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Jessica Bergner

Position: Health Teacher
School: Waiakea High School
School District: Hawaii Public Schools
City, State: Hilo, HI

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Jessica Bergner was nominated by Megan Kimata, a student.

Mrs. Bergner is a teacher who makes you excited to come to class. She's the type of teacher who is so passionate about what she does. Mrs. Bergner is not only a health teacher, but the coordinator for many health events that go on at school, such as CPR trainings and certification classes. She is so willing to provide opportunities for her students to make sure they are ready for their futures. Mrs. Bergner is always willing to help people and inform everyone about what they can be giving to others. 

When walking into Mrs. Bergner's class, you can feel the compassion and positive energy she shares with everyone. You can feel her passion to help others in the all of the posters she hangs up and displays. You can feel kindness simply by being around her. She always finds ways to make everyone smile and ways for students to learn better. She always knows when something is wrong and always makes the situation better. 

Mrs. Bergner coordinates hands-on activities to provide students with the opportunity to be ready for many situations. These include first aid activities such as suturing, CPR, and taking care of wounds. She also brings in guest speakers to share their experiences. Throughout her class, students have received CPR and first aid certification, as well as the opportunity to put together school events such as CPR training, which was done school-wide. To make these events possible, Mrs. Bergner works with many members of the community, including various firefighter, to provide equipment and knowledge on these crucial situations. She not only takes the time to help her students, but she makes sure everyone in her school is ready for any event that may occur.

Mrs. Bergner is a woman full of heart and positivity. She brings good energy and shares it with everyone to create a fun learning environment. She always wants the best for her students and never fails to bring in new opportunities for them. Mrs. Bergner has taught students and faculty what it is like to have such a good spirit. She has taught everyone how important it is to care for others. Mrs. Bergner is truly a LifeChanger!