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Brandon Cromwell

Position: Science Teacher / Assistant Athletic Director
School: Yukon Middle School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Brandon Cromwell was nominated by his spouse, Heather Cromwell.

"There are many words I could use to describe Brandon Cromwell: hard working, loving, supportive, joker, friend, loyal. The list could go on and on," said Mrs. Cromwell. "The phrase 'LifeChanger,' however, sums him up so completely. He pours his heart and soul into the betterment of others."

Over the past 21 years, Mr. Cromwell has been dedicated to making a difference inside and outside of the classroom. He began his career as a seventh grade science teacher and girl's basketball coach. The following year, he moved up to teach eighth grade science and has been coaching wrestling, cross country, and track and field ever since. Mr. Cromwell also serves as one of the two assistant athletic directors for Yukon Middle School. 

"In my experience as a classroom teacher for 22 years, I have noticed teachers who coach often have to live in the shadows of a very negative stereotype," said Mrs. Cromwell. "Many people believe a teacher who coaches is one to sit at their desk and give the kids 'busy work,' while they accomplish tasks to prepare for the next athletic event. Brandon is not that stereotype. He is a teacher first and a coach second. The crazy love he has for all things science and the joy he gets from sharing his knowledge with others is very apparent. He takes pride in his classroom and the success of his students. He makes it his daily goal to help prepare his students for the rigorous state test, as well as instilling a love for science in them."

As a three sport coach, Mr. Cromwell strives for excellence for each of his teams. He excels at building a positive rapport with his athletes, and he holds them accountable in and out of the classroom. He knows sports are often the only hook available to keep students engaged in the classroom and out of trouble. Often times, students only want to focus on sports and can be lazy in the classroom. In doing so, their grades can slide, and before they know it, they find themselves ineligible to compete. To help prevent this, Mr. Cromwell works closely with his athletes, as well as their parents and teachers. If he has a student who is at risk due to grades or poor life choices, he jumps right in to offer support and to find positive solutions to problems. He is quick to offer students second chances, and he tries his best to be a consistent, loving, positive role model for them. 

In addition to teaching science and coaching, Mr. Cromwell also serves as an assistant athletic director for football, wrestling, and track and field. This allows him many opportunities to work with and assist not only students, but teachers and coaches, as well. He works closely with the coaches to make sure they can help their teams reach their highest potential. He does this by helping with schedules, checking to make sure the facilities and referees are ready, assisting in hiring coaching staff, purchasing team equipment, and promoting all sports among the staff and school culture.

"Brandon has also been a coach to our son and daughter," said Mrs. Cromwell. "He has coached our daughter in cross country and track. He has coached our son in pole vault and wrestling. I have seen him through the eyes of not only a 'coach's wife,' but the mom of two athletes. I have watched him draw out the best in his athletes and instill confidence, courage, and resilience. The kids follow him from event to event on the track, listening closely and waiting for his approval and opinions. I have watched him as he has pulled each of his wrestlers aside after a match so they can learn and grow from the mistakes they may have made on the mat."

"To say that Brandon has given his life to making a difference in the lives of others is definitely fitting," said Mrs. Cromwell. "Whether he is in the classroom, at a sporting event, at church working with youth, or being a dad to our 14 year old twins, Brandon always has the interest of others at heart. He is a LifeChanger. Each day, he has the opportunity to work with our youth. One conversation at a time. One lesson at a time. One coachable moment at a time."

"Is it an easy journey? Of course not," said Mrs. Cromwell. "It takes hours of work above and beyond the typical work day. It takes patience, time away from family, endurance, and most of all, a love of children and lots of grace. He is one of the lucky ones. He can go home each day knowing he made a difference in the lives of his students and athletes. We, too, are lucky that he continues to make the choice to do so."

Comments (14)

Patricia Flanagan Posted over a year ago

I have known this young man’s dad and family all my life, and his outstanding attributes as a teacher and a member of our community are not an accident. My grandchildren were always excited when they had “Mr. Cromwell” as their science teacher, and as a former teacher I knew they would be taught more than the subject matter, they would be respected and loved.

Emily Schneider Posted over a year ago

As one of Mr. Cromwell’s former student and athlete I can say that he is truly extraordinary. Mr. Cromwell has made a huge impact on my life in a very positive way. Mr. Cromwell helped push me to strive for success and still does to this day. Wether it is helping me comprehend the difference between force and motion, or simply how to finish a race strong. I was also given the privilege to be a manager for Mr. Cromwell’s Wrestling team and experience his incredible coaching. Mr. Cromwell engages with all his kids and shows that he really cares for them. Even though I am no longer at the Middle school with Mr. Cromwell he still coaches me up and can always answer my questions when it comes to science.

Harriet Riggins Posted over a year ago

So glad to see Brandon is sharing his zest for science with his students. His kind heart continues to shine through to his students not only in the classroom but also on the athletic field. His students are truly blessed academically and personally that their paths have crossed. May Brandon be recognized for his positive influence to today's youth!

CYNDI watkins Posted over a year ago

This young man was born to guide our young people. He is a loving Christian family man. He has devoted his life towards teaching, coaching, and leadership. As a retired Oklahoma teacher I am so grateful to know that teachers like Brandon Cromwell still exist

Corey Duncan Posted over a year ago

As a former student and athlete of Mr. Cromwell, I can say he has had a positive influence on my life during my time with him. He was always a positive example for me and always had my back even at some of my worst moments. He was always some I could rely on. Mr. Cromwell always pushed me to be the best I could be not only just in sports but in school and life. Mr. Cromwell is someone to this day I can still reach out to and ask for advice on teaching and coaching. I’m proud that he got to be one of my coaches and his impact on me is still felt to do this day!

Ben Tess Posted over a year ago

I have known Coach Cromwell Since I was about 5. He has always been a great family friend and a caring and dedicated cross country and wrestling coach, as he strives for everyone to find the best version of themselves. He tries hard to connect with all of his students so they have someone to go to in need of help. He puts fun into everything, making each day to be around him a true blessing. Coach Cromwell is a true LifeChanger.

Abbie Lunsford Posted over a year ago

Brandon is a blessing to all that know him. He is an outstanding teacher, coach, husband, father, friend, and neighbor. He gives 110% in everything he does and never complains. He is positive in all things and is a light to all that know him. Brandon, along with his wife Heather, have given so much time, energy, and love to educate and positively impact our community.

Hayden Cromwell Posted over a year ago

Brandon Cromwell is not only an amazing father but the one of the best coach's and role models I have ever had. My father leads a great example for everybody around him, he always helps me whenever I need help with my classwork no matter how hard or how bad his day was. My dad also shows me how to work hard in the wrestling room, classroom, and leads me in the right direction at church. I believe my dad deserves this award because he is the best role model I have ever my life and he truly wants me and the kids around him to be the best person every single day. for example, everyday when my dad drops me off from school he tells me he loves me and I do the same and he always tells me to work hard and be a better person than I was yesterday. That is why I believe my dad should be given this award to because if is the best person I know and I aspire to be like him.

Vicki Stucki Posted over a year ago

I am only familiar with Brandon Cromwell by knowing him and his family since his childhood. This young man is a very dedicated, Christian, family oriented, teacher and coach. He is also respected by students, peers, and adults alike.

Billie Warsop Posted over a year ago

Brandon is such a blessing to our church. I love when he presents Children’s Church. It is always memorable and very meaningful to both the children and congregation. Brandon has always been willing to help and provides encouragement in every environment he is engaged it. We really appreciate all that Brandon does.

Katie Cook Posted over a year ago

Mr. Cromwell was one of my favorite teachers. He truly cares about his students and has a passion for teaching. I’m blessed to have had him as my teacher!

Chloe Cromwell Posted over a year ago

I think that Brandon cromwell should get this award. This is because he has done so much to help people. He is a science teacher and is also assistant athletic director, but he also coaches three other sports, which includes head coach for cross country, head coach for wrestling, and also head coach for track and field. He puts all his effort in to make there lives better. And when he is not coaching or teaching, he teaches drivers ed. He does this on the breaks or after school. He has touched the life’s of kids for 21 years. These are all reason why I think you should give this award to him.

Mary Ellen Thompson Cromwell Posted over a year ago

As his mother, I have to say everything Heather said is so true, but watching him as a teacher & coach, he cares with all his heart for every student that passes through his life. I have asked him, how he can give so much time & effort to teaching & coaching for the little he is paid... his answer, it’s a calling, not a job! A way to possibly make a small difference in a young persons life! I have seen it over & over again through his dedication & devotion to young people! Simply put, He Cares, he really cares!!

Richmond Logan Posted over a year ago

Brandon is one of the most genuinely kind people you will ever meet. Have been lucky to call him a friend for close to 40 years.