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Marti Campbell

Position: First Grade Teacher
School: Hawaii Academy of Arts and Sciences
School District: Hawaii Academy of Arts and Sciences
City, State: Pahoa , HI

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Music that Describes Marti

Marti Campbell was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Out of all my teachers, she has made the greatest impact on my life," said the student. "She sparked my love of learning and school, which has propelled me through the last 12 years of schooling. Her unique way of teaching ensured every student understood the subject and captivated all types of learners."

"For five years, my classroom was in the downstairs of her house where I, along with 17 other students, leaned everything from basic mathematics to Roman myths," said the student. "We were outside learning the same amount of material we were learning indoors. When we found a wasp hive in our play set outside, we put it on our nature table inside and watched the larva hatch. There was a lesson in everything we observed."

Mrs. Campbell has worked at HAAS for over a decade and has made significant contributions to her school. She has created a unique program integrating art, music, theater, and movement into all aspects of her curriculum, which adds to the overall atmosphere of the school.

"The environment she created in her classroom is better than any I have ever been in," said the student. "She had appropriate expectations for each student and made sure each of us reached our full potential. Although she is a no-nonsense type of teacher and doesn't tolerate bullying, she never raised her voice. She never needed to raise her voice. No one wanted to act out because she is the nicest, most nurturing teacher ever, and no one wanted to disappoint her."

"Although it has been six years since I have had her as a teacher, she continues to make an impact in my life and has always been there for me. I wish all my teachers could have been as amazing as Marti Campbell," said the student.