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Vivian Pitts

Position: Bookkeeper
School: Gray Elementary School
School District: Jones County School System
City, State: Gray, GA

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Vivian Pitts was nominated by her superintendent, Charles Gibson.

Mrs. Pitts began her career with Jones County Schools in 1973, serving as a personal finance teacher.  Mrs. Pitts later became the media specialist for Maggie Califf Middle School.  During her career, she also served as a cheerleading coach.  Currently, she serves as the school accountant for Gray Elementary School, where she is loved by staff and students alike.

Mrs. Pitts is an icon, both at her school and at the local high school basketball games, where she has held the role of official scorekeeper for 40 years! In addition to her work at the school and with the basketball program, Mrs. Pitts is active in the community as a member of her local church choir. She and her sisters enjoy singing and performing at local community events. Her peers and the entire Jones County community consider her to be one of the greatest influencers through her work with the school district and in her service to the community..

"I cannot imagine a Jones County employee more worthy of the title, 'LifeChanger of the Year,'' said Gibson. "Mrs. Pitts' lifelong commitment to our school district and to her community has been changing the lives of young people and adults for almost half a century. This educator has made an impact on several generations of Jones County school children and truly embodies the very definition of LifeChanger."

Comments (74)

Brandon Morris Posted over a year ago

Where do I start? Mrs. Pitts is first off one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face. I graduated from GES in 2002, and anytime I see her she will come up and tell me hey and give me a hug, like I was still that 5th grader. She embodies what it means to be a great person.

Jennifer Smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is one of the most dedicated, honest people I ever met. It is a blessing the call her a colleague and friend.

Terri McNeill Posted over a year ago

I love that Mrs. Pitts is the first one I see in the morning. She always has a positive attitude, and a smile on her face. Thank you always being positive and supporting. I love you!

Phyllis Blount Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is a just what Mr. Gibson wrote and more. What person or child she have not touched what her loving spirit and warm heart. That’s Mama Pitts

Layla Frost Posted over a year ago

When I think of GES, the first person I think of is Mrs. Pitts. She is the bright smile that has met me at the door of the school since I was was 4 years old. I have known Mrs. Pitts what feels like my whole life and she truly is a "Life Changer". She brings a smile to everyone's face, she is an inspiration to every that she comes in contact with!

Monica Tritto Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is so deserving of this award! She has been a positive fixture in this school community for many years and is the first happy face we see when we enter our building each day. Her job is challenging yet her pleasant demeanor immediately puts everyone at ease. She is gracious, kind, generous and ALL the things that make living in this small town beautiful. We are incredibly blessed to have her!

Tawndee Dillard Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is always friendly and welcoming. If you need a hug or an answer to a question she is always willing to help. She is dedicated to her job and the students of the school.

Suzanne Brooks Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts has the gift of making everyone feel special. She has the best sense of humor and the kindest heart. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of recognition! Thanks for all you do, sweet lady!

Vivian Bucher Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is most deserving of the "Life Changer Award". Anyone who comes in contact with her will be blessed and touched for the rest of their lives. She is very humble and sincere in everything she does. I have personally known Mrs. Pitts since my 10th grade year and she is one teacher I will never forget. I have had the honor of calling her my teacher, my colleague, my mentor, and most of all MY Friend! I love you Mrs. Pitts.

Mary Alice Brown Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Pitts is the first face we see every morning and she always has a smile and a good morning. Her job is not easy and yet she is always kind. In the grand scheme of things I’m new to jones county but Mrs Pitts is a person that makes you glad that you live in a small town. She makes you feel loved.

Jamie Daugherty Posted over a year ago

You are an inspiration to us all! Your smiling face greets us every morning. You are an angel on earth! Thank you for always being so supportive and positive. We love you!

Buffy Butler Posted over a year ago

Thank you for showing me unconditional love and support. You've made my life and the life of my family richer.

Jessica Sires Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is the best! She has a great sense of humor and a a wonderful calming presence. She helped me many times over the years (often with the copier!) and was always kind and patient. Her love for her family, job, and the community was always evident. Love you Mrs. Pitts!!!

Tanisha Farley-Clark Posted over a year ago

There is so much that I can say about this phenomenal woman! She always made you feel welcome to come to her about anything. Her entire family is that way! She really cares about all the students...she is a dedicated worker and a value to our community!

Marty Harrington Posted over a year ago

Vivian, You have been there for everyone and in every way. You made my stay at GES a wonderful experience, but the most joy and laughter I received was when you would call me to sub and you would ask me if i was working at the “Caddy Shack” (Ingles). I always got the best kick out of that. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this honor more than you. You have seen a lot of children go through the school system in Jones County. I am so proud of you, but most of all I am glad I can call you my friend. I truly love you with all my heart!

Ferrell Cromer Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is a true blessing to know. She is one of the nicest, most dedicated, and truly genuine person I know. My 3 children were surely blessed throughout there years of school at Gray Elementary. Mrs. Pitts is most assuredly deserving of this Life changer of the year award! If there is a “Lifetime Service Award”, she certainly deserves it as well!! One great lady!!

Kristi Hursey Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is the absolute best ever! We love her to pieces. I have always admired her because of her precious personality and love she shows to those around her. She is certainly one of a kind and GES is blessed to have such a caring heart as one of the first faces we see when we walk in the door each morning. She demonstrates a positive work ethic and I know God graced her with His patience so she can handle all of us at GES. She is such a blessing to many.

Ouida Garrett Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts you definitely deserve this! You were always one of my favorite teachers. May God continue to richly bless you!

Valerie Greer Posted over a year ago

I left my Gray Elementary family 8 years ago and I STILL talk about Mrs. Pitts and how she always has a smile on her face! No matter how many questions I had or how many times I asked, she was aways so patient and wonderful!!

Leah Bodnarchuk Posted over a year ago

I had the fortune of being one of Mrs Pitts Junior Varsity Cheerleaders in the late 80’s. She will forever go down in my books as the epitome of kindness. She taught us to not only be good cheerleaders but more importantly good people. Amazing honor for an amazing woman!

Brandy Walden Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is an amazing person. She loves all of our babies. She always has a genuine smile for every person she encounters. She is a true gem to our school and our community.

Nellie Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts, She Is The Greatest Of All.

Heather Jackson Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Pitts is an amazing lady! She is a true blessing to so many in both our school and our county. She loves and cares for the children and each teacher. She always has a smile, a hug, and goes above and beyond to lighten our load. She is an asset to our community, as she helps out in many areas outside of our school. We are so grateful for Mrs. Pitts and it is a blessing to work with her each day!

Nancy Nash Posted over a year ago

One would look far and wide for a person who is more humble, more respected, and more admired than this sweet spirited lady. I’m proud to have been a co-worker for many years. Mrs. Pitts is true life changer to adults and children alike because of the support, the kindness, and the empathy she shows to one and all!

Crystal Sheppard Posted over a year ago

Always polite, pleasant and constantly inspiring! For how many years now? A true constant

Mershell Posted over a year ago

She was my teacher in the 9th grade and she deserves this reward. She was a sweet and honest person

April Wooten Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is an amazing women. She has the kindest heart ever. She is always kind to every one.

April Wooten Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is an amazing woman. She truly deserves this honor. I love her sweet spirit.

Virginia Phillips Posted over a year ago

I don't live in Jones County but my daughter teaches there and I have heard about Mrs. Pitts from her for years. Another daughter lives in Jones and her daughter attends JCHS. Mrs. Pitts is a legend. She certainly deserves this award and recognition.

Priscilla Towles Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts what a beautiful lady, your spirit speaks volume, a welcoming smile brightens any day and presence is always respected. "Life Changer of the Year" well deserved.

Dr. Stephanie Leggett Posted over a year ago

Mrs. PItts with much admiration is referred to as ‘my role model’! For many years, her smile, encouraging words, and wisdom have inspired me. She is dedicated to helping others in the community, including students, teachers, and parents. That dedication is not just for those at her school, but throughout our school district. Mrs. Vivian Pitts lovingly changes lives, just as she has done mine. She is more than deserving.

Helen Curlee Posted over a year ago

So please to see Vivian Pitts receiving this special acknowledgement of her commitment to Jones County. She is ,indeed, a wonderful asset to the community and a beautiful person inside and out.

Karen Stirk Lentz Posted over a year ago

Ms Pitts was a great influence in my life! Always kind and fair and truly cared for all of her students!

Heather Farrell Cox Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is very deserving of this honor. She changed the lives of countless young people in ways even she may be unaware. She is always positive, always encouraging, and ALWAYS geniune.

Brenda Sutton seabrooks Posted over a year ago

Congrats you earned this.????????

Sheri Moore Posted over a year ago

Mrs Pitts has seen so many of us through school and life! She is an amazing woman to look up to!! Love ya!!??

Casandra Richardson-Blalock Posted over a year ago

Well deserved Mrs Pitts! The epitome of greatness!

Arleatha Martin Posted over a year ago

You definitely deserve it!

Denise kitchens Posted over a year ago

One great lady.

Sherian Riley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts worked the front desk of Gray Elementary when I went there 25 years ago. She was wonderful then and she is wonderful now. She is such a pleasant person and has always been helpful. Gray Elementary, actually Jones County school system would not be the same without her. I am so glad my children got to go to Gray Elementary too because I know with her being there, even though she is not their teacher, they are in good hands.

Teresa Spencer Posted over a year ago

Hello hope all is well Congratulation

Nancy Whalley Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Pitts is the most amazing lady I know, she was my teacher in high school and then I had the pleasure to work alongside her for 11years at Gray Elementary. She is the reason I became a teacher at the age of 50. Mama Pitts has always believed in me and every student she has ever come in contact with, her many years of working/living in Jones county. To put it simply Mrs. Vivan Pitts is an angel God gave us all here on earth!

Amy Tyre Posted over a year ago

I worked with Mrs. Pitts many years ago when I was a young teacher at Gray Elementary. She showed me so much patience and kindness! Mrs. Pitts is truly a role model for us. She never tires of helping others. I feel very lucky to have worked with such a lovely lady!

Keisha Pitts Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Vivian Pitts has truly been committed to the Jones County school district and community. Her dedication is evident by the number of years she has served in education. Anyone who knows her, knows that her character speaks for itself. She is a role model to many, including myself. I admire her work ethic and the way she loves her family. I’ve never known her to be anything else, but a kind and giving person. She is the BEST mother-in-law anyone could ask for! I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of this award!

Mary Alice Brown Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is ever patient with her tribe at GES. She keeps us all together with a grace like no other. She does not lose her temper and is always there to lend an ear or just a hug . She is an excellent example of an amazing human being.

Angela Ard Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is so deserving of this. I have never forgotten the things she taught me in class. What a wonderful lady. ????

Robyn Pickett Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is always at GES with her warm smile. Her kindness is contagious. She is the face of GES. Mrs. Pitts deserves the highest honors for her positive impact in lives of so many young children, as well as the parents any staff at Gray Elementary.

Leslie Poythress Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Vivian Pitts is an active member in her church, work, community and most importantly is a blessing to her family and friends. Mrs. Pitts has contributed to the Jones County community through over fifty years of community service. This includes singing in events with the Barnes sisters, supporting the American Cancer Society, and volunteering her time in elementary, middle and high school and recreation ball games to support our young people. She is a role model to future educators to show what being a dedicated servant really means. She continues to be a role model to me after working with her in the Jones County School System and within the community for twenty-five years. I am very proud to have her as a colleague and a friend.

LaRue Wooten Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is a gem! She always has a smile on her face and a kind word. She is such a joy to talk to and be around. She is truly a wonderful lady and I am blessed to have met her and worked with her.

Jaymie Bailey Posted over a year ago

It is truly a blessing to know Mrs. Pitts. She is always smiling, positive and loving. I can not think of anyone else more deserving of being a Life Changer than Mrs. Pitts. She had touched so many lives. We love Mrs. Pitts! Thank you for being you!

Nancy Ellspermann Posted over a year ago

There is not a kinder more patient person than Mrs. Pitts. She never gets frustrated even when bombarded by teachers, coworkers,students, and phones ringing. She makes everyone feel welcome and important while smiling as she does her job.She even sings beautifully too.. To know her is to love her.

Nancy Nash Posted over a year ago

From the time we worked together many years ago to the current day, Vivian Pitts is a consistently patient and kind servant leader. Talented and humble lady filled with humility and grace.

Connie B Davis Posted over a year ago

I have always loved her....she was the best teacher I had she loved Unconditionally.

Christine Hunter Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Pitts is a real trooper like so. Many have said.that she's so kind every since I've been at the school she's been there to give a helping hand to who ever needed one and that included people outside of the school go mrs. Pitts .love you.

Tammy Craine Posted over a year ago

Mrs Pitts she is the best she was a great teacher to me many many years ago.Since I now have Grand kids at Gray Elementary its been great seeing her again.Mrs Pitts is such a great role model she sweet and kind and we are all blessed to have her in our school system for so many years.Thanks for all you do Mrs Pitts

Elaine Greene Posted over a year ago

What a deserving honor to a wonderful lady! As a volunteer at Gray Elementary, nothing makes my heart smile more than being welcomed by this lovely lady! Her teaching career and her daily functions at Gray Elementary are such an assets to the students and parents who know and love her. The Greene and Benton families love her so! Congratulations!

Debbie Farnsworth Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts, thank you for always making my days at GES great ones. I love you.

Faye Scott Posted over a year ago

Well deserved honor, Mrs.Vivian Pitts! You’re definitely an asset to Jones County!

Vicky Bivins Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Vivian Pitts is one of a kind. She is a genuinely good-hearted and loyal friend to everyone she comes in contact with. Vivian Pitts is a role model for everyone. Her kind spirit, her god-loving daily walk, and her dedication is shown throughout her daily walk. If I could be anyone in the world, I would want to be just like Vivian Pitts!!

Jean Bloodworth Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is one of the kindest, most organized,hard working, humble and loving people that I know. She always has a kind word and a big smile for everyone who comes her way. She never complains or speaks unkindly of anyone. She makes everyone feel important whether they are a child, parent, teacher, staff member or a member of our community. To know Mrs. Pitts is to love her. She makes our world a happier, brighter place by just being here. Love you, Mrs. Pitts!.

Lolita Moore Posted over a year ago

I absolutely love, adore, and miss Mrs. Pitts. She's a very caring, kind, and warm person. She's always willing to offer a helping hand with a smile. I enjoyed working with her while I was at Gray Elementary. She's definitely a life changer.???

Robin Waters Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts helps our school run smoothly every day. She has a positive attitude, and everyone who comes into the office is happy to see her and say hello. Her commitment and dedication cannot be matched. We love Mrs. Pitts!

Marianna Morris Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is the face of Gray Elementary School! She is the true definition of a dedicated hard worker! I can’t think of a better person to win the LifeChanger Of the Year award!

Kristen Beaver Posted over a year ago

To say Mrs. Pitts is a blessing to all she meets is an understatement! Her kind, loving and patient spirit hold our faculty and staff together. She does so much to support each of us and I personally would be lost without her. Definitely deserving of this honor!!!

Kristen Mimbs Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts is an amazing lady and I am very blessed to know her. She has such a kind demeanor, always has a smile on her face, and is willing to help anyone in any way she can. We are so grateful to have her at Gray Elementary!

Angela Watts Posted over a year ago

Vivian Pitts is an amazing woman who lights up a room with her presence. She is a positive force in our front office greeting our school families, students, and visitors with a smile and a helpful attitude. She goes above and beyond to make all of us in our school and in our county feel special and welcome. She also is a wizard at keeping us straight with all of our money in all of our different accounts. She has served our school community longer than anyone else. She leads with her positivity and we are a better school and community because of her hard work and example to us all.

Phyllis Blount Posted over a year ago

Mrs Vivian, is a person that never have a day. Her warm and caring personality, makes you feel the same whether not your feeling bad.

Trey Ogle Posted over a year ago

We love Mrs. Pitts! Like others have said, she is the glue that holds our school together. Her job is very challenging, yet she always does it with a smile and keeps us all straight. I love our conversations when we have them and it just shows how much she cares, if nothing more but than to listen. She has a wonderful spirit and we are blessed to have her! WE LOVE YOU MRS. PITTS!!

Katie Sneed Posted over a year ago

When I think of Gray Elementary, I think of Mrs. Vivian Pitts. She plays such a vital role in the day to day functions of our school. She is loving and kind, and she has a servant's heart. I love this lady dearly!!!

Lisa A Perry Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Vivian Pitts since I was in the 11th grade as she was my Economics teacher. She was a wonderful teacher, full of patience and kindness. She showed her students that she cared about them and supported them in all of their academic endeavors. I have had the privilege of working alongside her at our school for over 15 years. She is the glue that holds our school together! She is an active member of our community and is involved in a variety of programs. Her influence over the years reaches far and wide!

Melissa Spoon Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pitts serves one of the most important roles at Gray Elementary by working in our front office. She is always friendly and is a welcome, smiling face from the minute you walk through the door. She at the top of her game and helps keep our entire school in working order. She helps her community in many ways including basketball score-keeping, Grand Marshall of the Homecoming Parade, and a member of the Les Dames which does community outreach. We would all be lost without her! We love you Mrs. Pitts!

Angel Paschell Posted over a year ago


Angela Paschell Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Pitts is a hard working christian woman, who is always willing to help others and go the extra mile. She truly goes far and beyond.

Casey McCray Posted over a year ago

Mrs Vivian is dedicated to her job and school family. She is always willing to help a co-worker. She has been apart of the Jones County School system for many decades. We love Mrs. Vivian Pitts. She is a standout in the community.