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Janet Krivoshein

Position: Administrative Assistant
School: Anitgo High School
School District: Unified School District of Antigo
City, State: Antigo, WI

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Janet Krivoshein was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Ms. Krivoshein is an individual who always works towards perfection for students, staff and parents. She arrives to school early to prepare for the day and stays late until all her goals are met. Ms. Krivoshein leads all administrative assistants in the district on continuous improvement and creates a positive, nurturing atmosphere for everyone. 

The environment Ms. Krivoshein creates in Antigo High School’s main office is as contagious as it is positive. She always greets visitors, students and staff into the building. She worked during the summers of 2016 and 2017 to create new learning spaces for students, new safe offices for administration, and a new lounge for staff.

Ms. Krivoshein worked with school custodial staff and the teacher team to purchase and create a flexible learning space for students. She approached the school administrative team and encouraged them to get new seating in the commons for students. She convinced administration to add pub tables for students to sit at to feel more comfortable. Ms. Krivoshein understands the importance of meeting the needs of all students.

"There was an instance where we had a transfer student, and we were struggling to get records from their school," the nominator recalled. "Ms. Krivoshein called and emailed every day, reminding the school to send us the transcripts so we could correctly place the transfer student." 

She is adept at finding answers for students, staff members, parents or even for herself. She always finds a way to help people. Ms. Krivoshein jumps into every situation with a helpful attitude. 

As new staff are hired in the building, Ms. Krivoshein finds time to create a new teacher binder, plan a cookie meet and greet, and plan a new teacher tour. Ms. Krivoshein creates a smooth transition for all students and staff who enter her school.

She is always giving valuable feedback to administrators, teachers, students and the district office to better her customer service, systems and performance. When one student missed a few days of school, Ms. Krivoshein offered an incentive. If the student showed up every day the following week, she would bring them donuts.

She is constantly coming up with new ideas to improve the atmosphere of the office, and to make things run more smoothly at school. Ms. Krivoshein is always thinking about others while maintaining the best customer service in the front office.