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Brandy Buscher

Position: Student Services Coordinator
School: North Platte Public Schools
School District: North Platte Public Schools
City, State: North Platte, NE

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Arttie Parker Posted over a year ago

I have had the good fortune to work with Brandy for nine years now, and her dedication and enthusiasm for students is seemingly endless. Numerous students and families have been impacted by the work she does and the programs she supports. If there is a more deserving candidate for this award, I would have no idea who it could be.

Lisa Harrison Posted over a year ago

Thanks for your commitment to the children of this community. You set an example for other educators, administrators, people of the community and most importantly, the children.

Mindy Bissett Posted over a year ago

Brandy is my cousin! She is beautiful inside and out! She is an amazing person dedicated to helping students succeed in rural America!! It doesn't matter if you live in a rural or urban area, families and kids have needs that are not met. SHE is making a difference in their lives and helping them get the tools they need to be successful! Keep on being amazing!

Brianna Quiroz Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a champion for students. I am new to the community and in my short time here I have experienced Brandy's determination to advocate, support, and help students and families with all she can give. She works diligently to meet student's basic and emotional needs first (food, clothing, housing, counseling services, etc.) and once those are being taken care of, she addresses school attendance to help with getting our kids graduated and ready for life. She focuses on the whole student and their whole situation. She is also always willing to help colleagues when questions come up with support, resources, and information. Brandy is my go to when helping a student who needs community resources. I'm thankful she is here to help!

Lynnette Posted over a year ago

Our district is simply better because we have Brandy on our side. She’s an adamant supporter of every student and wants each one to have an equal chance at life and the education he/she deserves!

JoAnn Lundgreen Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Busher has done truely great things for our students. In the 5 years I have known her while, I have served on the Board of Education, she has started and grown a food pantry so that it now includes fresh foods, clothing items and toiletries. She was also instrumental in getting washers and dryers in several of our low income schools. She goes on home visits to asses student needs and is an active voice in our community to ensure the needs of students are heard and being met. She is a true asset and very deserving of this award!

Nancy Schmitz Posted over a year ago

Brandy overwhelmingly deserves this honor!!!!

Vikki Carlson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Buscher truly is one of the most extraordinary individuals I have had the privlege to work with. She and I have been colleagues for close to 14 years. Brandy has an unwavering passion to do what is right...ALWAYS.... on behalf of our students, families, staff, and community. There are few people who have the level of courage, intelligence, compassion, integrity, and unselfishness as Brandy....every life she touches is changed for the better. She truly is deserving of receiving the Lifechanger of the Year award! Vikki

Mark Lammers Posted over a year ago

Brandy is so deserving of this award! Her dedication and hard work are traits of compassion. She does what she does because she wants to help the children have a better chance to grow and contribute. Good on you Brandy, and good on all that her kindness and care touch everyday!

Kaye Monie Posted over a year ago

This award nomination represents everything for what Brandy Buscher does for so many! Brandy truly is an advocate for our youth that are unfortunately put in tough situations that we don't want our children in! She works tirelessly to provide our youth opportunities that they deserve! She also works hard to make a difference in the families lives as well. This notoriety is something that is hard for Brandy to accept as she does all of this out of the goodness of her heart! She is definitely the "unsung hero" that offers her heart, leadership, support and much more because that is what she represents! She is amazing at juggling her very busy work life and then coming home to her next job as a wonderful Mother and wife! Her family just adores her as she with them! Brandy Buscher, you are so deserving of everything this award represents! I am so proud to call you my friend!

Eric Brunz Posted over a year ago

Way to go Brandy! Thanks for helping our kids and bringing positive change to our district. Keep it up!

Marge Beatty Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Brandy. You are an exemplary person who is passionate about programs for kids who struggle. I believe you live your faith everyday and I am so proud of your work!!

Sheila Furley Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Brandy for nearly fifteen years in a number of capacities. I've watched her grow her position through grants, out-of-the-box thinking, and shear leg work to offer many many services and benefits that would not otherwise be available for our students. She is never afraid to take on a tough situation and work with frustrated patrons to find viable solutions. She is a creative thinker driven to help the kids and families of our District.

Cory Posted over a year ago

Way to go

Lori Webster Posted over a year ago

Brandy is constantly working for North Platte Public School students and families in need. She works with a large group of our North Platte Public School Team to help students become successful despite their situation. I am very proud to work with her across the hall and have her friendship. Brandy is the change in the lives of many students and her co-workers. She is very deserving of Life changer of the year award.

Jodi Howard Posted over a year ago

Brandy works tirelessly to fulfill the needs of our students at North Platte Public Schools. She takes to heart the obstacles that families face and works to break down those barriers to find what works for them. You will not find another person in this district that has the passion for paving the way for every student to learn and be successful despite their deprivations. Not only is she driven, she is the most genuine soul that will get her hands dirty and problem solve until a solution for a difficult situation is found.

Jeri Funk Posted over a year ago

She is very dedicated to her students and she truly cares about their well being. She loves her role in education and is a fighter for her kids.

Donald Leonhardt Posted over a year ago

This young lady happens to be my niece and she has always been this way. I am very proud of her and what she does for the students.

Kim Hongsermeier Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a beautiful person inside and out! She goes above and beyond to help the students of North Platte and making a difference in their lives! So very deserving of this award and recognition!!!

George Lauby Posted over a year ago

Brandy Buscher has, or is, a great spirit who works with faith, hope and love for students in need. It's been my privilege to see some of her work and report it to the community in our newspaper, the North Platte Bulletin.

Janette Kammerer Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! You are so deserving of this award! You do an amazing job helping our students! Thank you for all that you do!!

Kim Flanders Posted over a year ago

Hands down, this amazing lady deserves this award and recognition. For many years , she’s been an “unsung hero.” Making a difference for our students one life, one day at a time; Brandy’s efforts are noticed and appreciated!

Nick Miller Posted over a year ago

Brandy's awesome! She works tirelessly to pick up the pieces and provide support for students and families in dark or unfortunate times on a daily basis. Her impact is felt K-12, in all demographics, and throughout the staff, administration and district offices. Words don't describe the impact she has and the positive energy she brings every day. Brandy is a life changer in every sense of the word!

Lyndsey Douglas Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a life changer for sure!! Her work in our district is incredible. I have watched her improve the quality of life for so many of our students. I am so thankful to have her around for not only our students, but teachers and administrators as well! She is definitely my lifeline, and I appreciate her solid advice and friendship!

Deb Paulman Posted over a year ago

This is so awesome! Brandy, not only are you an asset to the North Platte community but a blessing to kids and families across the region. I love your authenticity and the passion that you bring to your work. Congratulations

Tamran Posted over a year ago

Well deserved! We are so grateful for your support to our students, families and schools. You make our community better everyday!

Greg Fruhwirth Posted over a year ago

In my 40 years in education, I’ve never met someone with the passion and perseverance to help young people succeed! Her ability to create lasting relationships and foster a positive culture in the work she does is a credit to her loving nature! Most of all, Brandi has fun and is one heck of a great educator??

Tamina L. Hartman Posted over a year ago

Brandy cares about students and goes above and beyond to try and meet their needs. She is dedicated and hard-working, and she is very creative in her ideas about how we can help youth at school, at home, and around the community.

Peggy Romshek Posted over a year ago

Brandy is such a life saver for so many kids in our district. If she sees a kid or family in need, she doesn’t give up until she gets them the supports they need. I have seen her do this time and time again.

Tammi Ramsey Posted over a year ago

Brandy goes above and beyond to help the students and is a vital part of our community!

DaNesa Fleck Posted over a year ago

She is truly such a passionate person who is a game changer for our school and students.

Sandra schropp Posted over a year ago

Brandy is awesome...keep up the good work!

Lori Larson Posted over a year ago

When a student is in need, Brandy Buscher is there, for them and for you too. You absolutely can count on her. A lot of times, people want to help others in need, but then they don't or they can't. Not Brandy Buscher. She makes it happen. every. time. I have worked with Brandy for over a decade, and she has been relentless in her support of students. Brandy has found emergency housing for homeless children, helped feed students living in poverty, assisted with suicidal teens, and made sure the school staff are knowledgable and strong enough to collaborate in helping during those crisises. Our students are managing trauma and hardships, but Brandy doesn't let them fail. If she can't personally solve a problem or give guidance, she will find the resources. I can think of no better person who changes people's lives than Brandy Buscher. Lori Larson, M.Ed. Educator

Bernie Madison Posted over a year ago

Brandy Buscher, is awesome! We don't see her much down in the Physical Education department, but we feel and see the affects she has on the students fortunate enough to have her. Brandy demonstrates an unmatched desire to enhance growth and development of each student, providing students with an opportunity to succeed. She works with the parents and staff to adhere to the total well-being of the kiddos. Mrs. Buscher epitomizes what a life changer entails.

Connie Thomson Posted over a year ago

It has been an absolute joy watching this young lady grow into the passionate, caring dynamo she has become! Her determination and drive is her greatest strength and she can't help but be successful. Brandy is an excellent role model not only for our students but also our staff. Congratulations dear friend, you are an inspiration to so many.

Nancy Schmitz Posted over a year ago

Brandy, you are beyond awesome!! I experienced you in action when I was the school nurse at North Platte High School for many years!!! So deservingly of this award!!!

Tina Smith Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a very kind and understanding colleague, and her compassion for student needs is apparent in her daily walk with our families. I am very proud to work with a person who shares a genuine kindness for the wellbeing of others. Congratulations Brandy, this is very well deserved.

Molly Morales Posted over a year ago

It is a pleasure to not only work with Brandy on a daily basis, but have her in my life as a very close friend. She is truly one of a kind and the work she does for not only our schools, but also our entire community is amazing. She has sustained a very successful food pantry within our high school, a place where students feel comfortable asking for help and also started a mobile food pantry that serves those in North Platte. She works hard to make sure the students in our schools are safe and well cared for. I would 100% nominate Brandy Buscher for this award, she is very deserving! Keep up the hard work!

Lora Wood Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! I can't think of a more deserving person!

Carrie Lienemann Posted over a year ago

Brandy~ There is no one more deserving of this than you. I am blessed to know you and lucky to work alongside you. ??

Mark Nicholson Posted over a year ago

I have rarely met a more dedicated person who does her job for all the right reasons. North Platte public school students will all be granted a more equitable chance at life changing education thanks to her efforts. The sheer number of responsibilities that fall to her position would be overwhelming for many, but she takes on the obligations with a studious nature and commitment. The whole district benefits from her presence.

Dr. Ron Hanson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Brandy Buscher is a person with many talents. As director of student services, she demonstrates the ability to lead and support the staff, parents, and students of the North Platte School District. She is a team player and a person who takes the initiative to start and complete tasks. She understands the importance of providing a safe, caring and supportive environment for staff and students. Brandy embraces the conviction that all children can succeed by creating schools that are safe, caring and supportive. In addition to her professional qualifications, Brandy is perceived as good-natured, cheerful and courteous. She develops excellent relationships with all types of people. Brandy communicates well with people and is a good listener. Her professional demeanor fosters positive relationships with students, staff, and parents. Keep up the great work!!

JoEllen Swanson Posted over a year ago

Brandy, This is amazing work you are doing. Congratulations!!!

Dom Posted over a year ago

She is a miracle worker

Dom Posted over a year ago

Amazing work she has done

Casey Morgan Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a badass

Dom Bentley Posted over a year ago

Brandy is one of the most inspirational figures in my life and what she does is amazing and should win life changer of the year award

Alex ellermeier Posted over a year ago

So caring and so confident, love you Brandy!!

Jack Posted over a year ago

That’s my mom

Marge Piper Posted over a year ago

Your work with all children in your community shines through everyday! All of us thank you wholeheartedly for all you have done and will continue to do.... THANK YOU, BRANDY! ??

Janelle Bentley Posted over a year ago

B- You are so deserving of this!! You are a wonderful woman all around!!!

Kevin Buscher Posted over a year ago

Way to go Brandy, very proud of you !!!!!

Mary Ann buscher Posted over a year ago

Everything I seen on this video is so true. brandy cares about children and education. She is loving and caring and a hard worker. She has my nomination. We are blessed to have her married to our son Brian and the most loving mother to our three grandsons

Andrea Gammel Posted over a year ago

Brandy is incredible! A hard worker and a heart of gold ??

Rachel Holzfaster Posted over a year ago

Brandy is truly the best!!

Kelly Buscher Posted over a year ago

Brandy works hard everyday and puts in lots of extra hours. She is very deserving of this award!!