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Candie Printz

Position: Assistant Director of Fine Arts
School: Socorro ISD
School District: Socorro ISD
City, State: El Paso, TX

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Donna Sianez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz, you are such an inspiration to so many! Your dedication and passion to make a difference in the lives of so many and our environment is life changing! Congratulations! Well-deserved!

Jill Fletcher Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Candace! You rock!!

David Telas Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Printz! Well deserved!!! Good luck!

Lucia simental Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Prinz you’re such an amazing inspiring human I am so honored to have had you as a teacher in my High school career! You are still inspiring me till this day!!!! ??????????????

Macka Posted over a year ago

Candi, This is just a small testament of all your hard work! Congratulations to you on this accomplishment! Very proud to call you my friend! God Bless You!

Melda Magill Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Candie!! We are so happy and proud to hear you have won this well-deserved honor!! Much Love!!!

Nicolas Williams Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on being a Grand Prize Finalist!!!

Pren Woods Posted over a year ago

Congrats, Candace. It was nice “meeting” you through Zoom. Your work with students, the community, and the environment is inspiring. I love how you are equipping people, who may not know how to “reduce, reuse, recycle,” with the power to know by your teaching and collaboration. Keep up the fantastic work!

Pren Woods Posted over a year ago

Candace, congrats on your being one of the five finalist. Your work is inspiring. I love how the students and community are involved in being good stewards of the earth. Thank you for also showing others the way-those who may not have the skills to "reduce, reuse, recycle." That you create opportunities to help others see the significance and get on board with this important work is DA BOMB!

dave augustoni Posted over a year ago

Congratulations. What an inspiration you are to those around you and those that view your story. So creative, yet so practical and helpful on many levels. My wish is for your story to make it to all the major news outlets as it will be able to bring smiles and maybe tears to so many. THANKS for all you do every day.

Jacqueline Rodríguez Posted over a year ago

I love you Mrs. Printz!!! Your dedication and love for the environment is inspiring and even my little brother has mentioned to me that when he goes to high school he would like to join your it’s your world class !

Brittany Canales Posted over a year ago

We need more teachers and people in the world like Mrs. Printz. It’s rare that you meet a teacher that is so dedicated to not only helping students, but working with the entire community. On top of being an amazing art teacher, her efforts for the It’s Your World Project are immensely commendable and are evident of her aspirations to make a difference. Her impact is undeniable and everyone who’s met her knows that she will continue to make such great differences in her school and community. I could go on about how iconic Mrs. Printz is, but all I’m saying is pick her as the winner already because I can’t think of a teacher or person that is more deserving!

Sarah Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Printz is an amazing teacher at El Dorado High School, I have seen first hand how she has positively impacted the culture at El Dorado by not only making students more aware of the pollution that exists just in our backyard, but by also providing them with ideas, tools and the inspiration that they CAN do something about it. It has been a honor to work with her and to witness how one persons idea has not only transformed the culture of the school but has impacted our entire city.

Rachel Montellano Posted over a year ago

I have known Candace from afar a few years now but recently was hired on the same campus and got a first had look at her teaching and experience. She is loved by many students and has made such an amazing impact in our community. She really goes above and beyond any teacher I have ever known and I have now been teaching 16 years. Candace is a fellow fine arts teacher on my campus but was recently was named as our Asst Fine Arts Director of our school district. The first thing I thought was "NOOOOO!" Not because I think she would be horrible director but because I know that so many students would not get to learn directly from her. She is an amazing teacher, leader and friend. She definitely has impacted so many lives and deserves all the recognition coming to her.

Martha Insall Posted over a year ago

Candi is not only an awesome teacher, she is an awesome woman. When I think of Candy, a lot of things come to mind, her love of art, and teaching, her real love and caring for homeless dogs. Just a few of the things that come to mind. This is an extraordinary young woman.

Byanca Narro Posted over a year ago

By the amount of people of who have taken the time to write a comment about this awesome teacher, it is painfully obvious that she isn't an average teacher. She kind that you won't forget. It is so rare to have a teacher who is so passionate about what she does and truly care about how she impacts her students. For myself, she influenced me to go out and see the world and to never forget about art! It was a great privilege to been placed in her classroom during my senior year.

Janet and Ray Graham Posted over a year ago

?Candace was removed from school in 7th grade due to a dysfunctional family situation. When given an opportunity to continue her education, she seized the reins, got her GED and continued on to UTEP where she excelled. Having a love for art as well as an understanding of the difficulties many youth face in their path to adulthood, she continued in college receiving her BA in Art Education with honors. As an art teacher she developed a rapport with her students leading to many honors for her art students and recognition for her as Teacher of the Year three times. Her innovation in art led to national recognition by Chelsea Clinton. She continued her education at Texas Tech where she received her Masters in Art History. Being a teacher myself, I guided her into the field of education and have watched her become an outstanding, caring and loving teacher. There is no one more deserving of this award than Candace Printz.

Candy Mayer Posted over a year ago

Candie is a great artist, teacher, and a wonderful person...and I'm not just saying that because we share the same first name! Congratulations on your are very deserving!

Andrea Vasuqez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Printz is not only a wonderful human being but is such an inspirational and incredible person. She has changed my life to view it into a different perspective. Candance has such a big heart and is very passionate about her students, her kids ( her doggies) and beliefs. She is one of the very few beautiful human beings that I will forever cherish.

Erica Villa Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz is a very sweet, hard worker and unselfish person I have met in my life. She does so much for students in El Dorado and for the community. She is a person that all should meet in their life time.

Teresa Hinojos Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz is such an amazing educator and she has made a significant impact in our campus and in our community. She has been recognized for her work with the environment and continues to clean up the desert with her students and turn trash into art. Her work has inspired students to take care of the environment and her nonprofit has inspired other people in our community to do their part as well.

Ana Valdez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz has inspired me to create art out of recycle materials. My art work gives me a sense of accomplishment in two ways. I am helping our environment & I help educate others about recycling in an artistic way. Her passion to educate her students & the community has inspired me to also teach my students projects that are created with recycle materials. Ms. Printz has brought awareness & encouragement to our community.

Alejandra Saldana Posted over a year ago

Candie is a rare gem of a person. She first came into my life as my high school art teacher and she was an enormous influence on my way of thinking of art and making art. I carried her influence and leadership on to my college years. I believe that she is a huge reason on why I decided to pursue the arts in school and eventually make it my career. She always pushed us (her students) to go beyond what we thought we were capable of doing. She helped me discover the potential and greatness I had in me and to have the courage to pursue art.

Lisa Noe Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Printz is a leader in her field. She’s constantly finding ways, not only to help students see art in new and different ways, but to also learn about preserving our environment for our future. She combined both passions when developing the It’s Your World group that turns trash found on an adopted highway, into treasure! She has been one of our school’s greatest assets!

Cindy cabada Posted over a year ago

Candace is and has always been a phenomenal instructor and mentor to all of those who have crossed her path. Her talents are inspirational and the work that she does goes beyond the classroom. She would be an excellent candidate for this award. I hope she gets it! ??

Tiffany Harper Posted over a year ago

Candie is a fantastic human being who has truly impacted our school community and beyond. She has taught students and faculty to be compassionate and engaged. Her efforts in nonprofit are unparalleled and have impacted our city on multiple levels.

Benny Pol Posted over a year ago

Candie is one of the most dedicated and motivated people I have ever met. She continually aims to expand her original concept for the It's Your World Project into bigger and better things, reaching and affecting more and more people in our community. She has become a role model to many environmentalists and conservationists because of her innovative ideas and projects to increase public awareness and concern. Her work encourages public involvement in making improvements to our environment, conservation, and treatment of animals. She has a very positive effect on others by the way she treats them with concern, commitment, respect, and gratefulness. Her students in particular have greatly benefited from Candie's tireless efforts. They are continually given opportunities to not only expand their knowledge and involvement with environmental issues, but they are also coached and mentored to acquire many other valuable life skills, such as project management, teamwork, decision making, and personal responsibility. This allows them to grow into valuable members of their communities and continue Candie's vision of making the world a better place. She is not only changing the lives of her students for the better, but her accomplishments will undoubtedly have a positive and lasting influence on all lives in our community and beyond!

Macka Lonnie Jones Posted over a year ago

I have known Candace for over 15 years. During that time I have witnessed her tireless efforts at making each moment count. Whether she is developing new projects, mentoring her art students, or doing numerous workshops throughout the El Paso County. She is a testament of what happens when creativity, inspiration, and determination all come together. I am proud to call her my colleague and friend.

Melda Magill Posted over a year ago

This young woman is outstanding in so many ways! Not only as a teacher, but in her everyday life too. Her unending positive energy, compassion and love for all shows in everything she's just a natural part of who she is! I've known her all her life, and this is Candace - a mover, a shaker, a lifechanger!!

Andrea Segura Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz is a paragon. She not only inspires other teachers, but she inspires her students to be proactive, and to use their creativity to make the world a better place. Her dedication has allowed students to dream beyond the classroom, to understand what it means to be involved and to care about their community. She's amazing!

Liz DeMoultrie Posted over a year ago

Candie is an awesome human! She not only teaches art, but also life skills. She has a beautiful heart that cares for everything and everyone around her. Her positive energy is contagious, she treats everyone with respect, kindness, and gratitude. These qualities are the reason that she is a lifechanger for many in our community, not just her students. I can't wait to see the impact her students make in our world!

Daniel Posted over a year ago

Candice is an amazing educator! Her passion for art, education, and our community is unmatched. We are blessed to have her in Team SISD.

Aram Pinto Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Candace during staff development after the holiday break, She demonstrated to be a very enthusiastic individual that is passionate about what she does! It is no surprise that Mr. Pablo Alcala took the time to get her recognized. There is no doubt in my mind that Pablo is just one example of MANY scholar's that have felt Candace's impact, not only in the classroom setting but in life skills and values. Congratulations Mrs. Candace!

Patty Veloz Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on being nominated! You do so much for El Dorado High School. We are all lucky to have you as part of our team!

David Telas Posted over a year ago

Candace does a great deal for our campus, community and city. She's a wonderful asset to the Aztec Family. She inspires so many to give back and contribute. She deserves any and all recognition that she gets!!1

Edmundo Chasco Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz goes above and beyond for her students and her community and is very dedicated to her craft. She's the kind of teacher students remember because of her passion and dedication.

Greg Oates Posted over a year ago

Candace is a tremendous inspiration to those around her, not just her students, but faculty, too! Candace demonstrates how to make a difference outside of the classroom and leads multiple projects to beautify our city, El Paso, and make the world a better place. With Candace's leadership, I have become more involved with my school and city. Candace is absolutely a life changer!

Laura Galindo Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz was my daughter’s art teacher, my daughter learned a lot from her, not just about art but about going green and helping our earth. As a fellow educator, I see how she changes our students lives and how loved Ms. Printz is.

Andrew Cowart Posted over a year ago

Candace is awesome! She has been an inspiration to our students, staff, and our city to do our part in cleaning up the parts of our city that normally we would just drive by. I have become more conscientious about the role that I play in my city and the world. When I go back to the old thinking of "what does it matter?", I find a post that Candie has made that reminds me that everything matters.

Ruth Gomez Posted over a year ago

In December I went to Las Artistas arts and crafts fair, her students had a booth “The Green Hope Project”. I did purchase some items made from recycled materials. It made me so happy to see young people caring for the environment. I thank Candace for inspiring her students and making a difference!

Sra Jill Fletcher Posted over a year ago

I enjoyed meeting you in Belize 6 years ago. I loved the artistic pictures you took. I loved your sweet and personable demeanor. And I have loved reading your positive posts about teaching, making a difference for your students, and reaching your community.

Dale Jones Posted over a year ago

This is my cousin. She has a beautiful soul and is overflowing with harmony and love that it overflows into anything she's involved with. I'm lucky to know her and blessed to have her as family.

Amber Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz is a phenomenal teacher and an exceptional human being. She’s inspiring and continues to aid in relief for the environment and is always supporting those in need. An excellent candidate if there ever was one!

Valerie Rasmussen Posted over a year ago

Candace Printz is the epitome of what a great educator is. My oldest daughter is a former student of hers and my youngest currently is in one of her classes. I could not be happier. She is very supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and students just thrive with her. I know she puts in a lot of extra time into her vocation. She is simply extraordinary!!!

David Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Candie is a rare gem, having the qualities of a true educator and advocate for the arts and environmental issues. Most of all she is dedicated and committed to her students and the community, inspiring all to make the world a better place.

Elia Posted over a year ago

Melissa is a wonderful, family member, she has a great attitude and personality, she is always , up beat and ready for any challenge.

Kat Lopez Posted over a year ago

This woman has beautiful soul “There is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort.” This Is Candace Printz.. she is loved by all and she makes this world a better place

Wendi Glick-Valdez Posted over a year ago

Life changed is an awesome term for you girl. Inspirational, real, down to earth, funny and dedicated are some more adjectives. So blessed to have worked in the same city, been in an art group and celebrated kids through VASE with you.

Pat Olchefski-Winston Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to you, girl! You deserve to win this more than anyone!! Good luck & keep up with all that you do! Pat

Elizabeth Thweatt Posted over a year ago

Candace is an awesome artist who loves the environment. She and her students love to recycle trash they collect from roads and highways. She is really deserving person of this award!

Jeanette Nevarez Posted over a year ago

I met Candie back in 2009- when I was a senior in high school. Her inviting personality drew me into the photography club she helped facilitate. It was exactly what I needed in that time of my artistic journey. I really needed that space to practice and experiment. She encouraged it without hesitation. After some time she recommended that I enter into a state wide art competition- and so I did. I was selected by the juries to travel to Houston and participate in the next level of the competition. It took place in Houston, and we visited many of the art museums. I was in awe of all the art I never knew existed. That experience was so important to me as a young artist. I graduated, went on to college to keep pursuing art and photography. We recently reconnected and she told me about her amazing nonprofit. Candie is committed to not only her community, but is also passionate about environmentalism and educating people far beyond her role as an art teacher. I have no doubt she will continue this work for decades to come and she deserves all the recognition for her hard work :) thank you !

Paula Woods Posted over a year ago

I have known Candy Printz for a little over ten years. I am an English teacher at El Dorado High School, and Candy is an art teacher at the same school. Candy has personally changed not only the lives of countless teachers, she has single-handily created a sub-culture in our school. Her "It's World Your Project" has been life changing for many of the students and faculty alike, We are all more environmentally aware, and it has really served as a humbling experience to both the students and staff. Everyone loves and respects Candy because she is genuine, humble, and passionate about what she does. She certainly is an extraordinary individual.

Sue Ellen De La Cruz-Flores Posted over a year ago

You are by far one of the best educators the El Paso area can have because at the end of the day you go above and beyond for your students success and win or lose nobody can take the fact that these students always come back looking for you because you made a difference in their life??

Flori korf Posted over a year ago

I know after 31 years of teaching art in the el paso schools elementary through highschool. How challenging it can be on a small budget to serve Inspiration to so many students each day. Candice is brilliant and ageless Her energy and creativity comes from her passion & desire to bring her best to her kids. They return with great works. Over and over again. She is awesome.

Melissa Lopez Posted over a year ago

Ms.printz was such an inspiration to my daughter while in high school. She lead her to a state competition with her art work. I am grateful for educators like her!

Oriyuki Uvina Posted over a year ago

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting It’s Your World (and now the Green Hope Project) because it helped me improve as an artist and allowed me to take my art into a new direction. Being part of such a supportive and helpful community was a great experience and I’m sure many others have had the same feeling. Your lessons, both in education and in life, have served useful as I went in to college in a different town. Thank you for your support and thank you for being a beacon of light for students and people in your life.

Jonathan Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Printz has been a huge influence and is one of the main reasons why I love art. She showed me not only how to positively impact the environment, but how to turn "trash into treasure" through her nationally recognized club "Its Your World" at El Dorado. From adopting a heavily littered highway to inspiring students, she is absolutely in my mind, a life changer of the year.

Belinda Ortega Posted over a year ago

Candy is an exemplary educator. The indelible mark she's left on her student and our campus are incomparable. She leads by example in giving her very best every single day. She's been a Teacher of the Year for our campus and finalist for our district. She inspires her students through her art and through her dedication to art.

Amri Lopez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz is an amazing teacher, friend, and a valuable asset to the community! She deserves this award more than anyone I know.

Jessica Serna Posted over a year ago

Candace Printz changed my whole life when she became my art teacher back in high school. She allowed me to explore my love for surreal art all through the years and challenged me to be the best I could be as an artist as well. She opened so many doors for me that really shaped who I am today. After graduating high school I decided to continue my study of art in college. Although I’ve come across some amazing professors, to this day no one has inspired me as much as she has. Because of Ms. Printz I have decided that my ultimate career goal is to become an art teacher. Not only would I be doing what I love everyday but I hope to be as great of a teacher and friend to others the way she was for myself growing up. I hope to inspire people to reach all of their creative goals and help to prove that art is everywhere and could be such a important part of life just as she showed me.

Ivan Nino Posted over a year ago

Candace has always been an amazing human to our world. She advocates for the betterment of our future. Thank you for all you do!

Kellie Harris Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure to start at El Dorado the same year as Candie. She was a game changer from the very first year! She has energy and enthusiasm that she effortlessly passes on to her students and fellow educators. She changes lives in the classroom, at the school and far beyond. Please consider her as your voice for this distinguished award! She deserves it!!

Veronica Carbajal Posted over a year ago

I met Candace years ago at a recycled jewelry making workshop. I was blown away and insisted she write a book, get a YouTube channel, everything so the world would learn from her. I now serve on the board of her nonprofit, Green Hope Project. Her work ethic and enthusiasm are inspiring. The world needs more people like her!

Josie Viel Posted over a year ago

As a recently retired art teacher, I’ve known & worked with Candie Printz since 2005. What an amazing lady with non stop energy & a huge heart for the environment, animals, the visual arts, her art students, her colleagues and peeps in general?? If I could go back in time to my HS days, I would no doubt request to be in her art class??

Donna Sianez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz had definitely made a positive impact on her students and our community. She takes education and caring for our environment beyond the classroom. She is a life changer!

Sarah Soliz Posted over a year ago

I am SO proud and amazed at everything you do! You are truly an inspiration in so many ways! I love you and I can’t wait to see what your future endeavors may be!!

Nora Bueno Posted over a year ago

Way to go Ms. Printz! I'm very proud of knowing you as a colleague all the years I worked at EDHS. I love the passion you have for art, for animals, for the environment, and how you share this passion not only with your students in the classroom, but with the whole community. I remember participating in your art contests and shows and I'm glad to see now how your projects are positively impacting the environment and teaching more and more people about taking care of our world!

Brian O'Neal Posted over a year ago

She has had a dramatic impact on my life especially when it comes to the success I have had in receiving my Bachelor's degree.

Virginia Posted over a year ago

I have known Candace Printz for many years and one thing I can definitely say about her is that she is driven by a dedication for being an educator. She is a leader of youth and organizes them to do good for the world by starting small, in their own community. The good she does, is infectious and has changed the culture of El Dorado High School making the students and staff more environmentally conscious. Besides being a great educator, she is a good friend, a good person, and someone with a heart of gold.

Stephanie Romero Posted over a year ago

Thank you for all the things you do for our students, adults, and animals in our community and beyond. Your altruism is Awesome!! Proud to call her friend. !!

Tony Duenez Posted over a year ago

I’m very proud of Candace Printz! We definitely need more people like her in this world...

J Posted over a year ago

Teacher of the century!!

Mary Pizano Posted over a year ago

I have known Candace for most of my life. She has truly taking the saying " Think Globally, Act Locally" and done her part. Showing her students and the world that one person can make a difference.

Dekaily Posted over a year ago

A true blessing to the El Paso community! Not only was she an amazing Art teacher, full of love and compassion to the success of her students in and outside of the classroom, but she loves dogs just as much as I do! She personally saves and rehomes those little blessing off the streets faithfully. There're people that do good to be recognized and people that do good because it’s embedded in their heart. Candice heart definitely beats “Good”! She’s awesome and she doesn’t deserve this award.. she is the award. So give it to her anyway!! ??

Brenda Solano Posted over a year ago

I have known Candace since college. I was walking by the art building and was entranced by her charming personality! She is an incredible person, teacher and mentor! She goes above and beyond in her classroom for her student and for the little animals in our community. She works hard to change the world!

Riordan Dail Posted over a year ago

Ms. Printz was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She was my IB art teacher in high school and was such a great motivating force. I always thought I wasn’t very good at art because I couldn’t draw or paint like everyone else. Ms. Printz encouraged me and showed me that my art was just as good as everyone else’s. She built a confidence in myself and my work that continues to positively affect me today (5 years later). I can’t think of anyone more deserving than her to be called a life changer.

Laura Aragon Posted over a year ago

Girl I don't know how you do all you do, but you do! You have positively impacted not only student lives, but peers, friends, animals and our earth. If a heart would be made showing your kindness and care for this world we wouldn't have the space! Keep being you! Hugz

Allison V Posted over a year ago

Ms. Candace Printz changed the course of my life back in 2007 the very first day I met her. There was just something different about her as I entered her classroom as a senior with no concrete direction about my future. Her loving and caring soul throughout my senior year gave me a glimpse of what teachers do for their students. I knew after meeting her what my calling in life was. I wanted to be a teacher just like Ms. Printz. Through college, she gave me guidance, reassurance and the confidence to finish my degree and as I was looking for a job, she gave me hope that I would do great things. I was blessed that when I landed my first job, that is was with my role model at the same school. I am a direct result of what her teaching and her love for her students can become. She has and continues to impact her students as they venture out to this world. She has an amazing commitment to making the world a better place, in her teaching, in her community and in our world. Thank you for just being you Candie! Wouldn't be a teacher without you.

Jazmin Olivas Posted over a year ago

A beautiful soul who has left an impression on every living thing that comes across her path. Definitely can guarantee that she changed my perspective in the art world, of any living thing and our planet itself. Her love for four legged furballs and strong passion to help those who don't have a place to call home, inspired me to rescue a few of my own and gave them a home. From the first day I met her to the present day, she continues to impact and inspire my daily life.

Mary Golden Posted over a year ago

Candi has done so much for SISD, El Dorado, her students and the environment! She’s a treasure to us all. She has the respect of many with her art projects in which she leads a group of students that collect trash and make it into beautiful art work

Hillary Hambric Posted over a year ago

Candie Printz is a phenomenal educator, colleague, and human being. She is an inspiration to everyone she comes into contact with. My life is much better for knowing her, and I know countless others feel the same way. Her work with the It’s Your World and Green Hope Projects, the mural projects she and her colleagues and students created within the halls of El Dorado, her community service projects like at the nearby hospital—all of these showcase her tireless efforts to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place, as well as show her students that they can make a difference in a variety of ways.

Laura Posted over a year ago

One of the most dedicated people I've ever met! Love for animals and our planet Earth!

Denise Sifuentes Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Printz is a great educator and has inspired many to follow their passion and give back to their community. She is deserving of this award.