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Christie Talbert

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Central Elementary School
School District: Stanly County Schools
City, State: Albemarle, NC

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Christie Talbert was nominated by her friend, Paula Little.

"I begin working with Christie as her teacher's assistant in 2014," said Little. "While working with her, I have seen first hand what an amazing teacher she is. She has been teaching for 20 years, and during that time, she has made such a great impact on all her students. She has always made sure her students grow before going to the next grade. The parents of all her students respect her so much, and they see how she truly cares about the well being and learning of their children. Today, along with being a kindergarten teacher, Christie is the director of the Glee Club. She's also a part of other committees within Central Elementary. Aside from being a teacher and director, Christie is an amazing person and friend. Anyone who has met her knows how loving and caring she is."

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Drew Laucher Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Talbert is an excellent teacher. She taught my now 5th grade son in his first year of school as a kindergartner. In my work as a school counselor in a different elementary school, I see the difficulty that lies in teaching kindergarten-- working with students from such a wide range of abilities, yet still providing challenges and opportunity to grow for all. This balancing act is no small feat. I am forever grateful for the experience and foundation she gave my child to start him off on the right foot. My son came to her classroom already reading, and despite many others in his class not at the same level, he was not neglected or bored, she found a way to keep him engaged and challenged as s student amongst a variety of abilities in the classroom.