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Lisa Peacock

Position: School Secretary
School: West Bainbridge Elementary School
School District: Decatur County School District
City, State: Bainbridge, GA

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Lisa Peacock was nominated by a colleague, Bill Dixon.

Ms. Peacock's work keeps her school running. "She is awesome!" Dixon said.

Comments (12)

Peggy white Posted over a year ago

She. Is. The. Sweet. Person that nows. All. The. Kids. By. Name. And teachers to

Pamela Earp Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Peacock has been at WBE since I was my daughter's age. She was amazing then and even more amazing now. She always has a smile on her face. Love this lady so much.

Kathy Smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Peacock is incredible! She runs the office and manages administrators, teachers, support staff, as well as students with ease. She knows each and every student by name and they all love her! I am blessed to have worked with her for many years. She is indeed a life changer!

Jacqueline Gilbert Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Peacock is the best around. She has all the answers and is the sweetest person around. All the children love her.

Cathy McDonald Posted over a year ago

Peacock is the thread that holds WBE together. She’s a wonderful friend, confidant,loyal person that is well deserved of this nomination.

Bernice Jackson Posted over a year ago

Lisa Peacock is such a wonderful person to work with and the students can't do without her. If we're in need of something at school, we just go to Mrs. Peacock and she will take care of us or send us to the correct location according to the need.

Mary Jo Bouwell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Peacock is certainly a life changer. Mrs. Peacock is the oil that keeps our school running properly. Parents, students and faculty all depend on her. She provides a warm smile every morning to everyone that walks through the door. There is so much that Mrs. Peacock handles for everyone here at the school that she is always the first line of defense for most problems. Her job description is endless. Often times she adds to her work load to help take stress off of those around her. Mrs. Peacock is one of those people that changes your life just by knowing her. She is definitely a treasure and I am so proud to say that I know her. I know I do not thank her enough for all that she does not only for me, but for my students as well. Thank you Mrs. Peacock!

Maria Clark Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Peacock wears many hats at our school. She truly loves all of the kids as if they were her very own. She has always been very helpful to me in my role as a special education teacher. She has also watched my own children grow up and has always shown in interest in their lives. This nomination is well deserved!

Dianne Houston Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Peacock has the toughest job in our school and performs her daily duties professionally, courteously, and efficiently. She does an awesome job in our WBE command center!!

Brandy Atkinson Posted over a year ago

There are not enough words to type to tell how much I appreciate Mrs. Peacock. She is my go to person for every situation and work and at home! She keeps me an endless supply of chewing gum to make sure my breath is always fresh. She never gets mad when I do my attendance wrong, or when I forget to take the radio out to recess. She holds every student and faculty in the palm of her hand. It takes a lot to know how every students gets home, every teacher's room number, and where everyone is at one time! She is the absolute best and I love her so much!

Peggy. White Posted over a year ago

She. Is. The sweetest lady. I. Have meet. If you have. A problem. She will try. And. Find the answer. She loves her. Job. And. Knows. All the kids. At. The school. The. School. Be lost. With. Out. HER

Lisa Peacockl Posted over a year ago

Thank you for the nomination. I love my WBE family and enjoy working with them everyday. They are truly the lifechangers!!