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Darryl Webster

Position: Social Worker
School: Houston Elementary School
School District: District of Columbia Public Schools
City, State: Washington, DC

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Comments (20)

Naeema D Hayes Posted over a year ago

Mr. Webster, this Mr. Webster that... Is one of the Very first names in my house during my daughter's first week at Houston.. Truly a pleasure to work with and a gentle soul for the children that need your Love and understanding. There aren't enough good words, titles that could be spoken referencing you! You are truly deserving of any and all accolades, Thank You for All that you do.

Lillian Freeman Posted over a year ago

Mr. Webster always follows through and finds the answers to any questions and is very competent and professional in dealing with clients and the public. He is Courteous and knowledgeable. Mr. Webster has change the lives of many in a positive way. Thank You Mr. Webster.

Angela Posted over a year ago

This man has a kind and giving spirit. Always ready to help and support his community. He supports the students at Houston in countless ways. From free bicycles to helping parents find housing.

Michelle Wood Posted over a year ago

Me. Webster has been an absolutely great social worker for myself and my son. Because of him my son doesn’t feel alone at school everyday. He has opened his door and heart to care for and comfort my child during his most complicated moments. Without Mr. Webster I’m not sure if my baby would be as successful as a student especially with him coming into a new school in the last year where everyone else has already had connections and friendships thriving. He’s even helped us with our home life. He’s a blessing to us all.

Erricka Cunningham Posted over a year ago

I remember the first time I met Mr. Webster, I was with another student who LOVES to come in his office to express problems or just wanted to be in his office to take a break. He asks me everyday about how I’m feeling and if everything is okay! There’s also other children that come into Mr. Webster office that go through personal family issues, needs emotional support, etc. He does everything he could to ensure that the student felt their voice was heard and he handled the situation with a great deal of empathy. With all of the paperwork and emails. He still made the time and commitment to support the students who was experiencing ANY difficulties. Mr. Webster really goes above and beyond to make ANYONE feel that they are worthy of whatever. He takes pride in his job!! There is no doubt that without his support, help and guidance there’s nothing! You’ve made an OUTSTANDING difference in the children’s lives and for that they will always remember you and be very thankful.

Jelikatu Kamara Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure to know Mr. Webster since 2017 as a colleague, social work field supervisor and now a mentor at Houston Elementary School. Mr. Webster embodied the knowledge, skills, and values that I have learned to value in social work. He was able to weave a safety net around me while, at the same time, allowing and encouraging me to spread my wings and fly. Mr. Webster has years of social work experience, and specifically in the school systems. I watched Mr. Webster interact in an spiritual way with administrators, students, families, and other challenging people when difficult issues needed to be addressed. He responded with firmness and gentleness when conflicts occurred. When I made mistakes, he would say, “How can we work together to make this outcome different in the future?” He honored my worth and dignity, even as he guided me towards growth.

Shanita Weeden Posted over a year ago

Mr.Webster have been a huge support in encouraging me to further my college education . He has inspired me beyond measuring becoming a very important mentor in my life . He has encouraged me to go beyond my environmental limitations and to believe in my potential. I am very grateful for a person like Mr.Webster ! He has been a tremendous inspiration for me when it comes to striving for educational success and he is a wonderful person .

Christian Webster Posted over a year ago

My name is Christian Webster and I am an assistant men’s basketball coach at Virginia Tech. Darryl Webster is my father. I can honestly say that without him being my father I would not be in the position I’m in. And the only reason that I make that point is because there are hundreds of kids in the Washington DC area that would say the exact same thing about my father. He is a consummate father figure to all of the kids he has mentored over the last 20+ years as a social worker in DC Public Schools. When I was younger I used to be afraid to go to work with him because some of the environments and houses he would have to go to were in such dilapidated conditions. But, every single day he affects the lives of those boys and girls that he mentors. I always wonder to myself how he does it... The job of a social worker is so stressful and so emotionally draining that I used to wonder how he was able to take care of those kids as if they were his own and still give my sisters and I the time and affection that he did. My father is truly my role model and one of the biggest reasons why I coach today. I aspire to affect the lives of these young men that I coach and mentor every day; in the same way that he has affected the lives of the kids he’s worked with for the last 20+ years.

Patricia Williams Posted over a year ago

Mr Webster is a God sent man he will go above and beyond his duty to help the families of Houston Elementary Schools .I engaged in Houston Elementary Schools last yr I was in a position of loosing g my home with the help of Mr Webster me and my granddaughter was placed In our home and he is that grandfather figure to her his family except her as their own i have never know someone to go the extra mile for others the way he do.Because of Mr .Webster I was able to see a smile on my grand daughter Nyemah Bennett face on Christmas morning and on thanksgiving my family was able to sit are the dinning room table and have dinner I a truly blessed to have him as apart of our life .A Great Man .

Ellen Wells Posted over a year ago

Darryl has been a positive life changer all of his life and especially since becoming a social worker and working with challenged children. On a daily basis he goes out of his way to make sure they have eaten well, gotten enough rest and talk about any problems in the home. Often the parents bring their problems to him. The respect he gives the kids is the same way he treats the parents. He gives up his time to help them get their problems resolved. He has gone out of his way to find donated furniture for those who have none and delivers it himself. He has a big heart, unselfish, caring, positive personality Darryl doesn't lump the kids together as a group. He feels each is an individual with individual problems and should be treated accordingly. He always addresses their challenges on a 1:1 basis and tries to resolve the issue with the help of the team with his dedication to improve the life of not only the kids in his care but everyone he comes in contact with he is and has always been a Positve Life Changer.

Deborah Webster Posted over a year ago

My husband is much deserving of this award. I have witnessed firsthand how much he loves to do for others. It just makes him happy when he gives to others. He has done countless acts of kindness for the children and parents at Houston and other schools he worked at. I remember one year during the holidays I took our children to their grandmothers. When we arrived back home he had given our entire dinner I mean the ham and all of our sides foods I had prepared for us to a family at his school. He told me that we would be blessed for him having helped others in need. It’s things like this he has always done and he continues to give to his families no matter what school he has worked. Last year he helped a homeless mother and her second grade student at his school get housing. He advocated for her with the DC Housing authorities to help facilitate her placement in temporary housing then long term housing. At one point the parent was suicidal, he stayed on the phone with her a long time and stopped her from hurting herself. He gave her money for food and transportation, prayed with her, and transported her back and forth from the shelter to school. He stuck with this lady and her son all year until they finally moved into their new apartment. He truly changed her and her son lives as he has for countless other kids and parents over the past two decades.

Anita Blair Posted over a year ago

Mr. Webster Is God Sent!! I mean all smiles and mannerly!! I go to his office and all the children love him!! He went above and beyond for my family one Christmas!! Send us home with food, a Turkey, my son got a coat a toys from Santa!! With his pictures!!! Mr. Webster drove us afterward back to the shelter. But he also stayed with us until We found a place!! School is home and is great to know that they care for our need too!! Thank you Mr. Webster!!

Khanya Christian Posted over a year ago

I highly recommend Mr. Webster as Life Changer of the year. As a colleague of Garrison ES and Houston ES, I witnessed the positivity and uplifting demeanor he has projected onto so many. Although he always seemed to have a major influence in pushing others to do their best and using his resources to find simple resources for the less fortunate that we often take for granted, I noticed the little things he has done the most. I have seen the faces of others when they realize that they matter, courtesy of powerful words coming from Mr. Webster. I have been one who needed uplifting and with his steady encouragement, I became a teacher when I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. He is a life changer just by the strength he pulls out of us, to always lend a helping hand, always striving to do your best even if you might not be the best, and the mantra that I keep with my students today, to always "Be Responsible, Respectful, and Safe". He has often praised me and kept me motivated to push my son to his highest endeavors, reaping phenomenal results for the young scholar/athlete. Mr. Webster is an upstanding citizen of every community, motivational towards the youth, a positive light when there was only darkness, and just a great human being. I feel privileged to have experienced his presence.

Cee Allen Posted over a year ago

I nominate Mr. Webster as a life changer because he has been very inspirational to my daughter while she was a student at Houston Elementary. He came through for her during challenging times in her life, like when her dad passed away he gave her a bike which help to ease some stress and to show emotional support. In closing, Mr. Webster will always be remembered for his kindness and generosity. Thanks and may you be blessed by God Almighty for all that you do!??

Leonard Upson Posted over a year ago

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Darryl Webster to be chosen as Life Changer of the year. I have been a volunteer at Houston for the past five years and have witnessed the positive impact he has made on students social emotional development, on many occasions. Additionally, he has demonstrated a commitment to the success of students, parents, staff, and the community by being available when ever needed.

Reginald Gill Posted over a year ago

One of the best.A Gentleman a scholar wise beyond his year will help anyone with a problem giving Rock solid advice and a shoulder to lean on. This summer I almost lost my boys which I raising he was there for me . When I was feeling very low lonely it was just his character to walk me thru this. He always there willing to help a good man. One of the best brother you'll ever meet

Evangels Eastman Posted over a year ago

Mr. Webster is a great inspiration for the kids here at Houston Elementary School. He goes above and beyond the scope of being our school’s social worker. The children love having Mr. Webster around and I’m beyond appreciative to work with Mr. Webster.

Alexandrea Rich Posted over a year ago

Mr. Webster is a gem! From annulling organizing a school-wide coat drive (I mean ever child all 200 received coats in partnership with the Deanwood Baptist Church) to training the next generation of social workers to sitting on the floor with students crisis, Mr. Webster is a extraordinary. Mr. Webster is consistently professional, astute, cultural component, well-read, and amiable. He works tirelessly for the students and is respected by parents, colleagues and our principal, Mr. Seward. Always learning and up to meet the challenges of the scholars at our high needs schools, he knows the students by name and it would be joy for your organization to select his name as life changer of the year.

Gerald Hines Posted over a year ago

I worked with Darryl Webster as the school coordinator for the Mega coat drive my organization recently sponsored for the Charles Houston Elementary school. Darryl worked diligently to ensure that all 277 students received new coats and accessories. With out coordination by Darryl this project would not have been successful. He recently ministered to our Church mens breakfast and gave a message that was outstanding. We have requested him to return at some point to continue sharing his message with our Church.

Tiffany Webster Posted over a year ago

My dad has always gone above and beyond to support others. He is a leader in our family and his school community. He has always been a super man at home, yet he still manages to go above and beyond to make sure the kids at his school feel loved. From getting the kids bikes by writing to outside organizations or buying them McDonald’s or Krispy Kreme donuts. Those acts of kindness go along way for the kids at his school. The best feeling is when I go to my dads school to visit him. I always see kids run up and hug or give him a high 5. He is like the school celebrity. The kids love him and love being around him. They suffer from different challenges at home, but my dad is able to help them cope as the social worker with play therapy and giving them the attention that they need. My dad has changed so many lives throughout his career and I hope that he gets acknowledged for his efforts.