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Maggie Corlett

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Meroby Elementary School
School District: RSU #10 Western Foothills
City, State: Mexico, ME

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Maggie Corlett was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Corlett is an inspirational teacher and coworker. Her energy and enthusiasm are unharnessed, and it is obvious she loves what she does. Being a kindergarten teacher is not an easy task. Children come to school with so many different life stories, and Ms. Corlett makes sure that every child is successful by teaching them to be curious problem-solvers.

What really stands out about Ms. Corlett is her dedication to the connection of education and nature. Her classroom is full of artifacts from the outdoors, and she is a leader in nature education. Every Wednesday, Ms. Corlett takes her class outside for the morning with the goal of nature exploration. Students learn about their environment and make curricular connections through their days outside. Meroby has students who live urban lives in a rural setting. They live in apartment buildings and often do not have cars. Many students do not go outside to play when they are home, preferring screen time and indoor play. The work Ms. Corlett is doing to make nature part of every child's world is life-changing. Her students play in the mud, explore streambanks, climb up small boulders, and build forts out of sticks.  They learn how nature can be enriching, nurturing, and educational.

Ms. Corlett was also instrumental in creating and maintaining Meroby's school garden to show students where their food comes from. She was part of a grant writing team who worked on making the playground for the younger students full of natural obstacles like hills, rocks, and fruit trees. These efforts, coupled with her outdoor classroom work, are changing lives for underprivileged Kindergarten students who need it the most. 

Comments (20)

Sulafa Posted over a year ago

Amazing!, what you are doing is very inspirational! you are building healthy seeds for the future of the world. Keep up

John Sanchez Posted over a year ago

You’re doing great work Maggie! Glad there are teachers like you out there to inspire young learners!

Jan Peaslee Posted over a year ago

Amazing! Wonderful! You can do it! ... some of the phrases that students are on the receiving end of all of the time. Maggie is a harbinger of encouragement. For some of them, her classroom may be the only time in a day that they will be encouraged to believe that they CAN DO and that they have the power to do as well as they want to in whatever they try (and she will be right there to help them see it through). I see that her students believe her when she says she believes in them and challenges them to see something differently, to dig deeper and use self-control, to try something they haven't tried before. She advocates for them to learn in all environments-inside and outside of the classroom and now through remote learning. The amount of creativity and energy she pours into every aspect of leading her students is astounding. I have seen her pour out all she had in a day and drag herself out of the building exhausted, but with a satisfied smile on her face. She teaches them to care, respect, appreciate, and acknowledge others and in turn be cared about, appreciated, and acknowledged. She lights a fire in them to want to KNOW things, to listen more and then ask questions and then ask MORE questions until they KNOW. No matter how much she pours out, she finds a reserve to keep giving in countless ways to everyone around her. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to assist her in Summer Learning, work alongside her in the school, substitute for her in the classroom [her students are ALWAYS double-double GOOD], and know her as a friend. She truly is a Life-changing teacher.

James Skowronek Posted over a year ago

Great work, Maggie, and congrats on the nomination! We need more educators to think outside-the-classroom like you.

Tami Roy Posted over a year ago

Maggie is an exceptional co-worker, teacher, and friend. Maggie always has time to talk or share ideas with her students and co-workers. She has an avid enthusiasm for whatever project she is involved in, wether it is a project she has started or a project she has joined with someone else. Maggie is an important part of the Meroby Elementary School community. Way to go Maggie!!

Heidi Chartier Posted over a year ago

I have really enjoyed working with Maggie these past few years. She has a big heart, lots of creative ideas, and always strives to do what is best for students! She always has a smile on her face and offers words of encouragement to really turn any bad day around.

Kelcie Virgin Posted over a year ago

Maggie is such a creative blessing to have in our building. She thinks of things in a new light, and her passion and energy helps engage even the most reluctant of students! She has a warm, kind heart, which allows her to relate strongly with her K students. She has been involved in many amazing things in our school including our school wide and district Math teams, getting grants to put in gardens and a nature based classroom/playground, being a wonderful advocate of Nature Based Exploration and presenting at state conferences. Maggies smile is contagious and makes all students, staff and community members feel at home, I am honored to be able to work with an educator like her.

Joyce n Smith Posted over a year ago

Way to go!

Kristen Giberson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Corlett and I have worked on the Kindergarten Team at Meroby Elementary School for the last five years and together we have accomplished some amazing things! Maggie has been instrumental in getting our nature education program started, securing a grant to redesign our playground to make it more natural and engaging, as well as bringing gardening to our school! Mrs. Corlett is a dedicated and passionate teacher who loves to share her joy of learning with students and staff alike. She has passionately shared her joy and knowledge with our entire staff as well as presented about nature education at two different state-level conferences for teachers, encouraging others to immerse children in nature for their own well-being. Mrs. Corlett goes above and beyond for our students, dedicating herself to students and their families. I'm so proud to work on the kindergarten team with Maggie and I'm thankful for all she has done to help our school, our students and our community.

Cindy Furse Posted over a year ago

Maggie works so hard to help her students learn to love learning! She thinks about it all the time! (Really, she does.) She sees a spider and posts a cool site on spiders. We talk about frogs, and up goes a post on different frog sounds. She gets people all over the country to read stories for her kids, and then finds cool curriculum links to go with them. AND she gets the local policeman to read for them too (what a way to build a bridge for life!). Maggie loves each kiddo, thinks and worries about how to help each of them overcome their own unique and special and very real challenges. She thinks about where they will be in a month, a year, 10 years, their life, and she works so hard to creatively come up with strategies to help them be the very best little people they can possibly be. When Maggie read about the Forest Kindergarten program, she recognized immediately the benefit of taking the kids outside to learn. The woods are their classroom, for both curriculum, social interaction, and interaction with the world. She needed winter coats, snow pants, mittens, boots, for the entire class... and in a school of underprivileged kids, most didn't have them. So she solicited them from everywhere -- each child has a Home Depot bucket, filled with everything they need to go outside. Maggie is helping her kindergarteners learn to count, read, write. And perhaps even more critically, this is a very big deal, she is helping them to think, to manage their emotions, and to learn to love learning. She is starting them down a forest path into the big, beautiful world, helping them see both the forest AND the trees. And through this very, very important first year in their formal education, she is setting them up for learning success and the life success that goes with it. She is changing their lives, one little forest footprint at a time.

Samantha Smith Posted over a year ago

Ms. Corlett has been such an amazing teach for my son through all of this stuff going on. She is so quick to help with anything we need to keep him learning all he needs to keep him on track. She is so bubbly and kind. She deserves this!!!

Jean Gatch Posted over a year ago

Maggie has brought just amazing things to her kindergarten class. She is getting her kindergartners knowledgeable and just in love with the woods. She makes a HUGE difference in their lives in just one year!

Maegin T Posted over a year ago

My family has been blessed to have Mrs. Corlett for both children! The unwilling transition from private school to public was one of my biggest fears and hardest things we faced. My children would go from being a person to being a number. But that hasn’t been the case with Mrs. Corlett. She invests so much time inside and outside of the classroom in each of her students! She has made the transition so easy. She always communicates and makes learning SO FUN! She has gone out of her way so much to even do a home visit with my son who suffers ODD, to show him she cares about him and that she hasn’t gone anywhere. We love Mrs. Corlett and will sure miss her next year as the kids move on.

Alicia DeRoche Posted over a year ago

Maggie Corlett works really hard to make sure that all students get the same opportunity to explore and learn through nature as well as the traditional manners. Her work with her kindergarten class has been so beneficial to their ability to grow in so many ways. She is an asset to all those around her.

Lynn Posted over a year ago

So happy about this nomination! Maggie is such a genuine caring person and an extraordinary teacher and leader. We are so proud of you Maggie.

Kim Fuller Posted over a year ago

Maggie has been an integral part of the Meroby Team! She is a leader and has worked very hard with her kindergarten team to help create an outdoor education program for our kindergarten students that has become a school-wide endeavor. She goes above and beyond to share her enthusiasm for learning and teaching both her students and our staff!

Robyn Ellis Posted over a year ago

Maggie is a life-changer. She is that person who sees a bigger picture and saw the need for students to experience nature in a hands-on meaningful way. Maggie has high expectations for her students and herself. When she sees something that needs to be done, Maggie figures out a way and leads that direction.She does have boundless energy and enthusiasm for problem-solving and learning which she uses to inspire her students. She saw nature and being outdoors was something missing in her students lives. She asked questions, researched, and gave students opportunities to have fun, connect to something she values, and give them hands-on experiences to build various foundational skills around. There's no doubt Maggie Corlett has not only changed these young lives, but all of the others she has taught through the years. She is so deserving of this honor!!!

Mary Posted over a year ago

Maggie is such an amazing and dedicated teacher. She teaches so many interesting science concepts through immersing her students in the natural world.

Vickie Kuhl Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Corlette definitely deserves this award. She always has a smile on her face and is upbeat for her students. Her classroom is filled with students of all abilities, social and economic backgrounds, and family situations. She makes them all feel self-confident and able to do all she asks. She gives herself 100% to her students and school.

Kent Griffin Posted over a year ago

The person who nominated Mrs. Corlett really knows their stuff! Mrs. Corlett taught my child eight yeaars ago, and Mrs. Corlett has always been her favorite teacher. My daughter learned more, and enjoyed, that year more than any other. She is a very deserving of this nomination and winning it!