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Gamal Salama

Position: Principal
School: Merlo Institute of Environmental Technology
School District: Stockton Unified School District
City, State: Stockton , CA

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Gamal Salama was nominated by an anonymous friend.

"I have seen the big improvements that have happened at Merlo Institute since Gamal Salama took over as the principal," said the nominator. "He has inspired the students to do better and advance themselves and to have higher self - esteem within themselves."

Comments (15)

Hannah Niane Posted over a year ago

Mr. Salama: Congratulations on your nomination for this prestigious award. I appreciate having you as an administrator because of your level of commitment to bring out the best qualities in our staff and teachers. Your uncanny ability to organize and plan strategic initiatives make even the most challenging tasks seem effortless.

Jessica Hulsey Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Salama and watching him do what he does with others. I am better as a professional and as a person because of what I have learned from him. He cares deeply about others and the work that he does has had a positive influence on students, teachers, staff, families, and the community. I'm so happy to see him being recognized for the difficult work that he does every day. You are awesome Mr. Salama!

Angela Dunne Posted over a year ago

Mr. Salama is doing wonderful things for our District and the students and families we serve! I’m so impressed by all the wonderful things he offers at his school. What an awesome Educator!

margaret Guel Posted over a year ago

Mr. Salama, a real good leader and person. He has this energy about him that make you want to do your best always takes the time to recognize all. Welcomes Students, Staff and Community members with a highly happy spirit, and tells us what a good job we all do everyday He truly is the definition of a leader, and also a team player, never leaving any of us out. He truly deserves this recognition He brings a positive can do attitude.

Harjinder Hundal Posted over a year ago

I congratulate you, Mr. Salama! Well deserved recognition. You are a great inspiration to all of us! It is a great pleasure and privilege to work with Mr. Salama everyday at Merlo High School. He is hardworking and dedicated to help students prepare for college and career. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Salama for the life changer of the year award.

William Xenos Posted over a year ago

The culture of our site has improved immensely since Mr. Salama has joined us. He continually stresses that we are a family and it is apparent in his interactions with everyone on campus. He challenges and supports each of us in ways that help us grow as educators and leaders. He challenges and supports the students in ways that will lead them on a path to achieving their dreams in college and career.

Christine Wehner Posted over a year ago

Mr. Salama is a wonderful administrator and leader to work for. His positive spirit has truly impacted the Merlo community. Much of what we have been able to accomplish over this past year would not have been done without his leadership or support. All who come into contact with him walk away a better person.

Anthony Arinaga Posted over a year ago

The man is everywhere. Keeps his energy level up and it flows to the students. When you want someone to get to the point he is also there. I don't think there is a student and or involved parent that is not aware of who he is.

Alexis Suarez Posted over a year ago

First and foremost, it has been an honor to work with such a dedicated Principal. Everyday Mr. Salama is in high spirits and full of energy that he spreads not only to his staff, but to his students. He assists me with my growth as a professional, showing me to always be a team player, and encourages me to always do my best. Mr. Salama is someone I look up to, and hope, I can be just as much of a great leader as he has been to me.

Liz Anaya Posted over a year ago

Mr. Salama has made such an impact within our school. Not just with our students, but staff, teachers, and parents. He always takes the time to recognize us and our work. He welcomes us every morning with a highly happy spirit, and tells us what a good job we all do everyday, really everyday! He truly is the definition of a leader, and also a team player, never leaving any of us behind. He has brought a lot of positively energy to our school site and we are beyond thankful and pleased to have him as our leader.

Joseph Rubio Posted over a year ago

Mr.salama has made me a better worker by pushing me to advance..the way he does things will make u improve if u just go with his plans they work great.Hes a real good leader and it shows with great results..thanks mr.salama for a good push to make me better..i can see why u were picked for this award..??.

Hector Posted over a year ago

Mr. Salama has many admirable qualities along with his lively energy. Appose to other methods of leadership Mr. Salama is great at working with those who need it, furthermore guiding but allowing you to be creative. Since the arrival of Mr. Salama the impact I as a classified employee can have on the students learning has never been more clear. Because of Mr. Salama's genuine desire to help students better themselves, I've witnessed staff and parents step forward and strive to make a difference in Merlo Institute students. He is the type of person and leader that makes the "workplace" feel gratifying causing your day to go by too fast.

Christopher S. Anderson Ed.D. Posted over a year ago

A true leader and partner. It is great to have someone to work with who is as dedicated to improving the lives of our students as much as I am. He brings a positive can do attitude to everything he does and respects and lifts up all who are around him. His leadership has inspired all of us to accomplish anything we set out to do. Before he came to this campus I was ready to toss in the towel; now I am energized and growing as a professional and an individual. I consider him more than a colleague; I consider him a friend and it has been a long time since I have been able to say that about any leader I have worked with over the years. He truly deserves this recognition.

Denise Wyatt Posted over a year ago

This is what I can say about Mr. Salama...He is a leader who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. He sets a good example and from the very beginning he came with empathy and this is all how our Merlo Team was formed. I am gracious to be apart of this team. I worked with a wonderful group of people!

Evangelina Ramos Posted over a year ago

I strongly admire what Mr. Salama brings to Merlo. He is the type of person that knows how to give positive praise and encourage those around him to take part in what the task is at hand. Mr. Salama rolls his sleeves up and gets to work right by your side to ensure that he too is taking part to ensure that the task is complete. He is the type of leader that will guide you and encourage you to do your best and be your best at all times. Students, staff and community members see this and we are all very happy to work with him.