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Ashley MacCormack

Position: Preschool Teacher
School: Williamstown Elementary School
School District: Central Vermont Supervisory Union
City, State: Williamstown, VT

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Ashley MacCormack's nominator would like to remain anonymous.

Ms. MacCormack is a very thoughtful, caring teacher.  All students love her, and all parents want her to teach their children.  Prior students see her and always make it a point to stop and say hello.  She is respected by her co-workers and students' parents. 

Preschool is the most important first step in formal schooling, and she wants all her students to have a positive experience.  She teaches the core curriculum where all the fundamentals are met, but her teaching method doesn't stop there.  It's not all about technology.  She is more about teaching her young students to make good choices, to have social relationships, and to have discussions using words, not anger. She teaches them to control their actions and emotions, to follow directions, to get involved, and to get along with others. 

Ms. MacCormack goes above and beyond the requirements of a preschool teacher.  Her week doesn't always end on a Friday.  She has been known to arrange a few weekend family outings, from providing free tickets for a museum entry, to organizing an apple orchard trip for her students and their families, all on a Saturday.

Her classes have planted seeds, nurtured the plants, and watched the outcome of their hard work.  She has mentored high school students with potential interest in teaching and gives feedback on their projects.

Ms. MacCormack has written grants for supplies in her classroom.  There are always spare clothes for students who have forgotten to bring them from home or have a need because of an emergency.  She shares toys and stuffed animals and has done potty training for those who need it.  Like all teachers, she is always finding or buying items for her room. 

She celebrates her students' accomplishments in many ways, such as by throwing a pajama day or two.  She loves to teach them life skills such as cooking and following recipe directions.  They have made waffles and even pancakes from scratch.

"The changes she is making in her students' lives are subtle, but all her students remember her with love," said the nominator. "She is a very dedicated teacher and a loving mom.  She is very deserving of this!"

Comments (6)

Darcy Turco Posted over a year ago

She greets the kiddos with a warm smile everyday! My daughter thinks the world of her and wants to be with her all day, everyday and cries when she cant! Thats all because of this beautiful ladies approach to education! Shes not just building these kids foundation for school years to come but shes building it with love and so much care! She makes them feel safe and secure and makes them want to learn without limits! Its the best form of education any parent would want for their child! Our family adores her and its great dropping our child off knowing she is in amazing hands and we dont have to worry at all!! What she does goes beyond teaching because she loves the kids as if she is each ones very own mom! That all by itself makes her worthy to get this award!

Shannon Posted over a year ago

My family has been fortunate enough to have Mrs. MacCormack as a teacher TWICE over the past 8 years for siblings with very different needs... and she just gets more wonderful each year. ?? In addition to her consistently warm, competent, and positive approach, she has an uncanny ability to listen so intently to each child, and treat them so respectfully that they have no doubt they are important in this world. She clearly loves the children she teaches and it shows. Make no mistake though: her kindness does not mean she does not have high expectations for her students. She provides top-notch education beyond ABCs including everything from academics and independent thought to social-emotional skills and being a good citizen. She teaches it, models it, offers plentiful opportunities for it and praises progress and effort alongside achievement. Kids WANT to do well in her classroom because of the relationship and culture of community she builds with them. This district is incredibly fortunate to have her influence on the early learning experiences of its youngest learners. I can't think of a more deserving nominee!

Jolee Posted over a year ago

Ashley is just a lovely human being! She has such a warm, caring nature! And what a wonderful introduction to education she gives our children! Williamstown is so very lucky to have her!

Lauren Posted over a year ago

She is the best!!!! She deserves this. My son is in his second year of preschool with her and has grown and learned so much from her. She also genuinely loves and cares about her students and it’s obvious. Said she can’t be his teacher every grade level! ??

Carrie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. MacCormack is a rare gem. She understands each of her students needs, strengths, challenges and addresses with love and care. She has made a lasting impact on our son and his peers.

Laurie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. MacCormack is patient, caring, dedicated and a blessing to her students and their families. She is very deserving of this award!