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Lisa Tryon

Position: Retiring Science Teacher
School: Stratford High School
School District: Stratford Public Schools
City, State: Stratford , CT

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Don Hastings Posted over a year ago

I have known Lisa for many years. First as a student in my math class at Masuk High School, Monroe CT, second as the babysitter of my children when she was in high school and third as a colleague when she started her science reaching career in the Stratford Public Schools where I was K-12 Mathematics Supervisor and after retirement directed the Tech Prep program for the Stratford high schools. Through all those years I found Lisa to be an outstanding student, a professional in all aspects of her life and career and someone I was proud to know. It is no surprise she has been nominated for this honor. Best Wishes, Lisa.

Peter Virgo Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! Thank you for being such a fun-loving science teacher and being there for your students no matter what. We know that you will enjoy your life endeavors and we know that you will have a wonderful retirement. I am so lucky to be a part of your last science class here at Stratford High School, and we hope you visit one day! Enjoy retirement, and thank you for all the love you pour out for your students here at Stratford High!

Alayna Tadduni Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Lisa!! You are an amazing friend, colleague, and teacher! You will be greatly missed! I am wishing you all the best!

Annette Tryon-Crozier Posted over a year ago

“It comes as no surprise to me to learn of Dr. Tryon’s nomination in the “Life Changer of the Year” award contest. It may surprise others to learn that she has been a teacher and role model since 1959. Subjects taught include walking, talking, sharing, pet care, music appreciation, driving, volunteerism, and pursuing dreams. My heartfelt thanks to her and to her colleagues for recognizing her with this honor. I’m so proud of you Sister! And Happy Retirement!”

Monica Prangley Posted over a year ago

A role model and friend for almost 50 years, you embody creativity, grace, and a passion for science and education. Cheers to all you have accomplished and all the lives you’ve changed.

Elizabeth Strubbe Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination and your retirement, Lisa! You are an amazing person. Wishing you the best. ??

Cass Guy Posted over a year ago

Sweet!! Congratulations Lisa!!

Tara McPadden Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Lisa!! You look much too young to retire! Onward to more exciting life aventures and travels! ????

Valerie Duque Posted over a year ago

Thank you for everything you have done at Stratford High, you have made such a big impact on all the students. #LCOY

Ava Buckmir Posted over a year ago

Thank you for always being so inspiring and dedicated. I know this year was much different than past years, but I’m glad our class had the fun that we did. I’m sorry that we can’t say goodbye in person, but please come back and visit SHS! Congratulations! We all love you! #almostfriday

Michele Bevis Posted over a year ago

Yay and congrats Lisa!

Danyere Francis Posted over a year ago

Your legacy will live on past your career here, at Stratford High, but all of your other institutions. #LCOY

Alison Posted over a year ago

Lisa, Working with you for the past few years has been amazing. Your dedication to your students, your colleagues, the community, and science is admirable and inspirational. I am happy to have worked alongside you, and will always think of you fondly. Stay in touch and visit SHS often! Alison

SAM VARMA Posted over a year ago

Just wanted to wish you the very best for the future! Hard to believe you are retiring. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you – and I will always been in awe of your organizational skills! I hope you get to see the parts of world you have not yet visited with your new schedule. Happy tales and travels from Maria and me!

Cheryl Hewitt Posted over a year ago

Lisa - Congratulations on your retirement! You have certainly been an amazing force at SHS and I am very blessed that I had an opportunity to share the Honor Societies Induction programs with you as you led the charge with excellent judgement and continuous effort to coordinate a positive and meaningful event for the students and their families. Thank you for your understanding, flexibility, and support for the mentoring program and the participating mentees. Lastly, I will surely miss our conversations about your travel adventures and your fun Halloween festivities. Without a doubt, you will be dearly missed by your students, the faculty members, and me! Godspeed and good luck as you begin the next chapter of your life!

Harold Greist Posted over a year ago

So proud to have worked with you over the last 7 years on science and PDEC!

Rosemarie Scioletti Posted over a year ago

Thank you for all you have done over the past several for Stratford educator. You are a leader, organizer, mentor, and congenial person. You go above and beyond your professional duties to ensure everyone is motivated and successful. Enjoy your retirement.

Alissa Ortiz Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Lisa! Your commitment to our students at SHS, your genuine caring not only toward students but to the whole SHS community was a constant that we all depended on and we will all miss! What a pleasure it has been to work with you! I wish you all the best!

Marie P. Cuevas Posted over a year ago

Hi Lisa, Congratulations on your nomination! You deserve this! You will be sorely missed by the students and staff at SHS. Sincerely, Marie Cuevas