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Amanda Anderson

Position: Physical Education Teacher
School: Holly Springs Elementary School
School District: Cherokee County Schools
City, State: Canton, GA

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Amanda Anderson was nominated by an anonymous colleague who has worked with her for the past four and a half years.

According to her nominator, Ms. Anderson is a different kind of PE coach. As a special education teacher, the nominator and her fellow teachers have some students with emotional/behavior issues or autism exceptionalities. 

"When I first walked my students down to the gym, Ms. Anderson asked me a slew of questions such as 'What accommodations do they have,' 'Do we need any adaptive equipment,' and 'Do they need a cool down space," the nominator said. "I was blown away, because usually when you take your students to P.E., you have to be the one to branch these questions. I was amazed at her commitment to our special needs students."

When field day arrived, Ms. Anderson continued her amazing efforts. She made sure to have events that all the students could participate in and offered events where students could win. In addition to her commitment to all students, Ms. Anderson is also committed to their overall health. She has won awards for Jump Rope for Heart, Governor's Shape Honor Roll, and was recently awarded a grant to help build a walking track to keep students active during the day.  

"She is a wonderful role model who is not only committed to our students, but their health," the nominator said.

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Sharon Peters Posted over a year ago

Coach Anderson is one of the best. I have had the pleasure of working with her for the last 6 years. She is definitely a game changer. Congratulations Coach Anderson.