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Toni Thrash

Position: Retiring Third Grade Teacher
School: Forest Park Elementary School
School District: Little Rock School District
City, State: Little Rock, AR

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Toni Thrash was nominated by her colleague, Virginia Yeatman.

Mrs. Thrash is one of a kind.  She has been a teacher for over 20 years.  Her skills as a teacher are immense, and she is able to reach students wherever they are.  Learning is fun for all.  She is the "glue" for the staff at her school by planning fun events and collaborating with everyone. She infuses a positive attitude and humor into every project, and she always has the best interests of her students in mind.

"We are really going to miss her," said Yeatman.

Comments (3)

Randi Tanner Posted over a year ago

I only got to spend one year teaching with Toni Thrash, but she will forever be remembered as a remarkable teacher, team member, and friend. She has a heart of gold that you can see and feel with her students and with others that she surrounds herself with. She is tender, kind, and compassionate. To know her is to love her. She works diligently and with the best attitude she can have. She always wears a smile and her laughter can light up any room. I will miss Toni Thrash at Forest Park Elementary!

Jamie Hill Posted over a year ago

Toni has been a fearless leader both inside and outside of the classroom. She was always quick to share her knowledge and techniques with her colleagues. She sought the joy and good in every student and adult. Her creativity shined through her classroom activities, and she made each day special for her students and colleagues. Toni always pushed her students to be their best selves, and she worked tirelessly to ensure each one of them was successful academically and personally. She will be truly missed!

Theresa Ketcher Posted over a year ago

Ms. Thrash seeks the good out in every situation and lifts others up to perform their best and never give up. She prays and cares for all of her students and their families while providing support in the classroom and outside the classroom, often without bringing attention to herself while doing it. She is a "worker bee" at all levels of the school organization. It is a privilege to have her as a colleague.