. Huevo went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I applied. And I was accepted to the campus of my choice. Attending college, traveling abroad, and so many other defining moments of my life would not have happened if it weren't for her. As an adult nearing 40, I often think back to a 15,16, 17 year old girl and am astounded by the vastly different course my life would have taken were it not for Ms.Huevo refusing to let me quit before even starting. It's not exaggeration to say that my career, home, and world travels are thanks to Adriana. I can't think of a bigger life changer than that.

Nata Shin Posted over a year ago

It is a great pleasure and privilege to work with Ms. Adriana Huezo everyday at Segerstrom High School. She is hardworking and dedicated to help students prepare for college and career. Her intelligence, knowledge and experience with higher education and organizations have helped many of our students prepare for a smooth transition to college and career. One of the many things I appreciate about Ms. Huezo is her problem solving skills. I have come to depend on her to help many of our students and family for her expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Adriana Huezo for the life changer of the year award.

Monica Guizar Posted over a year ago

I wholeheartedly support Adriana Huezo for the Lifechanger of the Year award. Adriana is a dedicated and compassionate professional who has impacted the lives of so many by providing guidance and assistance with their higher education goals. She deeply believes in assisting students of all socioeconomic backgrounds with achieving their higher education goals and provides much needed encouragement to students with setting such goals - including supporting those students who doubt their ability to attain said goals. I have had the privilege of knowing Adriana for over 33 years. She is truly a lifechanger in more ways than one.

Isabel Cardenas Posted over a year ago

I loved having Mrs. Huezo as my counselor at Segerstrom. She connected me with a mentorship program outside of Segerstrom and to university admission representatives that visited Segerstrom. Her support was essential to my college applications to the UCs and private institutions using the Common App. Thanks to Mrs. Huezo I ended up at Stanford University with a full scholarship for four years. In addition to academic support, Mrs. Huezo also got to know my whole family and was genuinely interested in what was going on at home and with friends. It was clear that she is a very unique and capable person. She can manage a thousand different things, remember everybody's personal goals, and encourage everyone in the higher ed center. All-around the best.

Edgardo Aguilar Posted over a year ago

Ms.Huezo was the Higher Ed Coordinator when I attended Segerstrom High School from 2005-2009. Being part of the first official graduating class, Ms.Huezo definitely helped shape my education career and to many others. Ms.Huezo took the time to get to know each of the students on campus and really inspire many of us to seek higher education. Being a first-gen student, Ms.Huezo spent countless hours to help with whatever I needed to be sure I was going somewhere. Years later, I still keep communication with Ms.Huezo as she has been a role model for myself. I am a current Grad student at USC pursuing a degree in School Counseling and I owe part of that decision to her as shes a leader who I want to be like when I start in the profession. Ms.Huezo deserves this Life Changer of the Year Award.

Frania Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Ms. Huezo helped start my academic trajectory. Beyond the many college workshops, she organized, she made pursuing education culturally congruent for my parents. As the oldest in a strict Mexican household, the idea of attending leadership programs outside of school hours or moving away for college was not an option for girls. My parents had limited knowledge of the American education system, and so understandably their strictness was rooted in their wishes to protect my siblings and I. Ms. Huezo intimately understood this dynamic, and she went above and beyond to collaborate with my parents and help them understand the education system. Ms. Huezo’s efforts opened my world to possibilities beyond Santa Ana, and in turn, positively changed my life and my family’s forever. Her intervention and guidance allowed me to attend summer overnight leadership programs throughout the country and eventually a move away for college. Thanks to Ms. Huezo’s guidance, my siblings attended highly regarded universities throughout the country and I am pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. Ms. Huezo shifted a cultural paradigm in my family that will be felt for many generations to come. We are just one family, I can only imagine how many more families in SAUSD Ms. Huezo has positively impacted forever.

Pauline Nguyen Posted over a year ago

I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award than Mrs. Huezo. I was a student ten years ago and don’t know where to start with how much she has impacted my life. Mrs. Huezo has a great energy and presence towards students, staff, and the community. In high school, she helped me with college applications, internship interviews, and securing my first-ever job! And at Nordstrom for that matter! Mrs. Huezo always took the time to help, and every advice was absolute gold, whether it was personal, professional, or academic. She shaped me into the confident, independent woman that I am today. I know my peers feel the same way about how Mrs. Huezo prepared us for the “real world” because we still talk about it to this day! She has impacted countless students over the years and not only molded their lives, but also created a better community. This influence is the embodiment of National Life Group’s value of “Do Good. Be Good. Make Good.” Mrs. Huezo has always and will always be an important role model in my life. FELICIDADES!

Hannah Nguyen Posted over a year ago

I wasn’t blessed to have Ms. Huezo as a high school counselor however her support and guidance, hands down, played a crucial role in me getting into college. Ms. Huezo, a family friend, took the time to make sure I, and others, had the opportunity to participate in summer enrichment programs that gave me the exposure to higher education and guidance for the college application process. These opportunities made college seem achievable, especially for students, like me, who came from socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. I am forever grateful for Ms. Huezo and those transformative experiences. Her passion for students and higher education is inspiring. I’m now a proud graduate of UCSC Class of 2006. Thank you, Ms. Huezo!!

Esteban Syala Posted over a year ago

I congratulate you, Adriana! Well deserved recognition. You are a great inspiration to all your Family! Your guidance of all the young students will make them reach for a better future. Keep up the excellent work! We are very proud of you! Sincerely, Esteban Ayala

Nivia Gallardo-Ayala Posted over a year ago

We are so proud of you, Adriana! Thank you for unselfishly guiding our students of today towards great futures. You have provided them opportunities to become successful citizens and leaders of future generations!

Judith Garcia Posted over a year ago

I am so proud that My good friend Adrian’s Huezo has been nominated for this award. I met Adriana Huezo since 1991 when I transferred to the University of California Irvine. Since I have known her she has been the most generous, caring, kind and compassionate person I have ever met. She not only dedicated her time to helping other classmates but she made it her passion to help younger students achieve the goals of higher education. She has always been my cheerleader in my own career goals, and my support through the ups and downs of achieving them. I, like so many others, have been touched by her smile and brilliant personality, and it has changed our life’s. I appreciate her and I hope you can consider giving her this well deserved recognition.

Judith Garcia Posted over a year ago

I am so proud that My good friend Adrian’s Huezo has been nominated for this award. I met Adriana Huezo since 1991 when I transferred to the University of California Irvine. Since I have known her she has been the most generous, caring, kind and compassionate person I have ever met. She not only dedicated her time to helping other classmates but she made it her passion to help younger students achieve the goals of higher education. She has always been my cheerleader in my own career goals, and my support through the ups and downs of achieving them. I, like so many others, have been touched by her smile and brilliant personality, and it has changed our life’s. I appreciate her and I hope you can consider giving her this well deserved recognition.

Nivia and Esteban Posted over a year ago

Way to go Adriana!!! Thank you for guiding today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders!

Lucinda Pueblos Posted over a year ago

As a District administrator of the SAUSD, I had the pleasure to observe and work with Ms. Huezo as she developed a strong college going environment within our district. She is intelligent, dedicated, and determined to guide students and their families to develop and reach post high school educational goals.

Azza Carmona Posted over a year ago

Congrats Adriana! I was your colleague at UCI and saw your passion for helping our community start there. You also recruited me to speak to the students at Segerstorm. I was amazed at your ability to coordinate a career fair utilizing your network. The students were so attentive and being exposed to different career choices at a you age thanks to you! We need more people like you in the world.

Maria Ayala-Galvan Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of you and thankful to your colleagues for this well deserved recognition and nomination. You are an inspiration to me and your great nieces and nephews (with the size of our family that’s a heavy lift and you do it effortlessly). Your hard work and accomplishments are a reflection of the morals and values that transcend your personal and professional life. You are a true ambassador for our underrepresented community and walking example of what can be accomplished with compasión and hard work. Congratulations and best of luck to you. Keep up the great work. Love you!

Adriana Mondragon-Hill Posted over a year ago

I am forever indebted to Mrs. Huezo for her undying encouragement to reach my potential and pursue higher education while a student at Century High School (class of 2003). Mrs. Huezo was available to help me with scholarship applications, provide guidance about colleges, and link me to resources. Mrs. Huezo is a gem and gift to this world!

Katrina Callaway Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of working with Adriana Huezo over a number of years. As an administrator who has worked with thousands of professional educators and specialists I can say confidently that she is by far one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. Her work ethic, passion for students, and approachable demeanor are unprecedented. She engages with students throughout their high school experience to help them find their strengths, determine area of interest and ultimately shape their personal and academic goals. She works with students and their families to make those goals a reality. She challenges students to strive for excellence and supports them through that journey. Her impact on students last long after they have graduated. This is noted by the number of alumni who often return to the school to support academic and post secondary programs Mrs. Huezo has built. Her innovation and leadership are easily identified through the amazing programs and events she coordinates and facilitates. She is extremely skilled at creating systems and structure that allow students to be served effectively.

Andrea Rojas Posted over a year ago

Adriana Huezo is one of those rare people who makes people feel like their potential is boundless. During conversations she has a way of asking simple questions that help you realize "oh that's what I want to do in life". She then helps you find a way to make it happen. Since coming to SAUSD in 2002 she has worked tirelessly to build the Higher Education program. Making attending College/University a reality for many students of SAUSD. Adriana does not only work with students, but also with their families. Educating and empowering them on how to navigate a process that can be intimidating. As you can imagine that means long days, late nights, and weekends. Her dedication and hardwork has earned her a reputation that reaches far beyond the boundaries of Orange County.

Nancy Bailon Posted over a year ago

Ms. Huezo was instrumental in my college application process in 2001-2002. More than the support on the transactional part of the process though, I remember what she made me feel throughout the process. Ms. Huezo made me feel loved, supported and more than anything she saw in me what I had yet to believe about myself- that I was worthy of attending college. While at no fault of their own, my my parents failed to see the importance of the process and countless scholarship receptions, Ms. Huezo was there to support and attend. I don’t think any of us will forget the day she was my “parent” at the scholarship dinner where I was the sole recipient of a 4-year, $40,000 scholarship. It was such a special night. Yes, I put in the work and got the grades...but as a first generation student, I wouldn’t have known how to navigate it all without her. Ms. Huezo has a true passion for her work, and that is evident in the countless seniors’ lives she has made an impact on.

Marta Sanchez Posted over a year ago

Adriana is a mentor to many of us in a professional level. I have the privilege of working with her in the position of higher education. Her positive energy and dedication can be seen my the countless hours she commits to her site.

April Gibbs Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege of working with Adriana Huezo as the Higher Education Coordinator at Valley High School. Adriana is a champion for first-generation to college students in SAUSD. She brings a wealth of experience from her work at UC Irvine where she began her career. As SAUSD's first Higher Education Coordinator, she set a high bar for the rest of the high schools in the district. We look to her as our mentor because of her longevity in her position. Within our team collaboration, she inspires us to think big so we can impact as many students as possible. It is through her leadership that we have been able to increase our college going culture on our campuses.