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Ashlee Mihelish

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Jim Darcy Elementary School
School District: Helena Public Schools
City, State: Helena, MT

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Ashlee Mihelish was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

"Ashlee was meant to be a kindergarten teacher! She exemplifies everything I was hoping for in a teacher for our child when they started elementary school," said the nominator. "She has an extremely warm, welcoming face first thing in the morning, and she constantly communicates about how our child is doing. She always keeps us updated on our child's progress. We felt not only comfortable, but very lucky to have her."

"I recently had a conversation with another parent whose child was in another class, and they also mentioned how Ashlee was warm and comforting to their child, who has special needs," said the nominator. "She is an absolute asset to not only the kindergarten teachers, but also the Jim Darcy staff. I'm very impressed by her attention to individual needs, and I appreciated her recognizing our child's reading strengths (which is highly important to us). I see Ashlee walk out with her students after school. She is always friendly with families and making students feel important. I've noticed kids are always in her classroom with a big smile to see one of their favorite teachers. If I could move Ashlee to each grade with my child, I would. That's how wonderful she is!"

Comments (12)

Kayla Steffan Posted over a year ago

I have been fortunate enough to know Ashlee for many years now through teaching. I first met her when she would substitute teach at Shodair during the summer months, which is no easy task. I loved watching her in the classroom and always knew that my students were in good hands when she would cover for my class. There wasn't a single student she didn't make a connection with, and it was amazing just how effortlessly she could make those students feel important in such a short time. I was then lucky enough to move to Jim Darcy where I've been able to teach past students of hers. Every single one of my students that had her in Kindergarten had stories to share about her and how great she was. I would often catch a few of my students spending their recess time in her classroom, which she always welcomed with open arms. She is so inspiring to watch with children. The level of compassion she shows for all kids is truly amazing. A nomination well deserved! We love you Ms. Mihelish!!

Samantha yearry Posted over a year ago

She is the most amazing teacher any of my four kids have had. It was such a blessing to be able to send them to school at 5 or 6 years old and not have to worry as you knew their teacher loved them and would make the learning day super fun! We were blessed she taught 3 of our 4 kids! Thank you for setting such an amazing learning foundation for them!

Ashley Hickman Posted over a year ago

Ms.Mihelish has been a blessing to my son and entire family! she is what embodies a kindergartners teacher. Or any teacher for that matter! She is our children's best advocate and isn't shy of pushing them that extra mile to get them where they need to be.

Jessica Bushnell Posted over a year ago

Ashlee has been the kindergarten teacher for 3 of my boys and my youngest is still two years away from school. She is not only an excellent teacher, giving her all every day for those littles, they leave her room with all the skills for success in future grades, but she also fosters and encourages kindness and compassion in her students. She is the kind of teacher that I can text in the morning and warn her when my kiddo is having a bad day and she will go grab him as he gets off the bus and engages him in the classroom to get set up for the day. I wish that my children were able to have her every year! She is truly a treasure and we love her!

Mary Robertson Posted over a year ago

As a parent, I’ve seen first hand the impact that Ms. Mihelish has made on my daughter. She laid the groundwork for a positive school experience, and my daughter has a lifelong mentor. As a fellow teacher, I am blessed to have Ms. Mihelish to collaborate with and share the joys and struggles of teaching. Ashlee, you are the best!

Mandi Fedele Posted over a year ago

Ms. Mihelish provides a supportive, nurturing environment for all her students and continues to support them as they continue on.

Aaron Mihelish Posted over a year ago

Ashlee has always been a role model to me. Her kindness, outgoing personality & love towards her family, friends & students is a true indication of her dedication to what she does as a teacher!

Mikal Mihelish Posted over a year ago

My mom has always been the favorite teachers. I’ve had so many friends that had her as a teacher and they still talk about her to this day and I am 20. I don’t think anyone will ever understand how many lives my mom has touched. I’m so grateful and blessed to have such a caring mom. Not just for her own kids, but even for kids that aren’t her own. Going into her classroom amazes me at how many kids come in there that aren’t her own to give her a hug. There couldn’t be anyone more deserving of this recognition.

Marta Posted over a year ago

Well done Ashlee! The Great connections you make with parents is invaluable.

Crystal Quillen Posted over a year ago

I thank the Lord everyday that he put you in our lives when he put Eirelynn in your class. We love you so very much! We miss you!

Andrea Hencley Posted over a year ago

Ms Mihelish is an absolute gem! Amazing teacher and loves each and every one of her kindergarteners as her own. My daughter had her and is in 3rd grade but Ms Mihelish always makes sure to say hi and ask how we are. We are hoping our son has her as Ms Mihelish has known him since he was born and would love for him to have the exemplary experience our daughter had with her! I would nominate her for person of the year if I could!

Melissa Gunderson Posted over a year ago

Whoever nominated Ashlee Mihelish at Jim Darcy school couldn’t have described her any better! Congrats Ms Mihelish for the nomination and Jim Darcy School, what an honor to have one of your own nominated!