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Annie Krause

Position: School Counselor
School: Monroe Catholic Junior-Senior High School
School District: Catholic Schools of Fairbanks
City, State: Fairbanks, AK

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Annie Krause was nominated by Blanche Murphy, the parent of a student.

Ms. Krause is the counselor for a small, but very busy school that plays a large role in the community. She is a rock for students who are struggling or defiant.

"Annie was instrumental in making my child feel worthy and find alternative ways to express her grief, hurt and frustration," said Murphy. "When my child felt alienated by other students, Annie helped her understand her own role in the situation and how to avoid problems in the future. While my student does not always use the skills she is learning from Annie, they do get put to use on occasion and are definitely life-changing."

Ms. Krause can be found at school sporting events cheering the students on and setting a great example of school spirit and encouragement. She has endured difficult times, such as when a student had a serious accident. She shares these moments with the students so they can see her strength, grit, and perseverance, and so they have an example of how to cope with adversity.

"I am thankful for the role Annie Krause has played in my child's life, and for the assistance she has given," said Murphy.

Comments (17)

Vincent Fantazzi Posted over a year ago

As principal of Monroe Catholic High School I hired Annie Krause in 2008. It was the best choice I ever made as the leader of the school! She became a trusted colleague who I could depend on for an honest assessment and advice on issues that confronted our school community. Even in disagreement, I always valued her insights. She served as a conduit for me to our students, staff and families, and as so, she would be the first person I would consult when facing difficult situation or issue. Annie was a major player in reshaping the culture of the school. A school culture that was wrapped around our Jesuit educational philosophies that develop the whole person (Cura Personalis). A culture that nurtured students to be open to growth, intellectually competent, loving to others, religiously reflective and committed to doing social justice. Annie modeled these values in dealing with our students, staff and families. Annie’s immediate impact on the school was her obvious love of our students. They became “her kids”! She loved each and everyone of them, but most of all the “lost sheep”. The ones who were struggling academically, socially or emotionally. She not only worked miracles with these individuals but succeeded in helping our students and staff recognize and support them as well. We evolved into a community that was increasingly inclusive and more responsive to the needs of others. Evidence of Annie’s love for students can be viewed daily with the throng of students that assemble around her office between each passing period. Ms. Krause can never eat lunch in solitude as there is always a collection of students “hanging out” in her office. Even after school she has to shoo students away to attend meetings or just go home to to with her own family. While struggling adolescents and their families took up much of Annie’s time, she also found time in her day to reward and motivate our shinning stars as well. She helped to develop a partnership with the University of Alaska so that our students could take college courses and earn college credit as part of our curriculum. She helped prepare our students and their families to take the next step in their educational journey after high school. As 90% of our graduates go on to college, Annie’s concerns were not just getting them there but ensuring their success as well. Many of our alum will stop by the school for a “Annie hug” and to give “Ms. Krause” an update on their journey. She was also the MVP of the staff. She exemplified the behaviors and values I would like all of our educators and support staff to aspire. She was prompt, professional and thorough in carrying out her duties as counselor. Her presentations and publications that she prepared for our students and families were always polished and appealing. She was considerate and supportive of all of her colleagues, always going above and beyond to ensure everyone knew they were valued members of our community. She was always the first to give a hug when needed to whom ever needed one; a colleague, a student, a parent or even a stranger off the street. Annie exemplified Christian love for us all! In closing, I cannot say enough about the positive impact Annie Krause has had on the Monroe Catholic Community. She has dedicated her entire self to her job. Other than her family, there is nothing more important to her. She doesn’t worry if a task is not part of her job description. If someone needs help, she helps. If there is a task to be done, she does it. If answers are needed, she researches, prays and discerns. She is an amazing lady and deserves to be recognized for her contributions to our schools. Thank you, Annie!

Patty & Jim Walter Posted over a year ago

We have been fortunate to have Annie as one of our "ingredients" in raising our three boys. She is exceptional in her field and truly gifted in her ability to keep students on track and aimed toward meeting deadlines and making them aware of opportunities. But, more importantly, Annie walked with our boys. She watched them grow and evaluated their talents and sought out opportunities that would match the career paths that might interest them. She was invaluable in the partnership of choosing colleges and transitioning from high school to that next step. Life changer is a great characterization of Annie. Because it's not just the students that she guides. Those last few years of high school, in particular, are hard on parents who are both excited for their young adults to take this next step and sincerely terrified. Annie knows that. She's tremendously understanding and supportive of the whole family. I would not even dare to guess the huge amount of lives she has impacted and changed for the better but I know our school family is better because of Annie Krause. This is a well-deserved nomination for a stellar human being.

Traci Schaachle Posted over a year ago

Anne has been a tremendous part of the Family at Monroe – she has helped me personally with understanding my teenage daughter and assisting my children with getting into college. She helped my son get into Gonzaga and we are awaiting the decision (more than one college!!) on my daughter as I list! She is always there and helpful every time!

Rebecca Gilbert Posted over a year ago

I call Mrs. Krause “Super Annie” because of all the amazing things she does for our students. From guiding them in choosing annual classes to helping them sign up for college coursework, tests, and applications, to shepherding them through the traumas and troubles of daily life; Annie does it ALL. And she does it with finesse, loyalty, and LOVE. I can’t think of anyone who deserves an award more than this awesome woman.

Sarah Posted over a year ago

I got the chance to work with Annie and she cares just as much for her students as she does for the people she works with. She continually puts the needs of others as a top priority and loves everyone.

Sonja Thomas Posted over a year ago

Annie Krause is a beautiful and warm person with an amazing skill to impact the students she works with. She was instrumental in helping my daughter throughout her school years and continues to be a friend even after graduation. She is definitely deserving.

Kristy Parrish Posted over a year ago

Annie Krause is invaluable to Catholic Schools of Fairbanks. She is my unicorn. <3

Lisa Brose Posted over a year ago

Annie is one amazing woman! I truly do not think my son would have made it through high school without her assistance. She was there for him to vent his frustrations anytime, but more than letting him vent, she helped him see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is said that the best teachers know they have done a wonderful job when their students find their wings and don’t look back. While my son has flown far, and we no longer live in Alaska, I know she has been thought of often over the years, as we remember all that she gave to my son. Annie is so deserving of all accolades!

Gretchen Nelson Posted over a year ago

Amazing lady! A blessing to both my daughters!

Brooklynn Trigg Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Krause is by far the most incredible and inspirational woman this town has, she goes beyond expectations to comfort and care for each person individually. Her smile lights up the whole room. I may not be a student anymore but I still know i could go to her and be welcomed with open arms!

Kristin Bradshaw Posted over a year ago

Ms.Krause has been the anchor for my daughter in the stormy waters that sometimes happen in junior and senior high school life. My daughter knows she can turn to Ms. Krause for a listening ear, advice, and to help celebrate the big and small victories. Ms. Krause is approachable and truly cares for our students.

Alexis Tompkins Posted over a year ago

A truly amazing woman with a heart of GOLD!!!

Sarah Minkus Posted over a year ago

Annie is the best. I have worked at 4 schools and she’s far and away the best counselor I’ve ever had the honor of working with!

Kerry Halvarson Posted over a year ago

Truly deserved nomination!

Josie Halvarson Posted over a year ago

Words cannot even begin to describe how much Ms. Krause helped me my senior year 10 years ago. She always goes above and beyond for the students and no one deserves this more!

Chris Stepovich Posted over a year ago

This is an amazing tribute to someone who definitely deserves it!!!

Lyndi Krause Posted over a year ago

As Annie’s mom, I will testify to how hard she works! She is 100% dedicated to “her kids”! She is also a wonderful, supportive, loving mother, daughter, auntie and friend!