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Michael Feroce

Position: Band Director
School: Cumberland High School
School District: Cumberland Public Schoools
City, State: Cumberland, RI

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Michael Feroce's nominator wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Feroce has been a devoted Band Director at Cumberland High School for five years. In that time, he has led the band with pure dedication and a passion that has manifested in the band rising from a “Good” rating at recent years’ RIMEA band festivals to an “Excellent” rating this past spring. This spring, at the Music in the Parks festival in Cleveland Ohio, the band earned the rating of “Superior”.

Mr. Feroce leads his musicians with consistent and positive reinforcement, encouraging them to always strive to reach higher, perform stronger, practice harder and mentor the younger musicians. He has high expectations for his students and expresses them in an enthusiastic and nurturing way that makes them want to excel. His leadership and consistent encouragement extend beyond their musicianship to academic and personal success. He offers free music lessons on his personal time and frequently posts appreciative videos of his band’s practices and performances. In return, his students often share videos of themselves playing and tag him in return. Mr. Feroce has a tremendous rapport with his students, and they work hard for him. Prior to his arrival at CHS, band students had a notoriously poor work ethic and attitude towards band class. He has since turned it around and helped create a dedicated, talented and hard-working school band.

Mr. Feroce is profusely generous with his personal time, devoting countless hours of work to make the band the best it can be. He has recently offered a scholarship to any freshman student willing to take up four years of trombone for the betterment of the band and has even offered free lessons. In addition to his robust enthusiasm for his students’ success, he takes great pride in the accomplishments of all Cumberland High School students, whether in the arts, athletics, or academics.

Mr. Feroce keeps in close contact with his musicians and their parents through a variety of platforms, and it is common to receive tweets and emails long after school hours and on weekends, in an effort to encourage students and keep parents informed. He uses Twitter to communicate with students and parents to keep them engaged and informed on progress, encouragement and upcoming events.

"His dedication to the Cumberland music program is so strong that in the face of the recent elimination of the fifth-grade band program town-wide, he has expressed his willingness to voluntarily provide instruction to the fifth-grade band students on his own time," the nominator said. "He believes the existence of a music program from an early age is vital to its continued success and would selflessly give his time to secure its future."

Mr. Feroce has woven the CHS band into the fabric of the community, from their performances at the Friday night football games, to town carnivals, parades, Veterans Day ceremonies, and performances at a variety of school events. He has tirelessly fundraised for the past several years in an effort to purchase marching band uniforms for his musicians. He has a vision for the music program that he steadfastly works toward, and the nominator is excited to see where he takes the program over the coming years.

Cumberland High school’s motto is “Clipper Pride Rising,” and Mr. Feroce has been a driving force behind the remarkable change in school culture over the past several years.

"He is a school treasure, a team leader, and a champion of our town’s music program," the nominator said. "He lives and breathes the CHS band, and his veins run blue with Clipper pride. Mike Feroce would be a worthy recipient of the LifeChanger of the Year Award, and I thank you for considering him for this honor."


Michael Feroce in the News:
CHS music teachers Ducharme, Feroce nominated as LifeChangers

Comments (268)

Jo Posted over a year ago

My vote if for Feroce!

Bill Dennen Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has done a wonderful job revitalizing the Cumberland High School Band. Under his watch, the program has doubled in size, and the band has won accolades and awards. His dedication to his students and the band as a whole is apparent -- and infectious.

Stephen Panos Posted over a year ago

Mike is a great guy who is passionate about music and hard working in everything he does. My vote is for Feroce!

Alan Vuong Posted over a year ago

Mr.Feroce taught me how to play guitar, I learned a lot from him

Ashley G Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is an amazing music teacher! My vote is for him!

Samantha Jeanne Murphy Posted over a year ago

Joining band my junior year was one of the best decisions of my high school career. That being said, I would not have been able to succeed without Mr. Feroce's support. He allowed me to stay after school anytime to practice, would give me lessons on things such as timpani and snare technique, and never allowed me to give up when I struggled with the music. I am very thankful, as I know that many other band directors would have turned a junior away, but Mr. Feroce's dedication to any student willing to work hard is remarkable, and one of the reasons why the CHS band continues to grow and thrive.

Antonio DiManna Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of being on the hiring Committee for Mr. Feroce--he has worked for me at BF Norton Elementary School and is now a success story here at CHS. Perhaps the most striking moment regarding Mr. Feroce's impact was a School Committee meeting where the Superintendent was celebrating his Band performance at end of the 16-17 school year. The commentary from the students was quite powerful. He has done a masterful job in resurrecting the program here at CHS-- it is impressive. His passion and command of the content is evident.

Jessica V. Posted over a year ago

Mr.Feroce has put his heart and soul into the Cumberland High School Band. The amount of time, and dedication he gives into making this band successful is astonishing. Mr.Feroce has put in countless hours of his own time to not only make the sound of the band great but to make sure each students is fulfilling their potential and having fun while doing it. None of the band students, past and present would be where they are today if not for Mr.Feroce’s support, encouragement and guidance. Mr.Feroce was my first band director back in elementary school and his teaching style and attitude towards music is one of the reason I have stayed with band all these years. He is always coming up with new ways to improve our sound and bring us closer to our surperior goal. Mr. Feroce has influenced the lives of every student who walks in his classroom and he truely breaths Clipper Band. No one deserves this award more than he does.

Justin Kisch Posted over a year ago

Mike is a talented musician and he has done many great things to build the music program at Cumberland High School.

Liza Posted over a year ago

My vote is for feroce!

Anonymous Parent of Alumni Student Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce had such an impact on my son while he was in band. He gave my son the confidence to believe in himself. Mike Feroce sets HIGH standards, takes the time to help out students when they are in need and his students deliver, because they are taught to work as a family. Under his leadership band has changed and Mr. Feroce is truely a Lifechanger.

Sam Posted over a year ago

Feroce is my vote! He’s always put others before himself, and you can see that the most important thing to him is the students! Very deserving!

Will H Posted over a year ago

Count me in for Mike Feroce!

Kurt Rethorn Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Devon Posted over a year ago

I was on the URI Drumline with Mike and he was always passionate about music and took pride in his drum and the line. My vote is for Feroce!

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mr Feroce!

Molly Posted over a year ago

Mike is always cheerful and eager to help! Go Mike!!!!

David Neves Posted over a year ago

In my role as a Wind Band Director and Music Education specialist, I have observed Michael Feroce's work with his students as the band director at Cumberland High School. He is excellent and inspiring to all of them, and it is obvious that every day he makes a very positive difference in their lives. Also, as an alumni of Cumberland High School from many years ago, it is especially satisfying to see Michael Feroce's dedication to go far beyond the minimum to build the Cumberland High School Band program into one that can fill the full potential of the oh so many wonderful students at the school. Cumberland High and its students, and especially its music students, are truly fortunate to have him!

Melissa Bruneau Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has my vote for the Lifechanger of the Year award!

Jamie Posted over a year ago

My vote is for feroce!

Brandon Lloyd Posted over a year ago

Throughout the years that I have been in band with Mr. Feroce, it has shown me a great variety of music. From marching to concert music, I have loved all music that has been chosen. With the wide variety of music available to us, he has made sure to pick the best of the best. Some of the music might be challenging, however, he has shown us time and time again that working hard and determination has lead us to overcome these challenges. From marching songs to concert songs, Mr. Feroce has never lost hope in the band and has lead us to pursue greatness. During our trip to Cleveland, Ohio, we performed in a band festival where many members did not think much of. When we finally got to the reward ceremony, we were shocked to find out that we were awarded superior rating and 1st place. Mr. Feroce has shown great power when it comes to helping us no matter what grade level or skill level, making sure that no one is left behind. In my personal experience with Mr. Feroce, he has helped me as well as the percussion section overcoming many sections throughout the music. He has also assisted me in playing the trumpet as a 2ndary instrument by guiding me, helping me, and providing me with the instrument to get me going. I personally feel like Mr. Feroce should earn this award for his power of bringing people together, providing challenges for us to overcome, and helping us achieve greatness. Mr. Feroce in 4 years has taken a broken down system with few players to a 60+ strong superior band, eligable for greatness.

Lynne Jordan Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has brought back the marching band to CHS. In the four years that he has been at CHS he has increased the number of students in the band. They have gone on amazing trips. We were able to attend the Ohio trip. The performance at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was memorable. We loved it! The awards at Cedar Point Park was awesome as the CHS band received a superior award. Mr. Feroce has arranged for many performances in the community and they were also on The Rhode Show on television. He has done a wonderful job and the band kids are inspired.

Joe Godfrey Posted over a year ago

Awesome bandleader, musician, and person!

Sarah R Posted over a year ago

Wooo! My vote is for Feroce!

Andrew Flanagan Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Karissa Posted over a year ago

Vote Feroce!

James Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

While I prefer to go anonymous, Mr. Feroce is awesome. He is so caring and always looks out for his students. I only had him on semester last year, but I can still go and see him whenever I am having trouble in school. He is an amazing role model and I look up to him a lot. Thank you!!

Emily Berard Posted over a year ago

As an alumnus of the Cumberland High School band who experienced the four years of conducting by Mr. Feroce, I can confirm that he has certainly changed my life. Entering high school in the fall of 2013 was a stressful time for myself. I was in a new school with new people, and a new band to join. When my sister, who is two years my senior, informed me that there was a new director coming in the same year as me, I was excited and nervous. Excited to meet him and have the same fresh start as everyone else in the band, but also nervous to play with students more advanced than me. The first couple weeks of high school, when entering band class I was met with an unproductive environment. This was not the fault of Mr. Feroce, but one of the cultures that had formed around band and band class. The passion Mr. Feroce held for music was unmistakable, but the students he taught refused to return the passion. By the end of my freshman year, I learned the stigmas that had been placed on the band. It was a class that people took even if they were not fully devoted to music, and it was composed of kids who were looked down upon by others in the school. By the start of my sophomore year, Mr. Feroce began to change that. Once he had gotten the ropes of teaching high schoolers, he began to transform the band department. When I came in on the first day of my sophomore year, I was met with a much more organized band room than I had left. As the year progressed, the band began to become more passionate about the music we were making together. I quickly stopped viewing band class as just a class during my day, but more of a break from the stress of school. Over the four years, the band room was always a place that I knew I could go and be accepted. Some of my closest friendships I formed in high school were those with kids in the band with me. Mr. Feroce has worked exceptionally hard with immense dedication to transforming the band into what it has become today. With fundraising for new marching uniforms in the works, what he has done for the Cumberland High School band department is unquestionably life changing. When I found myself as a senior getting college recommendation letters, I asked Mr. Feroce first. He had become someone I knew I could trust, and look up to. He has undoubtidbly changed the lives of me and my fellow band students for the better, and will continue to do so. He is incredibly of deserving of this award, and I am forever thankful for the four years of music education I got with him.

Ellen Stetkieiwcz Posted over a year ago

We first meet Michael Feroce as my daughters 5th grade band instructor, I thought he was great then, his patience and dedication were impressive with all those first time musicians. Michael is now her band instructor in the 9th grade. As a parent I am blown away by his enthusiasm and the energy level and passion he pumps into these kids. The level of excellence his strives for and instills in all his students in school as well as outside. The confidence and drive to go out and try and experience something new. He is truly one of the most motivational and inspirational people I have meet through my children. I know my daughter will talk about him and pull from her experiences with Michael for years to come. When I think of a LifeChanger for my daughter, I think of Michael Feroce.

Kristina Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mike Feroce!

Nicolle Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Alexandria Tichy Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mr. Feroce! He is an extremely outstanding and talented musician and truly inspiring to be around. He is absolutely deserving of the Lifechanger of the Year award!

Nicole Osti Posted over a year ago

I worked with Mike at our town’s summer camp for for a few years shortly after we graduated high school. Even back then, early on in his college career, he had a passion for music and a passion for working with kids. The kids we worked with at camp always looked up to Mike and respected him because he treated them fairly and with respect. Best of luck Mike, you definitely deserve this honor; you’ve worked hard for it.

Rhys Posted over a year ago


Mandi w. Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce is a life changer. The dedication he has to his students is astounding. He is an inspiration and a true mentor to all whom he teaches.

Viana Newton Posted over a year ago

I've been friends with Mike for a quite a few years, through attending the same high school and always crossing paths in our musical endeavors. He has always been nothing but passionate when it comes to his music, and drumming in particular. He was always extremely involved in High School with just about anything having to do with music. Mike is a friendly, respectful, and light hearted guy, always wanting to reach out for a hug and see how everyone else is doing in their lives. I'm positive that he's an amazing teacher, and genuinely cares about his students! He deserves to win. Go Mike!

Viana Newton Posted over a year ago

GO MIKE! Would love to see you win to help your school.

Yanna Segeren Posted over a year ago

Many thanks for passionately inspiring today’s youth in creative endeavors

Jordan Zahn Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Michael Feroce!

Steven Richards Posted over a year ago

Get it, Mike!

Mallory Pierce Posted over a year ago

My vote goes to Mike Feroce!

Danie Patefield Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mike feroce!

Tyler Posted over a year ago

So in my expert opinion (should be valued tremendously over others)(195iq btw) Michael J. Feroce should be the LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR for an assortment of reasons. Now, now I could go on about all of these reasons for days(may take others longer)(not their fault just smarter than them) but to cut to the pigeon tail, Feroce has changed the lives of tens of people. It is truly amazing and I hope and he will continue to do so (as long as he is getting paid). This concludes my response(was not forced to give it, trust me yah.... trust me).

Nathaniel Posted over a year ago

Mike is an exemplar educator. His outstanding enthusiasm and dedication in the development of a sustainable music program is simply unparalleled. Hats off to a true professional!

Keyla Ariana Lopez Posted over a year ago

Why should you vote for Mr. Feroce? Due to his uplifting charisma, successful teaching skills,and making his students better people and musicians everyday is only a small fraction as to why he should receive the Life Changer of the Year Award. The most significant reason for me personally is that he allowed me to mature as a person and as a musician. On my second day of Junior year I walked into his Piano class dreading it and not wanting to be a part of it at all. However, on my first day as I continued to complain about the class he reassured me that my mindset would change. Soon enough, that happened within weeks of Piano class and it has become my favorite part of the day. Mr. Feroce not only taught me the C and G major chords on the piano, but has given my peers and I life lessons that we will take with with us after high school. Mr. Feroce does not only care about making us better pianists, but he cares about us as people. I have had the wonderful opportunity to have Mr. Feroce as a teacher, but as a Clipper's Cheerleader we collaborated with the school band on many occasions. I have read throughout the comments below that Mr. Feroce supports the school band in every way shape or form. On the other hand, whenever the Clipper's Cheerleaders walked with the CHS Marching Band in parades or participated in the Blue Ribbon Ceremony for Community School Mr. Feroce was the first one to cheer us on! Whenever my team and I, or even my coach, were nervous to perform in front of a crowd Mr. Feroce would give us a comforting pep talk and the band would motivate us along with him. It is astounding the numerous amount of stories that I have of Mr. Feroce supporting, inspiring, and encouraging his students and myself considering I have only known him for a little less than five months. In summary, my vote goes to Mr. Feroce because he is an incredible teacher, a trusting adult, and a perfect nominee for the Life Changer of the Year award.

Tyrandia :) Posted over a year ago

Voting for Mr. Feroce is the best thing. Since freshmen year, I've always seen him around and always wanted to play piano and also take his class. Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior year i did not have the chance to take his class. Now that im in my senior year i have the option to take piano class with him and i think he is an amazing teacher. because of him i know the c major chord and the rest of the notes. I may not be the best at playing but im good enough and i know that if i ever need help that he is here to help me with anything i need or want to know about piano. before taking the class i already knew how to play the piano but he made me better and taking his class i learned more notes and how to play other songs. He is always helpful in class especially when i don't understand where my fingers go for the notes or when i learn a new song and am confused on where i put my fingers on the keys to start playing.

Stephen Petrarca Posted over a year ago

Mike is a great teacher, excellent role model, and an outstanding member of any community he is a part of. I have seen him excel at changing lives for the better for as long as I have know him.

Casey Farrell Posted over a year ago

I have never played an instrument before I joined piano class where Feroce helped me understand the importance of practicing every day. He taught me the life lesson of practicing for something you want to succeed in, which is one I can use in my everyday life. I look forward to going to his class because he makes the class into more than just a place to learn to play the piano. He is genuinely interested in his students life and is sure to check up on them if he notices they are struggling. He shares stories from his life to guide us through ours which not many teachers are willing to do. Mr. Feroce deserves the Life Changer award because he has taught not just me but all of the students he has taught to strive to be the best you can be.

Jason Provencal Posted over a year ago

Why am I voting for Mr Feroce? He has taught me how to play the piano like I have always wanted to. He also helped me my sophomore year when I was struggling with my grades.

Nicklaus Marshall Posted over a year ago

This mans inspired me to learn music

Jonathan Baker Posted over a year ago

Cool guy

Isabella Marie Alger Posted over a year ago

I vote for Mr Feroce because he is a kind, understanding and helpful teacher. I'm not a band student, I'm not musically inclined either, so you can imagine my frustration when I was placed in a band class. But Mr Feroce was patient with me, he never yelled at me the days I decided I didn't even want to try or when I would decide to bang on the drums to my own beat. I was welcomed into his classroom everyday, which was something I had only seen a few times although I bounced between 7 classes in my schedule the past 4 years. Mr Feroce is passionate about what he does, not only does he love music and teaching us to love music too he loves connecting with his students. From band kids that are scattered around his room 24/7 to random students coming back to visit his room is always filled with a family like atmosphere, it is definitely a room in which someone cares about you. I would love to see Mr Feroce win, he deserves to recognized in a larger way than just us appreciating him. He truly is a life changer!!

Donna Posted over a year ago

When you choose to work with youth, you’re choosing to help create a better future.

student Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is a great teacher. He changed how I look at music

Charles Kalajian Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feorce!

Tiffany Posted over a year ago

My vote is for feroce!

Ariana Parent Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!!!!

Seth Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has always been a positive leader and I’m sure the work he’s doing is encouraging, supportive, and effective. He gets my vote!

Casey Tremper Posted over a year ago

I vote for Feroce! He is passionate about music and inspires others to have the same appreciation.

Stephen Morrison Posted over a year ago

Mike is a passionate, talented music educator and I vote for Mike Feroce

Nicole Morrison Posted over a year ago

Mike is truly one of a kind ! My votes with Mike Feroce.

Donielle Posted over a year ago

My vote is Feroce!

Peter Waite Posted over a year ago

I vote Feroce!

Rachel Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!! keep up the amazing work!!

Caitlyn Posted over a year ago

I met Mike in college and knew him then to be a talented and dedicated musician. I still follow him and his band via social media and I can't help but be impressed. He so passionate about his work and clearly goes above and beyond for his students. He is certainly deserving of the title LifeChanger of the Year!

Gerry Heroux Posted over a year ago

I support endorse Mike for this award!

Tucker Posted over a year ago

Voting for Feroce!

Kaitlin Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Michael Torres Posted over a year ago

Feroce please

Alex Posted over a year ago

I vote Feroce!!

William Lyons Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce.

Matt Posted over a year ago

During my high school years half through Mr. Feroce was the new band director. It was an odd change at first since we where used to doing our own thing but once we give him a try everything turned out great. With his help the bad excelled getting superior I believe two times in band festivals. He's brought the marching band back which is awesome. Feroce is what Cumberland high school represents in its teachers he goes above and beyond I loved having band class and paint with him, during my years at the high school. He is a great teacher and still is going above and beyond who knows what he'll come up with next that'll change the band and also affect the school positively. Thanks Feroce

Maggie Posted over a year ago

Vote for Michael Feroce :)

Michael Petrarca Posted over a year ago

Mike has been making a huge difference in these kids lives. I vote for him!

Kimberly B Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce! Awesome job!

Linda Covill Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mike Feroce!

Corey Martin Posted over a year ago

This guy is great! He’s my vote!

Jaclyn Wing Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce! His passion for music is tangible and he always goes the extra mile. He is well deserving of this honor.

Nick Bradley Posted over a year ago

Mike has worked with local adult musicians to provide supplementary instruction in specific instruments. His dedication is second to none!

Jesse cuccio Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce! Well deserved.

Brittney Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!! A great guy with a great accomplishment! Go mike

alumni student Posted over a year ago

It's been over 2 years since I have attended CHS, but one teacher that I have not forgotten, nor do I plan to forget, is Mr. Feroce. When I first came to band as a freshman, the Band was a joke. People took the class in order to talk with friends, go on their phones, and do homework. In my sophomore year, Mr. Feroce was hired as the new Band director.To the students in the class, we didn't think that it would affect us much, but we were wrong. At first, it was annoying because he was taking away our nap time! But eventually, we all found ourselves accidentally falling in love with music. The students who couldn't handle the workload quit but he mentored the rest of us on how to play and behave more resembling musicians.By my Senior year he had truly made an impact on my life by helping me through difficult family situations, and ultimately teaching me my true love, music. He inspired me to pursue a career based on music, and now I am so glad that he did. I have looked back several times at the work he has done and am truly amazed. The band is huge and is filled with so many bright starry-eyed future musicians, so all I can truly say to Mr. Feroce is thank you so much for all you have done for myself and for your other students. I am so proud of all the work you have done and hope that others also recognize your amazing acts of kindness and charity.

Samantha Silva Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!!!

Katie palmer Posted over a year ago

My vote is for you you Mike! You’ve always been such an enthusiastic, kind person without a doubt deserving of this honor.

Emma Guillot Posted over a year ago

100% Feroce!!! He was my marching instructor back in high school and I can't say enough about how awesome he is!!!

Patrick O'Donnell Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!!

Brian Posted over a year ago

If Cumberland High School were Gotham, Mike Feroce would be it's Batman. He goes above and beyond for the students daily and surely gets my vote.

Lisa Posted over a year ago

Feroce for the win!

Cindy Otis Posted over a year ago

Mike has done amazing things with the CHS band!!! He is not only an awesome teacher, but an amazing and caring person too! My vote is with him!

Katie Foss Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Ally Sell Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Susan Albatal Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is a veryinspiring music teacher. I vote for Mr. Feroce!!

Erin Preston Posted over a year ago

I vote for Mr. Feroce!!! :) He is more than worthy of this award!

Hope Posted over a year ago

Mike is always dedicated to music and those around him. Go Mike!

Maryanne Blanchette Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr Feroce since he was born. He has impacted my life personally rather than educationally but I think you should know what a wonderful teacher he is. From a young age, Michael loved music, starting out using his dinner utensils as drumsticks. His feet were always tapping to a beat. Music was always a passion for him. And Michael has always been so enthusiastic about music, that his excitement was contagious. It is still is, igniting a passion in his students and inspiring them to greatness. Michael is resourceful and creative, finding innovative ways to raise funds to take care of his band needs. He gives freely of his time, to help any student who may need it. He is one of those teachers that kids will remember long after the glory days of high school, and they will look back fondly and share the story of this teacher that touched their lives for the better. Mr Feroce has impacted my life in watching him grow up and how he’s pursued his life passion, in that I can point to him as a role model to my kids. We often point to Mr Feroce as an example of - if you love what you do, it’s not a “job”-

Harrison G. Smith Posted over a year ago

Dear readers, after reading the majority of the comments listed, I can conclude that my vote is for Michael Feroce. He is an undoubtedly dedicated teacher working on a tight budget.He puts his students and his Band first and dedicates his life to improve their Band. He is truly devoted to what he believes and I respect him for it. Well done and I wish you the best. -- Harrison G. Smith

Amanda C. Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce is an amazing role model to us all and he deserves all of the votes in the world! Therefore he has my vote, luck, and admiration!!!

Lee Sperduti Posted over a year ago

Mike gives 110% in everything he does. He was my daughter’s colleague on the URI Drumline when I met him. Mike brought so much passion to his drumming that he would walk off that football field drenched in sweat! He continues to impress me to this day. His commitment & compassion are extraordinary. He is talented, respectful of others, and is a wonderful person and friend. He so very much deserves the honor of life changer of the year.

Kristen Sullivan Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce :)

matthew gudas Posted over a year ago

my vote is for mike Feroce hands down

Rogelio Luna Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Michael Feroce. The man is the real deal!

Steven Palumbo Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!!

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Kara tibbetts Posted over a year ago

My vote is with Mike Feroce!!! Hes AMAZING at what he does and shows clear passion in all that he partakes in.

Alexander Truchon Posted over a year ago

I vote for Feroce!!!

Kim Gemma Posted over a year ago

You definitely have my vote. Good luck

Chelsea Steel Posted over a year ago

My vote for Feroce!!

David Yacino Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce

Chelsea D Steel Posted over a year ago

My vote for Feroce!

Domenic feroce Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce gets my vote. A true professional, great leader and gifted educator.

Chelsea D Steel Posted over a year ago

My vote for Feroce!

JoAnn Phillips Posted over a year ago

Michael is totally dedicated to his students and the building the best Band program he can for Cumberland High School. He sets the bar high for his students and they both respect and comply with his expectations as they eagerly attain the level of excellence expected. Watching his work clearly exhibits a chemistry in the band room that supports his goals and those of the District. Michael is a highly qualified and dedicated teacher!

James Richards Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce's selfless and positive approach towards music education makes him the perfect candidate for this award. On a daily basis he makes a great impact on his students and their community.

Bryce L. Monahan Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mr. Feroce. Very passionate, hard working, connects with the students, overall righteous dude.

Nicholas Farrell Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce was an inspiring band teacher!! He and CHS deserve an award like this!!

Joseph A. Vela, Sr. Posted over a year ago

As a small business owner, I was able to watch Mr. Feroce with his “kids” from the very beginning of his teachings during their 5th grade. Every Friday morning. Because I’ve been lucky enough to follow their progression though the years, I’ve seen, first hand, the results of his efforts. In my opinion, the precision and tightness with which his “musicians“ now play is absolutely remarkable. My vote is for Michael Feroce. Keep up the good work...

Holly Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Kelsey Kettle Posted over a year ago

Mike’s ambition and dedication is unmatched by any other! I can’t think of anyone else who deserves this more than him!

Derrek Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce is one fierce musical entity and I'll cast my lot with his direction.

Dave Guay Posted over a year ago

Michael Feroce is the most positive person I know! He gets my vote hands down.

Faith Gia Posted over a year ago

I vote Feroce!

Eryn W Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Justine Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Alan Bourgault Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

An amazing teacher who never gives up on his students and pushes them to be the best musician they can be. He helped me become the musician I am today and without him music would not be part of my life. He is a true life changer and my vote goes for Feroce!

Paige Fontaine Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce. My senior year was his first year at the high school. I'm glad he came to the high school because he transformed it into an outstanding band. Going into senior year I was looking forward to see what he had In store and he made it one senior year to remember

Dalex Posted over a year ago

If you don't choose Feroce, you'all ruin basically my whole life. That's on you buddy.

Russell Posted over a year ago

I vote for Feroce!

Nicholas Duarte Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is fast becoming a great band director. He has shown tremendous growth, not only from a scholarly perspective, but from a personal one. In the four years I was privileged enough to have him as a band director, he has grown to shoulder responsibilities that far overshadow his mandatory ones. From becoming a more understanding and supportive teacher, to filling his roll as an authority figure. Michael Feroce has and will continue to rise to new challenges presented to him and will most definitely be a fond highschool memory for many students of the students lucky enough to enroll into the band program at CHS.

Tyler Barboza Posted over a year ago

Mr Feroce not only inspires his students on the daily, but me as well.

Dan Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Maxx Williamson Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce

Sara Kavanagh Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

James Furtado Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Michael Feroce!

Harrison Hartley Posted over a year ago

Mike is a musician of great integrity, and passes this on to every student he teaches. I couldn't think of a better recipient for this.

Chris Landi Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce is truly deserving of this nomination. He is a great leader, and sets a great example for the children of Cumberland High School.

Tim Morel Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is not only a wonderful human being, but is a competent leader, motivator, and teacher. His professionalism is only outshined by his kindness.

Mike Bessette Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Michael Feroce.

Tyler Gagan Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mike Feroce!

Eric Georgio Posted over a year ago

Michael Feroce is well deserving of a vote for someone who positively changes lives every day! We are lucky to have him at our school!

Michelle Cefaretti Posted over a year ago

I can't think of anyone that deserves this award and will do more with the well deserved donation. He is a great musician with an event bigger heart. My vote is for Feroce!

Laura Posted over a year ago

He changes lives, while changing keys! ;)

Jessy Posted over a year ago

I vote for Mike! You won't find a more passionate teacher!

Haley Pittman Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce! Great inspiration and a wonderful man!

Shannon brady Posted over a year ago

Mike is a wonderful teacher who truly cares about his students. My vote is for Feroce!

Allison Lacasse Posted over a year ago

Mike is a fantastic and passionate educator. He is so deserving of this award! Please consider him for this honor!

Amanda Rose Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce! Having watched Mike over the years as a Band Director has blown me away. He is such a great leader and is always thinking of the next creative way to teach his students. Not only does Mike care so much for his students, but you can see the passion and love he pours into everything he does. It is truly inspiring.

Corinne C. Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Taylor Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!!

Ashley Dodd Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Chase Boni Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Anna Wankum Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce! He has an incredible passion for music and being a teacher. I could not think of a more deserving person than him.

Nick Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Saulo Mejia Posted over a year ago

Mike has always been passionate musician. The commitment he has is immeasurable. My vote is for Feroce!

Kevin Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce

Greg Marcotte Posted over a year ago

Mike is capable of motivating and encouraging anyone’s passion for music. On top of that he’s a great guy and outstanding music educator.

anonymous Posted over a year ago

Feroce is great! Because he is willing to replace September with Kahoot!! <3

Danielle Talbot Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

anonymous Posted over a year ago

Feroce is great! Because he is willing to replace September with Kahoot!! <3

Asa Spring Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce is the best!

Katie Williams Posted over a year ago

I absolutely vote for Feroce! Hands down! He completely turned an entire music program around for the better, as well as change students' lives. He would probably be my favorite teacher if I was one of his students too!

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is a life changer. To start, when I arrived at the high school last year he told us when he first became band director that no one seemed excited to be a part of it. He felt that he needed to change this. So, first he changed the atmosphere by making band enjoyable and making the music interesting and fun. Years ago, there was a band stereotype: we were weird. Mr. Feroce has changed this because people no longer make fun of you for being in band or leave you out because of it. It is cool to be in band because you have a talent that not everyone has. I enjoy band because it is a different atmosphere of people that care about you and always want to know what is going on in your life. Mr. Feroce genuinely cares about what is going on in your life and he always makes sure that you know you are good at what you do. Last year, towards the end of the year Mr. Feroce handed out individual notes to everyone in the class. My note said, "You rock, play in the band forever...". Mr. Feroce has changed my life ever since he first started teaching me in fifth grade and I'm sure he has changed many others. When he first started there were not many people in band, however, last year there were 55 and this year there are 70. He doesn't just teach band, but he teaches many other classes. The people from those classes liked him as a teacher so much that they joined band too. Mr. Feroce has a big influence on all of our lives and if he wins this award, he will be an even greater role model to us students.

Danielle stjean Posted over a year ago

My vote is for feroce! He’s an amazing gentleman and an inspiration to the younger generation!!

Emily O'Neill Posted over a year ago

I started at Cumberland High School in the fall of 2013, the same as Mr. Feroce. I was a freshman and, like many, was very uncertain about the changes happening around me. One constant in my life, from fifth grade onward, was band. I was never the best musician but I enjoyed the music and the companionship of the band. I had always viewed the high school band as exceptional, but when I entered it was not exactly as I imagined it. The band as a whole seemed to like playing music, but over the years it had grown unorganized and developed some questionable habits. There was no time for me to dismay, however, because Mr. Feroce had a plan. In the four years that I was in band, he completely transformed the ensemble. There seems to be no end to his passion for music and his desire to improve the quality of music education at Cumberland High School. Setting highs standards and actually having goals is the first step to accomplishing them, but maintaining the drive and energy to reach them is another struggle altogether. The band is like a new entity thanks to Mr. Feroce’s unrelenting initiative. Though I graduated half a year ago already, the enthusiasm I see from current band members on social media is the most notable difference. As an alum, it makes me excited to see what they will accomplish. Mr. Feroce has, as he himself puts it, “changed the culture” of the high school band. Even though band could have become a tedious experience day after day, grinding through challenging sections of music and not always making obvious progress, Feroce always maintained the belief that we had it in us to do better. I took his piano class my last semester of high school, and while some kids in that class lacked musical ability, he simply stressed improvement. It was always about working hard—not to be perfect, but to to be better than you were before. That’s a lesson that goes beyond tests and assignments. It’s applicable to almost every aspect of life. In the stressful, long days of highschool, walking into a positive environment to make music with my friends was reprieve. Mr. Feroce has facilitated that environment and stirred a fundraising fervor, creating a musical haven that is so important within a school. On a daily basis, his enthusiasm and passion for music affects and changes the lives of his students.

Anoymous Posted over a year ago

For the little while that I have known him, I have already seen his enthusiasm and love for music. I have also seen it rub off on me. Mr. Feroce is always finding new ways to engage his students in his curriculum, practically forcing them to fall in love with music. His emotions are contagious and this year I have been so much more determined and enthusiastic. The band is truly a second family, Mr. Feroce is so supportive and understanding of his students and his students show that same respect back. The older students help the newbies adjust to the difficult and confusing high school ways, but the person who began this trend was Mr. Feroce. He also has several students switch instruments (with their permission) for the better of the band.He then also donates the majority of his time with this band, giving free lessons, classes, organizations, and practices after school. The School Department also doesn't give the Band enough support, so Mr. Feroce constantly uses his own money to pay for shoes. stands, music, and even instruments. Mr. Feroce is truly a dedicated teacher and he deserves this recognition more than anyone for the blessings he has granted our Band.

Giovanni Feroce Posted over a year ago

Mike is an outstanding member of his community and an overall asset to our state. Leadership is made up of courage and commitment and Mike not only displays that, but embodies those qualities in his students. He is most deserving of this designation.

David Furtado Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce was born with a special drive and determination to teach, write, and conduct music. Since childhood he has been tapping on table tops, strumming rubber bands, establishing peer groups to perform with and marching in rhythm at URI. Interestingly, all of his performance scores in high school indicated he was destine to be a math major and counselors advised him to take that path. His parents urged him to take the safest, most secure route to success. Yet, Mr. Feroce really wanted to peruse his passion and make music as contagious to his students as it is him. This nomination couldn’t be given to anyone with more merit, integrity, determination or love for student teaching. He is a great person, and awe inspiring to watch work. Congratulations Mr. Feroce- you deserve it!!

Martina Muller Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Emily Iwuc Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is absolutely a life changer, very worthy of this award. He literally changed my life, as he is a huge part of the reason I am now going on to pursue music education myself. My freshman year was also his first year at the high school, and I was enrolled in piano class. Upon completing the class, I knew I wanted to take other music classes under his guidance, so I signed up for the new percussion class that he was endlessly promoting, as he had worked on creating a curriculum to get the class to even exist and was very excited for what the future of the class held. In that class, it was incredible to see him direct and help turn us from students into percussionists. Just as he had recruited students from his other classes into the percussion class, he heavily promoted joining band to the percussion students, encouraging us to further our musical interest and education, pushing us to continue improving and learning more demanding material. So with my new percussion skills, I decided to join band, a group I never thought I'd find myself in as I never played a "band" instrument. Little did I know that it would turn out to be the highlight of my high school career, one of the greatest experiences of my life. Not only did it challenge and intrigue me musically, but it also provided me with an incredible, supportive community. Mr.Feroce transformed the atmosphere of the band, making sure it was a positive, safe place where everyone felt comfortable with and supported each other. We all had the common goal of wanting to improve the band, playing to the best of our ability. Taking this class junior year, I fell in love with it and knew that what Mr. Feroce was doing was exactly what I wanted to do. I want to help people dicover and explore their passion of music. I want to be part of the reason someone finds a real connection with music, or decides it is worth pursuing as a career, maybe even be the first person to introduce them to it. I want to help educate young (or old) people who want to learn about music, maybe before they even know they want to learn about it. That is what Mr.Feroce did for me, and I'm sure for countless other students. He went above and beyond his job description to help me with my music career, helping me with theory, prepping for my college auditions, and just being there in a general sense for moral support because he cares that deeply about the success of his students. His CHS band is truly the reason I am now a music ed major, and I hope to be half as good a teacher as he continues to be to my own future students. Under his direction, the band has improved so greatly, achieving excellent and superior ratings at festivals, making the paper for performances at events such as the autumnfest parade and cumberland fest, and so much more. He is getting the CHS Band name out there, and helping transform the music program of Cumberland into a notable one. Mr. Feroce is undeniably worthy of this lifechanger award nomination.

Kayla Caulfield Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feorce!!!!!!

Cody Poulin Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has no rival when it comes to professionalism. He has made a positive impact in my life, and in the life of many others. The thing that sets Mr. Feroce apart from a large amount of instructors is his ability to inspire, discover, and push students towards achieving a potential they themselves may never have known existed.

Ron Rastella Posted over a year ago

Feroce is such an musical inspiration and always seems to make learning fun and intense, to the point you don't wanna stop.

Lynn Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!!!

Carlos Posted over a year ago

My Vote is for Mike Feroce! A true mentor!

jake Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce

Sarah Arribas Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is the best and truly cares about his students. I once had to write a profile in my writing class and he let me interview him and observe a rehearsal. The insight he has with music and the ability to inspire the CHS band to go beyond playing notes on a page is amazing! He is able to give feedback in a way that not only helps students but inspires them to connect more with their music in order to perform more thoughtfully. In his years of teaching, he turned a noncompetitive concert band into one that has competed and earned the title of "Superior" in a national festival. In short, he influenced a lot of students to strive for excellence and to connect with and appreciate music.

Pk Posted over a year ago

Michael Feroce is an amazing music teacher who inspires, guides and motivates each and everyone of his students. Always going the extra mile and helping each student on their way to success.

Domenic Bucci Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Amedeo F Posted over a year ago

Michael Feroce is very passionate about both music and helping others. This combination makes him an amazing Band Director which allows him to positively influence countless numbers of students. I think he makes a perfect choice for the LifeChanger of the Year award!

Rich Buckley Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Angel Morales Posted over a year ago

Good friend and mentor

Edward Dearruda Posted over a year ago

I vote for Mike!

Christian Plasse Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mike!

Samantha Ireland Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce really enhanced my senior year of high school. I can’t thank him enough for all that he does for his students.

Molly Cabatingan Posted over a year ago

I have been a member of the Cumberland High School Band for three years now. The amount of improvement I have seen in the band as well as in my own personal skills is incredible. I have had the privilege of witnessing Mr. Feroce transform this band, creating a more serious, but also more enjoyable environment. He has worked tirelessly to not only increase the rigor of the ensemble, but also to increase funding and interest in the program. He sacrifices so much of his time and effort to avoid stagnancy in the progress of the band. Through his interactions with students, Mr. Feroce has created an absolutely remarkable community, even family, that I am incredibly lucky to be a part of. He never fails to create a bond with each and every student, which is what I feel makes our band so different from others. He has created a supportive environment that has gotten me and many others through rough patches in our high school careers. I have grown so much because of his mentoring and the connections with other students he has assisted me in making. I am so grateful for my life changing experiences in band and none of it would have been possible without Mr. Feroce. Never have I met anyone as passionate about their job as Mr. Feroce is. I cannot express what a pivotal impact he has had on the CHS music program and the students that inhibit it.

Nicholas Vinacco Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce! I have been friends with him for over 10 years and he has always been an outstanding dude! He always fully applies himself in whatever he does, and it is expressed in his dedication at CHS!

Gregg Vigneau Posted over a year ago

Michael Feroce is a gifted musician who has an immense talent for teaching. I can't think of a better candidate.

Anonymous Person Posted over a year ago

I am so thankful to have a teacher such as Mr. Feroce. This year alone, I have taken up a new instrument, and with his support and teaching, I feel like I'm actually doing well on it. He is a tough grader sometimes, shouting "pop quiz!" and testing us on what we SHOULD already be practicing at home, which gives students a "push" if they need it to get motivated in class. He makes sure that we know all techniques we need to, and sometimes even more than we may need, and I believe that we will be a "superior band" like he always encourages us to strive to be. Mr. Feroce doesn't just care about his class and how well he teaches the band (which he cares about very much), for he also spends much of his time organizing socials and practices after school where students can work, talk, and play together, forming relationships that will last all though high school, and helping the band in the process. Mr. Feroce has taken on many fundraising projects this year alone, managing to rally spirits enough to buy pairs of marching shoes for the entire band, six music stands, and isolation headphones for percuasionists. I never have seen a moment where he has not been putting in his upmost effort towards the band and his other classes, and that has really been an inspiration for me. Mr. Feroce makes me want to succeed for me, for him, for the band, and for all the friends I have made in his class. We are a big family in band, and Mr. Feroce is a big support to all of us. The job may be arduous, but Mr. Feroce manages to finish it with grace. Thank you, Mr. Feroce, for everything that you have done for the band.

Anonymous Student Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce manages to teach his class with such a vibrant energy that never fails to light up the room. He is passionate about all of his classes, and he makes sure that all of his students are too. Mr. Feroce is such a good teacher that I have learned so much in his class, even the start of thus year alone. Congrats on your nomination, I think you truly deserve it!

Secret Person Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had the honor to have. He makes me look forward to coming to school each morning (when I have band, of course, and even when I don't) because he inspires me and everyone around me to try our best in life. Sure, life is challenging, and Mr. Feroce understands that, but he constantly makes sure that we never give up on ourselves, which is more than I can say about most of my other teachers. I believe that Mr. Feroce truly is a life changer, and I do not take that lightly, so congratulations, Mr. Feroce, on your nomination, and thank you for being such an inspiring teacher.

Michel Muller Posted over a year ago

The kind of person you feel comfortable and safe around because of his instinct and willingness to help.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

My child has been blessed by Mr. Feroce's dedication to the CHS band more than mere words can convey. My child is enthusiastically learning a second instrument, a tremendous amount about Music as a whole, and practices. These pitiful words can't really convey the extent of LIFE CHANGING. It sounds merely like learning. But it is more than that. Dedication is contagious.

Linda Carpenter Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mike Feroce. As a music educator myself, I can confidently say that Mike Feroce has taken the Cumberland High School Band to a whole new level of musicianship. I worked at the RIMEA festival last Spring, where the CHS Band received an "Excellent" rating.

Grant Posted over a year ago

Mike has always been a great friends to me, an excellent listener and companion. A person everyone would like to know and get to hang with . A good man

Katelain Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce is a great band director! His students are talented and motivated, and he deserves this award!

Debra Furtado Posted over a year ago

This nomination comes as no surprise to me! Mr. Feroce has been a steadfast advocate of music in education his entire life and he demonstrates daily that to embody the musical spirit is the only way to ensure a well-rounded student! He is and always will be altruistic in every way. Great for students at CHS!!

Brittany Posted over a year ago

My vote is for feroce

Lauren Septelka Posted over a year ago

I am a senior who transferred to this school last year. Last year, I had Mr. Feroce's electronic music class. If I could take this class over again, I would. Mr Feroce's electronic music class was creative and doing the work in this class was very easy. In fact, the work was more of a stress reliever to me. Mr. Feroce is not only dedicated to his job, but he's also dedicated to being the best person he can be. He treats others with lots of kindness. However, Feroce won't put up with someone being disrespectful to him or to others in his class and outside of his class. For the most part, when I see him, he has a huge smile on his face and you can tell that he genuinely loves his job. For people that know me, I am very quiet. I get so anxious that I hardly talk.Mr. Feroce makes me come out of my shell and he's one of the only teachers that's able to do that. I'm very happy that Mr. Feroce has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year Award. There needs to be more people like Mr. Feroce out there. I'm very blessed that I am one of his students. Currently, I am in his guitar class. I have a high grade in his class, which is very surprising to me because I've never played the guitar before up until this year. I was excited to try something new and very nervous thinking that I would fail the class. Not only do I have a high grade in that class, but I have fun in that class. Thank you Mr. Feroce for being the best you can be!

Brad DeGraide Posted over a year ago

As a student at Coventry High School Mike Feroce was a respectful, dedicated music student who took a leadership mentoring role in the Music Dept. Now as a Music Educator he continues to be an inspiration to his students and school community. He truly is, and will continue to be a life changer. My vote is for Mike Feroce. Brad DeGraide Coventry High School Music Teacher (retired)

Matt Kennelly Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Kasey Posted over a year ago

My first year at chs in the band was not very the point I did not want to continue in the band. Then mr.feroce became a teacher and made me regret quitting, although he was my teacher for multiple classes. He made my classes enjoyable and was a great teacher overall, one of the greatest in my opinion. He completely changed the band from what it was, to what it is and he deserves the award. Mr.feroce has my vote!

Rich Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Lauren Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Mark Hyer Posted over a year ago

He’s got my vote!

Ashley Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mike Feroce! His hard work and dedication is amazing! He truly cares about making a difference in the students' lives. To him, teaching music isn't just a job. It's his biggest passion.

Pam Rodgers Posted over a year ago

Michael is so deserving of this award. Knew him when he was working with our marching band at killingly high school when I taught there. Positive guy, always a smile, energy plus, great leader!

Kristen Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Kayla Posted over a year ago

My vote is for feroce!

Jill Posted over a year ago

There is no one more deserving of this award than Mike Feroce!

David Wharton Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce.

Gabriel Izzo Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce is a great teacher!

Ghyllian Conley Posted over a year ago

My vote is with Feroce!

Christopher DaCosta Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Samantha Sullivan Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Mike!! Awesome guy, awesome teacher, awesome role model!

Vanessa LaPorte Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has my vote! Very talented musician and an even more talented teacher. Cumberland is lucky to have him.

Fran Brown Posted over a year ago

Mike Feroce is an amazing young man and making all of us proud as a URI Music graduate!! His students are lucky to have him as their Band Director!!

Mallory Leonard Posted over a year ago

I vote for Mr.Feroce! He was my student teacher when I was in high school and now I'm studying music myself. He made music fun and I hope he gets this award!

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Feroce has had a passion for music for as long as I've known him, and is imbuing his students with that same passion on a daily basis.

Brooke Depot Posted over a year ago

My vote is for Feroce!

Jonathan Weigand Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has completely changed my opinion on music class. Before I would despise the class and avoid the work that was assigned. However now due to Mr.Feroce I now enjoy the class and look forward to it.

Tiago Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is a hardworking person, just to keep playing all the instruments that he plays is mind-blowing and an awesome teacher, one of those teachers that you can feel comfortable with, that you can share your creativity in the class but still respect him.

Nick Kelley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has always been a great teacher, no matter what happens he is always making sure students do not fall behind and that they are learning something while having fun

Stephane Posted over a year ago

I'm voting for Feroce

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

He’s pretty rad and makes class fun

Student Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is great

Student Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is super nice, caring, and understanding. He deserves this award because he has put so much effort and time into this band. He truly cares about our band and deserves recognition for his devotion.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is a brilliant teacher and I'm glad I have him as one! He encourages his students to try their best, practice their hardest, aspire the biggest, and keep a level head through it all. Mr. Feroce gave me the opportunity to learn a new instrument for the good of our band and I have never been happier with a decision of mine before. Thank you so much, Mr. Feroce, for being a great role model for all of CHS.

Nick Bishop Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is a great band teacher. In a few years, he has taken the band from one that didn't care about music to one that is amazing, and our goal this year is to get the superior score at band festival. He will continue to make the band better as the years' pass, and for this reason and much more I think that he deserves this award. He hasn't just changed the life of one or a few people, but also the life and spirit of the CHS band.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

although I have not known Mr. Feroce for very long, throughout the few months that I have known him, I know that no one deserves this award more than him. He is such a devoted and intelligent teacher, he truly cares and he truly believes that our band can grow up to the height of Superior Band at the RIMEA band festival. He has brought the band on a journey throughout the 5 years he has been here and he has been able to turn the band into something that is well respected, and important.

Olivia Pires Posted over a year ago

Mr.Feroce is an excellent teacher! When I first joined the band I was playing the flute. I then decided I would play the trombone to help the band's balance. Mr.Feroce took the time to help me learn how to play the trombone. He even formed a club after school to help any students struggling. Mr.Feroce deserves this award because he is very dedicated to his work;

Ian Hortkamp Posted over a year ago

I have greatly enjoyed my guitar class with Mr Feroce. His teachings on guitar and music have helped me to become the guitarist and musician that I am today, and for that I am very grateful. He is a great teacher, and a great musician.

Aidan Nieto Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has changed my outlook on guitar. Before entering his guitar class i already knew how to play, but Mr. Feroce has made me more enthusiastic about guitar in every way. I enjoy playing on my own now and Mr. Feroce is a big reason why. Hes a great teacher and has shown me the joy in playing guitar. Whenever I play my guitar from here on out, I will thank Mr. Feroce for teaching me more about guitar and also making me more enthusiastic about it.

michael krikorian Posted over a year ago

best teacher at my school! I've had Feroche for two years and every semester of his class has reflected the rest of my classes for the better. Its very rare to experience a teacher that can teach students to discover a talent and excel but Feroche does it time and time again starting from scratch with every class. because of him I've picked up two instruments and have changed my views of music for the better because of the passion he showed me that comes with playing. Amazing.

Emily Reinsant Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has taught me a lot in guitar and made school more fun. Class is never boring and `I like learning in has class.

Max Amadio Posted over a year ago

Such a great guitar teacher. So happy to be learning under his guidance.

Joshua Smith Posted over a year ago

Mr Feroce has changed my life for the best. In 9th grade I still had no clue what I wanted to do in life. One of his classes were Electronic Music, which I picked to fill a gap in my schedule, and was happy to see what waited for me in this class. I did not expect such a energetic, creative, fun, and vibe filled class. I always loved music (especially Hip-Hop) and already dabbled in rapping and after experiencing that class it made me realize I wanted to be involved with production (especially because he taught us well) and lyrics . Then once again I picked his Piano class as a filler and have not been disappointed and has re-enforced my love for music production , teaching us to play beautiful music on a beautiful instrument. I owe Mr Feroce a lot of my passion now for teaching me to do what I already loved to listen to.

David Cabatingan Posted over a year ago

My first year in the Cumberland High School Band was also Mr. Feroce's first year. In the following four years, the band transformed from a relatively uninvolved, low-rigor organization into the thorough, deeply involved one it is today. As someone who was both present for and frequently involved in this transformation, I can attest to the central and absolutely vital role Feroce played. He sought (and continues to seek) better funding, works tirelessly to improve the culture of the band, and genuinely gives each individual student the attention they deserve. The scope of the change in the band is something I really feel I cannot possibly overstate. Someone observing the CHS band in 2017 versus 2013 would see a stark difference in the general quality of the two ensembles. It is also ongoing: even though I have only been out of the band for half a year, I continue to be impressed when I see social media postings detailing the achievements of the band this year. An example of this is the recent campaign to secure funding for marching shoes for the band, in which Feroce went above and beyond to raise the necessary money for a much-needed commodity for the band. As I read other comments in support of Feroce, one theme I notice is the younger students who describe how the band made them feel welcome and comfortable as new members. This was not always the case and is a result of years of work by Feroce to make the band a more supportive and inclusive organization. A major component of this was his introduction of the Big/Little system, which helped new students develop an immediate connection in the band and helped older students interact more thoroughly with younger students, taking a role as mentors. The band members who became my little siblings through this system are people who I may not have necessarily interacted with much outside of being their mentor, and I remain deeply grateful that I was able to get to know them. As should be clear, his efforts have been largely successful and he no doubt will continue to improve the culture of the band in this manner. The seemingly endless creative energy and work he devotes towards the improvement of the band is both deeply inspiring and widely influential. My experiences in band were some of my best in high school, and none of them would have been possible without Feroce's dedication, and for that reason, I can think of no better candidate for this award.

Raphael Posted over a year ago

I've been a band member of CHS since freshman year, I can say that it changed. Before it was a mere class, a sort of light hobby that one would invest some time into, but not a lot. The motivation didn't match expectation. But as Mr. Feroce started gaining momentum with his ambitious attitude, the situation began to change a little. It exploded when the numbers increased drastically last year - primarily, Mr. Feroce's 5th-grade band students. The expectations were clear, and attainable. That year seemed like a new slate. Thus began the band's revival. And today, here he is, working harder than ever to not only maintain, but to exceed. For me, at least, I respect him as a great man, and I can't just sit by and do nothing about it. Truly, a life changer. I would like to see how far he can go.

Student Posted over a year ago

Currently, I am a freshman in high school, I came into the band room with little experience as well as little to no enthusiasm about band. Within a week, I had already become more determined to practice, fundraise, and to have a more positive point of view. The people in the band are nice and welcoming, but they are only made that way with the help of the Band director. Mr. Feroce has always been very encouraging to all of his students and always looks out for us, in order to better ourselves as well as the band. Mr. Feroce constantly uses his personal time after school to help students improve. He stays after school to give students free lessons, and advice. Our school department doesn't care much for the art department, so, therefore, the funds we get to maintain an ever-growing band aren't enough: forcing him to use money from his own paycheck to pay for events, instruments, stands, etc..Mr. Feroce truly is a life changer and he pours his heart and soul into our band, giving it respect, hope, and life.

Emily Condon Posted over a year ago

My words may seem a bit drastic since I have only been in the CHS band one year and will only get to be involved with the band for one year, but Mr. Feroce has sort of redefined band for me. Before, I never really took band seriously. Band was just something that I enjoyed and was actually good at. I never really thought that band could really be as important to me as it is now. Band is sort of like a sport; we are competitive and perform at games. We have our strengths and our weaknesses, our successes and our failures. I've come to realize that this band is more of a family than I thought. We are not just a group of high school teenagers whose passion is to play music. Together, we are a family of musicians who want to do what we love. Mr. Feroce has given us the incentive and opportunity to become a superior ensemble as not just a band, but as a family as well. Of course, every band has its weaknesses, and we continue to try our hardest to make our weaknesses into strengths. Along with constructive criticism, Mr. Feroce often compliments different students on their progress which more than likely boosts their confidence. His dedication to this band and to his students as an ensemble is incredible; he leaves no one behind that has the great potential, shows progress, and continues to be an excellent member of this band. Mr. Feroce instructs students to make mistakes, as it is better to be bold and play the wrong notes versus timid and too shy to play the notes out. He tells us that the band is one family, and to not be afraid around any of our fellow members. We all unite under one passion, and that passion is music. He has helped me to not be afraid to be myself around the rest of the band; we are all friends and we help each other out. Through this encouragement, I have been able to make new friends that have proved to be truly kind and amazing people that share the same passion that I do. This encouragement and confidence that I have gained have assisted me outside of the band room in making new friends in my other classes as well as granting me the courage to speak up and ask for help if I require it, as well as the courage to be my true self in front of my friends. I'm so grateful that I've had the opportunity to experience that I'm proud to call the Cumberland High School Band. Honestly, I wish that I could stay at CHS for the length of my high school years, but sadly I cannot stay. I know however that Mr. Feroce will continue to keep the band in its top shape and continue to make this amazing ensemble even better than it is now. I'm so glad that I have been able to be accepted into this strong bond between the band members. I will never forget the experiences and opportunities I have had with the CHS band. Continue to strive for that superior rating. I know that you'll get there one day, whether this year or next year.

Anonymous Alumni Posted over a year ago

I suffered severe depression throughout high school. Playing my instrument was one of the only healthy things I could do to cope, and it was one of the only things that brought me some form of joy. Mr. Feroce's passion for music was contagious and he encouraged me to stay in band even when I didn't take it as a class. If it was not for him, and the class, and the whole experience of improving my skills and playing great music for people to hear and enjoy, I admit I might not even have made it past sophomore year alive. And that's not exaggerating. Mr. Feroce has directly been a lifechanger to me, cause I've still got a life. So thank you.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce not only shares his musical talents with us but also insight on how to survive life. By sharing his personal stories he lets us understand how to guide through life. Many teachers will just share their knowledge with their students but Feroce does so much more.

Michael Hathaway Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is the coolest teacher I have ever met and I think he has had a pretty powerful impact in my life in the form of how I act and take life. Mr. Feroce gave me a more positive look on life and has helped me understand the life of a 20 year old witch I will be soon. Mr. Feroce has helped prepare me for life outside of school. Plus he thought me how to play the piano and helped me discover that music comes easy to me so Mr. Feroce has helped me see that I have a gift in musical understanding. Thank you Mr. Feroce.

shayne przybyla Posted over a year ago

Mr.Feroce is always positive and makes piano class a good time :))))

Tyrandia White Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is a good teacher, because of him I learned to play the piano better

Susan Roper Posted over a year ago

Never has my daughter's smile been as bright as it has since she joined Michael Feroce's visionary marching and concert band at Cumberland High School! Leading with clever talent, steadfast devotion, beneficial candor, and generous encouragement, he is passionate about each and every student achieving personal success and rising to the challenge of joining together in a synergistic display of musicianship. He is tireless in his care and dedication, inspiring his members to push hard, feel proud of individual and group accomplishments, and revel in creating wonderful music for the community and beyond under his energetic direction!

Lauren Cayer Posted over a year ago

My son Cameron has been playing in the CHS Band with Mr. Feroce for three years. I remember the first time I met Mr. Feroce, I was so impressed with his passion and excitement for music and his students! Over the past three years I have watched not only my son but all the band members grow more confident with their playing. The music concerts have become more impressive each year due to Mr. Feroce's knowledge to encourage his students to challenge themselves and play better while learning more difficult pieces. He has a passion for music that is apparent in many ways; from offering to help his students each day in school, planning numerous events outside of school, and promoting the program through various social media and local event venues. He evens plans trips outside of school to continue to expose his students to more music and learning. I have often spoke of Mr. Feroce's passion for music and the CHS band, it has impressed me since that first time I met him. I am so glad that Cameron is a part of this program and at such a historical time! Mr. Feroce is a leader and role model for his students, this program and the school. Thank you!

C. Cayer Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce is the epitome of passion. He has an obvious passion for music which is witnessed each and every day. It is not only in class. This passion is evident on his various social media pages, his weekly emails, and his daily texts. Through these messages, he has effectively used technology in order to reach out and support all his musicians. He also schedules many activities for weekends or other dates outside of school. The band doesn't only play at concerts for family members, or at Friday football games. At most town events, Mr. Feroce makes sure that the band is there. These include various events for veterans and holiday parades. Last year was a big year for the band and most musicians went on a group trip to play music at a festival in Ohio. He even coordinated an exclusive gig to play at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. We were also featured on the Rhode Island Rhode Show due to our marching prowess shown by the band's enthusiasm and peppiness at home Clipper football games. Nonetheless, his enthusiasm and love for music is passed down onto his students who come from a wide range of abilities. Some students are just beginning to play instruments, while others are advanced. However, he treats all students the same and preaches the idea of a unified band with one unified sound and goal. He does not allow just the most qualified musicians to play. For the players who need extra help, he is after school every day and encourages his students to have additional lessons ( for free!) or to play with other students which are sometimes the best mentors. This summer he launched the first band camp and weekly rehearsals in order to insure that his students were still playing their instruments throughout the months we have off during the summer. He understands that playing instrument requires frequent practice and skill and he is tirelessly willing to support his students as they each reach this endeavor to become a more harmonious band.

J. Gomes Posted over a year ago

We first met Mr. Feroce when he was the elementary school music teacher. He made the 4th grade recorder program exciting for my daughter. We were sad when he left, but he truly belongs at the high school. The changes that the band have undergone have been amazing. They have grown in numbers, and they sound really, really good. Our daughter is now a freshman and is having a wonderful time as a member of the band. The kids are all excited and enthusiastic, the energy they have while marching in parades or on the football field at halftime is exciting. Mr Feroce has after school lessons/practice time for the kids, including beginner band. Our other daughter, also a freshman (twins) has heard so much about how great band is from her friends, that she has started the after school beginner band with trombone. (In all the years of her sister and younger brother playing instruments, she has never wanted to learn until now). And their younger brother is looking forward to being a member of the percussion section when he gets to high school in 3 years. We are excited to see and hear all that Mr. Feroce and the band will accomplish.

Christyn Marcotte Posted over a year ago

Mike gave me some words of encouangement with my new music teaching position at Garvin elementary. He made me feel like I was part of the team before I stepped foot in a classroom. Good elementary music teachers make kids excited about learning instruments and most pick and stick with one primary instrument. My primary instrument is trombone, one that is often overlooked by beginners due to its slide and difficulty. Modeling good tone and having fun is undoubtedly raising awareness of the low brass family and Mike knows in a few years I'll be sending him some solid players. If he hadn't contacted me I'd still be doing a great job but his words made me think more about my students future.

Cheryl Gray Posted over a year ago

My daughter is in her sophomore year at Cumberland High School and has been fortunate to have had Mr. Feroce’s guidance and instruction as her Band Director. Her love of music actually started in 5th grade when she first learned how to play the saxophone. Mr. Feroce was the 5th grade band director at the time and it was evident that his passion for teaching went far beyond the classroom. He was able to plant the seeds that helped my daughter grow into the confident musician that she has become today. When she contemplated switching from the Alto to the Baritone saxophone before entering high school, she didn’t hesitate to reach out to Mr. Feroce for advice. He not only encouraged her, but invited her to “gig” with the high school band at a football game, while she was still in 8th grade. It was then that I saw how welcoming and supportive Feroce’s band students were. They made my daughter feel comfortable in an environment that was brand new to her. She came home that night exclaiming “it was the most fun she ever had!” It became clear that band would be her favorite part of high school and this holds true today. Mr. Feroce continues to create an environment where his students thrive and excel. His “Big-Little” mentoring program provides incoming freshman a support system unlike any other. It also gives the older band members the chance to grow and mature by being leaders. Mr. Feroce has instilled the confidence in his band members that they can achieve great things - and they have. Their recent “Superior” rating at the Music in the Parks festival is a testament to his commitment and vision for the band. Mr. Feroce has, without a doubt, changed my daughter’s life. He is very worthy of the LifeChanger of the Year award.

Jacob Siegel Posted over a year ago

It's been almost a year and a half in band at Cumberland High School, and Mr. Feroce has made it an experience to remember. He helped the band achieve a score of superior at Ohio festival and continues to drive new students to persue a love for music every day. He has been and continues to be an incredible band director. Most definitely one to remember!

student Posted over a year ago

I would have never believed that the people I met in band would be some of my best friends. Mr. Feroce creates an environment where we can all have fun, but at the same time learn how to play complex music. When you first come into the high school as a freshman, Mr. Feroce assigns you a “big”. Your big is supposed to look out for you, update you on events, etc. Although it seems like a forced friendship at first, throughout the year I become really close to my big. I’ve gotten the opportunity to have a “big” and recently was assigned “littles” to look after myself this year. These people have been some of my closest friends, in and outside of band. In addition to the great environment among the band people Mr. Feroce has created, he also creates a learning environment. Although there sometimes needs to be boundaries about when to have fun and when to focus and learn, Mr. Feroce makes sure there’s a balance. His deep passion for music is brought out in each individual. He is probably the most dedicated teacher in our school because he loves teaching music so much. As a student, you can tell which teachers are passionate and which are not as much. Mr. Feroce has multiple rehearsals outside of class during the week because he truly wants us to strive to be the best. Because of this, Mr. Feroce has truly changed my life. I am so thankful for him and for everything he’s done for our band and me personally.

Kelly Flanagan Posted over a year ago

While I haven't known him for a while, I've heard plenty of stories of how he's changed the Chs band for the better. The band used to be small and nowhere near as good as it is now. We do have more responsibilities than we did at the middle school, but it really helps teach the freshman class to become a superior band. Mr Feroce has raised a lot of money for trips and equipment, our latest being marching shoes. We got 60 pairs because of that fundraiser he started, and the whole band is very grateful for that. This man has put so much effort into making this band what it is, and continues to do that now as we prepare for our winter concert coming up December 12th. If he was presented with this honorable award it would be so great for our band and school as a whole. Feroce is the definition of clipper pride and deserves this award wholeheartedly.

Jennifer McKinnon Posted over a year ago

Me. Feroce has been instrumental in both the success of the CHS band and for my daughter as a member of the band. He has consistently given encouragement and positive feedback that I believe has improved my daughter’s confidence in the band and in her other academic endeavors while also helping her grow as a musician. My daughter is generally a shy person but I have seen her come out of her shell and exude more confidence in her life overall. I attribute most of this to her being given extra responsibilities and mentor ship roles with the incoming freshmen. Additionally, he helps create a cohesive group among the band members by providing experiences that help foster friendships and bonding between band members. I like that he teaches all of the band members to act professionally and treats them as such when they earn it. These are skills that they will take with them after they graduate high school. I am proud that my daughter gets to call herself a member of the exceptional band that he has created in his years at CHS!

Carissa Coleman Posted over a year ago

As a student within the Band at Cumberland High School, I am extremely fortunate to be under the direction of Mr. Feroce. Every day, you can see the passion he has for music and for this band, always pushing us to strive for that superior and more simply, strive to become better musicians. "One Band, One Sound"; a saying Feroce uses daily to remind us how important we all are together, and how capable we are of creating magical music. He always has been and will continue to be a role model to me, as he goes to his job every day, not looking at it as work. He comes to school, rehearsals, gigs and performances truly excited to be there and enthuastic to learn, teach and make music. Every year Feroce pours dedication, love, and energy into our music program and his students, and it shows as the CHS Band has evolved into something much bigger, more successful, and more elite. When I started band 3 years ago, it was small; size, sound, and enthusiasm. In years past, before Feroce arrived at CHS, the band had never received recognizable awards, students did not care about music, and viewed band as a "slacker class". When Mr. Feroce took over as teacher, conductor, and leader, the atmosphere immediately changed. The band was going to festival and receiving awards, we were making the newspaper, creating a uniform look, fundraising for equipment and instruments, and the students mentality began to change. Students now took band seriously, only wanting dedicated musicians, and looked up to their director. The band has progressed immensely within these years. Mr. Feroce instantly became an inspiration to us. I myself was a timid, overwhelmed freshman, but Feroce changed my character. He helped me find myself through music and through my instrument and the musical family he had built around me. I am now a section leader in band, confident in myself, and love band with my entire heart. He believes in every single student that walks through his door, encouraging them endlessly and inspiring them through music that quite literally takes your breath away. Feroce introduces us to music that entrances us and makes us want to give everything we have to perform supeiorly. As a freshman, I never knew how incredibly imporant band would become to me, and how my genuine love for music would only continue to grow, and Feroce is a huge part of the reason why. Everyday I am proud to be a band member. I am amazed as to how we finish a piece, Mr. Feroce drops his arms, and we all sit in silence for a moment; in rehearsals, we immediately think of ways as to how we can improve. In performances, we smile, knowing that we have put everything into what we just played, and Feroce has created these mindsets for us; to always be working towards a better you, and to always be proud of yourself, and of your band. He holds us to high standards and expects full commitment and musicians that truly want to make music, because that is the atmosphere he has made within the band room walls. In this room, everybody has a purpose. Students no longer equated this room to school, it became more of a second home. We know this room is where the magic happens, where we have created friendships that will last forever, where we have met a director that believes in the magic of music and the capability and power of his students. I will never be able to fully thank my band director for the impact he has made on my life and for playing an immense role in making me into who I am today. He has truly changed my life and given me the greatest love and passion for music.

Daniel Mullaney Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Feroce for three years, however in those three years I have improved a lot as a musician, helped by his expertise and by him challenging me to be a better person. When I joined high school band freshman year, I did not take music very seriously, and just did it as a hobby. I was driven to improve both by him and by the general mentality he instilled in the band, all the members pushed each other to be better, and with that help I was able to play in all-state band for the first time. Seeing the talent of all the other all-state band members, and being surrounded by musicians who were much better than me helped me to see what was possible, and further motivated my to improve myself as a musician. With this in mind I worked harder, and have continued to make all-state, and improve myself, getting better scores on harder pieces in solo and ensemble festival. Mr. Feroce also got me my first paid gig, marching in a parade for a local church. Meeting professional musicians, and learning what it is like to be put on the spot marching and cite reading is a incredibly valuable experience, and making some money for doing something I love was also great. He does not just change our lives musically, he also works hard outside of work planning amazing trips to amazing locations, and organizing fundraising to make them affordable to students. Visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was an unforgettable experience, and getting to see it with some of my best friends make it even more amazing. Thanks to the tireless work of Mr. Feroce, I have been able to drastically improve myself as a musician and have many unique and positive experiences, and I can honestly say he has made a huge positive difference in my life.

Erin Higgins Posted over a year ago

I don’t know what this band would be like without Feroce. As a Freshman, I’ve had to adjust to the big differences High School Band has compared to the Middle School one, but Feroce has been trying to help everyone to get there. He’s active on social media in order to help and communicate with the band, which I very much enjoy, and has put so much of his time and effort into making this band Superior. Even when we sent an occasional cow bell or snap an occasion vibraphone cord, he will support us and make sure that we care about this band as much as he does.

Jasmine Posted over a year ago

I'm new to the band this year and Mr.Feroce has made the transition as easy as it could be. The dedication, time, and effort he puts into the band makes everything easier. Although, im knew to the band, one of the first things i noticed is how much Mr.Feroce cares about the band. We are talking about someone who gives up his summers to make sure new members feel welcomed and so we can practice, bond, and even learn to march, someone who gives up monday afternoons to teach kids new instruments and to make sure everyone is improving, someone who gives up tuesday afternoons to work with the drumline, someone who gives up thursday nights to rehearse with the full band for the kids that can only be in semester band or unenrolled, someone who gives up friday nights in the fall so we can play and cheer at the football games. These are just some of the things he does because outside of school he puts in hours preparing concerts, gigs, works with students, choses music and does an endless amount of things to make sure we succeed. Mr.Feroce holds us to high standards and expects nothing but success. The band learns that hard work needs to be put in but he is still there to support us every step of the way. Mr.Feroce always has our backs and no one has cared more about the band then he has and continues to. Up to this point the band has had a lot of success all thanks to him. No one puts in more time, work, and dedication to make sure the band has what it needs to succeed. Because of that, and because of him, the band stands where it is today,

L.C Posted over a year ago

I haven't been a member of the CHS band for very long, but in the time I have been here, I have definitely noticed how dedicated Mr. Feroce is to all of his students and to the success of the band. He goes out of his way to motivate and help students who need it, and without him as our director, I doubt the band would be able to be half as good as it is with his help.

C. Clark Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has made a huge impact on my life in a relatively short amount of time. With his help, I was able to start from scratch learning a new instrument and improving my reading skills. Band has been an enormously positive experience for me thanks to Mr. Feroce, without whom this would have been impossible. Thanks to his encouragement I am extremely motivated to practice and improve in hopes of our band achieving a superior score at festival.

Ronnie Robidoux Posted over a year ago

Feroce, wants nothing but the best for everyone. His way of life, and lessons, go beyond the band room, in classes, and in real life. Ever have an issue? He is the man to go to. He is understanding and wants the best for everyone. Feroce is a true life changer.

Ronnie Robidoux Posted over a year ago

Mr. Feroce has done nothing but hard work, and make students cherish the band program. Feroce, wants nothing but the best from himself and the students. He lives by "learn it the right way, or don't learn it", He wants people to succeed. If it was not for this man, the band would be in a much worse place right now. He makes music fun to lean, and enjoyable to play. He puts in 100% effort to make students want to learn. His life lessons and tips, go beyond the band room, into regular classes, and real life. He is a very inspiring person, and wants nothing but the best for everyone.

Jasmine Garcia Posted over a year ago

I came into the band with little expireance i felt overwhelmed at learning a new instrument, learning to read music, and over all just fitting in. Mr. Feroce made this such an easy transition and soon I was playing and making friends and I felt like a part of the band. Even though im knew and still do not have much expireance with the band i see and understand all the time Mr.Feroce dedicates to the band. I can see that we are important to him and he wants nothing but the best for us as a band. Throughout the school year he devotes so mch time making sure everything is ready for concerts,making sure we feel encouraged, and anything else along the way. The band is always a priority of his, even in the summer during Summer Band when it's not his job to, he continues to show us how much he cares. Whether its making sure we are bonding with eachother or making sure we are practicing and keeping up he is always there to encourage us. Mr.Feroce does hold us to high expectation, pushes us to our limits, and expects great results but its all because he cares. And we know that! The band has been successful in past years and everyone continues to grow. At times it may get difficult but the band believes in eachother. But, most importantly, Mr.Feroce believes in the band.

Maddie Alger Posted over a year ago

I met Mr. Feroce as a freshman at CHS, taking one of the Piano classes that he teaches thinking mostly that it would be an easy A to have to better my GPA, not knowing at all that he would have the impact on my education that he has. As a freshman, I was extremely shy and uncomfortable in my skin and in that class, it was a highlight of my day and encouraged me to be creative and gave me something to make my freshman year very enjoyable. He made me more motivated in the arts and the next year I was interested more in some of his classes. Now, As a Junior, he is my advisor and takes his time to make sure all his students are doing well in all of their classes. He makes all of his students feel as though they are important which is probably the best part and the most life-changing aspect of him. The time he takes and puts into all of the classes he teaches and every band student and all of the students he has is admirable. As well as being involved in his students educations he also makes a point to let kids know that he is someone that can be opened up to and act as a connection in the school. His students are very lucky to have such an involved teacher.

Jo Delisle Posted over a year ago

I've only been enrolled in the band for a few months, but I already feel like the band as a whole is my family. Mr. Feroce puts a great deal of effort into making us a superior band. Ever since I joined and ever since I started playing I've been given so much support and help in order to gain the courage to play in class.I started out not knowing if being in the band was for me, I never had any musical experience, but as time went on the friendly atmosphere of the room allowed me to feel like this is something I could do for the rest of my high school career. Mr.Feroce has had such a positive impact on me so far and I'm very grateful to be part of something so amazing and unique.

D. Coleman Posted over a year ago

My daughter is embracing the experiences of her high school years, and counts her participation in the Band/music program as the high point. As a freshman, she could only fit Band into her schedule as a half-year class, and I recall her feeling particularly overwhelmed with being able to keep up. Mr. Feroce wrote a few incredibly kind and complimentary words to her on an assignment and I could immediately see the shift in her confidence, enthusiasm and passion! She practiced her instrument more; strived for improvement and excellence. Mr. Feroce holds the Band to a high standard and does not allow Band to become an "easy credit", he expects their commitment to the program; as a result, this Band has come to shine! It is made up of dedicated young musicians, striving to make themselves, and their Band Leader, proud. The bonus is the obvious comraderie and fun they share as a group. Mr. Feroce has remained a true mentor and inspiration to my daughter and her lessons and experiences in his Band have enriched her high school years. He teaches her, and the Band, to put forth their best efforts, take pride in their accomplishments, and to be passionate about music! I love to hear my daughter come home from a rehearsal, incredibly excited about a piece they are learning, and eager for us to hear it at their next performance; see the glow in her eyes after the Band earned a "Superior" rating; how she gravitates toward the Band Room and her "Band Family". I know Mr. Feroce has made a significant impact on my daughter personally, and the Band's many recent successes and proud moments speak to his positive impact on the music program at CHS and in our community. We are so fortunate to have him!