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Tina Eddlemon

Position: Special Education Aide
School: Dyer School
School District: Gibson County Special School District
City, State: Dyer, TN

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Tina Eddlemon was nominated by her principal, Kevin Turner.

Ms. Eddlemon is a true asset to Dyer School.  She works as a teachers' aide, and she puts her heart into everything she does. She is very smart and has great rapport with all types of students. 

"Last year, when I had a math teacher resign in the middle of the year, I struggled to find a certified teacher to fill this spot," Turner said. "Tina stepped up and taught the content with rigor until I found a replacement.  The replacement teacher was freshly out of college. On her own time, Tina mentored the new teacher and helped her produce TCAP scores above our AMO! Tina has had to jump in and teach this year, as well.  A fifth grade math teacher was out for six weeks at the beginning of the school year, and we decided to put Tina in that role until the certified teacher returned.  Tina flourished in the position to the point where I have encouraged her to take the praxis and get certified."

"We tested these students using Iready Standards mastery testing at the end of the six weeks. Over 50% of the students who Tina had been in charge of tested on grade level," said Turner. "This may not seem like a big deal, but our double AMO is 40%! Tina is also passionate about helping students who have IEPs and students who are working below grade level.  She constantly pulls students during activities to work with them on deficit skills.  We are a Title One school, so this also helps to encourage students to let them know they are cared for in terms of the whole child."