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Amanda Johnson

Position: Behavior Specialist
School: Focus Academy
School District: Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative
City, State: Pine Bluff, AR

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Amanda Johnson was nominated by her colleague, Heidi Rowland.

Mrs. Johnson is the very definition of a giver. She gives so much of herself to her students, colleagues, and community. She is truly a blessing to those who know her, as well as those for whom she has dedicated her life. 

Mrs. Johnson has gone above and beyond for her students. She has worked tirelessly to give her students the skills they need to be productive. In addition, she has garnered community support, reaching out and obtaining donations for students to have clothing, food, and hygiene items. She is also working to ensure students have a place to shower, and she even does laundry for students who may not be able to clean their clothes. She works very hard to build supportive, nurturing relationships while remaining firm enough to teach students about having healthy boundaries and behavioral skills. Even becoming a mother hasn't slowed her down in doing all she can for her students.

Mrs. Johnson works hard as an active member of AEA and the Arkansas Counselor's Association to help fight for the rights of her colleagues. She served as a delegate for Arkansas at the national level and helped to implement ESSA in Arkansas. This is in addition to going beyond her duties to help within her school. She's always ready to lend an ear, a shoulder, or a helping hand to administrators, teachers, and students alike.

Mrs. Johnson also gives within her community. She is an active member of her church and works with them on a program called Home Again Pine Bluff. This program assists people who are in poverty by helping them obtain housing and employment. She runs for charity to help Arkansas Children's Hospital and volunteers at shelters in White Hall and Little Rock, Arkansas, helping prepare food bags and serving meals. 

"Mrs. Johnson is everything an educator should be and so much more," said Rowland. "She deserves to be recognized for her hard work, her dedication, and her love of education and her students."

Comments (19)

Abby Clay Posted over a year ago

Amanda is one of the most kind and selfless people I have ever met. Not only does she help her students, but she is an advisor for the Epsilon-Lambda chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity at Arkansas Tech. Whenever we need her, she’s there. She gives back to the chapter she came from and she’s always so excited to see the members of our chapter. She puts others first always, and always lends a hand whenever she can. She has told us many times that if we ever need to talk, she’ll be there. We love Amanda, and our chapter is better because she’s a part of it!

Payton Youngblood Posted over a year ago

I love Amanda! She is a sorority sister of mine and is so encouraging and helpful. I’ve asked her numerous questions about teaching and she’s always been such an asset in helping me. She helps anyone in need and is truly a Life Changer to everyone she comes in contact with.

Patience Rushing Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Amanda was my high school guidance counselor, but she was so much more than that. She was someone that we knew we could come talk to not only because she was our counselor, but because she was like a friend. She has always been such an encourager and helped me with some very big decisions. I know that even now, if I ever needed anything, she would do her best to help me in any way possible. She truly is a life changer.

Cat Hamilton Posted over a year ago

Amanda Johnson is a servant leader who has a heart for education and students. Her willingness to go above and beyond does not go unnoticed. Mrs. Johnson works hard to ensure that students' educational, emotional, and psychosocial needs are met. Additionally, she is involved in organizations and volunteers her time at local, county, and state levels. Mrs. Johnson is dependable and that is evident in both her work ethic and availability to students. She really is a Life Changer to those around her!

Audra Yates Posted over a year ago

Amanda is the perfect example of a role model. She is loving, giving, loyal, and caring. She would do anything for anybody without a second thought. She is an incredible person, wife, mother, friend, and teacher. She is very deserving of this award.

Summer Pauley Posted over a year ago

I love Mrs. Johnson! She is an alum member of my sorority and a sister for life! She helped me get into graduate school, and is always willing to help me accomplish whatever I need to. She is always happy and ready to help, which is a huge inspiration for me.

Tammbyla Tatum Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Johnson is an amazing educator. She has inspired me so much and was a huge factor to my success during high school. She is more than deserving of this award!

Ashley Hawkins Posted over a year ago

Amanda is more than deserving for this award. She has an amazing devotion to her students and community. She has always been more than willing to help me and others. Amanda will be a great representative of this award and will uphold the title with the upmost respect it deserves.

Ernestine Roberts Posted over a year ago

i met Amanda Johnson when she interviewed to work at my school. I was immediately impressed with her enthusiasm and excitement. She proved to be an excellent teacher who used her creativeness to not only help her students as well. A very well rounded person who was active in school organizations as well working on the state level of the AEA. Her drive and energy are infectious. I enjoyed being her principal.

Kelly Tamburo Posted over a year ago

Amanda is a wonderful example of a role model. She is so loving and caring towards anyone she meets. Her students and friends become her family instantly! She is a true inspiration for how you should treat others.

Rylan White Posted over a year ago

As a former student of Mrs. Amanda, I can honesty say she is one of a kind. She was my ‘go to’ person after a long stressful day of as a high school student. I am truly blessed to know her & be able to call her a friend. She is someone that I could always turn to and receive the most uplifting advice. Mrs. Amanda is very deserving of this award. To know her is to love her!!

Serena Moore Posted over a year ago

Amanda is a wonderful educator. She goes above and beyond for all of her students. She has been nothing but a joy to know and to work with.

Dallas Sterling Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Johnson was h teacher in the 4th grade.She taught me well thanks to her Im in tha 9th grade.She will be my favorite person in my heart ??

Clair Antoon Posted over a year ago

So proud to share this profession with Amanda!!! She is incredible.

Jessie Reed Posted over a year ago

Amanda is a light in this world. She puts forth her best effort in everything she dedicates herself to. Her love for her students, family, and friends is inspiring!

Nicole Beirne Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Amanda since we were in college. She has always been kind, caring, and passionate about whatever she sets her mind to. I have no doubt that she deserves this award and would be a shining example of someone who is a life changer. Her love and service for others is apparent in all she does in and out of the classroom. Good luck!

Jason Williamson Posted over a year ago

Amanda Johnson is the very definition of servant leadership. She has a passion for helping every student, family, colleague, and person she comes in contact with. She is committed to finding the best possible solution for each individual stakeholder. She is genuine with her approach, personal with her interactions, and proactive with her actions. She has been a true positive impact and life changer wherever she has worked. The best part is Amanda will continue to model this educator style throughout her career because she views education as her calling and mission field. We salute you Amanda Johnson.

Will Johnson Posted over a year ago

There is not enough good things to be said about Mrs. Johnson. I can offer first hand experience that from her first class to today she has always had hers students and other people in mind she is always willing to lend a hand and goes above and beyond what her job and her calling is meant to do. She more than anyone deserves recognition even tho she never expects it and is just doing what she loves.

Jessica Storey Posted over a year ago

She is so selfless and always puts others before her own needs!