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Nicole Miller

Position: Social Worker
School: Three Rivers Elementary School
School District: Harrison County School District
City, State: Gulfport, MS

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Nicole Miller was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

There are many reasons why Mrs. Miller is a Life Changer in her community and school. She goes above and beyond her job description and responsibilities. Besides implementing many innovative programs at her school, such as Fearlessly Me, the Nobleman’s Club, Student Council, Shooting for Success, the annual Art Gala, Career Day and Summer Safety Fair, she truly cares for students, teachers, staff. She is committed to making sure student needs are met, no matter what that entails. It's not uncommon to find students searching for her because she is their rock and safe place. Parents visit to seek help, and Mrs. Miller always tries to help them in any way needed. She plays an intricate role in student success, and she creates a positive school culture and atmosphere on a daily basis.

Through the programs Mrs. Miller has organized and implemented, she has made an impact on her students and the school. Her Fearlessly Me program is a mentorship program for fifth and sixth grade girls. Once a month, she invites women from the community to speak and work with the girls. Fearlessly Me deals with assortment of topics from family, self-care, empathy, compassion, and much more. These same girls work throughout the year to organize the annual Art Gala, where student art work is displayed and celebrated.

Mrs. Miller noticed a need for a boy’s mentoring program, so she established a Nobleman’s Club. This group is comprised of fifth and sixth grade boys in the school. Once a month, male community members are invited for lunch, where they sit and talk with the boys on an assortment of topics.

Mrs. Miller also works with teachers and students through the Student Council. They meet twice a month to organize civic projects such as collecting supplies for the pediatric unit for a local hospital. They are currently working on implementing a recycling program for the school. These programs are only a few ways in which Mrs. Miller is making a difference in her school and the lives of her students.

Although she works with students through these different programs, her most important work can be seen through the positive relationships she builds with students, parents and staff. She always makes time for anyone in need, whether it's by having breakfast or lunch with a student to give them extra positive attention, checking in with students, offering to help with academic support, or simply giving a warm smile or hug throughout the day.

"Mrs. Miller truly is a LifeChanger. She is making a difference, one child at a time," her nominator said.

Comments (26)

Jameka Stribling Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t agree more ! I attended undergrad with Nicole and she definitely fit for this !?? She is dedicated and compassionate about everything that she does !!! Well deserved !

Lisa Bullock Posted over a year ago

From the Bullock family we'll always remember the love you showed towards our family. We truly thank you for your hard work. You are amazing, You are appreciated and we love you.

Jennifer Andrus Posted over a year ago

Nicole Miller is a genuine life-changer for our school! Since the short amount of time she has been at our school, she has started programs that have turned our girls into strong, independent ladies, and turned our boys into young, inspiring gentlemen. She goes above and beyond to change these kids’ lives for the better and to show them how important it is to have purpose and drive to reach their goals. Since she has been working with these students, I have seen such a change in them academically as well as socially. The students are kinder to each other, more respectful to their adults, and want to better themselves. I definitely nominate Nicole Miller as a life-changer, because I have witness it first-hand at Three Rivers Elementary.

Rachel Ackermann Posted over a year ago

Sometimes you meet people and you never expect that they will make such a huge impact in your life. Nicole is that person! She has a way of finding the good in everyone. She encourages everyone that she meets to be a better version of themselves. She has a way of making you want to be better and do better. She encourages those around her to be caring to everyone. I have watched her go above and beyond her job scope to make a difference in the lives of, not only the children at our school but the adults also. Nicole is a life changer and I will always be grateful that I get to work with her.

Katie Posted over a year ago

I have known Nicole for just about 25+ years! She is the most loving, selfless and compassionate person that I have ever known! She is a phenomenal Social Worker and puts her family first. To Nicole, all the students, staff and everyone in between at her school as well as the community are her family. She not only makes the school a better place but she make this world a better place! Her calling in life is to do just this and she has done exceptionally well so far. I guarantee the best is still yet to come! Keep being a ROCK STAR! I love you Nicole!

Tina James Posted over a year ago

Many phenomenal words describe Nicole Miller, but the one that consistently comes to mind is extraordinary! She is outside outside the box. Nicole is so innovative that it requires two outsides. She is creative, works collaboratively with whomever she encounters, inspires everyone she meets, motivates others both personally and professionally, and promotes others to reach their potential all the while remaining humble and kind. She never asks anything for herself and is admired by just about everyone. I am proud to call her a social worker as she exhibits the best of our field. I am honored to call her friend and colleague! It is undoubted that she is the best candidate for this nomination as she contains the true selfless giving and is a great example of how to serve others while finding joy!

Sarah Risher Posted over a year ago

Incredible person, so carrying and loving. I'm glad we met ??

Jamie Miller Posted over a year ago

Nicole Miller is a wonderful wife, mother, friend and daughter-in- law. She always goes above and beyond to help and do anything asked of her. She works full time caring for her students whom she loves and only wants the best for, while raising three wonderful boys of her own. She is an inspiration to everyone who knows and meets her. Congratulations Nicole Miller, love you and wish you all the best.

Jill Stapleton Posted over a year ago

I love working with Nicole! She is so deserving of this award. She has brought so many great programs to our school.... not just for the sake of having a program but programs that are making a difference in our kiddos lives. She invests her life into our students and always puts them first. I also appreciate how she is always available to teachers and staff. She is one of a kind.

Keith Posted over a year ago

Well I might be a bit Bias, but Nicole Miller is a wonderful person. She is truly a hard worker in a dedicated individual. She is supportive of everyone around her and even those she doesn't even know personally. She is Caring, dedicated, and committed to helping others around her succeed.

Tina James Posted over a year ago

The best way to describe Nicole Miller is outside outside the box. She is so creative and innovative that it requires two outside the boxes. She is an esteemed colleague and sets the pace and standard for all social workers. She is a wonder with all that she does. She is a testament to our field in her dedication. And she is by far, an example for all to watch and learn and from whom to garner great ideas that engage her students. I am beyond proud to call her my friend and fellow social worker. Simply put.... she is AMAZING!

Kristie Laiche Posted over a year ago

The work Mrs. Miller does at our school to help the students is amazing! There is no doubt the groups she started for girls and boys are helping shape their growth in so many ways. The charitable projects she heads for those students in need are far reaching as well. My son and his friends truly appreciate being able to talk openly with Mrs Miller about their preteen life issues and the advice she gives. Last but not least, Mrs Miller has been one of the most supportive staff members of our school’s PTA, which in turn helps that organization reach more parents, building our school community. There’s no doubt she is an all around life changer!

Katie Gipson Posted over a year ago

I am so excited that Nicole Miller has received this nomination, but not surprised in the least. It’s hard to find the words to describe such a phenomenal social worker, friend, and mom. She always goes far and beyond what is expected of her... and then some. She makes programs and events that help encourage and even change the lives of her students... without being asked. She doesn’t just talk about what needs to be changed in her community, she is apart of the change! All of this, while raising 3 amazing young men. She is truly an inspiration! I wish more people cared as much as she did, to make the world a better place! And most of her acts, go unrecognized... and she is fine with that. That is why I’m so grateful she has been nominated, and recognized for being super women/social worker/ mom/ parent/ committee leader / and friend! And so much more!

Irene Field Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure to work and know Nicole Miller. It not surprising to see her as a nominee. Nicole is dedicated to making a difference for the common good. I am proud to know her and feel she is very deserving as a life changer. She is the ideal candidate for this award. She can make anyone feel at ease with her infectious smile and kind heart.

Janet McDonald Posted over a year ago

I am so excited that Nicole has been nominated for this special award. Nicole is such a bright lady that could have excelled in any field but she chose social work so she could make a difference in the lives of children and what a difference she has made. She invited me to her first Gala and it was amazing to see what she had accomplished with these kids. You could see the confidence is their faces. The best part is the fact that she loves her career and is excited for the future of the children she works with. She is definitely a life changer for these children. The world and the Mississippi Gulf Coast are a better place thanks to Nicole Miller.

Chelsea Porter Posted over a year ago

Go Nicole!

Sandra Micheluz Posted over a year ago

Nicole, my smart, beautiful, caring daughter, you just simply continuing making me so proud of being your mamma. I knew, from the first glance I had of you when I first held you in my arms that you were special. Congratulations Nicole, you mean so much to me and I know that anyone who gets to know you can perceive your inner beauty and that you truly care to make anyone’s life better. Ti voglio bene stella mia

Summer Lucas Posted over a year ago

Nicole is an amazing Mom, Wife, Friend, and of course Social Worker. She is passionate and hard working. I don’t how she juggles it all...but she does so with confidence and grace.

Gianluca Bailey Posted over a year ago

Nicole deserves this nomination. Her academic and professional resumé speak for themselves, but today I want to comment on her nomination from a brother’s point of view and as someone who has known her for over 30 years. The person she is today is the result of constant dedication to make the world a prettier, happier, and overall better place. When we were little she took care of me, gave me guidance, and defended me when I needed it most. She was also a role model for many of her peers throughout her school years. She then became a wonderful mother to 3 very bright boys, to whom she has instilled her principles of care and compassion. Nicole is a firm believer in the strength of community and has done and continues to do incredible work in helping those most in need. I am so proud of her and really think that the world is a prettier, happier, and overall better place because of her. Congratulations, Nicole! Love you.

Helene Martin Posted over a year ago

I worked with Nicole a few years ago while she was doing her internship at MBH. Even though she was a student, she became a valuable asset to our work environment. She was extremely skilled and displayed a great deal of motivation and compassion for the patients. I remember patients often seeking her out for counseling and requesting that she facilitate groups. The patients truly felt that their quality of life could be enhanced from having been in her sessions. She has a genuine desire to have a positive impact on those she serves. It was really amazing to watch. I find myself talking about her to this day when I work with students. She really is a force!! I honestly can’t say enough about her!

Dwight Newell Posted over a year ago

Nicole demonstrates a high level of motivation while working with kids. She goes above and beyond to do what's best for a child. She was a joy to work with during her internship.

Yolanda Edwards Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination! Your students, families, and staff are lucky to have you.

Angie Fields Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of serving as Mrs. Miller's field instructor during her graduate school program. I jumped at the opportunity to hire her on a part time basis at our hospital because of her advanced clinical insight, absolutely stellar work ethic and dedication to helping children. I've been so proud and impressed with what she has spear-headed at the scho she works at. She is not satisfied with the status quo and is willing to do whatever it takes to make an impact in children's lives!

Matthew Vasquez Posted over a year ago

I have known Nicole for several years, and had the privileged of serving as her professor during her graduate studies in social work while at the University of Southern Mississippi. This nomination comes at no surprise to me. Nicole excels at literally everything she does, whether it be academics, research, writing, developing innovative interventions for children and the community, presenting at mental health conferences, publishing in academic journals, and so on. Her programs, such as Fearlessly Me and Nobleman's Club, are products of her long-standing desire to use relationship building and social supports as a means of developing resiliency in children and youth. They are testament to her ability to draw from numerous helping theories, and transform them into practical and effective interventions...a feat that many struggle with or would be too scared to attempt. It is also no surprise that she is so well-liked by the community. Aside for being highly intelligent, motivated, and capable, she is also approachable and can meet people where they are. She knows how to listen, ask the right questions, and make people feel heard. Although this may sound like a simple compliment, it's actually incredibly important, especially considering she works in a region with some of the highest poverty and exposure to trauma in the country. Her students, I have no doubt, appreciate the fact that they feel safe with her, and can trust her to support them no matter where they are from or how much adversity they have experienced. Nicole is a shining example of someone who is, and will continue to be, a life-changer for others.

Jayden da savage Posted over a year ago

Best nicest social worker ever she incredible thank you so much for everything ??????

Bob bailey Posted over a year ago

Congrats! I am very proud of you!